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2016 Statute

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39-753. Title IV-D child support enforcement services; duties of secretary; rules and regulations. For the purpose of providing title IV-D child support enforcement services, the secretary for children and families shall:

(a) Enter into contracts or agreements necessary to administer title IV-D services.

(b) Maintain and operate a central registry, within the organizational unit of the Kansas department for children and families responsible for providing child support services, for the location of absent parents.

(c) Develop guidelines for coordinating activities of any governmental department, board, commission, bureau or agency in providing information necessary for the location of absent parents.

(d) Coordinate any activity on a state level in searching for an absent parent.

(e) Assist in the location of any parent or other person as required or permitted under title IV-D.

(f) Initiate and maintain legal actions necessary to implement the requirements of title IV-D.

(g) Assist in establishing paternity and in securing and enforcing orders for support in title IV-D cases.

(h) Utilize, in appropriate cases, support enforcement and collection and location services available through the federal department of health and human services, including, but not limited to, the services of federal courts, the federal parent locator services and the treasury department, if authorized or required by federal law.

(i) Accept, on behalf of the state, assignment of support rights pursuant to K.S.A. 39-709 or 39-756, and amendments thereto.

(j) Adopt rules and regulations necessary to provide title IV-D services and to enable the state to meet requirements set forth in title IV-D.

(k) Maintain and operate an automated system to manage title IV-D information and to perform such activities as may be required or permitted by title IV-D. The automated system shall include a registry, to be known as the "state case registry," that contains such records with respect to each title IV-D case as may be required by title IV-D.

(l) Have authority to settle, negotiate and forgive any debts or liabilities to the agency.

History: L. 1976, ch. 210, § 1; L. 1997, ch. 182, § 69; L. 2014, ch. 115, § 85; L. 2015, ch. 42, § 12; July 1.

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