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2014 Statute

Section Number

76-810 - Legislative findings.
76-811 - Definitions.
76-812 - General powers of board of regents; rules and regulations.
76-813 - Credit of state or political subdivision not pledged.
76-814 - Execution and performance of certain contracts.
76-815 - Revenue bonds; terms; disposition of excess funds.
76-816 - Trust agreement.
76-817 - Revenues and other moneys; fees, tuition, rents and charges.
76-818 - Bond proceeds and other moneys deemed trust funds; use; investment.
76-819 - Remedies.
76-820 - Negotiability of bonds.
76-821 - Bonds eligible for investment.
76-822 - Revenue refunding bonds.
76-823 - Exemption from taxation.
76-824 - Statutory construction.
76-825 - Financing of allopathic medicine postgraduate training programs; contracts with hospitals and medical groups.
76-826 - Purchase of or reimbursement for liability insurance to cover persons engaged in postgraduate residency training program in allopathic medicine at university of Kansas medical center; contracts.
76-828 - State board of regents authorized to construct and equip a facility for care of and clinical research on animals at university of Kansas medical center.
76-829 - Payment of costs of the project; loan of money by pooled money investment board; rate of interest on loan; animal research facility project fund created; transfer of moneys.
76-830 - Payment and computation of repayment amounts.
76-831 - Animal research facility debt service fund created; transfer of moneys to such fund; limitations on amounts transferred.
76-832 - Interest attributable to moneys in animal research facility debt service fund; transfer to fund.
76-834 - Purchase of disability insurance for medical residents and students in the school of medicine, nursing and allied health; contracts.
76-835 - Midwest stem cell therapy center; powers, duties and functions.
76-836 - Same; appointment and duties of director; annual report to legislature.
76-837 - Same; midwest stem cell therapy center fund.
76-838 - Same; advisory board; members; duties and compensation.
76-839 - Same; no embryonic stem cells or fetal tissue cells used.
76-840 - Same; definitions.