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2012 Statute

Section Number

65-6101 - Bureau of emergency medical services, position of director and emergency medical services council abolished; powers, duties and functions transferred.
65-6102 - Emergency medical services board established; members, appointment; removal from or forfeiture of position; terms; meetings; compensation and expenses; approval of vouchers; temporary chairperson.
65-6103 - Administrator of the emergency medical services board; duties and responsibilities; appointment of officers and employees.
65-6104 - Emergency medical services board and administrator successor to certain powers, duties and functions; orders and directives, rules and regulations continued.
65-6105 - Emergency medical services board successor to certain powers, duties and functions of university of Kansas school of medicine; disposition of records and fee moneys; conflict resolved by governor.
65-6106 - Certain officers and employees transferred; civil service and retirement benefits preserved.
65-6107 - Conflict as to disposition of power, duty or function resolved by governor.
65-6108 - Disposition of property and records and appropriations; conflict resolved by governor.
65-6109 - Rights saved in legal actions and proceedings.
65-6110 - Rules and regulations; act not applicable to certain rescue vehicles.
65-6111 - Powers and duties of emergency medical services board; rules and regulations, temporary variances.
65-6112 - Definitions.
65-6113 - Establishment, operation and maintenance of emergency medical service; tax levies; protest petition, election; reimbursement of certain taxing districts by counties.
65-6114 - Establishment of emergency communication system by municipality; purpose.
65-6115 - Continuation of certain existing services by municipality; tax levy; referendum.
65-6116 - Powers of governing board of municipality.
65-6117 - Standards for operation, facilities, equipment and qualification and training of personnel.
65-6118 - Ambulance service taxing district; creation; governing body; tax levy.
65-6119 - Mobile intensive care technicians; paramedics; authorized activities.
65-6120 - Emergency medical technician-intermediate, advanced emergency medical technician, authorized activities; emergency medical technician-intermediate/defibrillator, transition course.
65-6121 - Emergency medical technician; authorized activities.
65-6123 - Emergency medical technician-defibrillator; authorized activities; transition course.
65-6124 - Limitations on liability.
65-6125 - Unlawful to operate ambulance service without a permit.
65-6126 - Medical director.
65-6127 - Permit to operate ambulance service; application; contents.
65-6128 - Same; qualifications of applicant; denial of application; notice; reapplication; renewal of permit; disposition of fees.
65-6129 - Attendant's certificate; application; requirements; temporary certificates; disposition of fees; emergency medical services operating fund; renewal of certificate; violations, sanctions.
65-6129a - Supervision of students or attendants during training and continuing education.
65-6129b - Instructor-coordinator's certificate; application; requirements; disposition of fees; renewal of certificate.
65-6129c - Training officer's certificate; application; requirements; renewal; denial, revocation, suspension.
65-6130 - Inspections; subpoenas of records; maintenance of records; personnel.
65-6131 - Municipalities; licensing and regulating ambulance services.
65-6132 - Denial, revocation, limitation, modification or suspension of operator's permit; hearing.
65-6133 - Denial, revocation, limitation, modification or suspension of certificates.
65-6134 - Temporary limitation or restriction of operator's permit; hearing.
65-6135 - Ambulance services; hours of operation; persons providing emergency care.
65-6136 - Scope of act.
65-6137 - Violations; misdemeanor.
65-6138 - Emergency medical services communications system; establishment; medical communications centers; purpose.
65-6139 - Same; contracts with state agencies or political subdivisions; requirements; equipment to remain property of state.
65-6140 - Same; acceptance of moneys and acquisition of property.
65-6144 - First responder; emergency medical responder; authorized activities.
65-6145 - Emergency medical services; limitations of act.
65-6149a - Automated external defibrillator; use and possession, immunity from liability; notice of acquisition of unit; placement of units in state facilities.
65-6150 - Unlawful acts.
65-6151 - Emergency medical services operating fund.
65-6153 - Emergency medical services data collection system; information collected; rules and regulations.
65-6154 - Same; confidentiality; exceptions; reports open records.
65-6155 - Same; disclosure of information; liability.
65-6156 - Act supplemental to article 61 of chapter 65 of Kansas Statutes Annotated.
65-6157 - EMS revolving fund.