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2016 Statute

Section Number

2-608 - Compensation of extension agents; contribution from federal and state funds.
2-609 - Same; conditions; limitation regarding additional agents.
2-610 - County appropriations; budgets, approval; tax levies, use of proceeds.
2-611 - County extension councils; election of members; meetings; development of programs; election, term of office, oath, powers and duties of executive board; bond of treasurer; expiration of terms; qualification of members.
2-612 - Deposit of moneys; duties of treasurers.
2-613 - Duties of county treasurers.
2-614 - Duties of executive board secretary; records open to public.
2-615 - County extension service agents; qualifications, appointment and compensation; jointly employed agents; approval of county council or district accounts and expenditures.
2-616 - Purpose of extension councils and districts certain fees authorized; limitations.
2-619 - Invalidity of part.
2-620 - Extension councils in certain counties; office facilities; tax levy, use of proceeds; protest petition and election.
2-623 - Extension districts, establishment or expansion; agreement therefor, terms, prior approval by attorney general; publication of notice of proposed new district or expansion, protest petition and election; district name, powers, personnel and property; governing body, appointment or election and terms of office of first members.
2-624 - Same; governing body, terms, filing fee, composition and election; vacancies; annual organization.
2-625 - Same; educational extension programs, subjects; program development committees and plans; annual budget and tax levy, limitations.
2-626 - Same; duties of secretary of governing body; open records.
2-627 - Same; duties of treasurer of governing body; bond; disposition of district moneys.
2-628 - Same; withdrawal of counties from extension districts; procedure; effect; disposition of property and obligations; supplemental agreements.