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2012 Statute

Section Number

65-101 - Health supervision; investigation of causes of disease, sickness and death; sanitation inspections; prevention of spread of disease; outreach services; rules and regulations; injunction.
65-102 - Registration of vital statistics and diseases; forms.
65-102a - Materials relating to environmental concerns; public inspection; copies, fee, approval; disposition of moneys.
65-102b - Confidentiality of information concerning noninfectious diseases; disclosure.
65-103 - Special sanitary service.
65-103a - Authority to receive federal or other funds.
65-116a - Definitions.
65-116b - Tuberculosis suspects; order by health officer; scope of examination; care and treatment.
65-116c - Precautions to prevent spread of infection, when; investigations.
65-116d - Failure to do required acts; proceedings by county attorney.
65-116e - Commitment to medical care facility; restraint; discharge, when; recommitment.
65-116g - Penalty for violations of act or regulations.
65-116h - Preservation of individual rights.
65-116i - Expenses of care, maintenance and treatment; payment from state funds.
65-116j - Care, maintenance and treatment; powers and duties of the secretary of health and environment.
65-116k - Rules and regulations of secretary of social and rehabilitation services; payments for care and treatment.
65-116l - Use of funds for care, maintenance or treatment; limitations.
65-116m - Recovery of cost of care, maintenance or treatment from third parties.
65-118 - Reporting to local health authority as to infectious or contagious diseases; persons reporting; immunity from liability; confidentiality of information; disclosure.
65-119 - Duties and powers of local health officers; contagious diseases; confidentiality of information; disclosure, when.
65-122 - Schools and child care facilities; non-admissions and exclusions; readmissions, when.
65-123 - Funeral services.
65-126 - Quarantine of city, township or county.
65-127 - Penalty provision.
65-128 - Rules and regulations of secretary for isolation and quarantine; publication; definition.
65-129 - Penalties for unlawful acts.
65-129a - Definitions.
65-129b - Infections or contagious diseases; authority of local health officer or secretary; evaluation or treatment orders, isolation or quarantine orders; enforcement.
65-129c - Same; orders for isolation or quarantine; form and content; notice; hearing in district court; application and effect; procedure; orders for relief; emergency rules of procedure.
65-129d - Same; unlawful discharge from employment.
65-129e - Tuberculosis evaluation requirements for certain students; rules and regulations; evaluation criteria; treatment and monitoring of infected persons.
65-129f - Tuberculosis prevention and control for certain students; rules and regulations; prevention and control plan.
65-153 - Child hygiene; duties of division of health.
65-153b - Newly born infant; treatment of eyes.
65-153c - Same; duty of physician and others.
65-153d - Same; rules and regulations.
65-153e - Same; penalty for violating 65-153b to 65-153e.
65-153f - Prenatal serological tests for syphilis and hepatitis b; approved laboratories; laboratory reports, confidentiality.
65-153g - Same; how reported.
65-153h - Same; misdemeanor.
65-156 - Regulations and fees.
65-157 - Same; analysis by office of laboratory services; disposition of fees.
65-159 - Abatement of nuisances; failure to remove, penalties.
65-160 - Same; duty of county attorney.
65-161 - Definitions.
65-162a - Public water supply systems; definitions.
65-163 - Public water supply systems and water treatment residues; regulation; permits; investigations.
65-163a - Same; cessation of water delivery, when; order by secretary, judicial review.
65-163c - Same; public water supply fee fund; authorized expenditures; interest transferred from state general fund.
65-163d - Public water supply project loan program; definitions.
65-163e - Same; public water supply loan fund established; sources of revenue; purposes for disbursements therefrom.
65-163f - Same; authority and duties of the secretary of health and environment; rules and regulations.
65-163g - Same; project priority system development; priority list preparation, considerations.
65-163h - Same; intended use plan for available moneys.
65-163i - Same; applications for loans; loan agreements, provisions; provision of technical assistance by secretary.
65-163j - Same; loan repayment sources of municipalities; imposition of charges by secretary; remedy for failure to repay project loans; maintenance of project accounts.
65-163k - Same; annual reports.
65-163l - Same; authority to issue bonds.
65-163m - Same; bond resolutions, contents; authorities of secretary relating to issuance of bonds.
65-163n - Same; bonds issued not state indebtedness; enforcibility of contracts, agreements and covenants.
65-163o - Same; issuance of refunding bonds.
65-163p - Same; disposition of revenue derived from bond sales.
65-163q - Same; income from bonds exempt from taxation.
65-163r - Same; bonds deemed legal and proper securities for investment by governmental entities.
65-163s - Same; powers supplemental to other powers of the secretary; severability.
65-163t - Same; publication of notice of bond issuance, contents; actions to contest, timing.
65-163u - Same; general obligation bond issuance authority for municipalities; election not required and not subject to bonded debt limitations.
65-164 - Sewage; definition; complaints, investigations, orders; administrative review.
65-165 - Permits for discharge of sewage or extension of sewer system; exceptions; general permits; revocation or modification of permit.
65-166 - Application for permit to discharge sewage.
65-166a - Fees for administering water pollution control permit system; expiration of permits; reissuance; permits and fees for confined feeding facilities and truck washing facilities for animal wastes; disposition of moneys.
65-167 - Sewage discharge; penalties for willful or negligent discharge of sewage without permit or in violation of terms of permit.
65-169 - Same; penalties for failure to comply with requirements of secretary.
65-170 - Director of the division of environment; duties in carrying out the provisions of 65-161 to 65-170.
65-170a - Public water supply systems, water pollution, sewage discharge; "person" defined.
65-170b - Same; access to properties and facilities; inspection and monitoring requirements.
65-170c - Penalties for making false statement, representation or certification.
65-170d - Public water supply systems; pollution violations; penalties; procedure; hearings.
65-170e - Public water supply systems, water pollution, sewage discharge; action by attorney general; intervention in actions by persons having an identifiable interest.
65-170f - Same; disposition of recovered penalties.
65-170g - Disclosure of information; trade secrets; confidential information.
65-171a - Stream pollution detrimental to animal or aquatic life.
65-171b - Same; abatement.
65-171c - Same; technical advisers.
65-171d - Prevention of water pollution; standards; permits; exemption; orders; hearings; appeals; fees; confined feeding facilities, registration prior to construction, separation distance requirements, exemptions.
65-171e - Same; investigations, services and orders; fees.
65-171f - Same; penalties for failure to comply with rules and regulations.
65-171g - Protection of water and air from sewage contamination.
65-171h - Minimum standards for sanitary water and sewage systems.
65-171i - Feedlot law administration not affected by this act.
65-171j - Discharge of substances containing mercury into waters of state prohibited; penalty.
65-171l - Same; analyses to performed by laboratory certificated by secretary.
65-171m - Public water supply systems; primary drinking water standards; rules and regulations, authority to adopt, scope; stringency of standards; requiring fluorides prohibited.
65-171n - Same; development of emergency plans by secretary.
65-171o - Public water supply systems; suppliers to provide notice, when; form of notice.
65-171p - Public water supply systems; variances; conditions; notice; requests for public hearing; scheduled compliance.
65-171q - Same; exemptions; required findings; notice; requests for public hearings; scheduled compliance.
65-171r - Same; prohibited acts.
65-171s - Same; violation of standards; penalties; procedure; hearing; judicial review.
65-171t - Same; attorney general to seek injunctive relief.
65-171u - Liability for damages to environment; recovery by attorney general, when; disposition of damages recovered.
65-171v - Cleanup operations for water or soil pollutants; duties of secretary; recovery of costs by attorney general and disposition thereof.
65-171w - Same; establishment of pollutant discharge cleanup fund.
65-171x - Application of acts to federal agencies.
65-171y - Public water supply system regulation of lawn irrigation systems.
65-172 - Sanitary supervision by secretary of health and environment.
65-173 - Inspections; rules and regulations; penalty.
65-176 - Inspections; rules and regulations; reports; terms "sanitary conditions" and "health supervision" construed.
65-177 - Study of diseases and deaths from maternal, perinatal and anesthetic causes; "data" defined; confidentiality, use; admissibility as evidence; reports, contents.
65-178 - Same; nonliability for furnishing information for studies.
65-179 - Same; unauthorized disclosure; penalty; construction of act.
65-180 - Educational, screening, testing and follow-up program concerning phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyroidism, galactosemia, maple syrup urine disease and certain other genetic diseases; registry of cases; food and treatment products; reimbursement of cost; eligibility; newborn screening programs; newborn screening fund.
65-181 - Same; tests in accordance with rules and regulations of secretary.
65-182 - Same; provisions inapplicable where parents object on religious grounds.
65-183 - Same; report by physicians to secretary.
65-184 - Purpose of act.
65-185 - Definitions.
65-187 - Powers and duties of secretary.
65-188 - Enforcement of act; injunction, mandamus or quo warranto.
65-189c - Subdivider to submit engineering study and sanitation plan; review and approval; information required in instrument of conveyance; construction and use of buildings and facilities; sanitation plan and construction of water and sewage systems required; review and approval of plans; appeals.
65-189d - Subdivided lands to be platted; plan and estimate of cost of water, sewage and refuse service required.
65-189e - Act inapplicable to certain lands.
65-189f - Rules and regulations providing for granting exceptions.
65-197 - Advanced training for professional employees; payment of cost; rules and regulations.
65-1,105 - Establishment of statewide program of blood tests and counseling authorized; contracts; financial assistance for persons with sickle cell anemia; requirements for eligibility for financial assistance; duties of secretary of health and environment.
65-1,105a - Financial assistance for persons with sickle cell anemia; recovery of cost from third party; subrogation.
65-1,105b - Information to be given parents or guardian of child entering school for first time; assistance of secretary of health and environment.
65-1,106 - Statewide program for sickle cell anemia testing; information confidential; exception; penalty.
65-1,107 - Secretary of health and environment to adopt rules and regulations relating to procedures, testing protocols, qualifications of personnel and equipment of certain laboratories; list of approved preliminary screening devices for testing of breath for law enforcement purposes.
65-1,108 - Unlawful to perform certain tests unless performed in approved laboratory; penalty for violation; exclusions.
65-1,108a - Information obtained through certain tests conducted by approved laboratories confidential; exceptions; penalties for violations.
65-1,109 - Testing human breath for law enforcement purposes; unlawful acts; penalty.
65-1,109a - Certification of laboratories performing environmental analyses.
65-1,110 - Establishments maintaining restroom facilities for the public; facilities to be available without charge.
65-1,111 - Same;enforcement.
65-1,112 - Spinal cord injury treatment program; components.
65-1,113 - Health manpower planning; collection of information; confidentiality.
65-1,114 - Definitions.
65-1,115 - Contract for health data and information relating to diabetes mellitus.
65-1,116 - Confidentiality of information; exceptions.
65-1,117 - Penalty for disclosure of confidential information.
65-1,118 - Act not to effect mode of treatment.
65-1,119 - Rules and regulations.
65-1,120 - Definitions.
65-1,121 - Medication aides; continuing education; requirements; fees.
65-1,131 - Definitions.
65-1,132 - Establishment of program for treatment of persons suffering from hemophilia; state assistance, requirements for eligibility; rules and regulations.
65-1,133 - Duties of secretary.
65-1,134 - Rules and regulations.
65-1,135 - Payment of claims in subsequent fiscal year; limitation.
65-1,148 - Sanitation standards defined; rules and regulations of the secretary establishing sanitation standards for persons and entities regulated by state board of barber examiners and state board of cosmetology.
65-1,157a - Newborn infant hearing screening; informed consent; confidentiality of information; application for and receipt of grants; rules and regulations.
65-1,158 - Community-based teenage pregnancy reduction program; behavioral and educational objectives; grants, proposals and requirements, competitive awards and administration; duties of secretary; receipt of federal and other grants; rules and regulations.
65-1,159 - Development and submission of proposal; components.
65-1,159a - Senator Stan Clark pregnancy maintenance initiative program; objectives; grants; annual report to legislature.
65-1,160 - Public awareness program on effects of tobacco, alcohol, drugs.
65-1,161 - Educational materials and guidance for health care providers; services available from local health departments; effects of tobacco, alcohol, drugs.
65-1,162 - Educational program for health care providers regarding drugs.
65-1,163 - Identification and referral of pregnant women at risk for prenatal substance abuse.
65-1,164 - Same; service coordination for woman and family.
65-1,165 - Same; referred pregnant woman first priority user of treatment through SRS.
65-1,166 - Toll free information line.
65-1,167 - Construction of act.
65-1,168 - Cancer registry; definitions.
65-1,169 - Same; collection of data; rules and regulations; reporting of cases.
65-1,170 - Same; uses of nonconfidential data.
65-1,171 - Same; confidential data; exceptions to prohibition on disclosure; data not subject to subpoena or open records act; storage of data.
65-1,172 - Same; uses of confidential data.
65-1,173 - Same; panel to establish policies for release of nonconfidential data; release of statistical data.
65-1,174 - Same; immunity from civil or criminal liability for reporting; privilege under 60-427 not applicable to reports under this act; section not applicable to unauthorized disclosure due to gross negligence or willful misconduct.
65-1,174a - Cancer screening program.
65-1,175 - Surface water quality standards; definitions.
65-1,176 - Same; mixing zone to be used; standards for ammonia, chlorides and atrazine; permit conditions; assistance in meeting standards.
65-1,178 - Definitions.
65-1,179 - Permit application; public notice, comment, hearing; department action, when.
65-1,180 - Required distances from water.
65-1,181 - Manure management plan; lagoon standards; monitoring wells, when.
65-1,182 - Nutrient utilization plan; requirements for land application of manure or wastewater.
65-1,183 - Waste management system; standards for operators; failure or unplanned release.
65-1,184 - Emergency response plan.
65-1,185 - Retention of facility's records and plans.
65-1,186 - Facility operator; certification; responsibility for employee training.
65-1,187 - Odor control plan.
65-1,188 - Dead animal handling plan.
65-1,189 - Facility closure plan; demonstration of financial ability.
65-1,190 - Lagoon closure plan; demonstration of financial ability.
65-1,191 - Inspections.
65-1,192 - Preexisting facilities; application of separation distances.
65-1,193 - Denial, suspension or revocation of permit; penalties for certain violations.
65-1,194 - Application of certain standards to certain large facilities.
65-1,195 - Kansas state university; duties.
65-1,196 - Standards and requirements; application; powers of secretary of KDHE.
65-1,197 - Advisory committee.
65-1,198 - Rules and regulations; reports to legislature.
65-1,199 - Rules and regulations for composting dead livestock.
65-1,200 - Citation of act.
65-1,201 - Definitions.
65-1,202 - Development and implementation of prevention program; licensure training and inspections; fees; rules and regulations.
65-1,203 - Licensure or certification to perform lead-based paint activities.
65-1,204 - Same; qualification requirements.
65-1,205 - Remittance of fees.
65-1,206 - Lead-based paint hazard fee fund; sources of revenue; expenditures.
65-1,207 - Denial, suspension or revocation of license or certificate or accreditation of training program, when; suspension of abatement program; administrative review.
65-1,208 - Noncompliance; notice; duty to meet compliance requirements.
65-1,209 - Violations; criminal penalties.
65-1,210 - Same; civil penalties; corrective action; appeals; grants to communities to eliminate hazards.
65-1,211 - Same; additional remedies.
65-1,212 - Implementation of act by entities engaging in lead-based paint activities; when.
65-1,213 - Statutory audit privilege not applicable.
65-1,215 - Renal disease program, exception; support staff; standards; rules and regulations; renal disease fund.
65-1,221 - Intent.
65-1,222 - Definitions.
65-1,223 - Exclusions from act.
65-1,224 - Environmental use control; application; requirements; approval or disapproval.
65-1,225 - Same; recording with register of deeds; enforcement.
65-1,226 - Same; funding requirements; categories of property.
65-1,227 - Same; term; removal or expiration; modification; liability.
65-1,228 - Same; restrictions or prohibitions.
65-1,229 - Same; enforcement.
65-1,230 - Same; department oversight and tracking.
65-1,231 - Environmental use control fund.
65-1,232 - Rules and regulations.
65-1,233 - Publication of approved use controls.
65-1,234 - Review of agency actions.
65-1,235 - Severability.
65-1,241 - Definitions; establishment of birth defects information system; aspects of implementation of system.
65-1,242 - Use of birth defects information system.
65-1,243 - Confidentiality of records.
65-1,244 - Removal of information from system; form.
65-1,245 - Rules and regulations.
65-1,246 - Annual report.
65-1,247 - Expedited processing and issuance of certain permits.
65-1,248 - Breastfeeding; where.
65-1,249 - Umbilical cord banks; regulation of operations; rules and regulations; education and training in collection and maintenance procedures; duties and functions of department of health and environment, Kansas bioscience authority.
65-1,250 - Umbilical cord donation information act.
65-1,251 - Influenza immunization for children; school-based influenza vaccination pilot program; study and report.
65-1,252 - Division of health care finance; director; officers and employees.
65-1,253 - Same; transfer of powers, duties and functions; Kansas health policy authority abolished.
65-1,254 - Same; transfer of powers, duties and functions to division; reference; rules and regulations.
65-1,255 - Same; division successor to funds and liability.
65-1,256 - Same; division successor to property and rights; conflict resolution.
65-1,257 - Transition; preservation of civil actions and proceedings; no abatement of criminal actions.
65-1,258 - Same; transfer of officers and employees; preservation of civil service rights; retirement benefits, leave balances and other rights.