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2016 Statute

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14-699.Same; election of trustees; nominations; vacancies; expenses. At all elections under this act all electors within the hospital territory, both within and without the regular city limits, shall be entitled to vote for all hospital trustee candidates and on all hospital bond propositions. Registration for voting shall not be required of persons in the added territory for the purposes of this act unless required by other statutes. Before any election affecting the hospital the board of trustees shall determine where polling places shall be provided for the convenience of the electors of the added territory and the chairman and secretary shall certify the determination to the governing body of the city and the governing body shall provide the polling places as certified. The members of the election boards at such polling places shall be electors of the added territory, such members to be appointed by the governing body of the city without regard to political affiliation.

Candidates for trustee shall not run as members of political parties. Where the regular city population does not require the city to have a primary, an elector desiring to become a candidate for hospital trustee shall file a declaration of candidacy with the city clerk within the time other nomination papers or declarations must be filed. The declaration shall be in substantially the following form:

"I hereby declare my candidacy for the office of hospital trustee, position No. ____, of the city of ______________, Kansas, at the regular city election on the ____ day of __________, 19__. My address is ______________."

Signed: ______________

Such declaration shall be filed in person by the candidate and the city clerk may require proof of identity. Where more than one trustee is to be elected, whether for a regular term or to fill a vacancy, the city clerk shall assign position numbers, such as Hospital Trustee, Position No. ____, equal to the number of trustees to be elected, and candidates shall in the declaration indicate the trustee position for which they are running, and where one or more trustees must be elected from the added territory only electors from the added territory shall be eligible to file for the position numbers assigned to the trustee positions to be filled for the added territory.

Where a vacancy is to be filled and the office is temporarily held by a trustee from the added territory such vacancy shall be filled from added territory. The city clerk shall explain to electors desiring to file declarations whether a position is for election at large or for added territory. Where the regular city population requires a primary, a candidate shall file a declaration of candidacy similar in form to the form required where there is no primary except that it shall state that the candidate is a candidate for nomination at the regular city primary. At the primary the candidates receiving the greatest and the next greatest number of votes for a trustee office shall be declared nominated: Provided, That where there are not more than two candidates for nomination for a trustee office there shall be no primary for such office and the persons who filed declarations of candidacy for nomination at the primary shall be declared nominated as candidates at the regular election.

Where a primary precedes an election and more than one trustee is to be elected, position numbers shall be assigned as at the election to follow. If the election is one at which a term of less than three years is being filled the declaration shall state the term for which the candidate is a candidate or by reference to the position designating the short term. No filing fee shall be required. The hospital fund shall bear the expense of the election boards for polling places for added territory, and the other expenses shall be paid the same as in cases of other city elections. In all other respects the election laws applying to the city and not in conflict herewith shall apply.

History: L. 1949, ch. 166, § 7; April 5.

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