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2016 Statute

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14-605.Same; organization, oath and compensation; powers and duties of board; administrator contracts; employees, appointment and benefits; expenditures for recruitment or retention of professional staff; board meetings; examination of hospital; reports to governing body. The trustees shall, within 10 days after their appointment or election, qualify by taking the oath of civil officers, and organize a board of hospital trustees by the election of one of their number as chairperson, one as secretary and one as treasurer; but no bond shall be required of any of them except the treasurer, who, before entering upon the treasurer's duties, shall give an official bond, to be approved by the governing body, in a sum if a personal bond, of twice the amount of the funds that may be confided in the treasurer's care at any one time; or if a corporate surety bond issued by a surety company authorized to do business in this state, the highest amount of the funds that may be confided to such treasurer's care at any one time; signed by sureties approved by the governing body, and filed in the office of the city clerk.

The treasurer shall receive and pay out all the moneys under the control of the board as ordered by it, but shall receive no compensation from such board. No trustee shall receive any compensation for such trustee's services performed, but a trustee may receive reimbursement for expenses incurred as trustee, and an itemized statement of all such expenses and moneys paid out shall be made under oath by each of such trustees and filed with the secretary.

The board of hospital trustees shall make and adopt such bylaws, rules and regulations for the government of the hospital. They shall have the exclusive control of the expenditure of all moneys collected to the credit of the hospital fund and the purchase of site or sites, the purchase or construction of any hospital building or buildings, and of the supervision, care and custody of the grounds, rooms or buildings purchased, constructed, leased or set apart for that purpose. All money received for such hospital shall be deposited in the treasury of the board of trustees and paid out only by claims and warrants or warrant checks as provided by K.S.A. 10-801 to 10-806 inclusive, 12-105a and 12-105b, and amendments thereto. The board is authorized to invest in any mutual insurance company organized by an association of health care providers to which the hospital belongs, enter into contracts with such company, pay any assessments pursuant to such contracts and arrange for the issuance of a letter of credit by any bank chartered by this state or which is a member bank of the federal reserve system. The board of hospital trustees shall have power to enter into an employment contract to engage the services of an administrator or chief executive officer to manage the affairs of the hospital which establishes compensation for such services and terms of engagement. The board of hospital trustees is authorized to establish and fund pension and deferred compensation plans for hospital employees and to procure contracts insuring hospital employees, their dependents, or any class or classes thereof under a policy or policies of life, disability income, health, accident, accidental death and dismemberment, and hospital, surgical and medical expense insurance. The employee's contribution, if any, to the plan and to the premium for such insurance may be deducted by the employer from the employee's salary when authorized in writing by the respective employee. The board may also expend funds deemed necessary in the recruitment or retention of professional staff including, but not limited to, the purchase of professional liability insurance for such staff.

The board of hospital trustees shall hold meetings at least once each month and shall keep a complete record of all its proceedings. One of the trustees shall visit and examine the hospital at least twice each month, and the board shall, during the first week in January of each year, file with the governing body of the city, a report of the proceedings with reference to the hospital and a statement of all receipts and expenditures during the year, and shall at such time, certify the amount necessary to maintain, equip and improve the hospital for the ensuing year.

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