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2012 Statute

Section Number

65-1625 - Title of act.
65-1626 - Definitions.
65-1626a - Practice of pharmacy defined; persons engaged as pharmacists.
65-1627 - Grounds for revocation, suspension, placement in probationary status, denial, temporary suspension or temporary limitation of license for pharmacist, permit for retail dealer or registration for pharmacy, manufacturer or distributor; emergency proceedings, procedure.
65-1627a - Same; jurisdiction of board; petition, who may file; stipulation, order based thereon.
65-1627b - Same; direction by board to file petition or to prosecute.
65-1627c - Same; form of petition, rules.
65-1627f - Same; powers of board; term of suspension, probation or revocation; hearing; orders.
65-1627h - Costs of proceedings.
65-1627j - Subpoenas.
65-1628 - Order; judicial review.
65-1628a - Review bond.
65-1629 - Inspection of drugs by board; samples; analyses; publication of results.
65-1630 - Rules and regulations.
65-1631 - Licensure required of pharmacists; qualification of applicants; application for licensure by examination; reciprocal licensure; fees; applicants from schools outside United States.
65-1632 - Renewal of license; fee; denial; conditions; continuing education; inactive status license; reinstatement after nonrenewal; penalty fee.
65-1633 - Change of address of pharmacist.
65-1634 - Responsibility for quality of drugs sold; adulteration or mislabeling unlawful.
65-1635 - Dispensing and administering of drugs by duly licensed practitioners, nurses and other persons.
65-1635a - Administration of vaccine; education and reporting requirements; delegation of authority prohibited; "pharmacist" defined.
65-1636 - Sale of drugs limited to pharmacies; violations; exceptions.
65-1637 - Pharmacist required to be in charge of pharmacy; compounding, filling and refilling of prescriptions; refusal to fill; brand exchange. [See Revisor's Note]
65-1637a - Institutional drug rooms; supervision and record-keeping; rules and regulations.
65-1637b - Transmission of prescription drug orders; filling and refilling of prescriptions; refusal to fill; brand exchange.
65-1637c - Pharmacist required to be in charge of pharmacy; filling of certain prescriptions; refusal to fill; brand exchange. [See Revisor's Note]
65-1638 - Sale of drugs and poisons by registered pharmacist.
65-1640 - Act not applicable to manufacture or to certain sales of poisons.
65-1641 - Display of pharmacist license; when unlawful.
65-1642 - Equipment of pharmacy; records of prescription orders; medication profile record system; electronic transmission of prescription drug orders.
65-1643 - Registration or permit required; pharmacies, manufacturers, wholesalers, auctions, sales, distribution or dispensing of samples, retailers, institutional drug rooms, pharmacy students, veterinary medical teaching hospital pharmacies; certain acts declared unlawful.
65-1644 - Duplicate licenses, registrations and permits; fees.
65-1645 - Applications for registrations and permits; renewals; forms; establishment of fees; establishment of retail dealer classes; display of registrations and permits; expiration dates; penalty fee for renewal after lapse; proration of fees.
65-1646 - Violations of act or rules and regulations; penalty; revocation or suspension of registration or permit; notice and hearing.
65-1647 - Repeated violations of act or rules and regulations may be enjoined.
65-1648 - Distribution and control of prescription medications by a medical care facility pharmacy, health department, indigent health care clinic, federally qualified health center or family planning clinic; maintenance and use of emergency medication kit by adult care home; rules and regulations.
65-1649 - Invalidity of part.
65-1650 - Regulation of advertising of prescription-only drugs; exceptions and exclusions.
65-1651 - Sections part of and supplemental to pharmacy act.
65-1651a - Study of regulating wholesale prescription drug distributors; pedigrees for prescription drugs.
65-1652 - Immunity from liability in civil actions for reporting, communicating and investigating certain information concerning alleged malpractice incidents and other information; conditions.
65-1653 - References to registered pharmacists deemed to apply to licensed pharmacists.
65-1654 - Privileged communications.
65-1655 - Information required of applicant for registration to distribute at wholesale any drugs; factors in reviewing qualifications of applicants; denial of application if not in public interest; qualifications of personnel; inspection by the board; rules and regulations.
65-1656 - Filling transferred prescriptions; exceptions and conditions; common electronic prescription files authorized; rules and regulations.
65-1657 - Nonresident pharmacy registration; information required; civil fine; regulatory requirements; drug product selection rules; interstate delivery guidelines; disciplinary action; pharmacies prohibited from advertising unless registered; penalties for violations; injunctive relief; rules and regulations.
65-1658 - Civil fines for violations.
65-1659 - Pharmacies authorized to place certain drugs with home health agencies and hospices; protocols for drug handling and storage; review and inspection; definitions.
65-1660 - Dialysates, devices or drugs designated by board for treatment of persons with chronic kidney failure; inapplicability of pharmacy act; rules and regulations.
65-1662 - Veterinary medical teaching hospital pharmacy; distribution and control of prescription-only drugs; pharmacist in charge.
65-1663 - Registration of pharmacy technicians; applications; registration fee; qualifications for registration; expiration and renewal of registration; grounds for denial of application or registration; revocation, suspension or limitation of registration; responsibilities of pharmacists and pharmacies; rules and regulations.
65-1664 - Cancer drug repository program; definitions; drug eligibility criteria.
65-1665 - Same; drug donation; provider participation; dispensing; handling fee; resale prohibited.
65-1666 - Same; criminal or civil liability.
65-1667 - Same; rules and regulations; standards, procedures and forms.
65-1668 - Utilization of unused medications act; not applicable to certain medications.
65-1669 - Same; definitions.
65-1670 - Same; duties of the board of pharmacy; duties of qualifying center or clinic.
65-1671 - Same; criteria for accepting unused medications; dispensing.
65-1672 - Same; participation; adult care homes; powers and duties of a qualifying center or clinic.
65-1673 - Same; criminal and civil liability under the act.
65-1674 - Same; rules and regulations; duties of the board of pharmacy.
65-1675 - Same; duties of the secretary of health and environment; records.
65-1680 - Epinephrine kits in schools; rules and regulations.
65-1681 - Prescription monitoring program act.
65-1682 - Same; definitions.
65-1683 - Same; required information to be submitted by dispenser; rules and regulations; waiver; acceptance of gifts and grants.
65-1684 - Same; charges and fees prohibited.
65-1685 - Same; database information privileged and confidential; persons authorized to receive data; advisory committee review of information. [See Revisor's Note]
65-1685a - Same; database information privileged and confidential; persons authorized to receive data. [See Revisor's Note]
65-1686 - Same; another agency as contractor.
65-1687 - Same; maintenance of records.
65-1688 - Same; act does not create civil liability or duty.
65-1689 - Same; advisory committee created; members; terms.
65-1690 - Same; advisory committee in cooperation with other entities.
65-1691 - Same; board consultation with advisory committee; annual report.
65-1692 - Same; rules and regulations.
65-1693 - Same; penalties.
65-1694 - Same; veterinary prescription monitoring program task force; study; members; report.
65-1695 - Continuous quality improvement program; purpose; confidential peer review documents; rules and regulations.
65-1696 - State board of pharmacy; fingerprinting and criminal history.
65-16,101 - Statewide electronic logging system for sale of methamphetamine precursor act; definitions.
65-16,102 - Same; maintenance of program by the board of pharmacy; rules and regulations; waiver and liability.
65-16,103 - Same; no cost charged to pharmacies; funding of program.
65-16,104 - Same; confidential information; authorized access to data in the log.
65-16,105 - Same; another agency or private vendor as contractor; maintenance and destruction of records; educational program for pharmacies; annual report.
65-16,106 - Same; rules and regulations.
65-16,107 - Same; penalties.
65-16,108 - Same; short title.
65-16,121 - Pharmacy audit integrity act.
65-16,122 - Same; definitions.
65-16,123 - Same; procedural requirements.
65-16,124 - Same; audit reports; recoupment and repayment of funds; access to audit information.
65-16,125 - Same; final report; availability.
65-16,126 - Same; application of the act.