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2014 Statute


76-425d.Same; powers and duties. Under the general supervision of the board and direct administration of Kansas state university, the service shall:

(a) Supervise, generally, all forest management and all forestation and reforestation work conducted by the state;

(b) promote practical forestry;

(c) encourage the development and use of forest resources;

(d) compile and publish information and instructions relating to forestry and reforestation;

(e) provide assistance in forestry and reforestation to owners and operators of forest lands;

(f) provide assistance for the protection of the forest resources of the state, both public and private, from insects and diseases;

(g) provide assistance for the prevention and suppression of forest, brush or grassland fires in nonfederal areas of the state except on lands within the exterior boundaries of incorporated cities;

(h) foster and promote the control of soil erosion on forest lands;

(i) carry on an assistance program with forest landowners and operators in the practice of forestry, including the growing, harvesting and marketing of forest products and in the management of forests for other multiple benefits such as water quality, streambank stabilization, erosion control, wildlife and recreation;

(j) carry on an assistance program with forest products processors in the processing and marketing of such products;

(k) cooperate with other agencies and organizations in conducting forestry related programs, including riparian and wetland protection and nonpoint source pollution control;

(l) produce, procure and distribute forest-tree seeds and plants for the purpose of establishing or reestablishing forests, windbreaks, shelter belts, living snowfences, farm woodlots, Christmas tree plantings, erosion control water quality, wildlife habitat and other conservation type tree plantings;

(m) provide an assistance program to nonforest landowners and operators in establishing trees and shrubs for conservation plantings;

(n) provide assistance to city governing bodies in planting, maintaining, treating and removing trees on public property;

(o) provide information and education to city governing bodies, tree care professionals and the general public in urban and community tree planting and care; and

(p) cooperate with and assist the cooperative extension service and other appropriate agencies in conducting educational programs and demonstrations in forest management, forestation, reforestation and other forestry related programs.

History: L. 1965, ch. 479, § 4; L. 1993, ch. 77, § 3; L. 1997, ch. 49, § 3; July 1.