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2016 Statute

Section Number

40-401 - Formation of company on stock or mutual plan; powers of companies; combination policies; specified disease and critical illness riders; organizational requirements; guaranty funds; deposits with joint custodians; withdrawals, when; paid-up capital stock, surplus and deposit requirements; rules and regulations.
40-402 - Paid-up capital stock, surplus; deposit of securities.
40-403b - Same; foreign companies.
40-409 - Valuation of policies; compensation of actuary; standard valuation law; commissioners' reserve valuation method; lapse rates; aggregate reserves; calculations; Kansas companies doing business in another state; annual opinion by actuary on reserves; confidential; valuation manual; principle-based valuation; single state exemption.
40-410 - Cancellation of policy for nonpayment of premiums; notice, when; policyowner defined.
40-411 - Notice of intention to cancel policy for nonpayment of premium; time for payment.
40-412 - When action to be maintained on insurance contract.
40-413 - Death of beneficiary in policy; duties of insurance company.
40-414 - Exemption of interests in policies; exceptions.
40-414a - Trust provisions in contracts; restrictions on alienation; exemptions.
40-415 - Insurance to go to estate of insured when beneficiary dies before insured.
40-416 - Subsequent agreements.
40-417 - Fraud and perjury; penalty.
40-418 - Materiality of misrepresentation in obtaining policy.
40-419 - Tender of premiums with defense of misrepresentation.
40-419a - Refund upon cancellation of individual term policy; calculation.
40-420 - Contents of insurance policy; exceptions.
40-420a - Policy loan interest rates; purpose.
40-420b - Same; definitions.
40-420c - Same; methods to determine interest rates; definitions.
40-420d - Same; applicability to policies.
40-421 - Provisions insurance policy not to contain.
40-422 - Industrial life insurance; definitions.
40-423 - Same; contents of industrial life insurance policy; exceptions; surrender.
40-424 - Same; designation of beneficiary; change of; payments.
40-425 - Same; cash surrender value and value of stipulated form to be equal.
40-426 - Same; commissioner may authorize policies more favorable.
40-427 - Nonforfeiture benefits and cash surrender values in life policies issued prior to the operative date of 40-428.
40-428 - Standard nonforfeiture law.
40-429 - Loan provisions in policies.
40-431 - Definition of due date for the payment of premiums and of when premium in default.
40-432 - Invalidity of part.
40-433 - Group life insurance; types of policies and requirements.
40-433a - Same; provision granting employee right of assignment of benefits.
40-434 - Same; policy provisions required.
40-435 - Group life insurance; conversion privileges; notice.
40-436 - Establishment of separate accounts; investment and handling; contracts for benefits in variable amounts; limitation and regulation of issuance; authority of commissioner; rules and regulations.
40-437 - Establishment of separate accounts; application of other laws; variable life contracts, provisions required; reserve liability requirements.
40-438 - Same; severability.
40-439 - Assignment of rights and privileges under life and accident and health insurance policies.
40-440 - Same; act acknowledges existing right of assignment.
40-441 - Designation of trustee under will as beneficiary of life insurance policy.
40-442 - Issuance of life insurance policy; filing of form prior to issuance.
40-443 - Same; approval of commissioner.
40-444 - Same; disapproval of policy form; notice, requirements; hearing.
40-445 - Same; withdrawal of approval; notice and hearing; unlawful for insurer to issue or use such form.
40-447 - Payment of life insurance proceeds; interest required to be paid, when.
40-448 - Transfer of domicile of domestic company; approval of commissioner; admittance as foreign insurer; deposit of securities; certificate of secretary of state; continuation of existing authority and policies; nonrecognition of transfer for certain purposes.
40-449 - Policies covering debtors, replacement by creditor; limitation on contestation.
40-450 - Life insurance; insurable interests; assignments to charitable, benevolent, educational and religious institutions.
40-451 - Coverage temporarily effective, when; written receipt for premium may exclude, void or limit coverage; refund of unearned premium.
40-452 - Life insurance; employer's insurable interest in employees; when.
40-453 - Life insurance; insurable interest.
40-461 - Structured settlement protection act; definitions.
40-462 - Same; disclosure statement, contents.
40-463 - Same; approval of transfer; required findings.
40-464 - Same; discharge of structured settlement obligor and annuity issuer, when; liability of transferee.
40-465 - Same; application for approval of transfer of structured settlement payment rights; procedure.
40-466 - Same; limitations on provisions of transfer agreement.
40-467 - Same; citation of act; applicability to workers compensation.
40-4,101 - Standard nonforfeiture law for individual deferred annuities; citation of act.
40-4,102 - Same; application.
40-4,103 - Same; nonforfeiture requirements.
40-4,104 - Same; minimum values; rules and regulations.
40-4,105 - Same; computation of present value.
40-4,106 - Same; calculation of cash surrender value.
40-4,107 - Same; calculation of paid-up annuity benefits.
40-4,108 - Same; maturity date.
40-4,109 - Same; disclosure of death benefits.
40-4,110 - Same; inclusion of lapse of time considerations.
40-4,111 - Same; proration of values; additional benefits.
40-4,112 - Same; rules and regulations.
40-4,113 - Same; effective date.