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2014 Statute

Section Number

42-302 - Extent of appropriation; residue of waters.
42-303 - Right to conduct water along natural channels and withdraw same.
42-304 - Change of natural channel so as to prevent inflow into ditch or conduit.
42-306 - Rights of prior appropriator of such waters.
42-308 - User; forfeiture.
42-309 - Rights subject to eminent domain.
42-310 - Right to continuance of use of water procured from carrier by contract.
42-311 - Right to take water for domestic uses.
42-312 - Such person responsible for injury or pollution.
42-313 - Right to collect and store water.
42-315 - Right of use of water subject to eminent domain.
42-316 - Right of way and site for works for diverting, storing or conveying water.
42-317 - Condemnation of lands for site or way.
42-318 - Condemnation of land for public mill or manufactory.
42-319 - Construction of work in city or town.
42-320 - Abandonment of right-of-way or site.
42-321 - Structures for the prevention of floods and waste; liability for damage.
42-322 - Duty to maintain and supply water; damage liability for failure; contracts not affected.
42-323 - Head gate, rating flume and lock; delivery of key to officer.
42-324 - Structures in lieu of head gate; delivery of key.
42-325 - Waste gate and tailrace where waters cause damage; discharge of water.
42-326 - Procurement of waters through like works of other proprietors.
42-327 - Outlets and gates for convenient delivery of water; contracts; construction of embankments.
42-328 - Superintendent; duties; salary.
42-329 - Distribution of water at source of supply among proprietors of works.
42-330 - Record of boring of artesian well; contents; record and statement to be filed with register of deeds.
42-331 - Statements by prior proprietors of wells.
42-332 - Record of boring of artesian well; filing in other counties.
42-339 - Dam or embankment as part of highway; township aid; repairs and guardrails.
42-340 - Agreements as to distribution of water from works.
42-341 - Agreements as to rotation of water among consumers.
42-342 - Agreements between proprietors of two or more works as to rotation of water.
42-343 - Filing copy of agreement for rotation of water with superintendent; water to be distributed according to such agreement.
42-344 - Agreements between proprietors injurious to other proprietors.
42-345 - Certain agreements between proprietors not allowed; proceedings to annul.
42-346 - Agreement for rotation of water not to affect prior rights.
42-347 - Agreements for more than one season to be recorded.
42-348 - Gates or barways in fences; liability for failure to close.
42-349 - Bridges and viaducts; when maintained by county or township.
42-350 - Same; restoration of highway.
42-351 - Same; existing structures across roads; repair and maintenance; tax levy upon failure.
42-352 - Bridges by owner of land for own use.
42-353 - Lands saturated with seepage waters.
42-354 - Same; damages ascertained under laws relating to eminent domain.
42-355 - Appeal to state board, hearings; commission to fix rates for water from irrigation company.
42-356 - Powers of commission.
42-357 - Creation of districts.
42-358 - Petition for district; contents.
42-359 - Examination of petition; creation of district; form.
42-363 - Officers; term; annual election.
42-364 - Qualifications of voters and officers; election precincts in districts; returns of election; annual election; notice.
42-365 - Bonds; tax levy to pay.
42-366 - Petition for bonds.
42-367 - Hearing on petition.
42-368 - Bond election; notice.
42-369 - Issuance of such bonds.
42-370 - Sale of bonds; use of funds.
42-371 - Purchase of irrigation works by district; election; payment.
42-372 - Contracts for works; bids.
42-373 - Bond of contractor; payment.
42-374 - Board of irrigation commissioners; rules and regulations; rates for water; use of funds from sales.
42-375 - Reports of treasurer of board.
42-376 - Disbursements.
42-377 - Tax levy by board, when.
42-378 - Extension of main ditches into other counties.
42-379 - Compensation of board; bonds of officers; delivery of books to successors.
42-380 - Superintendent of district; term; compensation.
42-381 - Formation of districts comprising contiguous territory in two or more counties; petition; election.
42-382 - Same; procedure.
42-383 - Same; outline map to be attached to petition.
42-384 - Same; bond election may be held at same time.
42-385 - Registration of bonds of district composed of territory in two or more counties.
42-386 - Name of district comprising territory in two or more counties.
42-387 - Certification of plat and order creating district.
42-388 - Laws applicable.
42-388a - Powers of districts organized under 42-357 et seq.
42-388b - Irrigation districts organized under 42-357 et seq.; borrowing; bonds.
42-388c - Same; sale of bonds.
42-388d - Irrigation districts organized under 42-357 et seq.; accounts; audits; treasurer's bond; custodian of funds.
42-388e - Same; mortgage liens; pledge of revenue; depreciation fund; rates.
42-388f - Same; suits by bondholders; receivers; duties.
42-388g - Same; eminent domain.
42-388h - Same; invalidity of part.
42-389 - Discrimination in rates unlawful; recovery of illegal payments; costs and attorney fees.
42-390 - Same; penalty for excessive charges.
42-391 - Refusal to furnish water upon tender of charges; penalty; rights of parties owning ditch or other works.
42-392 - Superintendent of ditch or works; service of process upon; certification of name to district court; vacancies.
42-393 - Penalty for failure of superintendent to deliver water.
42-394 - Waste of water; penalty.
42-395 - Unlawful acts affecting works; penalty.
42-396 - Unlawful acts affecting works; penalty for second offense.
42-397 - Repeated unlawful diversion as evidence.
42-398 - Entry upon premises by officers.
42-399 - Unlawful acts affecting artesian well; penalty.
42-3,100 - Closing head gates for failure to construct rating flume or measuring device.
42-3,101 - Penalty for failure to construct devices, or to lock head gate and deliver key, or to maintain such devices.
42-3,102 - Procedure upon failure of proprietors to construct or maintain head gate; costs; attorney fees; sale of proprietors' rights to pay cost; liability of proprietors; penalty for unlawful acts.
42-3,103 - Inspection of works; condemnation and abatement.
42-3,104 - Damage liability for negligent or unlawful construction of work; penalty for unlawful act.
42-3,105 - Complaint by person fearing injury or damage.
42-3,106 - Same; orders of district court; injunction; costs.
42-3,107 - Abatement of structure as nuisance by sheriff; costs.
42-3,108 - Same; payment of costs.
42-3,110 - False swearing.
42-3,111 - Civil liability of officers.