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2016 Statute

Section Number

12-503a - Annexation of parts of townships, improvement districts and other units; providing of services in area annexed; payment of cost.
12-503b - Same; act inapplicable to school districts.
12-504 - Petition for vacation of site or addition, street or alley, or for exclusion of land; notice; hearing.
12-505 - Same; proceedings on petition.
12-506 - Reversion of vacated street, alley or public reservation.
12-507 - Definition of terms.
12-508 - Fees; issuance of subpoenas.
12-509 - Costs; deposits.
12-510 - Limitation of boundaries after exclusion of land.
12-510b - Exclusion of veterans affairs medical center land from certain cities; procedure.
12-512a - Vacation of streets, avenues, alleys and lanes by cities; reservation of certain rights-of-way and easements.
12-512b - Vacation of plats and other public reservations; recording plat or replat; reversion.
12-513 - Power to change frontage.
12-514 - Petition for change.
12-515 - Hearing on petition; ordinance and certificate; plat; recordation.
12-516 - Payment of costs; when change valid.
12-517 - Resolution declaring boundary, when.
12-518 - Same; filing of certified copies.
12-519 - Definitions.
12-520 - Conditions which permit unilateral annexation; exceptions; ordinance; severability of ordinance where annexation invalid; limitations.
12-520a - Resolution; hearing; notice; publication; sketch of area; criteria considered at hearing; consent, effect.
12-520b - Plans for extension of services; reports, contents; statement of plans for extension of municipal services to area; consent, effect.
12-520c - Annexation of land not adjoining city, when; resolution to county commissioners; findings by board spread upon journal; effect; appeals to district court.
12-521 - Petition to county commissioners for annexation of certain lands; contents; service extension plans; reports, contents; hearing, time and place; publication notice; notice to landowners; sketch of area; procedure at hearing; criteria to be considered; granting of order; entry in journal, effect; mail ballot election required appeals to district court.
12-521a - Same; annexation of a fire district; criteria to be considered.
12-522 - Filing of annexation ordinance.
12-523 - Effective dates of annexation; exceptions.
12-524 - Annexation of city or part of city not authorized.
12-524a - Homestead rights; continuation after annexation; limitation.
12-526 - Severability.
12-528 - Same; bonds; limitations; use of other funds.
12-529 - Annexation of military reservation prohibited.
12-530 - Notice of proposed annexation to be given to planning commission; review by commission.
12-531 - Hearing by county commissioners three years after annexation or to consider whether services provided; compelling hearing, attorney fees.
12-532 - Petition for hearing, by landowners to county commission to exclude land from the city if municipal services not provided; notice and hearing; order to exclude land, when; record of order by register of deeds; land not liable for certain taxes; compelling hearing, attorney fees.
12-533 - Action to compel city to provide services according to written agreement; order to exclude land, when; record of order by register of deeds; land not liable for certain taxes.
12-534 - Agreement by city to extend municipal services; consent to annexation by owner and successors; filing of agreement with register of deeds.
12-535 - Contractual agreement to guarantee apportionment of costs of improvements.
12-536 - Effect of act on certain annexations.
12-537 - Severability.
12-538 - Actions challenging certain annexations under 12-520; considerations of the court.
12-539 - Annexation of lands located in rural water district; notice.
12-540 - Same; contract for district to provide water service; franchise fee.
12-541 - Same; city designates different supplier; purchase of district property; appraisers; factors; appeal; detachment of territory from district.
12-542 - Part of Kansas rural water district act.
12-546 - City annexation of land in fire district; dual taxation; refund.