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2016 Statute

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14-695.Extension of territorial limits for hospital purposes in certain cities; board of trustees; terms; pension and deferred compensation plans for employees; contracts insuring employees and dependents; expenditures for recruitment or retention of professional staff. Subject to the provisions of K.S.A. 2016 Supp. 12-16,128, and amendments thereto, within 30 days after the addition of the territory the board of commissioners of such city or the mayor, by and with the consent of the council, shall appoint two electors residing in the added territory to the board of trustees to serve until the next regular city election and until their successors are elected and qualified, and the board of hospital trustees shall thereafter consist of five trustees, but at all times at least two of the trustees shall be residents of the city in the added territory. At the next regular city election, two trustees from the added territory shall be elected, one for a term of one year and one for a term of two years, and a successor to the trustee whose office expires under K.S.A. 14-604, and amendments thereto, who may reside anywhere in the hospital territory. Successors to the short-term trustees shall be elected for three-year terms.

The board of hospital trustees is authorized to establish and fund pension and deferred compensation plans for hospital employees and to procure contracts insuring hospital employees, their dependents, or any class or classes thereof, under a policy or policies of life, disability income, health, accident, accidental death and dismemberment and hospital, surgical and medical expense insurance. The employee's contribution, if any, to the plan and to the premium for such insurance may be deducted by the employer from the employee's salary when authorized in writing by the respective employee.

The board of hospital trustees shall also have authority to expend funds deemed necessary in recruitment or retention of professional staff including, but not limited to, the purchase of professional liability insurance for such staff.

History: L. 1949, ch. 166, § 3; L. 1971, ch. 49, § 7; L. 1972, ch. 44, § 7; L. 1991, ch. 66, § 7; L. 2008, ch. 163, § 11; July 1.

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