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2016 Statute

Section Number

50-101 - Trusts defined and declared unlawful and void.
50-102 - Denial of right to form or be interested in any trust.
50-103 - Powers and duties of attorney general; civil penalties; other actions for violation of restraint of trade act.
50-109 - Enforcement of act; powers and duties of attorney general.
50-110 - Jurisdiction of district courts; venue.
50-112 - Trusts, combinations and agreements in restraint of trade and free competition declared unlawful.
50-113 - Trust certificates; creation of trusts.
50-116 - Pleading in bar or abatement of civil action that plaintiff is member or agent of unlawful combination.
50-117 - Transactions by nonresident; subject to provisions of act.
50-131 - Agreements or combinations by which shipper is defrauded out of portion of net weight; violation of restraint of trade act.
50-132 - Conspiring to monopolize line of business or to prevent producer or local buyer from shipping without agency of third person.
50-133 - Agreements or combinations for shipments under warehouse control; violation of restraint of trade act.
50-136 - Commodities; grain dealers; agreement or contract to pool or fix price.
50-137 - Same; damages to persons injured by such actions.
50-139 - Actions brought under act; brought pursuant to chapter 60.
50-147 - Rights and remedies cumulative.
50-148 - Trade and person defined.
50-149 - Unfair discriminations.
50-153 - Attorney general powers and duties; enforcement of act.
50-157 - Acts done under certain federal laws, codes or regulations.
50-158 - Kansas restraint of trade act.
50-159 - Same; powers and duties of the attorney general.
50-160 - Same; penalties.
50-161 - Same; damages for violation of act; procedure.
50-162 - Same; attorney general to bring action; when.
50-163 - Kansas restraint of trade act; construing and applying act; harmonization with federal law; reasonable restraint of trade or commerce.
50-164 - Same; retroactive application of certain amendments.
50-1,100 - Kansas discount card act; definitions.
50-1,101 - Same; unlawful acts; promotion or sale of discount card by supplier; conditions on; registration of supplier; financial responsibility.
50-1,103 - Same; resident agent; registration requirement.
50-1,104 - Same; severability.
50-1,105 - Same; citation; supplemental to Kansas consumer protection act; remedies.