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2014 Statute

Section Number

76-308 - Permanent university fund; original principal; earnings.
76-312 - Sale of university lands.
76-315 - Clinical work in medical course.
76-316 - Bureau of child research.
76-317 - Bureau of child research; location of administrative offices; cooperation and aid of schools, hospitals and institutions; assistance in administration and operation of certain institutions.
76-318 - Same; director, appointment and qualifications; personnel and equipment.
76-319 - State information and publicity bureau.
76-320 - Same; classification and distribution of information.
76-321 - Same; employees and supplies.
76-322 - State geological survey.
76-323 - State geological survey; chancellor ex officio director; state geologist, appointment, unclassified.
76-323a - Annual mining production reports to state geologist, exceptions.
76-323b - State mineral lease production information reports to geological survey.
76-326 - Geological survey with reference to natural products of economic importance.
76-326a - Geological survey; tax levy, use of proceeds.
76-326b - Geological survey fund established; expenditures from fund for benefit of state geological survey.
76-327 - Training of firefighters; fire service training program; traveling instructors; federal aid.
76-327a - Same; Kansas fire service training commission; membership; qualifications; terms.
76-327b - Same; acceptance of gifts, grants and contributions authorized; receipt and expenditure of moneys.
76-327c - Fire service training program fund established; expenditures.
76-327d - Kansas fire service training commission; powers; reporting requirements.
76-327e - Same; duties.
76-327f - Transfers to fire service training fund authorized.
76-328 - Hospitals building fund.
76-329 - Lease of certain real estate to city of Lawrence for airport purposes.
76-329a - Lease of certain property for airport purposes; approval of attorney general.
76-333 - Sale of tract of land in Douglas county authorized; use of proceeds.
76-336 - Purchase of certain real estate in Kansas City, Kansas, authorized.
76-337 - Same; use of property.
76-338 - State biological survey; purpose; reports; powers.
76-339 - Same; appointment of state biologist; chancellor ex officio administrator.
76-341 - Conveyance of land to Kansas City urban renewal agency.
76-342 - Same; disposition of sale proceeds; use thereof.
76-343 - Purchase of land for medical center.
76-344 - Same; eminent domain.
76-345 - Exchange of land between board of regents and Kansas university endowment association; definitions.
76-346 - Same; procedure for conveyance.
76-348 - Same; land sale authorized.
76-350 - Same; trust fund; approval by attorney general.
76-351 - State board of regents authorized to execute "mutual quitclaim deeds and releases of covenants, restrictions, rights-of-way, and easements"; subsidiary documents.
76-352 - Same; contents and provisions; exchange of land between Jayhawker Investments Incorporated and state of Kansas.
76-353 - Conveyance of certain property in Jackson county, Missouri, by board of regents; termination of trust; use of proceeds.
76-354 - Instruction of medical students, nurses and other students at Kansas school of medicine and medical center hospital; maintenance of records.
76-355 - Same; records, reports, movies and other teaching devices maintained solely for instructional purposes; permission of patient; teaching devices not subject to discovery or admitted into evidence.
76-356 - Act does not affect discovery of actual medical records.
76-357 - Act does not affect admissibility in evidence of actual medical records.
76-358 - Act does not exclude evidence relevant in criminal action.
76-359 - Disclosure of information by teaching device does not unprivilege status of information.
76-361 - Same; land sale authorized.
76-363 - Same; agreements approved by attorney general; trust funds.
76-364 - State board of regents authorized to grant right-of-way easement to city of Lawrence over certain lands.
76-365 - Museum of art; gift by endowment association to university; acceptance; agreement between endowment association and university to govern location, planning, designing, engineering and construction of building; contracts to supplement cost of constructing, equipping and operating building.
76-366 - Affiliated family practice residency training program; policy.
76-367 - Same; definitions.
76-368 - Same; university authorized to select affiliates; limitations.
76-369 - Same; affiliation agreements; terms.
76-370 - Affiliated family practice residency training program; reimbursement of affiliate, limitations.
76-371 - Same; affiliate located in Topeka; use of adult outpatient clinic at Topeka state hospital.
76-372 - Same; no limitation on authority of the university to establish health education centers.
76-375 - Medically underserved areas, list of; preparation by secretary of health and environment.
76-378 - Prohibition on certain inpatient care or research at E. B. Allen hospital.
76-379 - Satisfaction of primary care postgraduate residency training program under medical student loan agreement; application of section.
76-380 - Short title.
76-381 - Definitions.
76-381b - Medically underserved areas, determination of; report to legislature.
76-382 - Medical student loans; tuition and living expenses stipend; agreements; priority to Kansas residents.
76-383 - Medical student loan agreements; terms and conditions.
76-384 - Same; satisfaction of service obligation; selection of service commitment area; alternative service.
76-385 - Same; failure to satisfy service obligation; repayment requirements; special circumstances, exceptions; disposition of repayments; medical loan repayment fund.
76-386 - Same; postponement and satisfaction of service obligation, when.
76-386a - Retroactivity of loan.
76-387 - Residency bridging loan agreements; qualifications, terms and conditions; service obligation, postponement and satisfaction; practice service agreement defined.
76-389 - Telemedicine communications system; contracts; fees for services; advisory committee.
76-390 - Exchange of real estate in Lawrence, Kansas, between board of regents and Kansas university endowment association.
76-391 - Purchase of insurance for aircraft owned and operated by university of Kansas or the university of Kansas medical center; coverages.
76-393 - Transfers to press publications account of restricted fees fund.
76-394 - University press of Kansas; insurance against loss or damage to book inventory.
76-395 - State board of regents authorized to convey certain property in Wichita; procedure; use of proceeds.
76-396 - Nursing positions at medical center; unclassified services, rights and benefits.
76-397 - State board of regents authorized to sell certain property in Maryland; procedure; use of proceeds.
76-398 - State board of regents authorized to convey certain property in city of Wichita to Sedgwick county; procedure.
76-399 - University of Kansas medical center; procedures for acquisition of certain goods and services; exemptions.
76-3-100 - Same; procedures for acquisition of data processing hardware and software for university hospital information systems; reports.
76-3-101 - Same; procedures for affiliations, joint ventures, partnerships and equity ownerships to provide medical services or participate in medical networks; exemptions.
76-3-102 - Same; contracts for lease and operation of off-campus medical care facilities; exemptions; reports.
76-3-103 - State board of regents authorized to exchange and convey certain property in Douglas county to the Kansas university endowment association.
76-3-104 - Sale of certain real property in Douglas county by board of regents; use of proceeds; approval by attorney general.
76-3-105 - State board of regents authorized to sell certain property in Douglas county, Kansas; procedure, use of proceeds.
76-3-106 - Sale of interest in certain real estate by board of regents authorized; disposition of proceeds.
76-3-107 - School of engineering capital improvement project; issuance of bonds by Kansas development finance authority, limitation; debt service.
76-3-108 - Conveyance of certain real estate in Douglas county by board of regents authorized; procedure.