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2016 Statute

Section Number

40-3001 - Name and citation of act.
40-3002 - Purpose.
40-3003 - Persons provided coverage; policies and contracts specified.
40-3004 - Liberal construction.
40-3005 - Definitions.
40-3006 - Kansas life and health insurance guaranty association, creation; members; functions and powers; accounts; under supervision of commissioner and insurance laws of state; meetings or records.
40-3007 - Board of directors of association; selection; approval; vacancies; compensation.
40-3008 - Powers and duties of association; limitations of liability of association; mandatory payment of certain claims.
40-3009 - Assessment of member insurers to provide funds for administration of association; classes of assessment; limitations; refunds to insurers; certificates of contribution.
40-3010 - Plan of operation; powers of commissioner; rules and regulations; mandatory and permissive provisions of plan; reimbursement for certain payments.
40-3011 - Additional powers of commissioner; revocation of authority; appeals; judicial review; notice of effect of act.
40-3012 - Duties of commissioner and board for the detection and prevention of insurer impairments; reports and recommendations of board to commissioner.
40-3013 - Liability for unpaid assessments of insureds of impaired or insolvent insurers under plan; records of negotiations made public, when; association deemed creditor, when; use of assets of impaired or insolvent insurer; equitable distribution of rights; recovery of distributions.
40-3013a - Statement of existence of association not to be used to induce sales; description document, delivery to policyholder; disclaimer required; notice that policy is excluded from coverage under act.
40-3014 - Examination and regulation by commissioner; financial report.
40-3015 - Association exempt from certain fees and taxes.
40-3016 - Certificates of contributions as assets; percentage offset; refunds, disposition.
40-3017 - Liabilities of parties for acts.
40-3018 - Stay of proceedings; actions to set aside judgments and defend suits.