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2014 Statute

Section Number

20-301 - District court in each county; jurisdiction.
20-301a - Classes of judges; judge of the district court defined; jurisdiction, power and authority.
20-301b - Judge required in each county.
20-302 - District judges; power and authority.
20-302b - District magistrate judges; jurisdiction, powers and duties; appeals.
20-303 - Seal.
20-304a - Sealed instruments validated.
20-310a - Appointments of judges pro tem; power and authority; compensation; reporting requirements.
20-310b - Temporary judges.
20-311 - Disqualification of judge to sit in certain cases.
20-311d - Change of judge; procedure; grounds.
20-311e - Same; punishment for contempt prohibited.
20-311f - Same; limitations.
20-311g - Severability.
20-318 - Judicial department created; division of state into departments; justices assigned to departments; position of judicial administrator created; appointment, compensation and duties of administrator.
20-319 - Powers and duties of departmental justices; reports and information.
20-320 - Same; duties of chief justice; records and report.
20-321 - Same; rules and regulations; assistants.
20-322 - Same; name of act; citation.
20-323 - Same; act supplemental to existing laws.
20-327 - Terms of judges.
20-328 - Pending actions and proceedings.
20-329 - Chief judge; election by district court judges in such judicial district; duties.
20-330 - Powers, rights and authority of district judges in districts with more than one district judge.
20-331 - Residence requirements of judges of the district court.
20-333 - Abolishment of office of judge upon death, resignation or retirement in certain cases.
20-333b - Transfer of pending proceedings to new district.
20-334 - Qualifications of judges of the district court.
20-335 - Abolishment of certain courts; transfer of records; certain officers of abolished courts to become employees of district court.
20-336 - Election of district magistrate judges; election laws applicable.
20-337 - District magistrate judges who are not admitted to practice law, temporary certificates; examinations; manual of laws and principles prepared by supreme court.
20-338 - District magistrate judge positions established.
20-341 - District magistrate judges; expenses; retirement system.
20-342 - District court rules for administrative operations of court and nonjudicial personnel.
20-343 - Clerks of district courts; chief clerk; qualifications and duties of clerical personnel.
20-345 - Appointment of clerical and nonjudicial personnel for district courts; qualifications; compensation; duties; approval of appointment by certain judges, when.
20-346a - Parole and court services officers.
20-347 - Location of courthouses; chief judge's duties.
20-348 - County commissioners responsible for certain expenses of district court operations.
20-349 - Budget for district court expenses payable by counties, preparation; approval of budget.
20-350 - Disposition of money received by clerk; investment of moneys held; disposition of interest.
20-353 - Conversion of district magistrate judge positions to new district judge positions; procedure.
20-354 - Elimination of certain district magistrate judge positions; procedure.
20-354a - Elimination of magistrate judge positions and creation of new district judge position in first district.
20-355 - Additional divisions, district court judges or district magistrate judges; determination and certification by supreme court; powers and duties of supreme court; manner of selection.
20-356 - Additional judges or divisions of court; payment of costs and expenses from county general fund, no-fund warrants or general obligation bonds.
20-357 - Reproduction and preservation of court records.
20-358 - Health care benefit coverage of district court officers and employees.
20-359 - Certain district court officers and employees; fringe benefits; counties' duties.
20-360 - Performance of marriage ceremonies; disposition of honorariums.
20-361 - Compensation of certain district court personnel to be paid by state; pay plan for court reporters, exceptions.
20-362 - Disposition of docket fees.
20-363 - Abolishment of certain district court employee job positions; positions assumed by county; payment by county of compensation.
20-364 - Abolition of all associate district judge positions; creation of new district judge positions; procedure.
20-365 - Clerks of district courts; use of facsimile signature.
20-366 - Security for district courts.
20-368 - Disposition of bail forfeitures.
20-369 - Domestic violence special program fee; disposition; expenditure of fund.
20-370 - Children's advocacy center assessment fee; children's advocacy center fund established; expenditures.
20-371 - Electronic access to district court records; county may charge reasonable fees; no additional fees authorized.
20-375 - Purpose of act.
20-376 - Definitions.
20-377 - Court trustee; appointment.
20-378 - Same; duties.
20-379 - Same; powers.
20-380 - Same; expenses; compensation; court trustee operations fund, purposes and expenditures. [See Revisor's Note]
20-380a - Same; expenses; compensation; court trustee operations fund, purposes and expenditures. [See Revisor's Note]
20-381 - Payment of authorized expenditures.
20-382 - Authorized expenditures, when paid.
20-383 - Court rules to implement act; review of requests for exemption.
20-384 - Judicial district budgets; responsibilities of chief judge.