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2012 Statute


59-212.Records to be kept by court for chapter 59 actions. (a) The following shall be kept by the court for proceedings under chapter 59 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated:

(1) An appearance docket, in which shall be listed under the name of the decedent, ward, conservatee, mentally ill person, or other person involved, all documents pertaining thereto and in the order filed, except that separate appearance dockets, not open to public inspection shall be kept for proceedings under the care and treatment act for mentally ill persons and adoptions. Such list shall show the nature of the document, the date of the filing thereof, shall give a reference to the volume and page of any other book or reference to microfilm in which any record shall have been made of such document, and shall state the charge, if any, therefor.

(2) A suitable general index, in which files pertaining to estates of decedents shall be indexed under the name of the decedent, those pertaining to guardianships under the name of the ward, those pertaining to conservatorships under the name of the conservatee, those pertaining to mentally ill persons under the name of such person, those pertaining to adoption of children under both the name and adopted name of the child. After the name of each file shall be shown the case number.

(b) Suitable permanent duplicate copies of the following, kept by the district court prior to the effective date of this act, may be disposed of at the discretion of the district court: (1) All wills admitted to probate; (2) all elections filed; (3) all letters of appointment issued; (4) all certificates of appointment filed; (5) all bonds filed; (6) all orders, judgments and decrees, including estate and inheritance tax determination; (7) appearance docket sheets; (8) journals; (9) copies of journal entries of judgment; and (10) such other documents as the court may determine.

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