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2016 Statute

Section Number

12-801 - Gas, water, lights, heat, street-railway, bus or telephone service; election; bonds.
12-802 - Same; bond election.
12-803 - Same; bond limitation.
12-803a - Street-railway or bus department, when; use of revenues.
12-803b - Street-railway or bus system; tax levy, use of proceeds.
12-803c - Same; bonds for extension of street-railway or bus system; election.
12-803d - Same; ordinances as to operation and charges.
12-803e - Same; bond limitations inapplicable.
12-806 - Sale of light, heat and power to outlying districts.
12-808 - Power of city to sell service generally.
12-808a - Electric or gas utility outside city limits; eminent domain; determination of rates.
12-808b - Same; filing of rates and location of facilities, when.
12-808c - Municipalities; lien for utility services.
12-809 - Damming of river or condemnation of land and water for waterworks; petition to court; bond issue.
12-810 - Condemnation by foreign municipality for water plant.
12-811 - Purchase by city of corporate utility plants upon expiration of franchise; petition to court; notice; appraisers; election; bonds.
12-812 - Same; bonds for enlargement or improvement of waterworks; ordinance; election.
12-817 - City water contracts.
12-817a - Application of section and 12-817b.
12-817b - Contracts with U.S. government or agencies for water supplies; subject to future nullification if state assumes certain financial obligations.
12-818 - Ordinances for control of waterworks.
12-819 - Bond limitations not to apply.
12-820 - Acquisition of plants outside city.
12-820a - City acquiring certain private waterworks property authorized to reimburse subdivisions for tax loss; exception.
12-821 - Extension of mains or of transmission lines or pipelines.
12-822 - Deposits to secure payment of bills; unlawful, when; investment; abandoned deposits, disposition.
12-823 - Public or municipally owned utilities; penalties.
12-824 - Franchise to interurban railway or electric company; certain provisions declared void; notice; petition; election; certificate of convenience and necessity.
12-825 - Technical service and advice from state commission.
12-825a - Petty cash funds, establishment; deposit.
12-825b - Same; certification by payees; false pretenses.
12-825c - Same; audits; restoration of fund.
12-825d - Waterworks, fuel, power and lighting plants; use, disposition and investment of revenues.
12-825e - Same; inapplicable to certain cities over 100,000.
12-825f - Crediting certain utility revenue to light fund.
12-825g - Use of community and utility promotion fund; transfers and expenditures subject to election.
12-825h - Foreign-trade zones; establishment and operation; application for federal grant.
12-825i - Same; delegation of authority to board of utilities.
12-825j - Municipalities owning or operating utility; contracts for purchase of water, gas or electricity.
12-825k - Payment of charges by public utilities at city hall.
12-826 - Managing board of commissioners; payment of claims.
12-827 - Same; appointment; terms; oath.
12-828 - Same; recommendations.
12-829 - Same; rates; employees; salaries; removal.
12-831 - Extension of plants or lines; signed agreements; election required.
12-834 - Bonds for gas, water, light, heat, street-railway or telephone service; election.
12-834a - Validation of bond election; city of Burns.
12-836 - Waterworks bonds; limitation.
12-837 - Same; resolution; plans, specifications and estimate; approval or disapproval by secretary of health and environment; cost limited.
12-838 - Same; ordinance.
12-839 - Same; notice; hearing; election in cities of second class.
12-840 - Same; bond limitations not to apply.
12-842 - Acquisition and operation of city plants; equipment on or across highway.
12-843 - Same; bonds; election; limitation; use of surplus revenues.
12-844 - Lines and ways of access between city limits and utility plants.
12-845 - Same; eminent domain.
12-846 - Same; procedure.
12-847 - Same; costs and expenses.
12-848 - Control of streets and public grounds.
12-849 - Same; ordinance granting use of.
12-850 - Same; unlawful use without franchise; penalty.
12-851 - Police jurisdiction of cities, second and third classes.
12-852 - Flowage rights to waterworks system intake.
12-853 - Same; unlawful acts.
12-854 - Same; penalty for violating 12-853.
12-855 - Same; rights of riparian owners.
12-856 - Combined waterworks and sewage disposal system; definitions.
12-857 - Same; ordinance.
12-858 - Same; revenues.
12-859 - Same; creation of water and sewage department; operation.
12-860 - Same; rates and charges; use of revenue; collection; liens.
12-861 - Same; assessment and bonds statutes applicable.
12-862 - Same; contracts, revenue bonds; protest petition; election.
12-863 - Same; revenue bonds; liens; recitals; negotiability; general obligation bonds where combined water and sewage system.
12-864 - Same; minimum sale price; school fund commission may not purchase.
12-865 - Same; revenue bonds; terms; disposition of excess funds.
12-866 - Same; revenue bonds; rates, fees and charges; annual audit, filing.
12-867 - Same; eminent domain.
12-868 - Same; combined waterworks and sewage system revenue bonds, when; act supplemental.
12-869 - Validation of proceedings and issuance of bonds for waterworks improvements in certain cities of second class.
12-870 - Natural gas acquisition systems of cities; definitions.
12-871 - Same; natural gas authority; creation; board; selection, terms, officers; organization; meetings; resolutions.
12-872 - Same; sue and be sued; seal; purposes; contracts; limitations.
12-873 - Same; compliance with federal law and rules and regulations.
12-874 - Same; revenue bonds; refunding bonds.
12-875 - Same; investment of funds.
12-876 - Same; levy of taxes not authorized.
12-877 - Same; deposit of funds with city treasurer.
12-878 - Same; signature of officer on instruments.
12-879 - Same; employees for system.
12-880 - Same; rates and charges for sale of gas.
12-881 - Same; trust agreements to secure bonds; contents; expenses.
12-882 - Same; moneys received deemed trust funds; trust agreements.
12-883 - Same; enforcement of rights and performance of duties.
12-884 - Same; annual report and financial statement; filing.
12-885 - Municipal energy agencies for electricity and other energy; creation by two or more cities; purposes; liability for tortious acts.
12-886 - Definitions.
12-887 - Resolution providing for creation; protest petition.
12-888 - Agreement creating; requirements, procedure.
12-889 - Amendment of agreement creating.
12-890 - Registered office; change in location.
12-891 - Board of directors; membership; terms; vacancies.
12-892 - Same; officers; general manager; personnel; resolutions governing business of agency.
12-893 - Same; minutes, records, books of account; public inspection.
12-894 - Same; compensation, expenses.
12-895 - Powers.
12-896 - Receipt and expenditures; application of budget and cash-basis laws; auditing procedures.
12-897 - Limitations on direct sale of electricity.
12-898 - No levy of taxes or issuance of general obligation bonds; revenue bonds obligation of agency only.
12-899 - Revenue bonds; issuance; terms and conditions; form; interim receipts, temporary bonds; security; payment; issuance of additional bonds.
12-8,100 - Same; investment in bonds issued; deposit for purposes authorized by law.
12-8,101 - Same; not subject to general bond law; exempt from taxation; negotiable instruments.
12-8,102 - Bond anticipation notes; issuance, renewal, terms, payment, amount.
12-8,103 - Revenue bonds and notes; authorized terms of security agreement.
12-8,104 - Same; mortgages and deeds of trust of property and franchises.
12-8,105 - Officials, directors, members not liable on bonds or notes; purchase of insurance authorized.
12-8,106 - Purchase and disposition of bonds and notes.
12-8,107 - Refunding bonds authorized.
12-8,108 - Addition of new member cities, procedure; boards of public utilities authorized to participate.
12-8,109 - Contracts by member cities with agency for purchase of energy, planning and other services.
12-8,111 - Certificates of public convenience for municipal energy agencies; jurisdiction of corporation commission.
12-8,112 - Acquisition of gas distribution systems by certain cities; resolution; definition of "gas distribution system"; issuance of bonds; jurisdiction of corporation commission.