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2014 Statute

Section Number

58-201 - Liens for materials and services; filing statements with register of deeds, contents.
58-202 - Same; enforcement and foreclosure; time restrictions; destruction of records.
58-203 - Lien for threshing or husking.
58-204 - Same; lien statement to be filed with register of deeds; fee.
58-205 - Same; assignment; time for bringing action.
58-206 - Same; selling, disposing or secreting grain with intent to defraud; penalty.
58-207 - Lien for feed and care of livestock; sale for charges and expenses; assignment of lien.
58-208 - Lien of forwarding merchant, warehouse keeper, carrier or other bailee; advertisement of sale by carrier.
58-209 - Sale of animals or goods of perishable nature after thirty days.
58-210 - Additional compensation for care of property taken from proceeds.
58-211 - Sale of property; notice required; form and content of notice.
58-212 - Public auction sale required.
58-213 - Proceeds of sale.
58-214 - Filing copies of notices, proof of publication and other papers with county clerk; evidence.
58-215 - Voluntary delivery of property as abandonment of lien; waiver by special contract.
58-218 - Liens for seeding and baling broomcorn and baling hay.
58-219 - Perfection, duration and enforcement of such liens.
58-220 - Agister's lien; recording notice with register of deeds; sale for charges and expenses.
58-221 - Same; disposition of proceeds of sale.
58-222 - Lien for work, labor or materials supplied by cleaning establishments; foreclosure; notice before sale; inapplicable to stored property.
58-223 - Same; property stored after labor or materials supplied; sale, when; notice to owners; inapplicable to warehousemen.
58-224 - Same; notice requirements; cost of posting.
58-225 - Same; disposition of overplus from sale.
58-226 - Same; posting notices in receiving offices.
58-227 - Liens on mobile and manufactured homes; removal from leased or rented space; enforcement of lien.
58-241 - Definitions.
58-242 - Agricultural production input lien; notification of lender by supplier; form of lien-notification statement; letter of commitment by lender; priorities.
58-243 - Same; effect of lien; priority; what lien attaches to; when lien attaches.
58-244 - Same; when perfected; priority of lien not perfected; duties of filing offices; fees.
58-245 - Same; enforcement.
58-246 - Same; action to enforce lien in district court; when lien extinguished.
58-247 - Storage fee on vehicles; notice to lienholders.