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2016 Statute

Section Number

40-4301 - Definitions.
40-4302 - Certificate of authority to provide insurance coverage; certain risks not authorized to be covered; requirements for doing business; documents and information required to be filed with commissioner; examination and registration fees; issuance of certificate of authority.
40-4303 - Name of company.
40-4304 - Capital requirements.
40-4305 - Surplus requirements.
40-4306 - Incorporation of companies; incorporators, number and residency requirements; petition of commissioner for issuance of certificate that company promotes welfare of state; certificate and articles of incorporation to be filed with secretary of state; organization fee; capital stock requirements; board of directors, residency requirements; application of general corporation code.
40-4307 - Annual report of financial condition.
40-4308 - Examination of companies; companies liable for expenses thereof.
40-4309 - Suspension or revocation of certificate of authority; grounds.
40-4310 - Investments; restrictions and limitations.
40-4311 - Reinsurance authority; requirements and limitation; credit for reserves on risks ceded.
40-4312 - No requirement to join rating organization.
40-4313 - Companies prohibited from joining or benefitting from insolvency guarantee funds.
40-4314 - Companies subject to premiums tax; taxes other than ad valorem not applicable.
40-4315 - Statutes regulating trade practices applicable to certain insurance provided by captive insurance companies.
40-4316 - Companies subject to certain product liability insurance reporting requirements.
40-4317 - Rules and regulations.
40-4318 - General insurance statutes not applicable unless specifically referenced in act; 40-2209 and 40-2215 applicable.