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2012 Statute

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60-2601. Duties of court clerk. (a) General powers and duties. In the performance of their duties all clerks of record shall be under the direction of the court.

(b) Dockets. Subject to the provisions of K.S.A. 60-2601a, and amendments thereto, the clerk of the court shall keep the following dockets or other records which may be ordered by the court in the following manner:

(1) Appearance docket. The clerk shall keep one or more appearance dockets and enter each civil action in the docket. Actions within each appearance docket shall be assigned consecutive file numbers. The file number of each action shall be noted on the docket on which the first entry of the action is made. All papers filed with the clerk, all process issued and returns made and, all appearances, orders, verdicts and judgments shall be noted chronologically on the appearance docket. These notations shall be brief but shall show the nature of each paper filed or writ issued and the substance of each order or judgment of the court and of the returns showing execution of process.

(2) General index. The general index shall be kept in a form in which names are arranged in alphabetical order. Plaintiffs, petitioners, defendants and respondents shall be listed as well as the case file number.

(c) Issuance of writs and orders. All writs and orders for provisional remedies shall be issued by the clerks of the several courts, upon praecipes filed with the clerk, demanding the writs and orders.

(d) Filing and preservation of papers. Except as otherwise provided by law, it is the duty of the clerk of each of the courts to file together and carefully preserve in the office of the clerk all papers delivered to the clerk for that purpose, in every action or special proceeding. The date and time of receipt of filings received by the clerk shall be recorded.

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