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2016 Statute

Section Number

47-1701 - Definitions.
47-1702 - Animal distributor license.
47-1703 - Pet shop operator license.
47-1704 - Pound or animal shelter license.
47-1706 - Refusal to issue or renew or suspension or revocation of license or permit; grounds; judicial review; seizure and disposition of animals, when.
47-1706a - Bond to prevent disposition of animals seized or impounded; approval; additional bond; notice.
47-1707 - Penalties for violations of act; judicial review; seizure and disposition of animals, when.
47-1708 - Judicial review of commissioner's actions.
47-1709 - Inspections and investigations; confidentiality of complaints; records of inspections; training of inspectors and owners of pet animal facilities; search warrant if access denied.
47-1710 - Release or disposition of animals from pound or animal shelter; use of proceeds from sale of animals.
47-1711 - Animal control officer; license as or employment by animal dealer or pet shop operator prohibited; record of taking custody and disposition.
47-1712 - Rules and regulations.
47-1713 - Prohibiting sale or gift of certain animals.
47-1715 - Violation of act or rules and regulations; penalty; seizure and disposition of animals, when.
47-1717 - Invalidity of part.
47-1718 - Euthanasia, approved methods.
47-1719 - Hobby breeder license.
47-1720 - Research facility license.
47-1721 - License and permit fees; costs of inspection; disposition of moneys.
47-1723 - Boarding or training kennel operator license.
47-1724 - Unlawful to purchase from person not licensed or permitted.
47-1725 - Kansas pet animal advisory board; duties and powers.
47-1726 - Citation and purpose of act.
47-1727 - Injunctive relief to commissioner.
47-1731 - Dogs and cats; spaying or neutering required, when.
47-1732 - Temporary closing permit; application; effective date; renewal.
47-1733 - Animal breeder license.
47-1734 - Out-of-state distributor permit.
47-1735 - Unlawful to interfere with a representative of the animal health department.
47-1736 - Retail breeder license.
47-1737 - Severability clause.