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2016 Statute

Section Number

16-301 - Prearranged funeral agreements; conditions.
16-302 - Same; payments, form and deposit of; exceptions.
16-303 - Same; payments and earnings; credit life insurance; irrevocable agreements.
16-304 - Same; payments upon death, conditions; balances; notice; liability.
16-305 - Same; penalties.
16-306 - Same; injunction.
16-307 - Same; severability.
16-308 - Same; administration of funds; payment into trust fund; investment; payment of administrative costs and taxes; prior existing trusts to comply.
16-309 - Same; doing business in state defined; nonresidents subject to personal service outside state.
16-310 - Same; audit of accounts or trusts by secretary of state; redeposit of improperly paid moneys; actions by attorney general; funds held under agreements not subject to legal process; notice of intent to sell and engage in agreements; obstructing or refusing to submit to examination; audit fee.
16-311 - Same; duty of medical assistance recipient to inform; payments of balances upon death; conditions; liability.
16-312 - Prearranged funeral agreements; required disclosures.
16-313 - Same; additional disclosures.
16-314 - Same; definition.
16-320 - Cemetery merchandise contracts; definitions.
16-321 - Same; cemetery merchandise trust fund; establishment; deposit of moneys; quarterly reports; distributable earnings; fees.
16-322 - Same; trust fund; requirements; disbursements; trust instruments, validity; trustee duties.
16-323 - Same; misuse of the cemetery merchandise trust fund, criminal penalty.
16-325 - Same; secretary of state to audit cemetery merchandise trusts.
16-326 - Same; redeposit of improperly paid moneys by trustee; attorney general initiate an accounting at request of secretary of state; plan to correct deficiencies.
16-327 - Same; redeposit of moneys; action by attorney general.
16-328 - Same; funds in trust not subject to legal process.
16-329 - Same; notice of intent to sell preneed merchandise contracts filed with secretary of state.
16-330 - Same; refusal to submit to audit; attorney general.
16-331 - Same; refusal to establish trust fund; forfeiture of cemetery corporation.
16-332 - Same; preneed contract provisions.
16-333 - Same; not subject to 16-301 to 16-309, prearranged funeral regulations.
16-334 - Same; trust agreement; copy filed with secretary of state; requirements.
16-335 - Cemetery merchandise trust funds; information and records of examination confidential; disclosure of certain information allowed.
16-336 - Cemetery maintenance and merchandise fee fund; state treasury.