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2016 Statute

Section Number

39-923 - Definitions.
39-924 - Purpose of act.
39-925 - Administration of act; transfer of administration to secretary for aging and disability services; appointment of officer to administer the act; contracts.
39-926 - License required to operate home; compliance with regulations.
39-926a - Limitation on number of persons licensed to operate adult care home; application of section; section supplemental to adult care home licensure act.
39-927 - Application for license; contents; application for license to operate new intermediate nursing care home for people with intellectual disability; limitations.
39-928 - Issuance of license, when; inspections and investigations; reports; time license effective; nontransferable; display; contents of license.
39-929 - Provisional license, approval; terms; extension.
39-930 - License fee; disposition.
39-931 - Denial, suspension or revocation of license; emergency orders; settlement agreements; certain licensure limitations.
39-931a - Same; grounds; person defined.
39-932 - Adoption and enforcement of rules, regulations and standards.
39-932a - Adult care homes in less than an entire building.
39-933 - Inspections and investigations; regulations for changes in facilities.
39-934 - Certain information confidential.
39-935 - Inspections; reporting; access to premises; exit interviews; unannounced inspections; inspection reports, posting and access; risk management program, when required; admissibility of reports.
39-936 - Statement on admission; qualified personnel; education and training of unlicensed personnel; examination and fees; state registry established; refresher course required; supplier of medication; limitations on involuntary transfer or discharge of resident; effect of reliance upon spiritual means or prayer for healing by resident.
39-937 - Compliance with other laws and regulations.
39-938 - Compliance with requirements and rules and regulations; exceptions.
39-939 - Unlawful acts.
39-940 - Forms for application, reports, records and inspections; records open to inspection; unlawful acts.
39-941 - Adult care homes; license and regulation; certain organizations exempt.
39-942 - License in effect on effective date of act continued in effect; exceptions.
39-943 - Penalties.
39-944 - Injunctions and other process.
39-945 - Correction orders; issuance; contents.
39-946 - Civil penalty; issuance; notice of assessment; factors in determining amount of civil penalty; enforcement.
39-947 - Appeals to secretary; hearing; disposition of civil penalties.
39-947a - Informal dispute resolution; written request; procedure.
39-948 - Appeals to district court; disposition of civil penalties.
39-949 - Disposition of moneys.
39-950 - Rules and regulations.
39-951 - Authority granted under act additional and not limiting.
39-952 - Correction order not issued, when.
39-953 - Citation of act.
39-953a - Order prohibiting new admissions to adult care home; when issued; proceedings; remedy not limiting.
39-953b - Annual report of violations resulting in issuance of correction orders and civil penalties.
39-954 - Application for receiver; order appointing; qualifications of persons designated and method of selection, rules and regulations.
39-955 - Filing application for receivership; contents.
39-956 - Service of copies of application for receivership; posting in adult care home.
39-957 - Answer to application for receivership.
39-958 - Priority of application for receivership in district court; evidence; appointment of receiver; certain statutes inapplicable to license granted receiver; length of license.
39-959 - Powers and duties of receiver.
39-960 - Expenditures from moneys appropriated for purposes of act; when authorized; repayment.
39-961 - Kansas department for aging and disability services to assist receiver; expenses of department; repayment.
39-962 - Supervision of district court; final accounting; removal.
39-963 - Termination of receivership; circumstances; accounting and disposition of money; court orders for recovery of certain expenses and costs.
39-964 - Procedures for and review and enforcement of administrative actions.
39-965 - Penalties for violations posing serious physical harm to resident.
39-967 - Skilled nursing home or intermediate nursing care home means nursing facility.
39-968 - Client assessment, referral and evaluation program; definitions; implementation; data entry form; requirements; duties of secretary for aging and disability services; long-term care resource information; rules and regulations; voluntary oversight council; annual report.
39-969 - Criminal history record information.
39-970 - Operation of adult care home precluded, when; access of secretary of health and environment to certain records; background check of employees, civil liability, fee for information request; provision of criminal history record information by secretary; licensed or registered professional service providers, volunteers and certain employees exempt; certain persons in custody of secretary of corrections exempt; report of convictions and adjudications by the Kansas bureau of investigation.
39-971 - Quality enhancement wage pass-through program; eligible employees; quarterly wage audits; limitations on use of pass-through moneys; "nursing facilities" defined.
39-972 - Residents receiving long-term care in medicaid approved institution; personal needs fund; supplemental income.
39-973 - Operator registration act.
39-974 - Same; definitions.
39-975 - Same; registration of operators; rules and regulations.
39-976 - Same; operator registration on adult care home administrator license required.
39-977 - Same; waiver of registration requirements, when.
39-978 - Same; registration renewal.
39-979 - Same; fees.
39-980 - Same; suspension, denial of, revocation of or refusal to renew registration; hearing; powers of secretary.