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2014 Statute

Section Number

74-8103 - Definitions.
74-8104 - Powers; exemption from state purchasing laws; certain records secure.
74-8106 - Centers of excellence, establishment authorized, types, functions; basic research fund, applied research and development fund, technology transfer fund, creation, sources, uses; centers of excellence committee; awards of funding, requirements; establishment of new centers, approval; support of existing centers; commercialized research; report.
74-8107 - Applied research matching grant fund, creation, sources, uses; award of grants, prerequisites; approval of proposals, required findings; applied research committee; commercialized research.
74-8108 - Small business innovation research matching grant bridge financing programs.
74-8108a - Review of small business innovation research bridge financing program.
74-8109 - Seed-capital fund, creation, sources, uses; investment committee; limitation on certain investments.
74-8110 - Technology transfer and technical referral services; clearinghouse; technical information data bases; industrial liaison offices.
74-8111 - Annual report, contents, presentation and distribution; program funding levels, evaluation and recommendations; appropriations below threshold levels, effect; audit.
74-8112 - Severability.
74-8113 - Employees of Kansas technology enterprise corporation.
74-8114 - Disposition of moneys.
74-8115 - Citation of act.
74-8116 - State patent depository library; designation of state agency therefor; grant to establish.
74-8122 - Abolishing the agricultural value added center, the agricultural value added processing center leadership council, the division of markets and the director of marketing.
74-8123 - Abolition of Kansas technology enterprise corporation.
74-8124 - Same; transfer of powers and duties to department of commerce and secretary of commerce; transfer of fund balances to department of commerce; transfer of employees to department of commerce.
74-8125 - Same; succession to powers, duties and functions of Kansas technology enterprise corporation by secretary and department of commerce.
74-8126 - Same; transfer of property and records to secretary or department of commerce; resolution of conflicts.
74-8127 - Same; transfer of certain powers and duties to board of regents; transfer of certain funds to board of regents; transfer of certain liabilities to board of regents.
74-8128 - Same; succession of certain powers, duties and functions of Kansas technology corporation by board of regents.
74-8129 - Same; transfer of certain property and records to board of regents; resolution of conflicts.
74-8130 - Same; rights preserved in legal actions and proceedings.
74-8130a - Effective date for certain sections.
74-8131 - Citation of act; purpose.
74-8132 - Definitions.
74-8133 - Tax credits for investment in qualified securities of qualified Kansas business; claims; limitations; transfer of credits; reimbursement of administrative costs.
74-8134 - Qualified Kansas business; application for qualification, contents, trade secrets to be accorded confidentiality; burden of proof to demonstrate qualification; notice upon change therein.
74-8135 - Same; designation upon determination that criteria satisfied; reporting requirements.
74-8136 - Same; secretary of commerce authorized to issue tax credits; reporting required; annual review by secretary of commerce; loss of designation, notice, repayment obligations; rules and regulations.
74-8137 - Same; state not liable to investors.