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2012 Statute

Section Number

65-1901 - Definitions.
65-1902 - Prohibited acts; exclusions from act; license as cosmetology technician; penalties for violations.
65-1903 - Schools; licensure and fees; courses of instruction; instructor's license; instructor-in-training permit.
65-1904 - Licenses; application and examination; reinstatement of expired license; fees; effect of service in armed forces.
65-1904a - Salon or clinic license; application and fee; inspection and reinspection; practice in private residence; renewal; practice outside salon, clinic or private residence.
65-1904b - Licensure, reciprocity, conditions.
65-1905 - Examinations; qualifications of applicants; temporary permit.
65-1906 - Display of license, inspection report and sanitation standards.
65-1907 - Inspectors, duties and training; student requirements.
65-1908 - Revocation, censure, limitation or condition, suspension, nonrenewal or refusal of license; assessment of fines; grounds; authority of inspectors.
65-1909 - Violations; civil and criminal remedies.
65-1910 - Invalidity of part.
65-1912 - Apprentice license; practice as apprentice required prior to licensure; charge for services of apprentice.
65-1920 - Tanning facility licensing; definitions.
65-1921 - Same; warnings.
65-1922 - Same; warning signs; posting; dimensions.
65-1923 - Same; promotional material.
65-1924 - Same; presence of trained operator required; protective eyewear and physical aids; timer; maximum exposure time and interior temperature.
65-1925 - Rules and regulations; inspections; violations; remedies.
65-1926 - Licensure requirement; grounds for disciplinary action; fees.
65-1927 - Penalties for violations.
65-1928 - Braiding of hair; exemption of persons engaged therein from practice of cosmetology, requirements; duties of secretary of health and environment.
65-1929 - Tanning facility license required; remedies.
65-1940 - Licensure of tattooing and body piercing; definitions.
65-1941 - Same; license required to perform certain activities; exceptions; penalty; action to enjoin unauthorized activities; cease and desist orders.
65-1942 - Same; prohibited acts; penalty.
65-1943 - Same; application for licensure; fees; requirements for licensure.
65-1944 - Same; address of place of business, licensee to notify board in writing; license to be posted; record of address of licensed facility; notices to licensee; issuance of license.
65-1945 - Same; expiration; renewal; continuing education.
65-1946 - Same; standards for licensure.
65-1947 - Same; grounds for revocation, suspension, refusal to issue or renew, censure, limitation or conditioning of licenses and assessment of fines.
65-1948 - Same; powers and duties of board.
65-1949 - Same; education and training standards prescribed for practice, rules and regulations; testing for knowledge of safety and infection control techniques; inspection of establishments.
65-1950 - Same; licensure; fees.
65-1951 - Same; moneys received by board deposited in state treasury; credited to state general fund and cosmetology fee fund.
65-1953 - Same; performance of body piercing or tattooing on persons under 18, written and notarized consent; penalties.
65-1954 - Same; penalties; civil fines; costs and attorney fees; disposition of proceeds.