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2012 Statute

Section Number

55-1601 - Lapsing and reversion of mineral interests; definition.
55-1602 - Same; lapse and reversion, when.
55-1603 - Same; use of mineral interest defined.
55-1604 - Same; statement of claim, contents; filing, when and where; effect of failure to file.
55-1605 - Same; notice of lapse by succeeding owner; contents; prima facie evidence, when.
55-1606 - Same; recordation by register of deeds of statement of claim or proof of notice.
55-1607 - Same; waiver of law prohibited.
55-1610 - Development of minerals within city; definitions.
55-1611 - Same; authorizing ordinance, requirements.
55-1612 - Same; protective ordinances permitted, when.
55-1613 - Same; act not applicable to certain drilling units.
55-1614 - Interest payments on payments from oil or gas production; definitions.
55-1615 - Same; interest on certain payments required; commencement and amount of payments; exception.
55-1616 - Same; force and effect of waivers.
55-1617 - Same; jurisdiction of court to settle disputes; attorney fees.
55-1618 - Same; nonapplicability to certain interest payments.
55-1619 - Same; rights of payee not limited or impaired.
55-1620 - Oil and gas payments to interest owners; information required to be included.
55-1621 - Same; contractual obligations or rights not affected.
55-1622 - Oil and gas payments to interest owners; specific listing of information; when.
55-1622a - Annual notice to royalty interest owners, required contents.
55-1622b - Failure to provide required information; mediation; civil action.
55-1623 - Oil and gas regulation by commission; penalties, procedures.
55-1624 - FERC-ordered refunds of tax reimbursements; recovery.
55-1625 - Citation of act.
55-1626 - Definitions.
55-1627 - Kansas oil and gas resources board; purpose; membership; officers.
55-1628 - Same; powers and duties.
55-1629 - Same; meetings; director.
55-1630 - Same; assessments on production of oil and gas; oil and gas resources fund.
55-1631 - Assessments; amount, collection and payment; assessments voluntary and refundable to interest owner.
55-1632 - Same; refunds, request procedure.
55-1633 - Oil and gas resources fund; interest; use.
55-1634 - National or regional assessment; use of portion of state assessment in lieu of, when.
55-1635 - Effect of act; severability.
55-1636 - Carbon dioxide reduction act.
55-1637 - Same; definitions; commission powers; liability limitation.
55-1638 - Same; carbon dioxide injection well and underground storage fund.
55-1639 - Same; violations, penalties; commission authority.
55-1640 - Same; commission ingress and egress for investigation and enforcement.
55-1641 - Same; liability limitation.