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2014 Statute

Section Number

20-101 - Court of record; jurisdiction; administrative authority; duties of chief justice.
20-101a - Original jurisdiction in legislative apportionment cases.
20-102 - Terms.
20-103 - Adjournments.
20-104 - Records and papers.
20-105 - Qualifications of justices.
20-106 - Marshal; powers; oath.
20-107 - Process; fees.
20-108 - Carrying out appellate court judgments and decrees by district courts.
20-109 - Clerk; oath; fees.
20-110 - Duties of clerk.
20-111 - Syllabus of case.
20-112 - Written opinions.
20-115 - Fees to state general fund.
20-116 - Supplies; requisitions.
20-119 - Supreme court nominating commission; selection of chairperson.
20-120 - Same; selection of member from each congressional district.
20-121 - Same; tie votes resolved by lot.
20-122 - Same; names and addresses of attorneys; certificate evidencing qualifications and voting; separate envelopes; preservation of ballots and certificates.
20-123 - Same; record of election and appointment to commission; notification; meetings; rules and regulations.
20-124 - Same; appointment of nonlawyer members; vacancies.
20-125 - Same; terms of office.
20-126 - Same; uncontested elections.
20-127 - Same; change in status affecting membership; vacancies.
20-128 - Same; appointment by chief justice to fill vacancy of lawyer member, when; certification.
20-129 - Same; congressional redistricting; effect; staggered terms.
20-130 - Same; canvassers of elections; duties.
20-131 - Same; additional term for members.
20-132 - Same; vacancies in supreme court; notification of chairman; nominations by commission.
20-133 - Same; intent of act; powers and duties of commission.
20-134 - Same; withdrawal of nominations and substitution of names, when.
20-135 - Same; appointments by chief justice, when.
20-136 - Same; acquisition of supplies and equipment.
20-137 - Same; compensation of members; expenses.
20-138 - Same; compensation and expenses; expenses of judicial nominating commission members and clerk.
20-139 - Conferences of supreme court justices and certain judges; expenses.
20-152 - Judicial study advisory committee; appointment; expenses.
20-153 - Same; supplies, clerical assistance, contracts; duties of judicial administrator; staff services of coordinating council.
20-154 - Same; use of judicial council and supreme court funds for matching purposes for study and survey.
20-155 - Supreme court law library; law librarian and other personnel.
20-156 - Same; operation and management; classification and cataloguing of materials; procurement of legal publications of other jurisdictions; exchange, sale or loan of library materials; duplicate law book fund.
20-157 - Same; transfer of certain publications, books, records and accounts from state library.
20-158 - Budget for judicial branch of state government; preparation; submission.
20-159 - Reproduction and preservation of court records; minimum standards.
20-160 - Court may adopt rules relating to court records.
20-161 - Supreme court to establish pay plan, personnel plan and affirmative action plan for certain nonjudicial personnel; contents of plans; copy submitted to legislature.
20-162 - Supreme court to establish judicial personnel classification system; exceptions; contents.
20-163 - Official station, justices and court of appeals judges.
20-164 - Rules establishing expedited process for support, parenting time and child visitation orders.
20-165 - Rules establishing child support guidelines.
20-166 - Access to justice fund; expenditures; grant guidelines established by the supreme court.
20-167 - Supervision fee for juvenile offender; fees paid to county general fund; waiver.
20-168 - Seal of justice for supreme court courtroom; replica of seal in supreme court chamber in capitol; gifts and donations, disposition; assistance by secretary of administration.