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2012 Statute

Section Number

55-101 - Natural gas for residents of platted land outside city; laying and maintenance of pipes.
55-102 - Control and management of oil and gas wells; unlawful acts, penalties; flaring, venting or use of gas permitted, when.
55-103 - "Flambeau" lights; "jumbo" or similar burners.
55-104 - Same; street lights to be turned off during day.
55-105 - Same; penalty.
55-106 - Interference with pipes for gas; permission.
55-107 - Connections with gas mains, permission.
55-108 - Setting fire to escaping gas; interference with wells.
55-109 - Penalty for violating 55-106 to 55-108; civil damages.
55-112 - Transportation of gas; standards for.
55-114 - Penalty for violation of 55-112.
55-143 - Conservation fee fund; authorized expenditures; accounting procedures; reduction of fees and assessments, when.
55-150 - Definitions.
55-151 - Application of intent to drill wells, required information; notification of surface owner; fee and contents; information to department of health and environment and county clerk; approval of application, when; conditions; compliance with rules and regulations.
55-152 - Rules and regulations; recommendations of advisory committee; annual review of drilling methods.
55-153 - Advisory committee on regulation of oil and gas activities.
55-154 - Certification of compliance with statutes and rules and regulations.
55-155 - Licensure of operators and contractors; requirements; notification of surface owner.
55-156 - Protection of water prior to abandoning of well; penalty for noncompliance.
55-157 - Cementing in surface casing and additional pipe prior to testing, completion or abandonment of well; penalty for noncompliance.
55-158 - Submission of bond logs and surveys; penalties.
55-159 - Notification of commission prior to setting surface casing or plugging; inspections; penalty.
55-160 - Notification of commission prior to reentering plugged well; inspections.
55-161 - Investigation of abandoned wells, when; costs.
55-162 - Finding reasonable cause to believe that person has violated act or rules and regulations; hearing; procedure; order; immediate remedial action; reconsideration and judicial review; investigations; sealing of well; removal of seal, penalty.
55-163 - Commission and secretary to enter into interagency agreement; submission to governor and legislature.
55-164 - Administrative penalties; procedure; costs and attorney fees; disposition of moneys.
55-165 - Maintenance of information on wells.
55-166 - Well plugging assurance fund.
55-167 - Same; transfers to fund.
55-168 - Same; insufficient funds; affect.
55-169 - Kansas surface owner notice act; citation.
55-169a - Same; definitions.
55-169b - Same; authorization for rules and regulations.
55-171 - Permit required for the storage or disposal of salt water, oil or refuse in surface ponds.
55-172 - Salt water, oil or refuse from wells; prevention of escape.
55-173 - Notice prior to abandonment and plugging of wells; notification of surface owner.
55-174 - Penalty for failure to notify of intent to drill.
55-175 - Appointment of agents by the commission.
55-176 - Commission's costs assessed against operators and agents; disposition of moneys.
55-177 - Removal of structures and abutments from lands after abandoning wells; exception.
55-178 - Complaint concerning pollution from abandoned wells; contents.
55-179 - Investigation of complaint by the commission; findings; responsibility for remedial action; costs; hearings; orders.
55-180 - Testing and investigation of pollution; plugging expenses; liens.
55-181 - Administration and enforcement of rules, regulations and orders.
55-182 - Agents of commission; right of ingress and egress; restoration of premises.
55-183 - Rules and regulations; publication; fees, taxes and other charges required to be fixed by rules and regulations.
55-184 - Act supplemental.
55-186 - Spill notification requirements.
55-191 - Definitions.
55-192 - Abandoned oil and gas well fund.
55-193 - Same; transfers to fund.
55-194 - Annual report.
55-1,101 - Definitions.
55-1,102 - Filing of rates and other information required; use of information; disclosure.
55-1,103 - Limitations on manner of offering services and facilities.
55-1,104 - Commission review of fees, terms, practices; complaint; procedure.
55-1,105 - Rules and regulations.
55-1,106 - Exemptions from rate averaging or pricing systems.
55-1,107 - Issuance of more than one certificate of convenience and necessity; exit fees prohibited.
55-1,108 - Contractual obligations, when amended.
55-1,109 - Notice of lack of capacity to serve required.
55-1,110 - Severability.
55-1,111 - Commission review of exit tap on gathering system, access, service, abandonment; procedure.
55-1,115 - Underground storage of hydrocarbons; corporation commission regulation of underground porosity storage of natural gas.
55-1,116 - Same; fee fund.
55-1,117 - Same; department of health and environment regulation of other underground storage.
55-1,117a - Same; department of health and environment regulation of underground crude oil storage.
55-1,118 - Same; fee fund.
55-1,119 - Same; penalties for violations of rules and regulations.
55-1,120 - Same; salt solution mining wells; abandonment, legal responsibility for.
55-1,121 - Same; fee fund.
55-1,122 - Same; representatives of secretary; right of ingress and egress.