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2016 Statute

Section Number

40-2c01 - Risk-based capital requirements; definitions.
40-2c02 - Risk-based capital report.
40-2c03 - Determination of risk-based capital.
40-2c04 - Risk-based capital report; adjustment.
40-2c05 - Risk-based capital; company action level event; defined.
40-2c06 - Risk-based capital; company action level event; submission of RBC plan.
40-2c07 - Risk-based capital plan; submission.
40-2c08 - Risk-based capital plan; notification by commissioner.
40-2c09 - Risk-based capital plan; notification a regulatory action level event.
40-2c10 - Domestic insurer to file RBC plan in any state authorized to do business.
40-2c11 - Regulatory action level event; defined.
40-2c12 - Regulatory action level event; commissioner's duties.
40-2c13 - Corrective actions; submission of RBC plans, when.
40-2c14 - Review of RBC plans; expenses.
40-2c15 - Authorized control level event; defined.
40-2c16 - Authorized control level event; commissioner's duties.
40-2c17 - Mandatory control event; defined.
40-2c18 - Mandatory control level event; commissioner's actions.
40-2c19 - Hearing under Kansas administrative procedure act.
40-2c20 - RBC reports, plans and corrective orders are confidential; not to be used by commissioner for rate making.
40-2c21 - Comparison of insurer's total adjusted capital to RBC levels, prohibited generally.
40-2c22 - Provisions of act supplemental to other provisions of law.
40-2c23 - Foreign insurer RBC report, when.
40-2c24 - Commissioner may require foreign insurer to file RBC plan, when.
40-2c25 - Mandatory control level event; foreign insurer; liquidation of property.
40-2c26 - Notices by commissioner; effective, when.
40-2c27 - Invalidity of act.
40-2c28 - Property and casualty insurer exempt; when.
40-2c29 - RBC; rules and regulations; conditions.