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July 19, 2024
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2023 Statute

Section Number


Arbitration and award, 5-211

City streets, avenues, alleys and lanes, 12-512a

Judgments and Decrees, this index

Jury trial waiver, 60-238

Market squares, city of Manhattan, 12-1320 et seq.

Platted lands, 58-2613 et seq.

Roads and Highways, this index

Streets and Alleys, this index

Veterans affairs medical centers, 12-510b



Druggists, 65-1635a

Pharmacy student or intern, 65-1635a

Reporting, 65-2886a

Animals, crimes and penalties, 21-1213, 21-1214

Contagious disease, duties of health officers, 65-119

Duties of health officers, contagious disease, 65-119

Employer COVID-19 vaccine requirements, 44-663, 44-664

Influenza, 65-1,251

Pupils, inoculation, 72-6261


Crimes and Punishments, generally, this index


Curative and Validating Acts, generally, this index


Generally, 75-46a02 et seq.

Drivers, 75-46a04, 75-46a07

Passengers, 75-46a06, 75-46a07

Fees, 75-46a06

Non-state employees, 75-46a07

Vanpool program review committee, member, 75-46a10

Revenues from program, disposition, 75-4614, 75-46a06

Routes, pickup of passengers, 75-46a07

Rules and regulations, 75-46a08

Termination of program, 75-46a09

Vanpool review committee, composition, duties, 75-46a10


Log of mileage, 75-46a05

Maintenance and repair, 75-46a06

Passenger fees, disposition, 75-46a06

Personal use by driver, prohibited, 75-46a05

Purchase of, 75-4614, 75-46a03

Registration and insurance, 75-46a04


Banks and trust companies, time for access, 9-1122

Cemetery corporations, plans and specifications, 17-1324 et seq.


Mined-land conservation and reclamation act,

Planting, report, 49-413

Reclamation, 49-411

Revegetation of affected areas, 49-409


Transfer of powers and duties to director of vehicles, 74-2010


Emergency Vehicles, this index

F.O.B., sales act, 84-2-319

Mobile Homes, generally, this index

Motor Vehicles, generally this index

Recreational vehicles, construction, standard code, 75-1211 et seq.

State division of, 75-5110 et seq.

Traffic Rules and Regulations, generally, this index

Trailers, generally, this index

Vehicles, division of. Revenue, State Department of, this index

Washing and waxing, sales tax, 79-3603


Crimes and Punishments, this index


See, also, Food Service and Lodging Establishments, generally, this index

Blind Persons, this index

Cigarettes, license, 79-3303

Drugs and medicine, 65-650

Leased state real estate, certain, vending facilities laws, application, 75-3686

Licenses, cigarettes, 79-3303

Poisons, 65-650

Sales tax, 79-3603


Diseases, this index


Air Conditioning, this index

Eminent domain, damages, 26-513

Heat and Heating, this index

Licensure by cities or counties,

Act inapplicable to technical professions, 12-1544

Certificate of competency, 12-1542

Codes, standards and regulations, 12-1543

Continuing education, 12-1542

Definitions, 12-1540

Examinations, 12-1541, 12-1542, 12-1543

Fees, 12-1543

Inspections, 12-1543

Reciprocal agreements, 12-1543

Rules and regulations, 12-1542

Validity of license in other cities or counties, 12-1542

Working conditions, investigations, 44-636


See, also, Commerce and Housing, State Department of, this index; Kansas, Inc., this index; Kansas Statewide Risk Capital System, this index; Technology Enterprise Corporation, Kansas, this index

Generally, 74-8301 et seq.

Annual reports,

By companies, 74-8308

By secretary, 74-8310

Annual review, 74-8308

Articles of incorporation, review, 74-8306

Articles of partnership, review, 74-8306

Capitalization, level of, 74-8306

Certification of company, 74-8306, 74-8307

Damages to investors, state not liable, 74-8311

Decertification of company, 74-8308, 74-8309

Definitions, 74-8303

Documents, confidentiality, security, 74-8307

Evaluation of program, 74-8310

Governor, report to, 74-8310

Investments, 74-8307

Damages, state not liable, 74-8311

Majority equity interest, prohibition, 74-8307

Tax credit, 74-8304, 74-8304a, 74-8307

Effects of decertification, 74-8309

Reporting requirements, 74-8308

Legislature, evaluation of programs, reports, 74-8310

Noncompliance with requirements, effect, 74-8308

Purposes, 74-8302

Recommendations, 74-8310

Rules and regulations, 74-8305, 74-8306

Secretary, 74-8303, 74-8305 et seq.

Secretary of revenue, duties, 74-8304, 74-8308

Seed Capital, Local Pools, generally, this index

Tax credits, Investments, ante

Trade or business secrets, security, 74-8307


See, also, Civil Procedure for Limited Actions, this index; subhead Jurisdiction and venue under Criminal Procedure, this index

Generally, U.S. Const. Art. 3, ยง 2, cl. 3, Am. 6; 60-601 et seq.

Adverse claims to reality, 60-601

Appropriation of property, action concerning, 60-614

Bonds, official, action on, 60-602

Brands and marks, unlawful branding, 47-421

Business, place of, 60-603

Corporations, 60-604

Car companies, delinquent taxes, 79-915


Actions against, 60-606

Review of corporation commission order, 66-118c

Change of venue,

Carriers, review of commission order, 66-118e

Civil actions, 60-609

Criminal actions, 22-2616, 22-2617, 22-2618

Hearing outside county, 60-612

Multiple parties, 60-608

Public utilities, review of commission order, 66-118e

Removal for improper venue, 60-611

Time for objections, 60-610

Children in need of care, 38-2204

Communication or transportation services equipment, location, 60-604, 60-605

Construction of law, 60-266

Consumer credit transactions, 16a-6-116

Consumer protection act, Kansas, 50-638


Communication or transportation services equipment, location, 60-604, 60-605

Nonqualified corporations, 60-605

Personal property, location, 60-604, 60-605

Cosmetics condemnation proceedings, 65-660

Depositions, perpetuation of testimony, 60-227

Dismissal of action, improper venue, 60-241

Divorce, 60-607

Drugs and medicine condemnation proceedings, demand, 65-660

Ejectment, 60-601

Eminent domain proceedings, 26-501, 60-601

Employment, place of, 60-603

Fine, recovery, 60-602

Food condemnation proceedings, demand, 65-660

Foreign corporations. Corporations, this index


Public utility, 60-606

Recovery, 60-602

Fort Riley military reservation, 60-613

Guardian and Ward, this index

Improper venue,

Defenses made by motion, 60-212

Dismissal of actions, 60-219, 60-241

Effect, 60-611

Insurance, mutual fire and tornado companies, collection of assessments, 40-1010

Juvenile offenders, 38-2305

Liens, sale of property, 60-601

Marriage, annulment of, 60-607

Mineral leases, 60-601

Mortgages, sale of real property, 60-601

Motion, improper venue, 60-212

Motor vehicles dealers and sales, injunction, 8-2413

Multiple parties, 60-608

Nonresidents, personal property, place of, 60-605

Oil and gas leases, 60-601

Partition of realty, 60-601

Personal property, place of, 60-603, 60-604, 60-605

Place of business, 60-603 et seq.

Corporations, 60-604

Probate Proceedings, this index

Public officer, neglect of duties, 60-602

Public Utilities, this index

Real property actions, 60-601

Residents, personal property, place of, 60-603 et seq.

Royalty interests, 60-601

Separate maintenance, 60-607

Small claims procedure. Civil Procedure for Limited Actions, this index

Specific performance, 60-601

State, real estate interest claim, 75-417

Surety company, 78-103

Transfer of venue. Change of venue, ante

Transportation systems, 60-606

Trusts and Trustees, this index


Sentencing Commission, Kansas, generally, this index

Trial, this index


Boats and Boating, generally, this index

Ships and Shipping, generally, this index


See, also, Soldiers' Home, generally, this index; Veterans Affairs Office, Kansas Commission on, generally, this index Veteran's Home, generally, this index

1st Kansas (colored) voluntary infantry regiment, state capitol mural, 75-2264

Age, preference, appointments and employments, 73-201

American Red Cross nurse corps, 73-220

Annuity payments, waiver, 73-206b

Appointments, preference, public service, 73-201

Armories, use for meetings and functions, 48-301

Buffalo soldiers, state capitol memorial authorized, 75-2255

Advisory committee, 75-2253

Financing, 75-2254

Burial, 73-201, 73-301 et seq.

Civil service, preference, 73-201

Commission. See, Veterans Affairs Office, Kansas Commission on, this index

Company E, second battalion, recording honorable discharge, 48-103

Conscientious objectors, preference, public service, 73-201

Cremated remains, unclaimed, 65-1732

Curators for veterans, 73-501 et seq. See, also, Conservators and Conservatorships, generally, this index

Dead bodies, medical school use, 65-902a

Dependents, educational benefits, 73-1217, 73-1218

Disabled veterans,

Hunting and fishing licenses, 32-934

Motor vehicle licenses and registration, 8-160, 8-161


Appointments and employments, 73-201

Civil service, 75-2955

Contracts, disabled veteran business, 73-230

Discharge, copies, 73-209 et seq.

Dwellings, single-family, Kansas soldiers' home, 76-1941

Employment security, disqualification, 44-706

Employments, preference, 73-201

Fees, vital statistics records, 65-2418

Funeral expenses, 73-301 et seq.

Handicapped veterans. Disabled veterans, ante

Husband or wife, burial, 73-201

Medical school, dead bodies, use, 65-902a

Mentally deficient persons, preference, appointments and employment, 73-201

Mentally ill persons,

Commitment to veterans' administration, 73-515a et seq.

Disability, preference, appointments and employment, 73-201

Military duty, exemption, 48-102

Monuments and memorials, 73-401 et seq., 73-1233

Motor vehicle licenses and registration, 8-160, 8-161

Organization, false membership claim, 21-6410

Pensions, waiver, 73-206b

Persian Gulf War, health initiative act, 73-1221 et seq.


Defined, 73-1222

Establishment, composition, 73-1223

Citation of act, 73-1221

Commission on veterans affairs office, director,

Duties, 73-1224, 73-1226, 73-1227

Confidentiality of information, 73-1228

Definitions, 73-1222

Expenditure limitation, 73-1224

Fiscal impact study, 73-1227

Fund, establishment and administration, 73-1231

Health and environment, state department of, duties, 73-1226


Confidentiality, 73-1228

Publication of, 73-1224

State and federal agencies, sharing, cooperation, 73-1230

Media, public service announcements, 73-1224

Public service announcements, media, 73-1224

Registry, 73-1226

Rules and regulations, 73-1229

Staff position, appointment, duties, 73-1225

State and federal agencies,

Cooperation with, 73-1230

Program information, 73-1226

Surveys, 73-1224, 73-1226

Confidentiality of information, 73-1228

Preference, 73-201 et seq., 73-231, 75-2955

Audit, 73-201c

Conformance with federal requirements, 73-201b

Exceptions to preference, 73-201a

Private employment, 73-231

Prisoner of war dependents, financial benefits, education, 73-1216, 73-1217

Privileges and immunities, 73-205, 73-206

Records of service, copies, 73-209 et seq.

Service grants, 73-1234

Service records, copies, 73-209 et seq.

Soldiers' home, single-family dwellings, 76-1941

State capitol memorials authorized, 75-2252, 75-2255

Advisory committee, 75-2253

Financing, 75-2254

Tax exemption, property of veterans' organizations, 79-201

Tuition, 48-3601

Veterans affairs medical centers,

Exclusion from cities, 12-510b

Veterans claims assistance program, 73-1234

Administration of program, 73-1234

Advisory board, 73-1235

Annual study, 73-1236

Database registry, 73-1234

Performance audit, 73-1237

Reports, 73-1234, 73-1236

Service grants, 73-1234

Vietnam conflict, educational benefits, dependents, 73-1218

Vietnam war era medallion program, 73-1238

Administration, 73-1239, 73-1242

Eligibility, 73-1238, 73-1239, 73-1240

Vietnam war era veterans' recognition award fund, 73-1243

Vital statistics records, fees, 65-2418


Administrator of veterans' affairs, party in interest, veterans' curators proceedings, 73-523

Claims, prosecution by Kansas commission, 73-1211

Dentists and dental hygienists, 65-1423

Incapacitated and mentally ill persons, commitment to, 73-515a et seq.

Notice, curators proceedings, party in interest, 73-523

Notice of hearing, purchase of real estate for pensioner, 73-522

Payment of benefits to relative of decedent, 59-1507a

Veterans, curators for, 73-501 et seq. See, also, Conservators and Conservatorships, generally, this index


Generally, 73-1208e, 73-1208f

Board of managers abolished, 76-1938

Bonds, debt service, certain capital improvements, 76-6b05

Cemeteries, establishment and maintenance, 73-1232

Claims, prosecution before veterans administration, 73-1211

Coordination, programs of state agencies, 73-1209

Director, 73-1208e, 73-1209

Powers and duties, 73-1208e, 73-1209, 73-1210a

Dwellings, single-family, Kansas soldiers' home, 76-1941

Kansas commission on veterans affairs,


Powers, duties and functions transferred, 73-1208d

Kansas hometown heroes fund, 79-3221k

Kansas soldiers' home,

Jurisdiction, 76-1904a, 76-1904b

Superintendent, 76-1940

Memorials, veterans, 73-1233

Officers and employees, 73-1210a

Persian Gulf War, health initiative act, 73-1221 et seq. See, also, Veterans, this index

Rules and regulations, 73-1208d

Educational benefits to dependents, 73-1217, 73-1218

Soldiers' home, 76-1901 et seq.

Single-family dwellings, 76-1941

Supervision, management and control, 76-1904

State tax levy, 76-6b04, 76-6b05

Taxation, buildings, 76-6b05

Veterans claims assistance program, 73-1234

Administration of program, 73-1234

Advisory board, 73-1235

Membership, 73-1235

Database registry, 73-1234

Reports, 73-1234, 73-1236

Service grants, 73-1234

Veterans unclaimed cremated remains, 65-1732

Veterans' home, 76-1951 et seq. See, also, Veterans' Home, this index

Veterans' organizations, duties of executive director, 73-1209

Vietnam war era medallion program, 73-1238

Administration, 73-1239

Application, 73-1240

Deceased veteran, 73-1241

Design of symbols, 73-1242

Disallowance, 73-1242

Eligibility, 73-1238, 73-1239, 73-1240

Fund, 73-1243

Vietnam war era veterans' recognition award fund, 73-1243

Winfield state hospital and training center property,

Conveyance by secretary of social and rehabilitation services, 75-3370

Interagency use agreement, 75-3370


Admission, 76-1954

Aging and disability services, secretary, agreement with, 76-1951

Bank deposits, members' funds, 76-1956

Bonds, debt service, certain capital improvements, 76-6b05

Claims for charges, 76-1952

Conduct and discipline, 76-1955

Custodian of members' funds, 76-1956

Discharge from home, 76-1954, 76-1955

Employees, 73-1210a

Criminal history records check, 73-1210a

Establishment, 76-1951

Fee fund, 76-1953, 76-1957

Forfeiture of rights, 76-1955


Deceased members, 76-1957

Disposition of moneys, 76-1957

Fee fund, establishment and administration, 76-1953, 76-1957

Members' funds, 76-1956

Furlough from home, 76-1955

Injunctions, restraining orders, 76-1955

Legal proceedings, 76-1952, 76-1954, 76-1955, 76-1957

Location, 76-1951

Long-term care annex, 76-1951

Member, defined, 76-1956

Members' funds, 76-1956

Mental health and developmental disabilities, commissioner, duties, 76-1958

Northeast Kansas home, bonds, debt service, 76-1959

Operation, control, management, 76-1951, 76-1955

Rates and charges, 76-1952

Rules and regulations, 76-1954, 76-1955, 76-1958

State hospitals, transfer of patients from, 76-1958

Superintendent, 73-1210a

Appointment, 76-1951

Criminal history records check, 73-1210a

Disposition of moneys, 76-1953

Enforcement, 76-1955

Taxation, buildings, 76-6b05

Trust fund, custodial person, 76-172

Veterans' affairs office, commission on,

Powers and authority, 76-1951 et seq.

Winfield state hospital and training center property, conveyance, agreement, 75-3370


Veterans affairs office, commission on, duties of director, 73-1209


Administratively contest board action, 47-844


Abandonment, Kansas veterinary practice act, 47-835

Euthanasia, approved methods, 47-1718

Application of act, 47-845

Assisting livestock commissioner, 47-610

Board, 47-818

Appointment, 47-818

Examinations, 47-825

Fees, 47-820, 47-822

Meetings, 47-819

Powers of board, 47-821

Qualifications, 47-818

Rules and regulations, 47-824, 47-843

Terms, 47-818

Vacancies, 47-818

Certificates of inspection, 47-1831

Civil penalties, 47-843

Controlled substances act, exemption, 65-4116

Definitions, 47-816

Disclosure of information, 47-839

Examinations, 47-825

Executive director, 47-821

Fines and penalties, 47-834, 47-842, 47-843

Impaired veterinarian,

Board or committee investigation, 47-847

Committee responsibilities, 47-848

Confidentiality of reports, records and proceedings, 47-849

Definitions, 47-846

Employer retribution, 47-852

Immunity for report or investigation, 47-848, 47-850, 47-851

License, restricted, 47-848

Reports of, 47-847

Confidentiality, 47-849

Failure to make, 47-851

Incorporation, 17-2706 et seq.

Inspection of registered premises, 47-840

Kansas veterinary practice act, 47-815

Enforcement, 47-834

Purpose of act, 47-814

Savings clause, 47-837

Liability, volunteer care, 47-841


Application, 47-824

Continuing education requirements, 47-829

Controlled substances act, exemption, 65-4116

Denial of application, 47-824

Exemption from pesticide licensing, 2-2440, 2-2441a

Fees, 47-822

Institutional license, 47-855

Application, 47-856

Qualifications, 47-856

Practice without, prohibited, 47-817

Qualifications, 47-824

Record, 47-825

Refusal to issue, revocation or suspension of licenses, 47-830, 47-842

Reinstatement, 47-832

Renewals, 47-822, 47-829

Revocation or suspension of licenses, 47-830, 47-842

Lien for services, preferences, 47-836

Meat and poultry inspection, 65-6a18 et seq.

Public livestock market, inspection of livestock, 47-1008

Mobile clinic registration, 47-840

Parimutuel Racing, generally, this index

Penalties, 47-834

Pesticide law, exemptions, 2-2440, 2-2441a

Privileged information, 47-839

Registered veterinary technician, fee, 47-822

Registration of premises, 47-840

Fee, 47-822

Schools of veterinary medicine,

Hospital pharmacy, 65-1662

Definition, 65-1626

Fees, 65-1645

Registration, 65-1643

Institutional license, 47-855

Standards, 47-824

Veterinary prescriptions monitoring program task force, 65-1694

Virulent hog-cholera virus, sale, 47-629a, 47-629b


Cities of first class,

Bonds, 13-1026

Commission form of government, railroad viaducts, construction or repair, 13-1903

Construction, bonds, 13-1024a, 13-1024b

Parkways and boulevards, improvement and repairs, 13-1330

City regulation, 12-1633, 12-1634

Clearance, 66-1201, 66-1202

Contractors, nonresident, taxes, 79-1008 et seq.

Irrigation and Irrigation Districts, this index

Maintenance, 68-414

State highway railroad grade crossings, 68-414

Trafficways, 12-685 et seq.


Acting president, disability of president, U.S. Const. Am. 25

Election, 25-101

Succession to presidency, U.S. Const. Am. 25

Vacancy in office,

Nomination of successor, U.S. Const. Am. 25

Confirmation, U.S. Const. Am. 25


Depositions, 22-3211

Teaching devices, University of Kansas medical school and center, use in discovery proceedings or evidence, 76-355 et seq.


Blind Persons, generally, this index

Disability Concerns, Commission On, generally, this index


See, also, Health and Environment, State Department of, generally, this index

Generally, 65-2401 et seq., 65-2433

Abstracts of certificates, 65-2417 et seq.

Adoption, children, 65-2423

Annulment of marriage, 65-2422b, 65-2433

Birth certificates,

Adoption, 65-2423

Copies, 65-2417

Delayed, 65-2419 et seq.

Disclosure of records, 23-2222, 23-2223, 65-2422d

Evidence, 65-2416

Fees, 65-2409a

Form, 65-2415

Foundlings, 65-2411

Minor corrections, 65-2422c

Name change, 23-2223, 65-2422a

Parentage proceedings, 23-2222, 65-2409a

Preparation, state registrar, 65-2410

Reproductions, 65-2416

Requirements, 65-2409a

School retirement system, statements, 72-2626

Social security numbers, 65-2409a, 65-2422d

Still birth certificates, post

Supplementary reports, 65-2410

Births, registration, supervision, 65-102

Blood tests, prenatal serological tests, 65-153f, 65-153g

Certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth, 65-2440


Birth certificates, ante

Death certificates, post

Still birth certificates, post

Certified copies, disclosure of records, 65-417, 65-2422d

Collection of, identification of sex at birth, 77-207

Cremation, coroner's permit, 65-2426a

Crimes and penalties, 65-2422d, 65-2434

Cross index, 65-2402

Custodian, 65-2406

Dead bodies, transportation of, notification of infectious or contagious disease, 65-2438

Death certificates, 65-2412

Certified copies, 65-2417

Clerk of the district court, 65-2422d

County election officers, 65-2422d

Delayed determination of cause of death, 65-2414

Disclosure of records, 65-2422d

Evidence, 65-2416

Fact of death information, dissemination of, 65-2422d

Form, 65-2415

Joint tenant, 58-501

Minor corrections, 65-2422c

Reproductions, 65-2416

Signatures by healing arts practitioner, 65-2886

Verified forms, funeral directors, 65-2412

Deaths, registration, supervision, 65-102

Definitions, uniform vital statistics act, 65-2401

Diseases, transportation of dead bodies, notification, 65-2438

Division of health, 65-2402

Criminal history record check for prospective employees, 65-2402

Director of the division of health, duties, 65-102

Motor vehicle accidents, reports, 8-1610

Divorce, 65-2422b, 65-2433

Enforcement of law, 65-2402

State registrar, 65-2406


Abstracts of certificates, 65-2418

Birth certificates, 65-2409a

Certified copies, 65-2418

Delayed certificate of birth, 65-2420

Searches of records, 65-2418

Veterans, 65-2418

Filing, regulations, 65-2409a, 65-2412

Fines. Crimes and penalties, ante

Forms, 65-102

Certificates, 65-2415

Fees, funeral directors, 65-2412

Funeral directors, verification of death, 65-2412

Foundlings, registration, 65-2411

Funds, civil registration and health statistics fee fund, 65-2418e

Healing arts, license examination applicant, 65-2808

Inspections, 65-2422d

Institution inmates or patients, 65-2425

Integrated information system, 65-2418c

List of deceased residents to clerk of the district court, 65-2422d

List of deceased residents to county election officer, 65-2422d

Marriages, registration, 23-2507 et seq., 65-102

Maternal and child health surveillance and monitoring, 65-2422d

Minor corrections, 65-2422c

Municipal agencies, returns, 65-2422d

Name change, 65-2422a

National office, transcripts or certified copies, 65-2418

Penalties. Crimes and penalties, ante

Public inspection, 65-2422d


Abstracts of certificates, 65-2417 et seq.

Certified copies, 65-2417

Open public records act, 45-215 et seq.

Reproduction of, 65-2416

Registration, 65-102


Annulment of marriage, 65-2422b

Divorce, 65-2422b

Foundlings, 65-2411

Institution inmates or patients, 65-2425

List of deceased to clerk of the district court, 65-2422d

List of deceased to county election officer, 65-2422d

Motor vehicle accidents, 8-1610

State registrar, 65-2406

Research, data use, 65-2422d

State registrar, 65-2405, 65-2406

Birth certificates, preparation, 65-2410

Monthly list of deceased persons in county, 65-2422d

Statewide system, 65-2402

Still birth certificates, 65-2412

Certified copies, 65-2417

Disclosure of records, 65-2422d

Evidence, 65-2416

Form, 65-2415

Minor corrections, 65-2422c

Reproductions, 65-2416

Supplementary report, birth certificates, 65-2410

Uniform act, 65-2401 et seq.

United States agencies and instrumentalities, returns to, 65-2422d


Flour and bread enrichment, 65-2301 et seq.

Food, label, 65-656


Career Technical Education, generally, this index


Children and Families, Kansas Department for, this index

Committee on State and Unified School Districts Purchases, generally, this index

Compensation, director, 76-12c03

Confidential records, 76-12c03


Plan for, 76-12c04

United States department of health, education and welfare, 76-12c06

Cooperative agreements, 76-12c05

Correctional vocational training center. Correctional Institutions, this index

Custodian of funds, 76-12c08

Definitions, 76-12c02

Department of health, education and welfare, cooperation, 76-12c06

Disbursements, funds, 76-12c03, 76-12c08

Division of vocational rehabilitation. See subhead Vocational rehabilitation, under Children and Families, Kansas Deparment for, this index

Eligibility, 72-4310

Federal aid, acceptance of benefits, 76-12c06

Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Act, acceptance of benefits, 76-12c06


Custodian, 76-12c08

Disbursement, 76-12c03

Health, education and welfare department, cooperation with, 76-12c06

Hearings, procedure, 76-12c03

Investigations, 76-12c03

Labor commissioner, cooperation plan, 76-12c04

Mental health centers, counties, 19-4001 et seq.

Qualifications for rehabilitation, 72-4310

Records, confidential nature, 76-12c03

Reports, secretary for children and families, 76-12c03

Rules and regulations, 76-12c03, 76-12c07

Secretary of labor, 44-714

Social and Rehabilitation Services, State Department of, this index

Staff training in instruction, 76-12c03

State treasurer, custodian of funds, 76-12c08

Studies, secretary for children and families, 76-12c03

United States department of health, education and welfare, cooperation and agreements, 76-12c06

Warrants for payments of money, 76-12c08, 76-12c09

Workers compensation, 44-510g


Motor vehicles, odometer fraud, 50-648

Sales, good faith purchaser, 84-2-403

Transfer, 84-2-403


Liability, immunity,

Homeowners organizations, nonprofit, 60-3611

Nonprofit organizations, 60-3601


Elections, this index


Generally, 25-418

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