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2012 Statute

Section Number

65-3401 - Statement of policy.
65-3402 - Definitions.
65-3405 - Solid waste management plan required; solid waste management committee; process for adoption and revision of plan; contents of plan.
65-3406 - Duties and functions of secretary; rules and regulations; exemption of certain solid waste disposal areas from certain requirements.
65-3407 - Permits to construct, alter or operate solid waste processing facilities and solid waste disposal areas; requirements for closure and post-closure care.
65-3407a - Special land use permit for operation of solid waste disposal area void, when.
65-3407b - Application of subsection (i)(2) of 65-3407 and 65-3407a.
65-3407c - Exemptions from permit requirement.
65-3408 - Compliance with act by state institutions and agencies; permits; contracts.
65-3409 - Unlawful acts; penalties.
65-3410 - Cities or counties authorized to provide for collection and disposal of solid wastes or contract therefor; fees; adoption of regulations and standards.
65-3411 - Orders to prevent pollution or hazard.
65-3412 - Hearings in accordance with Kansas administrative procedure act; judicial review.
65-3413 - Designation of local agency to act as agent of secretary.
65-3414 - Enforcement by county or district attorney.
65-3415 - Solid waste grants.
65-3415a - Solid waste management fund.
65-3415b - Solid waste tonnage fees.
65-3415e - Fees on disposal at private disposal areas.
65-3415f - Solid waste tonnage fees authorized to be imposed by counties; exceptions; collection and disposition of proceeds.
65-3416 - Severability.
65-3416a - Severability.
65-3416b - Severability.
65-3417 - Solid waste plans and programs; considerations; judicial review of secretary's actions.
65-3418 - Vesting of title to solid waste; liability of generator; authority of resource recovery facilities provided by cities or counties or combinations thereof; contracts.
65-3419 - Violations of act; penalties; procedure; injunctions.
65-3421 - Resource recovery facilities provided by cities or counties; contracts.
65-3423 - Same; contracts with private persons for performance of certain functions; authority of private entities.
65-3424 - Definitions.
65-3424a - Restrictions on disposal.
65-3424b - Permits and standards.
65-3424d - Tax on new tire sales.
65-3424e - Same; failure to pay tax; penalties.
65-3424g - Waste tire management fund.
65-3424h - Same; rules and regulations.
65-3424i - Tire retailers; requirements.
65-3424k - Abatement and enforcement actions by secretary.
65-3424l - Vehicle tire disposal; hearings and review of orders and decisions of secretary.
65-3425 - Plastic bottles and containers; labeling requirements; violations; penalties.
65-3426 - Solid waste grants advisory committee.
65-3427 - Limitation on number of employees for solid waste management.
65-3430 - Hazardous wastes; definitions.
65-3431 - Duties and functions of secretary; standards; permits; fees.
65-3433 - Permit, construction or modification of facility; duties of secretary.
65-3435 - Same; conditions precedent to approval of application.
65-3437 - Same; application for permits, contents; duties of secretary.
65-3438 - Same; secretary's decision on permit application; time period, extensions.
65-3439 - Same; terms and conditions; revocation or suspension; appeals.
65-3440 - Permit, revocation or suspension, hearing; judicial review.
65-3441 - Unlawful acts; penalties.
65-3442 - Same; vesting of title to hazardous waste; liability for cleanup costs.
65-3443 - Prevention or removal of hazard or pollution.
65-3444 - Violations of act; penalties.
65-3445 - Protection from hazards; orders and injunctions; judicial review.
65-3446 - Administrative penalties; procedure; hearing; judicial review.
65-3447 - Administrative penalties; trade secrets; duties of secretary; disclosure of information.
65-3449 - Same; notification of legislature and governor of site investigations for disposal of radioactive wastes; acquisition by state of physical sites, when; contracts by secretary for operation and closure of sites.
65-3450 - Same; intervention of interested parties in civil actions.
65-3451 - Same; time schedule for regulation of generators by secretary.
65-3452a - Definition of hazardous substances.
65-3453 - Authority of secretary concerning clean-up activities.
65-3454a - Environmental response fund created; receipts and expenditures; subaccounts.
65-3455 - Responsibility for payment of clean-up costs; actions to recover costs.
65-3456a - Review of secretary's actions or decisions.
65-3457a - Existing law regarding oil and gas pollution not affected.
65-3458 - Burial prohibited; exceptions; procedure.
65-3460 - Voluntary local hazardous waste programs; duties of the secretary; rules and regulations; reports.
65-3471 - Definitions.
65-3472 - Immunity; exceptions.
65-3480 - Regulation of PCB disposal facilities; definitions.
65-3481 - Same; permit system established by rules and regulations of secretary of health and environment, contents.
65-3482 - Same; permit required to modify or construct disposal facility; duties of secretary.
65-3483 - Regulation of PCB disposal facilities; procedure for approval by secretary of disposal facility; timetable for consideration; notice requirements; considerations required.
65-3484 - Same; conditions precedent to approval of application.
65-3485 - Same; reasons for approval or denial of application required; appeals.
65-3486 - Same; application for permit required, contents; application fee; investigation and inspection by secretary.
65-3487 - Same; time for decision of secretary on applications; extensions.
65-3488 - Time period for permits; permits revocable or subject to suspension; appeals.
65-3489 - Same; applicability of act.
65-3490 - Same; violations of act; notice and penalties; appeals.
65-3491 - Hazardous waste management fund.
65-34,100 - Kansas storage tank act; statement of legislative findings.
65-34,101 - Same; citation of act.
65-34,102 - Definitions.
65-34,103 - Exceptions to application of act.
65-34,104 - Same; notification to department of tank's existence; form.
65-34,105 - Rules and regulations.
65-34,106 - Permit to construct, install, modify or operate storage tank.
65-34,107 - Same; evidence of financial responsibility required; limitation of liability.
65-34,108 - Enforcement of act; duties of owner or operator; records, reports, documents, other information.
65-34,109 - Unlawful acts; penalties.
65-34,110 - Same; licensure of tank installers and contractors; duties of secretary; examinations; inspections; unlawful acts, penalties; qualifications for licensure; reciprocal agreements; validity of license.
65-34,111 - Same; denial, suspension or revocation of license, when.
65-34,112 - Same; agreements between secretary and local governments or agencies thereof to act as secretary's agent to carry out provisions of act.
65-34,113 - Civil penalties and remedies for violations.
65-34,114 - Underground petroleum storage tank release trust fund.
65-34,115 - Liability for costs of corrective action.
65-34,117 - Environmental assurance fee; disposition of proceeds.
65-34,118 - Corrective action; duties of owners and operators; duties of secretary; consent agreement, contents.
65-34,119 - Reimbursement from above ground and underground funds; conditions.
65-34,119a - Retroactive reimbursement from underground fund.
65-34,120 - Liability of state and its officers and employees limited; fund liability limits.
65-34,121 - Annual report to governor and legislature.
65-34,122 - Same; appeals from orders or decisions of secretary, procedure.
65-34,123 - Funds abolished.
65-34,124 - Same; effective date of K.S.A. 65-34,114 through 65-34,123.
65-34,125 - Severability.
65-34,126 - Third party liability insurance plan.
65-34,127 - Severability.
65-34,128 - Storage tank fee fund.
65-34,129 - Aboveground petroleum storage tank release trust fund.
65-34,130 - Retroactive reimbursement from aboveground fund.
65-34,131 - UST redevelopment fund; expenditures.
65-34,132 - UST redevelopment fund; reimbursement.
65-34,133 - UST redevelopment fund compensation advisory board.
65-34,134 - Abolishment of UST redevelopment fund and compensation advisory board.
65-34,135 - Underground storage tank operators, training program; requirements.
65-34,136 - Non-fuel flammable or combustible liquid aboveground storage tanks; duties of state fire marshal; civil penalties; annual report; rules and regulations.
65-34,137 - Non-fuel flammable or combustible liquid aboveground storage tank system fund.
65-34,141 - Kansas drycleaner environmental response act; citation of act.
65-34,142 - Definitions.
65-34,143 - Rules and regulations.
65-34,144 - Unlawful acts; penalties.
65-34,145 - Registration; fee; posting.
65-34,146 - Trust fund; establishment; credits; expenditures.
65-34,147 - Same; criteria for expenditures.
65-34,148 - Same; uses of moneys in fund; powers of department owner's liability, when; expenditure limit; deductible.
65-34,149 - Liability limitations.
65-34,150 - Environmental surcharge, gross receipts tax; disposition of proceeds.
65-34,151 - Fee on purchase or acquisition of drycleaning solvent; disposition of proceeds.
65-34,152 - Imposition of taxes and fees dependent on fund balance.
65-34,153 - Review of secretary's orders and decisions.
65-34,154 - Annual report to legislature.
65-34,155 - Severability.
65-34,161 - Title and application.
65-34,162 - Definitions.
65-34,163 - Rules and regulations.
65-34,164 - Voluntary application; application of other laws; eligible property.
65-34,165 - Application; fee; action on; agreement; deposit; access to property; termination of agreement; fund, use and disposition of.
65-34,166 - Remedial action; determination whether required; plan.
65-34,167 - Same; alternatives; factors considered.
65-34,168 - Plan; approval or disapproval; procedures; approval void, when; verification of implementation.
65-34,169 - Determination no further action required; issuance; void, when.
65-34,170 - Environmental assessments, preparer.
65-34,171 - Application of other laws; EPA involvement.
65-34,172 - Plan; enforcement; use of information as basis of other enforcement actions.
65-34,173 - Annual report.
65-34,174 - Severability.