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2016 Statute

Section Number

40-2a01 - United States government obligations; call options.
40-2a02 - State, District of Columbia, territorial and municipal obligations.
40-2a03 - Canadian government, provincial and municipal obligations.
40-2a04 - Foreign government obligations.
40-2a05 - Business entity obligations; definitions.
40-2a06 - Equipment trust obligations or conditional sales contract.
40-2a07 - Preferred and guaranteed stocks; definitions.
40-2a08 - Equity interests; call options.
40-2a09 - Stock in any insurance company, health maintenance organization, incorporated insurance agency or holding corporation.
40-2a10 - Bank certificates of deposit.
40-2a11 - Savings and loan shares or deposits.
40-2a12 - Real estate bonds and mortgages.
40-2a13 - Real estate.
40-2a14 - Collateral loans.
40-2a16 - Leeway clause.
40-2a17 - International bank for reconstruction and development, inter-American development bank and African development bank.
40-2a18 - Real estate investment trusts.
40-2a19 - Prior lawful investments.
40-2a20 - Adoption of nominee name; designation of bank as trustee.
40-2a21 - Securities lending, repurchase and reverse repurchase transactions; requirements; definitions.
40-2a22 - Investment companies; money market mutual funds.
40-2a24 - Financial futures contracts; definitions; use for hedging purposes; definitions.
40-2a25 - Mortgage related securities.
40-2a26 - Medium and lower grade obligations; definitions.
40-2a27 - Same; limitations; exceptions; insurance company required to adopt written investment plan.
40-2a28 - Investment in asset-backed securities; conditions; definitions.