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2016 Statute


40-762.Agents, licensing, certification and examination; exemption therefrom for certain agents, representatives and members; society to maintain record of exempted representatives; information thereof and of change of exempt status to be furnished to commissioner; continuing education requirements. (a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, agents of societies shall be licensed and certified in accordance with the provisions of the laws regulating the licensing and revocation, suspension or termination of licenses of resident and nonresident agents and shall be subject to the same license, certification and examination fees as apply to agents of insurance companies similarly situated, except that no examination shall be required of a person who is an agent of a society immediately prior to the effective date of this act, but this exception shall apply only for the particular kind of insurance for which such person was acting as agent.

(b) No examination or license shall be required of any regular salaried officer, employee or member of a licensed society who devotes substantially all of their services to activities other than the solicitation of fraternal insurance contracts from the public and who receives for the solicitation of such contracts no commission or other compensation directly dependent upon the amount of business obtained.

(c) Any agent, representative or member of a society who devotes, or intends to devote, less than 50% of their time to the solicitation and procurement of insurance contracts for such society shall be exempt from the requirements of subsection (a). Any person who in the preceding calendar year has solicited and procured life insurance contracts on behalf of any society in a total amount of insurance in excess of $50,000, or, in the case of any other kind or kinds of insurance which the society might write, on the persons of more than 25 individuals and who has received or will receive a commission or other compensation therefor, shall be presumed to be devoting, or intending to devote, 50% of their time to the solicitation or procurement of insurance contracts for such society.

(d) Each society shall maintain a record of its representatives exempted from licensing pursuant to subsection (c) and furnish the names and residence addresses of such persons to the commissioner on or before April 30 of each year. Each society shall furnish such information to the commissioner within 30 days of the employment or termination of employment of any such exempted person subsequent to April 30 of each year.

(e) Each society shall notify the commissioner within 30 days after any person exempted pursuant to subsection (c) ceases to qualify for such exemption. The commissioner shall forthwith send a notice to such person requiring that person to qualify by examination not sooner than 30 days nor later than 90 days from receipt of the notice. Thereafter, such person shall be subject to continuing education requirements for full-time insurance agents writing life, health and accident insurance.

History: L. 1988, ch. 154, § 25; Jan. 1, 1989.