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2012 Statute

Section Number

40-3101 - Citation of act.
40-3102 - Purpose.
40-3103 - Definitions.
40-3104 - Motor vehicle liability insurance coverage required; prohibited vehicle operation; verification; self-insurance; display of proof of financial security; penalties for failure to maintain financial security; reinstatement fees.
40-3105 - Exempt vehicles.
40-3106 - Prohibited vehicle operation by certain nonresidents; report of violations; declaration of policy coverage by insurers; self-insurers to certify compliance.
40-3107 - Motor vehicle liability insurance policies; required contents; exclusions of coverage.
40-3108 - Personal injury protection benefits; authorized exclusions.
40-3109 - Same; injuries for which payment of benefits required; liability for payment by two or more insurers; policy providing primary benefit coverage.
40-3110 - Same; primary status of benefits, exception; when payable; time limitation on claims; overdue payments.
40-3111 - Lawful charges for treatment or occupational training of injured person; action to recover overdue benefits; allowance of attorney's fee.
40-3112 - Rehabilitation procedures or treatment and rehabilitative occupational training or retraining.
40-3113a - Remedy against a tortfeasor, insurer or self-insurer subrogated, when; credits against future payments; limitation of actions; attorney fees.
40-3114 - Duty of employer, physician, hospital, clinic or medical institution to furnish information upon request of insurer or self-insurer; settlement of dispute by district court; copy of information to insured.
40-3115 - Mental or physical examination of injured person; written report of examination; availability of report to injured person; evidentiary effect.
40-3116 - Assigned claims plan; availability of personal injury protection benefits under plan; subrogation; persons excluded; powers of commissioner; participation by insurers and self-insurers required; violations, penalties.
40-3117 - Tort actions; conditions precedent to recovery of damages for pain and suffering.
40-3118 - Financial security as prerequisite to motor vehicle registration; certification of owner; documentation; termination of required insurance, notice; verification of certification; insurance company to maintain evidence on file with division, when; suspension of registration and driving privileges, hearing, reinstatement; prima facie evidence of operation of vehicle without financial security; unlawful acts; refund of unearned premium.
40-3119 - Rules and regulations by commissioner.
40-3120 - Reasonable competition and availability of excess coverage unaffected.
40-3121 - Severability; 40-3117 declared nonseverable.
40-3130 - Automobile accidents; recovery of noneconomic damages, limitations on; exceptions.