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2014 Statute

Section Number

76-6a01 - Definitions.
76-6a02 - Lease; terms; powers and duties of secretary of administration.
76-6a03 - Contract with owners of buildings; terms; cost estimates by secretary of administration.
76-6a04 - Fees collected from students; pledge of receipts.
76-6a05 - Room or board in dormitory by students; rentals and fees; pledge of incomes.
76-6a06 - Moneys to state treasurer; statements; credited to separate fund; disbursements.
76-6a07 - Insurance by lessee; pledge of rentals for construction and equipment; limitations.
76-6a08 - Fees and charges to be additional.
76-6a09 - Utility services.
76-6a10 - Bonds exempt from taxation.
76-6a11 - Incurring of indebtedness not authorized.
76-6a12 - Federal aid for buildings and equipment at state schools.
76-6a13 - Revenue bonds for buildings and facilities at educational institutions; definitions.
76-6a13a - Construction of certain buildings authorized.
76-6a13b - Same; issuance of bonds.
76-6a13c - Construction of building authorized; revenue bonds.
76-6a13d - Health education buildings and facilities; construction, furnishings and equipment; acquisition of land.
76-6a13e - Same; revenue bonds authorized; limitation.
76-6a13f - Same; use of fees, charges and funds to pay costs; incurring indebtedness prohibited.
76-6a13g - Same; contracts with boards or university controlled corporations.
76-6a13h - Health education buildings and facilities; employment of consultants and contracts for professional services; compensation; approval of plans; letting of construction contracts.
76-6a14 - Buildings at educational institutions; powers of boards; prohibitions.
76-6a15 - Same; issuance; pledge of revenues; priority of liens where more than one series issued.
76-6a16 - Same; revenue bonds not to constitute indebtedness.
76-6a17 - Same; revenue bonds negotiable; terms; registration; installment bonds; rate of interest, determination and limitation.
76-6a18 - Same; refunding bonds; procedures.
76-6a19 - Same; covenants and agreements.
76-6a20 - Same; deposit of bond sale proceeds; contracts.
76-6a21 - Same; disposition of income and revenues; pledge.
76-6a22 - Bonds exempt from taxation.
76-6a23 - Same; investments in bonds authorized; collateral security for deposit of public funds.
76-6a24 - Same; authority and powers conferred by act; invalidity of part.
76-6a25 - Revenue bonds for construction of certain buildings; resolution authorizing bonds; publication notice; limitation of actions to contest validity.
76-6a29 - Construction of certain buildings authorized.
76-6a30 - Same; issuance of bonds.
76-6a31 - Acquisition of Fairmount Towers authorized.
76-6a32 - Same; appraisal.
76-6a33 - Construction of parking facility at KUMC authorized.
76-6a34 - Same; issuance of bonds.
76-6a35 - Construction of medical library at KUMC authorized; issuance of bonds.
76-6a36 - Construct and equip coliseum at Kansas state university; issuance of bonds.
76-6a37 - Renovation of student union building at university of Kansas authorized; consultation with joint committee on state building construction.
76-6a38 - Construction of second parking facility at university of Kansas medical center authorized; issuance of bonds.
76-6a39 - Construction of parking facility at university of Kansas; issuance of bonds; precedent condition.
76-6a40 - Capital improvements for an out-patient center for cancer-related services and treatment; definitions.
76-6a41 - Same; agreements with private organization to construct or renovate buildings; conditions for approval of projects; consultation with joint committee on state building construction.
76-6a42 - Same; authorizations for project, acquisition of adjacent land and issuance of revenue bonds, conditions precedent; approval of title and form of deed; eminent domain.
76-6a43 - Same; lease of medical center property to private organization; required lease provisions; review by attorney general; approval, conditions precedent; exemptions.
76-6a44 - Same; acquisition of real estate in Wyandotte county; approval of title and form of deed; eminent domain; revenue bonds, prior consultation with joint committee on state building construction.