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2016 Statute

Section Number

17-1901 - Poles, wires and fixtures of telegraph companies.
17-1902 - Rights, powers and liabilities of telecommunications service providers; occupation of public right-of-way; prohibition of use.
17-1903 - Entry upon and condemnation of land.
17-1904 - Exclusive right contracts prohibited.
17-1905 - Powers of telegraph companies.
17-1906 - Location and regulation of telegraph poles and lines in cities.
17-1907 - Injury to telegraph, telephone or power line property; penalty.
17-1908 - Interference with lines; penalty.
17-1909 - Consolidation of telegraph companies.
17-1910 - Telegraph stations at county seats.
17-1911 - Same; penalties.
17-1912 - Telegraph stations in cities over 50,000; free delivery of messages, when.
17-1913 - Same; penalties.
17-1914 - Moving buildings or structures on streets, alleys, roads and highways having transmission lines and aerial facilities; permits.
17-1915 - Same; application for permits; fees.
17-1916 - Same; notice to utility.
17-1917 - Same; duty of utility owning lines or facilities; payment of expenses; bond or surety; failure of utility to perform, damages; action to recover damages, fees and costs.
17-1918 - Same; unlawful for mover to move or interfere with lines or facilities.
17-1920 - Same; penalties.
17-1922 - Unconstitutional provisions not severable.