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2012 Statute

Section Number

65-2801 - Purpose.
65-2802 - Definitions.
65-2803 - License prerequisite to practice of the healing arts; exceptions; penalty.
65-2804 - Attainment of legal age required prior to receiving permanent license.
65-2806 - Form and type of license.
65-2807 - License presumptive evidence of right to practice.
65-2808 - Filing names and records of applicants for examination; index; record of licenses issued; application forms; records open to public inspection.
65-2809 - Expiration date of licenses; continuing education requirements; evidence licensee maintaining professional liability insurance; notice of expiration; fees; cancellation of license; reinstatement, when; exempt licensees; inactive license; federally active license.
65-2811 - Issuance of temporary permits; postgraduate permits.
65-2811a - Special permits; issuance; conditions and qualifications; limitations on practice; expiration of permit.
65-2812 - State board of healing arts; membership; appointment.
65-2813 - State board of healing arts; qualifications of members.
65-2814 - Same; terms of members; vacancies.
65-2817 - Same; removal from office by governor, when.
65-2818 - Same; annual election of officers; powers and duties; position of secretary of board abolished.
65-2819 - Same; seal; rules; oath; meetings.
65-2821 - Same; filing oaths.
65-2822 - Same; quorum.
65-2823 - Same; compensation and expenses of members.
65-2824 - Application for examination, contests; fees; documents and affidavits.
65-2825 - Accredited schools; list.
65-2826 - Where and when examinations held.
65-2827 - List of eligible applicants prior to examinations.
65-2828 - Rules and regulations designating examinations and passing grade; reexamination.
65-2831 - Issuance of license; record.
65-2832 - Preservation of examination results; availability.
65-2833 - Endorsement licenses; requirements.
65-2835 - Certificate of standing; application; fee.
65-2836 - Revocation, suspension, limitation or denial of licenses; censure of licensee; grounds; consent to submit to mental or physical examination or drug screen, or any combination thereof, implied.
65-2837 - Definitions.
65-2837a - Restrictions on prescribing, ordering, dispensing, administering, selling, supplying or giving certain amphetamine or sympathomimetic amine controlled substances; unprofessional conduct.
65-2838 - Disciplinary action against licensee; procedure; stipulations; temporary suspension or limitation; emergency proceedings; guidelines for use of controlled substances for treatment of pain; written advisory opinions.
65-2838a - Non-disciplinary resolution; procedure.
65-2839a - Investigations and proceedings conducted by board; access to evidence; subpoenas; access to criminal history; confidentiality of information.
65-2840a - Disciplinary counsel; appointment; qualifications; duties; application for subpoenas; staff; rules and regulations.
65-2840c - Review committees; establishment; composition; expenses.
65-2842 - Mental or physical examination or drug screen, or any combination thereof, of licensee; requirement by board; computation of time limit for hearing.
65-2844 - Reinstatement of license; application; burden of proof; reapplication for reinstatement, when; proceedings.
65-2846 - Costs of proceedings; assessment of costs incurred.
65-2847 - Same; costs due state; uncollectible, paid by board.
65-2849 - Hearing of cause in district court; precedence.
65-2850 - Same; appeal bond of licensee.
65-2851a - Administrative proceedings; procedure, review and civil enforcement.
65-2852 - Fees; collection by board.
65-2855 - Fees; disposition of; healing arts fee fund.
65-2857 - Injunction and quo warranto for unlawful practice of the healing arts.
65-2858 - Same; authority conferred by 65-2857 additional to authority to prosecute criminally.
65-2859 - Filing false documents with board; forgery; penalty.
65-2860 - False impersonation; fraud; penalty.
65-2861 - False swearing; penalty.
65-2862 - Penalties for violations of act; second conviction.
65-2863a - Administrative fines.
65-2864 - Enforcement of act; investigations; evidence.
65-2865 - Rules and regulations; filing.
65-2866 - Attorney general, county or district attorney to prosecute violations.
65-2867 - Certain acts prohibited; exceptions; penalty.
65-2869 - Persons deemed engaged in practice of medicine and surgery.
65-2870 - Persons deemed engaged in practice of osteopathy.
65-2871 - Persons deemed engaged in practice of chiropractic.
65-2872 - Persons not engaged in the practice of the healing arts.
65-2872b - Same; administration of epinephrine; limitation of liability.
65-2873 - License to practice healing arts by examination; prerequisites; postgraduate study; use of title and degree.
65-2873a - Board authorized to grant license in particular circumstances; exceptions; requirements.
65-2874 - Accredited school of medicine defined; rules and regulations establishing criteria; questionnaire developed by board; authority to contract for assistance in obtaining information about schools.
65-2875 - Accredited schools of osteopathic medicine defined.
65-2876 - Accredited school or college of chiropractic, defined.
65-2877 - Approval of healing arts schools; inspection.
65-2877a - Prohibition on practice by corporation inapplicable to certain schools.
65-2878 - Executive director; appointment; confirmation by senate; employment of administrative assistant and other employees; representation of board by attorney appointed by attorney general; authority to contract with healing arts licensees.
65-2878a - Employment of agents to assist board in disciplinary actions; limitation on liability of such agents.
65-2880 - Pending actions; vested rights saved.
65-2881 - Current licenses continued; renewal.
65-2885 - Use of title by licensee.
65-2886 - Licensee to comply with public health laws and regulations.
65-2887 - Assisting unlicensed persons to practice optometry not authorized; exceptions.
65-2888 - Invalidity of part.
65-2890 - Name of act; citation.
65-2891 - Emergency care by health care providers; liability; standards of care applicable.
65-2891b - Emergency care by non-health care providers; liability, standards of care applicable.
65-2892 - Examination and treatment of persons under 18 for venereal disease; liability.
65-2892a - Examination and treatment of minors for drug abuse, misuse or addiction; liability.
65-2893 - Autopsies; performance of; authorization.
65-2895 - Institutional license; qualifications; rights and restrictions; term of license.
65-2898 - Immunity from liability in civil actions for reporting, communicating and investigating certain information concerning alleged malpractice incidents and other information; conditions.
65-2898a - Confidentiality of complaints and reports relating thereto; disclosure, when.
65-2899 - Certification of licensed dentists to administer anesthetics to facilitate medical procedures; suspension or revocation of certificate; procedure.
65-28,100 - Temporary license for visiting professor; designation; qualifications; application; rights conferred; validity of license; section supplemental.
65-28,101 - Withholding or withdrawal of life-sustaining procedures; legislative finding and declaration.
65-28,102 - Same; definitions.
65-28,103 - Same; declaration authorizing; effect during pregnancy of qualified patient; duty to notify attending physician; form of declaration; severability of directions.
65-28,104 - Same; revocation of declaration.
65-28,105 - Same; written certification and confirmation of declarant's terminal condition; effect of failure to comply.
65-28,106 - Same; desires of qualified patient supersede declaration; presumptions relating to declaration; immunity from civil or criminal liability for persons acting pursuant to declaration.
65-28,107 - Same; attending physician's refusal to comply with declaration of qualified patient; transfer of patient; unprofessional conduct; unlawful acts.
65-28,108 - Same; construction and effect of act.
65-28,109 - Same; act not to be construed to condone or approve mercy killing or to permit other than natural process of dying.
65-28,121 - Reports by hospitals and others; administrative fines for failure to report.
65-28,122 - Person licensed to practice healing arts required to report knowledge of violation of 65-2836 to state board of healing arts.
65-28,123 - Temporary education license; issuance; qualifications; conditions; fee.
65-28,124 - Visiting clinical professor license; issuance; qualifications; practice limitations; renewal; continuing education.
65-28,125 - Limited permit to practice a branch of the healing arts; issuance; qualifications; practice limitations; renewal.
65-28,126 - Changes in licensee's mailing address; notice to board; penalties.
65-28,127 - Licensees who direct, supervise, order, refer, accept responsibility for, enter into practice protocols with or delegate acts which constitute practice of healing arts to others; requirements and limitations; construction of section.
65-28,128 - Abandonment of health care records; court jurisdiction; procedure; appointment of custodian of records, authority and duties, liability, physician-patient privilege; access to records.
65-28,129 - State board of healing arts; fingerprinting and criminal history.
65-28,130 - Same; graduated sanctions; reference guide.
65-28,131 - Same; website; licensee information.
65-28,132 - Medical records maintenance trust fund; authorized uses of moneys credited to fund; rules and regulations.