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July 19, 2024
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2023 Statute

Section Number


Change of name, 60-1401 et seq.

Birth certificates, 23-2222, 23-2223, 65-2422a

Drivers' licenses, 8-246, 8-248

Hearing, 60-1402

Marriage licenses, 23-2506

Municipalities, 60-1403

Notaries public, new official stamp required, 53-5a22

Cities, change of, 12-154 et seq., 60-1401, 60-1403

Cooperatives, 17-1501, 17-1515

Corporations, this index

Dentists, limitations, 65-1435

Popular Name Laws, generally, this index

Trademarks and Trade Names, generally, this index


Drugs and Medicines, generally, this index


Form for annual statements of companies and associations, 40-225

Insurance regulatory information system, company participation, 40-225

Securities, regulation of proxies, state rules to conform, 40-272


Bond financing, 74-8963

Conveyance of land, 76-4,113

Interagency working group, 48-3501 et seq.

Kansas national bio and agro-defense facility interagency working group act, 48-3501 et seq.

Expiration of act, 48-3504

Membership, 48-3502

Secretary of health and environment, 48-3503

Kansas state university,

Conveyance of land, 76-4,113

National bio agro-defense facility fund, 74-99b34

Steering committee, 74-99b34


County records, film reproductions, standards, 19-250

Weights and Measures, this index


State representation, 46-407, 46-407a


Generally, 48-201 et seq.

Military Forces, generally, this index


Interlocal agreements with public agencies, 12-2904

Limitations, 12-2904

Law enforcement powers, 22-2401a

Objects of cultural significance, wearing of, 60-5321

State language, 73-2804

Tribal regalia, wearing of, 60-5321


Dental services, dentally indigent persons, 65-1466

Ethnic minority scholarship program, 74-3284 et seq.

Gaming compacts, 46-2301 et seq.

High school diploma awarded to child in tribal custody, 38-2285

Missing and murdered, 75-774

Native American Legislative Day at the Capitol, 35-205

Peyote, possession by members of Native American Church, 65-4116

Pike's Pawnee Indian village, state historical society control, 75-2711

Real estate, protection of purchasers, 58-2249

Residents of state for purpose of tuition and fees, certain, 76-731

Schools, land purchase, 27-113

Unmarked burial sites preservation act, 75-2741 et seq.

State Historical Society, generally, this index


See, Oil and Gas, generally, this index

Severance Tax, this index


Conservation districts, 2-1901 et seq.

Environmental assurance fee, 65-34,117

Industrial Revenue Bonds, this index

Natural resources damages trust fund, 75-5672

Parks, generally, this index

Storage tanks, generally, this index

Water Office, Kansas, generally, this index

Waters and Watercourses, generally, this index

Wildlife, generally, this index

Wildlife and Parks, Department of, generally, this index


Aliens, this index


Civil fines, unprofessional conduct, 65-7208

Crimes, punishments and penalties, 65-7208

Fees, 65-7208, 65-7209, 65-7210

Healing arts, state board of,

Healing arts fee fund, 65-7210

Naturopathic doctor licensure act, 65-7201 et seq.

Administration of act, 65-7203

Applicants for registration,

Examination, 65-7205, 65-7206, 65-7207

Qualifications of, 65-7203, 65-7204, 65-7206

Waiver of certain requirements, 65-7206

Civil fines, unprofessional conduct, 65-7208

Continuing education, 65-7209

Crimes, punishments and penalties, 65-7208

Definitions, 65-7202

Disciplinary actions, 65-7208

Educational programs, criteria for, 65-7204

Fees, 65-7207, 65-7208, 65-7209

Healing arts, state board of,

Administration of act, 65-7203

Disciplinary actions, 65-7208

Records, proceedings, 65-7203

Roster of registrants, 65-7203

Insurance reimbursement or indemnity not required, 65-7219


Cancellation, 65-7209

Disciplinary actions, 65-7208, 65-7209

Expiration, 65-7209

Limitations on, 65-7208

Reinstatement, 65-7208, 65-7209

Renewal, 65-7209

Suspension, effect, 65-7209

Temporary licensure, 65-7206

Unprofessional conduct, 65-7208


See, also, Rivers and Streams, generally, this index; Waters and Watercourses, generally, this index

Generally, 82a-201 et seq.

Abandoned channel,

Net amounts realized from sale, 82a-202

Survey, 82a-204, 82a-209

Acquisition of new channel, 82a-201

Alteration of channel by flood or avulsion, 82a-201, 82a-209

Secretary of state to procure title, 82a-202

Boats and Boating, generally, this index

Bridges. Roads and Highways, this index

Canals, generally, this index

Dams and Reservoirs, this index

Deeds and conveyances, new channels, 82a-202


Emergency management boat ramp, 82a-221

Streambank, 82a-220

Eminent domain, new channels, 82a-201, 82a-203

Proceeds from sale of abandoned channel, 82a-204, 82a-210

Purchase price of new channels, limitation, 82a-202, 82a-203

Reclaimed land, suit by state to recover land wrongfully reclaimed, 24-102

Streambank easements, 82a-220


Military Forces, generally, this index


Republican River Compact, 82a-518


Disability Concerns, Commission On, generally, this index

Indigent Persons, generally, this index


Accidents, emergency care at scene of, 65-2891

Accountants, certified public, 1-402, 1-403

Affirmative defenses, pleadings, 60-208

Bank deposits and collections, other banks, 84-4-202

Barbers, 65-1820a

Blood, supplying of blood, liability, 65-3701

Burden of proof, 8-1564

Comparative negligence,

Automobile injury reparations act, 40-3113a

Basis for recovery, 60-258a

Court, special findings, 60-258a

Imputation of negligence, 60-258a

Jury, special verdicts, 60-258a

Proportioned liability, 60-258a

Dentists and dental hygienists, 65-1436

Drainage districts, repairs, negligence of landowner, 24-634

Emergency care or assistance at scene of accident, standard of care, 65-2891

Emergency management activities, 48-915

Emergency vehicles, 8-1506

Evidence, subsequent remedial conduct, 60-451

Landowners, recreational areas, liability limited, 58-3201 et seq.

Liability insurance, admissibility of evidence, 60-454

Malpractice, this index

Mortuary arts board members, 74-1701a

Motor carriers, liability insurance, 66-1,128, 66-1314

Motor Vehicles, this index

Municipalities, 75-6101 et seq.

Nurses, licensure, 65-1120

Optometry examiners, 74-1501

Public office, forfeiture, 60-1205

Railroads, this index

State officers and employees, 75-6101 et seq.

Subsequent remedial conduct, 60-451

Survival of actions, 60-1801

Warehouses and Warehousemen, this index

Workers compensation, defenses available, 44-545


See, also, Commercial Paper, generally, this index

Attorney fees, 58-2312

Bearer instruments, bonds, negotiability, 52-1801

Bills of Lading, generally, this index

Blank endorsement, bonds, negotiability, 52-1801


Making nonnegotiable, 52-1801

State colleges and universities, 76-6a17

Carriers, 66-125 et seq.

Checks, generally, this index

Commercial Paper, generally, this index

Consumer credit transactions, prohibited instruments, 16a-3-307

Corporations, 17-4903 et seq.

Counterfeiting, generally, this index

County Treasurers, this index

Coupons attached to registered bond, 10-605

Documents of Title, generally, this index

Drafts, generally, this index

Evidence of Indebtedness, generally, this index

Forgery, generally, this index

Garnishment, 60-724

Holidays, 35-108

Housing bonds, municipalities, 17-2352

Insurance, 40-213

Interest, contract rate, 16-207

Irrigation district bonds, 42-714

Investment Securities, generally, this index

Limitation of actions, 60-1105

Mechanics' liens, attaching to claim, 60-1102

Municipal bonds, 10-112

Municipal housing authority bonds, 17-2336

Notaries public, note protests of, 53-5a04, 53-5a05

Public utilities, 66-125 et seq.

Revenue bonds, municipal operation, 10-1205

Rediscounting, 9-1107

Sewer bonds, cities of first class, 13-1029

Signatures, uniform facsimile of public official, 75-4001 et seq.

Temporary notes, municipal, 10-123

Turnpike bonds, 68-2007

Uniform commercial code, 84-3-101 et seq.

Accommodation, 84-3-419

Accord and satisfaction, 84-3-311

Alteration, 84-3-407

Negligence, 84-3-406

Breach, right to defend claims, notice, 84-3-119

Breach of duty, 84-3-307

Checks. Drafts, post

Claims, 84-3-306

Conflict with other law, 84-3-102

Consideration, 84-3-303

Contradictory terms, 84-3-114

Conversion, 84-3-420

Damages, refusal to pay, wrongful, 84-3-411

Date, 84-3-113

Defenses, recoupment, 84-3-303

Definitions, 84-3-103, 84-3-104, 84-3-105

Demand, payable on, overdue, 84-3-304

Destroyed instruments, 84-3-309, 84-3-312

Discharge, 84-3-601

Accommodation party, 84-3-605

Accord and satisfaction, 84-3-311

Cancellation, 84-3-604

Endorser party, 84-3-605

Obligations, instruments taken on, effects, 84-3-310

Payment, 84-3-602

Tender, 84-3-603

Renunciation, 84-3-604

Dishonor, 84-3-502

Evidence, 84-3-505

Notice, 84-3-503

Evidence, 84-3-505

Excused, 84-3-504


Acceptance, 84-3-409, 84-3-410

Acceptor, obligations, 84-3-413

Cashier's, teller's or certified,

Destroyed, lost or stolen, 84-3-312

Drawer, obligations, 84-3-414

Endorser, obligations, 84-3-415

Issuer, obligations, 84-3-412


Acceptor, 84-3-413

Drawer, 84-3-414

Endorser, 84-3-415

Issuer, 84-3-412

Payment, mistake, 84-3-418

Refusal to pay, wrongful, 84-3-411

Effect of other agreements, 84-3-117

Endorsement, 84-3-204

Fictitious payee, 84-3-404

Fraudulent, employer's responsibility, 84-3-405

Imposters, 84-3-404

Restrictive, 84-3-206

Special, blank or anomalous, 84-3-205

Enforcement, persons entitled, 84-3-301

Fictitious payee, endorsement, 84-3-404

Fiduciary, breach of duty, 84-3-307

Foreign money, instrument payable in, 84-3-107

Holder in due course, 84-3-302

Identification of person to whom payable, 84-3-110

Imposters, endorsement, 84-3-404

Incomplete instruments, 84-3-115

Indorsement. Endorsement, ante

Interest, 84-3-112

Issuance, 84-3-105

Liability, joint and several, 84-3-116

Liability of drawee, unaccepted drafts, 84-3-408

Lost instruments, 84-3-309, 84-3-312

Mistake, payment, 84-3-418


Alteration, 84-3-406

Signatures, forged, 84-3-406

Negotiation, 84-3-201

Rescission, 84-3-202

Overdue, 84-3-304


Bearer, 84-3-109

Definite time, 84-3-108

Demand, 84-3-108

Discharge, 84-3-602

Tender, 84-3-603

Identification of person to whom payable, 84-3-110

Mistake, 84-3-418

Order, 84-3-109

Place, 84-3-111

Presentment, 84-3-501

Refusal, wrongful, 84-3-411

Persons entitled to enforce, 84-3-301

Place of payment, 84-3-111

Presentment, 84-3-501

Excused, 84-3-504

Promise or order,


Bearer, 84-3-109

Definite time, 84-3-108

Demand, 84-3-108

Order, 84-3-109

Unconditional, 84-3-106

Reacquisition, 84-3-207

Recoupment, defenses and claims, 84-3-303

Remedies, negotiation, rescission, 84-3-202

Representatives, signatures, 84-3-402

Right to defend claims, notice, 84-3-119


Forged, negligence, 84-3-406

Liability on instrument, 84-3-401

Proof, burden of, 84-3-308

Representative, 84-3-402

Unauthorized, 84-3-403

Statute of limitations, 84-3-118

Stolen instruments, 84-3-309, 84-3-312

Terms, contradictory, 84-3-114

Transfer, rights, 84-3-203

Unaccepted drafts, liability of drawee, 84-3-408

Unauthorized signatures, 84-3-403

Unconditional promise or order, 84-3-106

Value, issue or transfer for, 84-3-303


Presentment, 84-3-417

Transfer, 84-3-416

Warehouse Receipts, generally, this index

Written instruments, holidays, 35-108


Arbitration and Award, this index

Commercial Paper, this index

Compromise and Settlement, generally, this index

Dispute resolution, 5-501 et seq.

Documents of Title, this index

Employer-employee relations, 44-801 et seq.

Engineering services for state projects, 75-5801 et seq.

Land surveying services for state projects, 75-5801 et seq.

Public employer-employee relations, 75-4321 et seq.

Warehouse Receipts, this index


Boundaries, 18-166


Boundaries, 18-167

Conveyance of certain lands by secretary of social and rehabilitation services to county for hospital purposes, 75-3353

County buildings,

Financing of, sales tax, 12-187

District courts, 20-3109, 20-3110

Jury, court of service, 43-112b

Roadway construction and improvement,

Financing of, sales tax, 12-187, 12-189

Sheriff, duties, 19-812b

Township fire departments, 80-1919 et seq.


Corporation commission, 74-605

Park commission, cities of second class, 14-537

State officers and employees, 46-246a


Boundaries, 18-168


Generally, 76-17c01 et seq.

Administration, 76-12a06

Admission, 76-12a07

People with intellectual disability, 76-12b01 et seq.

Conveyance of property to Topeka association for retarded citizens, 76-17c05, 76-17c06, 76-17c08

Drug and alcohol abuse programs, 76-12a22, 76-12a23

Employees, 76-12a05

Establishment, 76-17c01

Exceptional children, special education, 72-3403 et seq.

Fees, disposition, 76-17c01a

Grants and gifts, 76-12a08

Lands, 75-3307

Medical reports of patients, fees, disposition, 76-12a10

Nonresident patients, return to place of residence, 39-110

Operation and management, 76-12a01 et seq.

Outpatient treatment, charges, 76-170

Parking and operation of vehicles, regulation of, 76-12a12 et seq.

People with intellectual disability. See subhead State institutions under People with intellectual disability, this index

Physician, appointment and salary, 76-12a03

Purposes, 76-17c01

Real estate, lease of, 75-3307

Records of residents, privileged, exceptions, 76-12b11

Rehabilitation unit, taxation, buildings, 76-6b05

Residence requirements for admission, waiver, 39-111

Security police officers, 76-12a16

Training, 76-12a17

Special education, exceptional children, 72-3403 et seq.

Staff personnel, 76-12a04

Superintendent, 76-12a02

Taxation, buildings, 76-6b05

Transfer of certain patients to state security hospital, 76-1307

Treatment and training of people with intellectual disability, 76-17c01

Trust fund, persons under custody, 76-172 et seq.


Auctions and Auctioneers, this index


Oil and gas, interstate compact to conserve, 55-801 et seq.


Advertisements, generally, this index

Animals, notice of strays, 47-230

City newspaper, official, 64-101

County newspaper, official, 64-101

Defined, Improvement and Assessment Law, 12-6a01

Discrimination, wire services, sale of news, 50-201 et seq.

Exemption from motor carrier law, 66-1,109

Fees, legal notices, 28-137

Legal publications, 64-101 et seq.

Failure to comply with requirements, 12-1,121

Fees, 28-137

Proof of publication, 28-137c

Libel and Slander, generally, this index

News services, sale of news without discrimination, 50-201 et seq.

Official newspapers,

Cities of second and third class, 12-1651

State, 75-434

Patent newspapers, 64-104, 64-105

Persian Gulf War veterans health initiative act, public service announcements, 73-1224

Political advertisement, charges, 25-4156

Publication rates, legal publications, 28-137

Publication, generally, this index

Rates, public printing, 75-1018

Sales tax, paper and ink, ingredient or component part, 79-3602

State Historical Society, generally, this index

State paper, 75-434

Student publications act, 72-7209 et seq.

Wire services, sale of news without discrimination, 50-201 et seq.


Action for minor or incapacitated person, 60-217


Adult Education, generally, this index

Proprietary schools. Schools and School Districts, this index


Generally, 40-3101 et seq.

Automobile injury reparations act, see, Motor Vehicle Insurance, this index


Warrants for Payment of Money, this index


Elections, this index


Beverages, generally, this index


Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act. Fish and Game, this index


Bills of Lading, generally, this index

Commercial Paper, generally, this index

Documents of Title, generally, this index

Investment Securities, generally, this index

Warehouse Receipts, generally, this index


Cooperative Marketing Associations, generally, this index

Corporations, this index

Electric Cooperatives, generally, this index

Food service programs, contracts with school districts, 72-17,146

Home Building and Owning Corporations, generally, this index

Immunity from liability, volunteers, 60-3601, 60-3611

Industry, promotion, 17-1722, 17-1723

Insurance corporations, see, Insurance, generally, this index

Religious organizations and societies, organization of nonprofit corporations to manage property, 17-1726

State employment service offices, contracts, 44-715

Volunteers, immunity from liability, 60-3601, 60-3611

Watershed districts, 24-1204


See, also, Domicile and Residence, generally, this index

Bids on state and municipal contracts, 75-3740a

Community colleges. Colleges and Universities, this index

Consent to service, pesticide law, 2-2447

Contractors, collection of taxes, 79-1014

Contracts, bidders, 75-3740a

Deeds and conveyances, validation, 58-2263

Dependent persons, return to place of legal residence, 39-110

Drivers' licenses. Motor Vehicles, this index

Funeral contracts and plans, personal service, 16-309

Guardian and Ward, this index

Incapacitated and mentally ill persons, return to place of residence, 39-110

Inmates of state institutions, return to place of legal residence, 39-110

Johnson county park district, fees, 19-2873

Manufacturers, taxation, 79-1006

Merchants, taxation, 79-1006

Motor carriers, registration, 8-143

Motor Vehicles, this index

Nonresident Violator Compact, 8-1219 et seq.

Personal property taxation, place of listing, 79-304

Pesticide law, consent to service, 2-2447

Probate Proceedings, this index

Process. See subhead Service of process under Process, this index

Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons, this index

Road and highway contractors, service of process, 68-410

Service of process, motor vehicle operation, 8-402

Social welfare assistance, eligibility requirements, 39-709

Social welfare recipients, return to place of residence, 39-110

State highways, contractors, service of process, 68-410

State institution patients, return to place of residence, 39-110

Taxation, merchants and manufacturers, 79-1006

Traffic regulations, definitions, 8-1440

Trusts and Trustees, this index

Tuberculosis patients, return to place of residence, 39-110


Dismissal and Nonsuit, generally, this index


Collection services, children and families, 39-753 et seq.

Support, generally, this index


Correctional Institutions, this index


Boundaries, 18-169

Debt limitation, 10-306


Establishment of institution, 76-1502

Fee fund, deposits and expenditures, 76-1502b

Lease, 76-1519a

Name, 76-1502a


Generally, 53-5a01 et seq.

Acknowledgments, 53-5a04, 53-5a05, 58-2211

Deeds and conveyances, 58-2211

Actions against notaries and sureties, 53-5a22

Advertising notarial services in foreign language, 53-5a25

Affirmations, 53-5a04, 53-5a05

Age, 53-5a22

Application, 53-5a22

Appointment, 53-5a22

Refusal, 53-5a24

Revocation, 53-5a24

Termination, 53-5a22, 53-5a24

Beneficial interest, prohibitions, 53-109


Cancellation, 53-115

Failure to complete, 75-403

Notice of claim, 53-120

Official bond, 53-5a22

Recovery by injured person, 53-5a22

Certificate of notarial act, 53-5a16, 53-5a17

Child support proceedings, licensing sanctions,

Definitions, 74-146

Notice of contempt, 74-147

Social security or identification number required, 74-148

Citizenship, 53-5a22

Commercial paper, protests, 53-5a04, 53-5a05

Conflict of interests, 53-5a25

Copies, certification or attestation, 53-5a04, 53-5a05

County officers, fee book, 28-123

COVID-19 public health emergency, validity of acts, 53-512


Natural death act, 65-28,103

Unsworn, 53-601

Deeds and conveyances, acknowledgment, 58-2211

Duties, 53-5a04, 53-5a05

Electronic records, 53-5a04, 53-5a21, 53-5a23

Federal authority, 53-5a13


Certificate of appointment, 53-5a22

County officers, 28-129

Filing application, record of appointment, 53-5a22

Information and services fee, 53-5a15


County officers, payment to county general fund, 28-175, 28-315, 28-617

District court clerks, payment to county general fund, 28-175, 28-617

Filing and recording commission, bond, 53-5a22

Financial interest, prohibitions, 53-5a25

Fines and penalties, failure to attach date of expiration of appointment, 53-106

Foreign, 53-5a14

Forms, 53-5a17

Identification of individual, 53-5a07

Journal, 53-5a20

Military forces, 48-3102

Name change, new seal, 53-5a22

Natural death act, declaration, 65-28,103

Negotiable instruments, note protests of, 53-5a04, 53-5a05

Oath of office, 53-5a22

Oaths and affirmations, authority to administer, 53-5a04

Official stamp, 53-5a18, 53-5a19

Filing impression of, 53-5a18

New stamp, 53-5a22

Stamping device, 53-5a19

Personal appearance, 53-5a06, 53-5a15

Powers, 53-5a04, 53-5a08

Prohibited acts, 53-5a25

Qualifications, 53-5a22

Remotely located individuals, 53-5a15

Residence, 53-5a22

Resignation, 53-5a22

Revocation of appointment, 53-5a24

Signature, 53-5a22

Filing, 53-5a22

Printing or typing name under, 28-115


Individual unable to sign, 53-5a09

Witness or attest, 53-5a04, 53-5a05

Social security or identification number required, 74-148

State officers, 53-5a22

Term of office, 53-5a22

Uniform law on notarial acts, revised, 53-5a01 et seq.

Unsworn declarations, 53-601

Validity of notarial acts, 53-5a26

Verifications, 53-5a04, 53-5a05

Violations, 53-5a25


Commercial Paper, generally, this index

Negotiable Instruments, generally, this index


Advertisements, generally, this index

Bank deposits and collections, holding for acceptance or payment, 84-4-212

Certified mail, use authorized, notice, 77-203

Consumer transactions. Consumer Credit Code, generally, this index

Crime victims, criminal proceedings, Kan. Const. Art. 15, ยง 15

Criminal Procedure, this index

Definition, 84-1-202

Investment Securities, this index

Legal advertisements,

Publication, this index

Radio and television broadcasts, 64-110 et seq.

Marketable record title act, 58-3406

Process, generally, this index

Publication, this index

Registered mail, use of certified mail in lieu of, notice, 77-203

Sales, this index

Tax levies expressed in dollars, 79-2963

Termination of storage, 84-7-206

Utilities, moving operations on highways, 17-1916

Welfare abuse hotline, 39-760


Generally, 2-1313a et seq.

Weeds, generally, this index


Emergency Preparedness. See subhead Nuclear Emergency under Emergency Management, this index

Insurance companies, domestic, continuity of management, 40-259 et seq.


Central interstate low-level radioactive waste compact, 65-34a01 et seq.

Emergency. See subhead Nuclear Emergency under Emergency Management, this index

Energy conservation, state corporation commission, 74-616 et seq.

Low-level radioactive waste disposal, compact, 65-34a01

Nuclear energy development and radiation control act, 48-1601 et seq.


Federal nuclear regulatory commission, 48-1624

Other states, 48-1615

Civil penalties, 48-1613

Definitions, 48-1603

Emergency orders, 48-1608

Impoundment of sources of radiation, 48-1610

Injunctions, 48-1611

Licenses, terms and conditions, 48-1620, 48-1621

Low-level radioactive waste disposal, regional compact, 48-1622, 65-34a01

Site decommissioning, 48-1623

Transfer of land used for disposal of by-product material, 48-1621

Unlawful acts, 48-1612, 48-1613

Nuclear generating facility security guard act, 66-2301 et seq.

Nuclear generation facility property tax exemption, 79-230

Power generating facilities,

Electric Generation Facilities, generally, this index

Radiologic technologists practice act. Radiologic Technologists, this index


Appeals to supreme court, 66-1,164

Procedure, 66-1,165

Applicability of act,

Electric generation facility, 66-1,159a

Facility outside state, 66-1,169b

Attorneys, appointment, fees, 66-1,161

Capacity forecasts, 66-1,169a

Citation of act, 66-1,169c

Definitions, 66-1,158

Electric generation facility, applicability of act, when, 66-1,159a

Eminent domain,

Permit for site preparation or construction, 66-1,159

Facilities outside state, 66-1,169b

Hearings, 66-1,159, 66-1,163

Notice, 66-1,160

Procedure, 66-1,162


Appeals, 66-1,164

Attorneys, 66-1,161

Intervention, 66-1,161

Permits, site preparation or construction, 66-1,159

Appeals to supreme court, 66-1,164, 66-1,165

Application, 66-1,159

Documents, 66-1,159

Hearings, 66-1,159, 66-1,169a

Issuance, 66-1,162

Rehearing, 66-1,163

State corporation commission, 66-1,159

State corporation commission,

Appeals to supreme court, 66-1,164, 66-1,165

Attorney, appointment, fees, 66-1,161

Orders, effective date, 66-1,168

Permit for site preparation or construction, 66-1,159, 66-1,162

Rehearings, 66-1,163

Rules and regulations, 66-1,159, 66-1,169a



Cities, 12-1617e, 12-1617g

Special assessments, collection of, 12-1,115

Cities of first class, 13-436, 13-1417

College and university parking violations, 74-3210

Criminal procedure, 22-3901 et seq.

Health boards, 65-159

Injunction to abate, 60-908

Irrigation works, 42-3,107

State institutions, slaughterhouses, within vicinity, 76-142, 76-143

State office buildings and grounds, parking, 75-4510

Traffic signs or signals, 8-1512

Abatement of action, death of party, 60-1802

Agricultural activity, immunity from nuisance lawsuits, 2-3201 et seq.

Airport hazard, 3-702

Alcoholic liquors. See subhead Nuisances under Intoxicating Liquors, this index

Cigarette tax, contraband goods, 79-3323

Cosmetics, 65-660

Criminal Procedure, this index

Drugs and medicine, 65-660

Farming, immunity from nuisance lawsuits, 2-3201 et seq.

Food, 65-660

Health nuisances, 65-159, 65-160

Insects and Plant Diseases, generally, this index

Intoxicating Liquors, this index

Junkyards, 68-2209

Lawsuits, immunity from, agricultural activities, 2-3201 et seq.

Maintenance of a common nuisance, 22-3905

Motor fuel or liquid fuel carriers, 55-516

Perishable property, 65-660

Public nuisance,

Criminal code, 21-6204

Refuse collection and disposal law, 12-2111

Sewers, requiring connection to county facilities, 19-2752h

Slaughterhouses, vicinity of state institutions, 76-142, 76-143

Traffic signs, 8-1512

Urban renewal law, restricting or limiting power to declare, 17-4759

Water from irrigation on roads, 68-184


License plates. Motor Vehicles, this index


Live plant dealers, 2-2120 et seq.

Plant Pests, generally, this index


See, also, Health Care Providers, generally, this index

Abbreviations, 65-1114

Practical nurses, 65-1116

Professional nurses, 65-1115

Accidents, liability for emergency care, 65-2891

Address, change of, 65-1117

Advanced practice registered nurse, 65-1113

Board of nursing, member, 74-1106

Categories, 65-1130

Certificates of qualification, 65-1114, 65-1130

Applications and fees, 65-1131

Exempt license, 65-1131

Inactive license, 65-1131

Reinstatement of, 65-1132

Renewal, 65-1132

Educational and training programs, 65-1133

Scholarships, 74-32,131 et seq.

Fees, 65-1131

Independent practice, 65-1130

Independent practice of midwifery, 65-1130


Prescribing authorized, when, procedures, 65-1130

Transmission of orders, 65-1130

Professional liability insurance, 65-1130

Qualifications, 65-1130

Rules and regulations, 65-1130

Scholarship program, 74-32,131 et seq.

Services subject to insurance coverage, 40-2250

Temporary permit, 65-1131

Training programs, 65-1133

Alcohol abuse, 65-1120

American Red Cross, generally, this index

Anesthetists. Registered nurse anesthetists, post

Appeal and review, 65-1121a

Attendant care services, 65-1124, 65-6201

Auxiliary patient care services, 65-1124

Barber law, exemptions, 65-1816

Blind persons, reports, 39-739

Board of nursing, 74-1106

Advanced practice registered nurse, ante

Advisory committee on intravenous fluid therapy, 65-1136

Appointment, 74-1106

Attorneys general, assistant, legal representation, 74-1111

Civil fines, 74-1110

Compensation and expenses, 74-1106

Contracts, authority to enter into, 74-1106

Duties and powers, 74-1106

Educational programs, fees authorized, 74-1109

Employees, 74-1106

Evaluating out-of-state schools, criteria, 65-1119

Evaluating schools of nurse anesthesia, 65-1152

Executive administrator, 74-1106

Grants, donations, bequests and gifts, receipt and disposition of, 74-1106

Investigation of charges, licensees, 65-1120

Legal representation, assistant attorneys general, 74-1111

Licensure requirements,

Criminal history record check, 74-1112

Qualifications, 74-1106

Report to legislature, 65-1120a

Rules and regulations, 65-1117, 65-1119, 65-1129, 65-1130, 65-1136, 65-1152, 65-1164, 74-1106

Schedule of fees, 65-1118

Surveys, 65-1119

Terms, 74-1106

Card, 65-1114

Charges against, administrative proceedings, 65-1120

Child support proceedings, licensing sanctions,

Definitions, 74-146

Notice of contempt, 74-147

Social security or identification number required, 74-148

Confidential information,

Treatment facility patients, 65-5601 et seq.

Contempt, hearings, 74-1106

Continuing education, 65-1117

Crimes, punishments and penalties, 65-1114, 65-1120, 65-1122, 65-1162, 74-1110

Conviction of, notification of board, 65-1117

Failure to report abuse, neglect or financial exploitation of certain persons, 39-1402, 39-1431

Definitions, 65-1113

Nurse licensure compact, 65-1166

Delegation of procedures,

Intravenous fluid therapy administration, 65-1136

Nursing procedures, 65-1124

Unlicensed persons, 65-1165

Denial of license, 65-1120

Disabled persons, attendant care services, 65-6201

Disciplinary action, grounds for, 65-1120

DNR, do not resuscitate orders, 65-4941 et seq.

Drug abuse, 65-1120

Drug offenses, 65-1120

Drugs and medicines, 65-1635

Education, 65-1115

Continuing, 65-1119, 65-1159

Evaluating out-of-state schools, 65-1119

Evaluating schools of nurse anesthesia, 65-1152

Fees, continuing education provider, 65-1119

Fees for institutes, conferences and programs, 74-1109

Nursing programs, accreditation, 74-1106

Practical nurses, 65-1116

Military service member, 65-1116

Scholarship programs,

Advanced practice registered nurse students, 74-32,131 et seq.

Nurse educator service scholarship program act, 74-32,219 et seq.

Nursing students, 74-3291 et seq.

Washburn university, 13-13a45

Emergency assistance, 65-1124

Employment, termination prohibited, 65-443, 65-446

Evidence, hearings, 65-1120

Examination, 65-1113 et seq.


Advanced practice registered nurse, 65-1131

Consultants' travel expenses, 65-1118a

Consultation, 65-1118a

Continuing education providers, 65-1118a, 65-1119

Disposition, 74-1106, 74-1108, 74-1109

Educational institutes, conferences and programs, 74-1109

License fees, 65-1118

Methods of payment, 65-1118

Renewal, 65-1117

Registered nurse anesthetists, post

Schools and programs, approval, 65-1118a

Fraud or deceit, 65-1120, 65-1122

Good samaritan, 65-1124

Gratuitous nursing, 65-1124

Handicapped persons, attendant care services, 65-6201

Healing arts, persons not engaged in practice, 65-2872

Health officers, employment, 65-202


Charges, 65-1120

Suspension or revocation of license, 74-1106

Impaired providers, reports relating to, 65-4924

Incompetency, 65-1120

Incrimination, 65-1120

In-home care, 65-6201

Injunctions, 65-1123

Interstate commission of nurse licensure compact administrators, 65-1166

Institutes, 74-1106

Intravenous fluid therapy, 65-1136

Investigation, charges, 65-1120

Letters, practical nurses, use, 65-1114


Emergency care at scene of accident, 65-2891

Instructions to emergency medical services personnel during emergency, 65-6124

Licenses and permits, 65-1113 et seq.

Continuing education, 65-1117

Exempt license, 65-1115

Exemptions, 65-1124

Fees, 65-1118

Felony convictions, effect, 65-1120

Inactive license, 65-1117

Misdemeanor convictions, 65-1120

Multi-state license, 65-1117

Notification of change in name or address, 65-1117

Notification of conviction of crime, 65-1117

Nurse licensure compact, 65-1166

Nursing board members, qualifications, 74-1106

Nursing programs, 74-1106

Practical nurses, 65-1113 et seq.

Qualifications, 65-1115, 65-1116

Reinstatement of, 65-1117,65-1120a

Renewal, 65-1115, 65-1117

Reports, failure to make, 65-4927

Revocation or suspension, 65-1120

Temporary permit, 65-1115, 65-1116

Malpractice reporting, 65-1127

Medical care facilities, selection, 65-431

Medication administration,

State institutions for people with intellectual disability, 65-1124

Unlicensed persons, 65-1124

Mental incapacity, 65-1120

Name, change of, 65-1117

Nurse educator service scholarship program act, 74-32,219 et seq.

Nurse licensure compact, 65-1166

Nurse-midwives, 65-28b01

Nursing Schools, generally, this index

Oaths and affirmations,

Hearings, 65-1120

Power of board to administer, 74-1106

Patients, orders not to resuscitate, 65-4941 et seq.

Peer review, proceedings privileged, 65-4915

Practical nurses,

Board of nursing, member, 74-1106

Definitions, 65-1113

Exempt license, 65-1116

Intravenous fluid therapy administration, 65-1136

License, 65-1113 et seq.

Qualifications, 65-1116

Reinstatement application, 65-1117

Renewal, 65-1116

Temporary, 65-1116

License fees, 65-1118

Register, 74-1106

Schools of nursing, 65-1119

Title, 65-1116

Practice of nursing, 65-1113


Delegated to unlicensed person, supervision, 65-1165

Intravenous fluid therapy administration, 65-1136

Nursing, delegated by licensed nurse, 65-1124

Process, charges, 65-1120

Professional nurses, 65-1113

Board of nursing, member, 74-1106

Liability for emergency care, 65-2891

License. See Licenses and permits, ante

Registered nurse anesthetists, post

Schools of nursing, 65-1119

Title, 65-1115

Prohibited practices, 65-1114

Acts not prohibited, 65-1124

Qualifications, 65-1115

Reciprocity, temporary residence, 65-1124

Records, 74-1106

Refresher course, 65-1115, 65-1116

Register, 74-1106

Registered nurse anesthetists,

Application, renewal or authorization, 65-1155


Application for, 65-1154

Expiration of, 65-1155

Reinstatement, 65-1155

Renewal of, 65-1155

Temporary, 65-1153

Board of nursing, member, 74-1106

Certification as advanced practice registered nurse, 65-1154

Crimes and penalties, 65-1162

Definitions, 65-1151

Duties, 65-1158

Education, continuing, 65-1159

Examination of victims of sexual offenses, 65-448

Rules and regulations, 65-448

Exclusions, 65-1163

Fees, 65-1154, 65-1155

Qualifications, 65-1152, 65-1159

Schools of nurse anesthesia, evaluating, 65-1152

Registration, 65-1113 et seq.

Registry, trauma system, 75-5663 et seq.

Regulation of nursing, 65-1113 et seq.


Abuse, neglect or financial exploitation of certain persons, 39-1401 et seq., 39-1430 et seq.

Continuing education provider, 65-1119

Diseases, contagious or infectious, 65-118

Risk management, 65-4923 et seq.

Resuscitation of patient, orders not to, 65-4941 et seq.

Rules and regulations, 74-1106

Scholarship programs,

Advanced practice registered nurse student, 74-32,131 et seq.

Nurse educator service scholarship program act, 74-32,219 et seq.

Nursing students, 74-3291 et seq.

School setting, procedures performed in, 65-1124

Schools. Nursing Schools, generally, this index

Self-incrimination, 65-1120

Sign, 65-1114

Social security or identification number required, 74-148

Spiritual means, 65-1124

Student nurses, 65-1124

Subpoenas, 65-1120

Suicide, assisting, 60-4401 et seq.


Auxiliary patient care, 65-1124

Intravenous fluid therapy administration, 65-1136

Nursing procedures, delegated, 65-1124

Unlicensed persons, delegation of procedures to, 65-1165

Supervision of unlicensed person, 65-1124

Teacher nurses, 65-1124

Temporary permit, 65-1115, 65-1116

Temporary residence, 65-1124

Title, 65-1114, 65-1115, 65-1116

Trauma, statewide system, registry, 75-5663 et seq.

Treatment facility patients, confidential information, 65-5601 et seq.

United States government employment, 65-1124

Unlicensed persons, supervision of, 65-1165

Unprofessional conduct, 65-1120

Witnesses, 74-1106


Generally, 74-1106

Nurses, generally, this index


County health department, 65-220

Authority, 65-221, 65-222

Fees, 65-221, 65-222, 65-225

Funds and moneys, 65-223, 65-224

Personnel, 65-221

Fees, 65-221, 65-222

Collection, 65-225

Funds and moneys,

Receipt authorized, 65-223, 65-224

Use, 65-223

Personnel, 65-221


Adult Care Homes, generally, this index


Approval of, 65-1119

Certification of school nurses, 72-255

Cities of first class, training schools and hospitals, 13-14b07

Cities of second class,

Control, 14-644

Training school and hospital, 14-613, 14-641, 14-650, 14-684, 14-692, 14-697

Courses of study, 74-1106

Curricula, 65-1119


Hospital to include nursing schools, 65-425a

Medical care facilities to include nursing schools, 65-425a

Educational programs, 74-1106

Continuing education providers, approval of, 65-1119

Washburn university, 13-13a45

Hearings, 74-1106

Hospitals, cities of second class, 14-644

Licenses, 74-1106

Notice, standards failure, 65-1119

Records, 65-1119

Reports, survey, 65-1119

Scholarship programs,

Advanced practice registered nurse service, 74-32,131 et seq.

Agreement, terms and conditions, 74-32,134, 74-32,136

Amount, 74-32,133

Award of scholarships, 74-32,133

Citation of act, 74-32,131

Definitions, 74-32,132

Duration, 74-32,133

Establishment, 74-32,133

Fund, 74-32,138

Obligations, 74-32,134

Failure to satisfy, repayment, 74-32,135

Postponement, 74-32,136

Satisfaction, 74-32,136

Qualifications for, determination, 74-32,133

Nursing student, 74-3291 et seq.

Agreements, terms and conditions, 74-3294, 74-3297

Amount, 74-3293, 74-3294

Application, 74-3294

Award of scholarships, 74-3293, 74-3294

Categories, 74-3293

Definitions, 74-3292

Duration, 74-3293

Duties, 74-3297

Expenses, allowances, 74-3299

Fund, 74-3298

Obligations, 74-3294, 74-3296, 74-3297

Failure to satisfy, repayment, 74-3295

Postponement, 74-3296

Qualifications for, determination, 74-3293

Review committee, 74-3299

Duties, 74-3293, 74-3297, 74-3299

Rules and regulations, 74-3295, 74-3297

Sponsors, 74-3292

Duties, 74-3293, 74-3294

Transfer of sponsorship, 74-3294

Schools of nursing, penalties, 65-1122

Standards, 74-1106

Training schools, cities of second class, extension of territorial limits, 14-693 et seq.

Washburn university, 13-13a45

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