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2016 Statute

Section Number

9-1101 - General powers.
9-1101a - Issuance of capital notes or debentures, when; limitations.
9-1102 - Holding of real estate; limitations.
9-1104 - Limitation on loans and borrowing; determination of limits; compliance with section; definitions.
9-1107 - Temporary borrowing by bank; limitation; exceptions.
9-1111 - Branch banking; remote service units.
9-1111b - Applications for branch banks; examinations and investigation fee; disposition and use of fees.
9-1112 - Unlawful transactions.
9-1114 - Board of directors of bank or trust company; rules and requirements.
9-1115 - Officers of bank or trust company; election; term; bond; forfeiture of office.
9-1116 - Meetings of board; examination of records, funds and securities; minutes.
9-1119 - Certified checks, drafts or orders.
9-1121 - Reproduction of records and papers; evidence.
9-1122 - Closing of banks; business hours; emergencies.
9-1123 - Bank service corporations; definitions.
9-1124 - Same; investment by banks; limitations.
9-1125 - Same; unreasonable discrimination in providing services prohibited; exceptions.
9-1127a - Same; services which may be performed for depository institutions.
9-1127b - Same; services which may be provided by corporations; restrictions.
9-1127c - Same; investments in corporations performing certain services under 9-1127b; approval required.
9-1127d - Same; services performed for bank or subsidiary or affiliate; regulation and examination by commissioner; rules and regulations.
9-1128 - Deposits by banks or trust companies acting as fiduciaries or custodians for fiduciaries of certain securities guaranteed by the United States or agencies thereof; rules and regulations; records of ownership; certifications of deposit.
9-1129 - Same; application of act.
9-1130 - Retention of books and records; rules and regulations; destruction; photographic reproduction; electronic recordation; confidentiality of records unaffected.
9-1131 - Repurchase agreements with pooled money investment board.
9-1132 - Personal liability of officers and directors, exceptions.
9-1133 - Liability of officers and directors; actions; certain provisions applicable.
9-1134 - Liability of officers and directors; severability.
9-1136 - Powers; authority to lease certain personal property; definitions.
9-1137 - Compliance review committees; functions; confidentiality of certain documents; definitions; exceptions.
9-1138 - School savings deposit program; requirements; definitions.
9-1140 - Prohibiting branch banks in certain locations.
9-1141 - Securing deposits for federally recognized Indian tribe.
9-1142 - Savings promotion; requirements; rules and regulations.