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2012 Statute

Section Number

59-29b45 - Name and citation of act.
59-29b46 - Definitions.
59-29b47 - Computation of time.
59-29b48 - Civil rights of persons subject to the provisions of this act.
59-29b49 - Voluntary admission to treatment facility; application; written information to be given voluntary patient.
59-29b50 - Discharge of a voluntary patient.
59-29b51 - Right to discharge of voluntary patient; procedure.
59-29b52 - Petition for involuntary commitment of a voluntary patient.
59-29b53 - Investigation; emergency detention; authority and duty of law enforcement officers.
59-29b54 - Emergency observation and treatment; authority of treatment facility's procedure.
59-29b55 - Notice of right to communicate upon admission; notice of admission; notice of rights.
59-29b56 - Emergency observation; discharge.
59-29b57 - Petition for determination of whether person has alcohol or substance abuse problem; request for ex parte emergency custody order; content.
59-29b58 - Ex parte emergency custody order.
59-29b59 - Temporary custody order; request for; procedure.
59-29b60 - Preliminary orders; continuances and advancement of trial.
59-29b61 - Order for evaluation; procedure.
59-29b62 - Evaluation; hearing in noncustodial circumstances.
59-29b63 - Notice; contents.
59-29b64 - Continuance of hearings; order of referral for short-term treatment.
59-29b65 - Trial upon the petition; procedure.
59-29b66 - Order for treatment; dismissal.
59-29b67 - Order for outpatient treatment; revocation; noncompliance; ex parte emergency custody orders; reviews.
59-29b69 - Hearing to review status of patient; procedure.
59-29b70 - Transportation.
59-29b71 - Change of venue.
59-29b73 - Discharge.
59-29b74 - Notice of discharge; restoration of certain rights.
59-29b75 - Unauthorized absence; procedure.
59-29b76 - Administration of medications and other treatments.
59-29b77 - Restraints; seclusion.
59-29b78 - Rights of patients.
59-29b79 - Disclosure of records.
59-29b80 - Civil and criminal liability.
59-29b81 - Costs; payment by residence county, when.
59-29b82 - Notice of death of patients in treatment facilities.
59-29b83 - Applicability to persons in custody on criminal charges.
59-29b84 - Severability.