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July 19, 2024
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2023 Statute

Section Number


Intoxicating Liquors, this index


Bingo, this index

County attorneys, fees, counties of 175,000 to 250,000, 28-318

Crimes and Punishments, this index

Fairs and expositions, 2-139

Indian gaming. Tribal gaming, generally, this index

Inquisitions, criminal procedure, 22-3101 et seq.


Operation prohibited as a STAR bond project, 12-17,165

Lottery, State, generally, this index

Parimutuel Racing, generally, this index

Nuisances. Criminal Procedure, this index

Ordinances, 21-922

Problem gambling and addictions grant fund, 39-1907, 79-4805

Township cemeteries and parks, 80-913

Tribal gaming, this index


Wildlife, generally, this index


Generally, 79-4801


See, also, Motor Vehicle Service Stations, generally, this index

Turnpikes, 68-2009


See, also, Waste, this index

Generally, 12-2101 et seq., 47-1301 et seq.

Animals. See subhead Garbage, feeding to animals under Animals, this index

Bonds, 12-2104

Charges, limitation upon, 12-1674a

Cities, trash disposal sites, 12-2123

Cities of first class, regulation, 13-436

Collection and disposal, 12-2101 et seq.

Contractors, nonresident, taxes, 79-1008 et seq.

Contracts, 12-2122a

Collection and disposal, 12-2102

Heating and processing requirement, 47-1303

Townships, 80-2202, 80-2204

Counties, 19-2658 et seq.

Haskell county, landfill, 19-2697

Sanitary codes, 19-3701 et seq.


Disposal of dead animals, 47-1214

Refuse collection and disposal, 12-2101

Disposal, interlocal cooperation, 12-2904

Disposition of acquired lands, 19-2662

Duties regarding disposal, 12-2103

Equipment, purchase and repair, 12-110a

Facilities, acquisition, 12-2102

Haskell county, 19-2697

Incineration, 12-2102

Industrial districts, 19-3808

Interlocal cooperation, 12-2904

Landfill, sand or gravel pit, 19-2697

Lease of property for facilities, 12-2102

Licenses, collectors, 12-2110

Roads and highways, moving, restrictions, 47-1306

Service charges, collection, 12-2104 et seq.

Signs along roads and highways, unlawful acts, 68-422a

Solid waste. Waste, this index

Streets and alleys, moving on, restrictions, 47-1306

Tax levy, financing disposal, 65-204

Taxation, 12-2104

Townships, 80-2201 et seq.

Townships, 80-2201 et seq.

Joint exercise of powers, 80-2203

Trash disposal sites, cities, 12-2123

Waste, generally, this index

Water Pollution, generally, this index


Municipal township of Finney county, 18-128a


Generally, 60-729 et seq.

See, also, Civil Procedure for Limited Actions, this index

Accounting, 60-734

Administrative fee, garnishee, 60-732, 60-733, 60-734

Amendment of garnishee's answer form, 60-725

Annulment, temporary support orders, 23-2707

Answer, 60-725, 60-733, 60-736, 60-737, 60-741

Assignment of accounts, 60-2310

Director of accounts and reports, 60-2310

Attachment, 60-730

Attachment orders, 60-706, 60-736, 60-737

Attorney fees, 60-721, 60-741, 60-742

Before judgment, 60-730


Payment of judgment by defendant, 60-722

Burden of proof, 60-735, 60-738

Car companies, delinquent taxes and penalties, 79-915

Collecting agency, accounts assigned to, 60-2310

Contempt, judgment debtor, 60-742

Continuing garnishment, 60-734

Costs, generally, this index


Burden of proof, 60-735, 60-738

Claims by garnishee, 60-719

Court, payment to, 60-739


Judgment determining liability of garnishee, 60-721

Discharge of garnishee,

Bond for payment of judgment, 60-722

Judgment, 60-721

Offsets claimed by garnishee, 60-719

Divorce, temporary support orders, 23-2707

Dormant judgments, 60-2403

Earnings. Wage garnishment, post

Employment Security Law, benefits, 44-718

Exceptions, 60-724

Bankruptcy, 60-2310

Election of, 60-2312

Support of any person, 60-2310

Exemptions, 60-2301 et seq.

Claim of, 60-735

Family postsecondary education savings account, 60-2308

Kansas postsecondary education savings account, 75-646

Pensions, benefits and annuities, 60-2308

Cities of first class, 13-14,102

Court reporters, 74-49,105

Highway patrol, 74-4978g

Judges, 20-2618

Policemen and firemen, 12-111a, 12-5005, 14-10a10

Exception, domestic relations orders, 12-111a

Public employees retirement system, 74-4923

Support, court ordered, 60-2308

Wages earned out of state, 60-2309

Expenses, 60-741, 60-742

Fee, court, 60-729

Financial institutions, amount withheld, 60-733

Fine for failure to pay, 60-742

Forms, 60-732, 60-733, 60-736, 60-737, 60-743

Financial institutions, 60-733

Governmental entities and subdivisions, consent for proceedings against, 60-723

Grain in warehouse, 34-264

Hearing, 60-735, 60-738, 60-741

Illness preventing work, effect, 60-2310

Inmate trust account,

Minimum amount of payment, 60-727

Insurance companies, 40-218

Intangible property other than earnings, 60-732, 60-736


Dormant, 60-2403

Entering of, 60-721

Liability, 60-739, 61-3512

Life insurance, interests of beneficiaries, 40-414a

Exemption, 40-414

Negotiable instruments, exceptions, 60-724

Notice to judgment debtor, 60-735

Order of garnishment, 60-732

Continuing order, 60-721

Financial institutions, 60-733

Inmate trust account,

Minimum amount of payment, 60-727

Order summoning garnishees, 60-706

Overpayment, 60-739, 60-740

Payment, 60-739, 60-740

Pensions, officers and employees, first class cities, 13-14,102

Post judgment, 60-731 et seq.

Public employees' retirement system, 74-4923

Public officers and employees, 60-723

Refund, 60-739

Release of funds, 60-739, 61-3512

Restrictions on wage garnishment, 60-734, 60-2310

School employees' retirement fund, certain, 72-2683

School retirement system benefits, 72-2643

Secretary for children and families, assignment of support rights, 60-2310

Separate maintenance, temporary support orders, 23-2707

Services of process, 60-303

Earnings, 60-734

Sickness preventing work, effect, 60-2310

Small claims procedure. Civil Procedure for Limited Actions, this index

Social welfare payments, 39-717

State funds, exemption, 60-723

Stock, situs of ownership, 17-6419


Continuing order, when, 60-721

Temporary orders, 23-2707

Unemployment compensation benefits, 44-718

Wage garnishment,

Answer, 60-737

Discharge of employee, 60-2311

Forms, 60-734

Restrictions, 60-734, 60-2310

Service of process, 60-734

When available, 60-731

Workers compensation,

Failure to pay when due, 44-512a

Payments, 44-514


Municipally Owned Utilities, generally, this index

Oil and Gas, generally, this index

Severance Tax, this index


See, also, Motor Fuel, generally, this index

Environmental assurance fee, 65-34,117

Storage tanks, generally, this index

Taxation, Motor Fuel Tax, generally, this index

Transportation by motor carriers, licenses, 55-506 et seq.

United States, use, waiver of inspection, 55-423


Fences, this index

Irrigation and Irrigation Districts, this index


Boundaries, 18-131

Construction of statutes referring to Davis county, 18-131b

Jail, law enforcement center, bonds, 19-15,116, 19-15,143

Name of Davis county changed, 18-131a

Township fire departments, 80-1919 et seq.

U.S.D. No. 475, land transfer, 72-1552, 72-1553, 72-1554

Validating acts, 18-131c

Venue, actions involving Fort Riley military reservation, 60-613


Elections, generally, this index


State general fund. See subhead General fund under State, this index


Generally, 12-6a01 et seq.


Actions to set aside assessment, 12-6a11

Assessment rolls, 12-6a09

Levy of assessments, 12-6a10

Service assessments, 12-6a17

Supplemental assessments, 12-6a12

Authorized improvements, 12-6a02

Combining improvements, 12-6a03

Benefit fees, 12-6a19

Bonds, 12-6a15

Costs, 12-6a07, 12-6a08, 12-6a09, 12-6a14

Definitions, 12-6a01

Funds, 12-6a13, 12-6a16

Initiation, 12-6a04

Limitation of actions, 12-6a11

No-fund warrants, 12-6a17

Notice and hearing, 12-6a04

Preliminary plan, 12-6a05

Bids, 12-6a05

Property not in original district, 12-6a19

Protest, 12-6a06

Service assessments, 12-6a17

Disclosure, 12-6a20

Special improvement fund, 12-6a13

Supplemental assessments, 12-6a12


Courses of study, schools, 72-3214

Kansas one map act, 74-99f01 et seq.


Generally, 76-322 et seq.

Counties, tax levies, 76-326a

Fund, 76-326b

Kansas data access and support center, funding, 74-99f08

Lease information from state agencies, 76-323b

Logs of water well contractors, filing, 82a-1212

Mining production reports, annual, 76-323a

Oil and Gas, this index

Reports, 76-323, 76-323b, 76-326

State geologist, 76-323, 76-326

Oil and gas well drilling contracts, state lands, approval of location, 76-114

Water authority, ex officio member, 74-2622

Tax levies by counties, 76-326a

Water office, Kansas, cooperation, 74-2610

Water Plan Act, cooperation, 82a-903


Business entities, 74-7036

Certificate of authorization, 74-7036

Reinstatement, 74-7026

Renewal, 74-7025

Required, 74-7001

Exemptions, 74-7035

Revocation, 74-7026

Appeal, 74-7028

Suspension, 74-7026

Appeal, 74-7028

Child support arrearages, sanctions, 74-146, 74-147

Corporations, 74-7036

Definitions, 74-7003

Examinations, 74-7017

Board of technical professions, 74-7013

Fees, 74-7009

Exemptions, 74-7035

Fees, 74-7009, 74-7025

Incorporation of, 17-2706 et seq.


Application, 74-7018

Cancellation, reinstatement, 74-7025

Continuing education, 74-7025

Examinations, 74-7017

Board of technical professions, 74-7013

Fees, 74-7009, 74-7025

Fees, 74-7009, 74-7025, 74-7026

Loss or destruction, reissue, 74-7025

Reciprocity, 74-7024

Reinstatement, 74-7026

Renewal, 74-7025

Required, 74-7001

Exemptions, 74-7035

Revocation, 74-7026

Appeal, 74-7028

Suspension, 74-7026

Appeal, 74-7028

Licensed land surveyor, liability, 74-7046

Seal, 74-7023


Aging and disability services, 76-12a08

Airports and landing fields, joint ownership and operation, 3-120

Anatomical Gift Act, Revised Uniform, 65-3220 et seq.

Area vocational schools, 72-3816

Armories, this index

Budget by taxing subdivisions, 79-2925

Cemetery districts, 17-1338

Children and minors,

Community based services, group boarding homes, 39-1301 et seq.

Uniform transfers to minors act, 38-1701 et seq.

Colleges and universities, 76-724

Correctional institutions, 75-5205

Counties, this index

Detention and parental homes or farms, 38-524

Disability Concerns, Commission On, generally, this index

Discrimination, Kansas human rights commission, 44-1004

Drainage districts, 24-449

Ethics, State Governmental, this index

Goods, wares and merchandise, unsolicited, 50-617

Governor's residence advisory commission, 75-131

Half-way houses, state board of social welfare, acceptance and disbursements, 39-1202

Highway patrol member, 74-2113

Homes for aged, 19-2111

Cities of third class, 12-4910

Hospital and medical facilities survey and construction, 65-413

Hospitals, cities of first class, 13-14b03

Human rights commission, Kansas, 44-1004

Johnson county park district, 19-2868

Libraries, acceptance, 12-1225, 12-1251

Minors, 38-1701 et seq.

Municipal universities, 13-13a13

Municipalities, 12-101

Parking stations, 13-1374, 13-1388

Parks, this index

Playgrounds and Recreation Centers, this index

Rehabilitation facilities, 39-1202

Rural water districts, 82a-619

School districts, legal successor, 72-1142

Sewers or sewage facilities, 12-631b


Dillon house, 75-3683

Governor's residence, 75-131a

State facilities gift fund, 75-3684

Statehouse, 75-2265

State biological survey, university of Kansas, 76-338

State board of education, 72-260, 72-261

Statute of frauds, 33-102

Township, garbage and refuse collection and disposal purposes, 80-2204

Trading stamps, 21-2801 et seq.

Unsolicited goods or services, 50-617

Vocational schools, 72-3816

Water office, Kansas, 74-2609


Conveyance of lands by boy scout council, 75-3323a

Wheat belt area council, lease of lands, 75-3323


Beloit Juvenile Correctional Facility, this index


American National Standards Institute, 65-3801

Safety glazing material. Hazardous Materials and Locations, this index


See, also, Animals, generally, this index

Animal Diseases, generally, this index

Meat inspection,

Labeling of carcass or products, unlawful acts, 65-6a29, 65-6a40

Slaughter, unlawful acts, 65-6a27 et seq., 65-6a40

Public livestock markets, 47-1001 et seq.

Slaughter, products not for human food, 65-6a33

Storage and handling of food products, 65-6a32


Precious Metal Dealers, this index


Counties, 19-27,156

Johnson county park district, 19-2862 et seq.

Revenue bonds, cities of first class, 13-1395 et seq.


Accelerate payments or performance, 84-1-309

Bailee's liability, 84-7-404

Behavioral sciences, malpractice reports, investigations, 74-7510

Definition, 84-1-201

Duties, obligation of, 84-1-304

Emergency care, liability, 65-2891, 65-2891b

Garnishee's liability, 60-739

Obligation, 84-1-304

Psychologists, malpractice reports, investigations, 74-7510

Purchasers, voidable title, 84-2-403

Rejected goods, duties of buyer, 84-2-603

Sales, specifications for performance, 84-2-311

Social workers, malpractice reports, investigations, 74-7510


Emergency care, liability, 65-2891, 65-2891b

Food, 65-687

Hazardous materials, civil liability relating to emergency discharge thereof, 65-3472

Healing arts, persons not engaged in practice, 65-2872

Nursing assistance, 65-1124


Table, 22-3725


Auctions and Auctioneers, generally, this index


Documents of title, 84-7-102

Sales act, 84-2-105


Buyer's option, 84-2-613

C.I.F. or C. & F. contracts, risk on seller, 84-2-321

"No arrival, no sale" term, 84-2-324

Warehouse, right to sell, 84-7-206

Export Finance Act, Kansas, generally, this index

Hazardous, disposition by warehouse, 84-7-206

Misdescription of goods, bills of lading, 84-7-301

Monopolies and Unfair Trade, generally, this index

Sales, state highway right of way, 68-432, 68-433

Secured Transactions, generally, this index

Trade Show Promotion, generally, this index

Trading stamps, 21-2801 et seq.


Boundaries, 18-132

Castle Rock, historical property, 76-2018 et seq.

Monument rocks and sphynx, historical property, 76-2018 et seq.


See specific bold subject headings

Courses of study, schools, 72-3214, 72-3217, 72-3235, 72-3233

Organization, definition, 84-1-201

Sales, governmental regulations,

Delay in delivery, 84-2-615

Failure to pay due to, 84-2-614

Service of process on, 60-304


Campaign finance. See Elections, this index

Commission on. See Ethics, State Governmental, this index

Conflict of Interests, generally, this index

Ethics, Local Governmental, this index

Ethics, State Governmental, generally, this index


Tort Claims Act, generally, this index


Kansas Governmental Operations Accountability Law, this index


Generally, 75-101 et seq.

Actions and proceedings,

Attorney general, directions, 75-702

Prosecution on official bonds, request, 75-703

Protection of state interests, 75-108

Advisory committees and task forces, executive order created, open meetings, 75-4318

African-American affairs, advisory commission on, 74-9901 et seq.

Allocation of expenditures from appropriations, 75-3711


Abstracters' board, 74-3901

Accountancy, state board, 1-201

Acting official retaining classified service status, 75-118

Acting state officers to certain positions, 75-4315a

Administrative hearings, office of, director, 77-561

Advisory group on juvenile justice and delinquency prevention, Kansas, 75-7007

Aging and disability services,

Advisory council on, 75-5911

Secretary for, 75-5903

Agricultural labor relations board, 44-820

Animal health board, livestock commission, 74-4001

Arkansas River Compact representatives, 82a-520

Athletic commission of the state of Kansas, 74-2901

Attorney, actions affecting state, 75-108

Background investigations, 75-712

Banking board, 74-3004

Barbering, Kansas board of, 74-1805a

Behavioral sciences regulatory board, 74-7501

Board of regents, state, Kan. Const. Art. 6, § 3

Boards of education, vacancies, 25-2022b

Central administrator, agreement on detainers, 22-4407

Children with special health care needs, advisory commission for, 75-5643

Commerce, secretary of, 74-5002a

Commissioner of juvenile justice, 75-7001

Confirmation by senate, 75-4315b

Congressional district residency, 75-4315c

Corporation commission members, 74-601

Corrections, secretary of, 75-5203

County elective offices, vacancies, 25-312

Court of appeals judges, 20-3020

Dealer review board, 8-2412

Dental board members, 74-1404

Development finance authority, board of directors and president, 74-8903

District judges, Kan. Const. Art. 3, § 6; 25-312a

Drug screening program, 75-4362

Failure to act, 75-117

Early childhood developmental services, coordinating council, 74-7801

Education commission of the states, 72-8262

Elective offices, vacancies, 25-312, 25-3901 et seq.

Emergency medical services board, 65-6102

Film services commission, 74-9201

Fire service training commission members, 76-327a

Healing arts board, 65-2812 et seq.

Health and environment, secretary of, 75-5601

Health care commission, state employees, 75-6501

Highway patrol superintendent, 74-2113

Historical society, executive director, 75-2701

House of representatives, legislature, 25-3903

Human rights commission, Kansas, 44-1003

Indigents' defense services, state board of, 22-4519

Information network of Kansas, board members, 74-9303

Insurance commissioner, 40-106

Interstate cooperation committee, 46-403

Interstate oil compact commission, 55-865

Kansas City Area Transportation District and Authority Compact, 12-2524 et seq.

Kansas department for children and families, secretary, 75-5301

Kansas firefighters memorial advisory committee, 75-36,103

Labor, secretary of, 75-5701

Legal counsel, 75-108

Legislative members, 25-3903

Lieutenant governor, to certain positions, 75-303

Lottery, Kansas, executive director, 74-8703

Military disability board, 48-261

Mo-Kan Metropolitan Development District and Agency Compact, 12-2514

Mortuary arts board members, 74-1701a

Nonprofit dental service corporation directors, 40-19a03

Nonprofit medical and hospital service corporation directors, 40-19c03

Nursing board members, 74-1106

Optometry examiners, 74-1501

Persian Gulf War veterans health initiative board members, 73-1223

Pharmacy board members, 74-1604, 74-1605

Physical therapy advisory council, 65-2904

Pooled money investment board, 75-4221a

Public employee relations board, 75-4323

Public employees retirement system, 74-4905

Racing and gaming commission, 74-8803

Rail service assistance program advisory committee, 75-5043

Real estate commission, 74-4201

Regents, state board of Kan. Const. Art 6,3, 74-3202a

Registry, 75-403

Revenue, secretary of, 75-5101


Aging and disability services, 75-5903

Agriculture, 74-560

Children and families, 75-5301

Commerce, 74-5002a

Corrections, 75-5203

Health and environment, 75-5601

Labor, 75-5701

Revenue, 75-5101

Transportation, 75-5001

Senate, legislature, 25-3903

Sentencing commission, Kansas, 74-9102

Sheriffs, 19-804

Sports hall of fame, board of trustees, 74-2906a

State geographic information systems officer, 74-99f06

State historical society, executive director, 75-2701

State library of Kansas board, 75-2546

State long-term care ombudsman, 75-7304

State officers, certain positions, 75-4315a

State salvage board, 68-2212

Tax appeals, state board of, 74-2433

Technical professions, state board of, 74-7004

Trauma, advisory committee on, 75-5664

Travel and tourism, council on, 32-1410

Turnpike authority members, 68-2003

United States senator, 25-318

University of Kansas hospital authority, 76-3304

Unlawful, 75-714

Unqualified appointee, 75-714

Vacancies, elective offices, 19-2606, 25-312, 25-3901 et seq.

Water authority, Kansas, 74-2622

Water office, Kansas, director of, 74-2613

Wichita state university, trustees, 76-3a16

Withdrawal of appointment, 75-4315b

Arms and military equipment, distribution on receipt from United States, 75-110, 75-111

Assistants and employees, 75-3102

Compensation, 75-3102

Transition in office, 75-134, 75-135

Attorney general,

Directions, 75-702

Furnishing legal opinions to governor, 75-704


Employment on behalf of state, 75-108

Special attorneys, 75-116

Audits, legislative post audit committee, requests, 46-1109

Bills and resolutions,

Approval, 45-303, Kan. Const. Art. 2, § 14

Bills becoming law without approval of governor, 45-305

Messages to legislature, forming of approval, 45-303

Pocket veto prohibited, 45-305

Record, 75-103

Secretary of state,

Deposit with, 75-103

Removal from, 75-404

Submission for signature, 45-302

Veto by governor, Kan. Const. Art. 2, § 14

Journal entries referring to, 45-304a

Passage over veto, publication, 45-304

Reconsideration by legislature, 45-304


Department of administration to give information and assistance, 75-134, 75-135, 75-3719

Division of, supervision, 75-3714a

Fiscal assistant, appointment, 75-3719

Hearings, attendance, 75-3719

Joint estimates of general fund revenues, 75-6701

Limit on general fund appropriations and transfers, 75-6702

Reductions, general fund expenditures and transfers, 75-6704

Report, 75-3715, 75-3720, 75-3721

School retirement, 74-4939

Services to children and families, 75-3717, 75-3721

Transition in office of governor, 75-132 et seq., 75-3719

Appropriation request to finance, 75-137

Budget report, 75-3715, 75-3720, 75-3721

Children's budget document, 75-3721

College of veterinary medicine at Kansas state university separate agency for budget purposes, 75-3717c

Extension systems and agriculture research programs of Kansas state university, separate agency for budget purposes, 75-3717d

Judicial branch budget, inclusion, 75-3720

Submission to legislature, 75-3721

Business of state, transacting, 75-107

Certificates of deposit, issuance, state general fund, duties, 75-3725a

Change of administration. Transition in office, post

Civil service,

Duties, 75-2935b, 75-3711

Exercise powers and functions under, 75-3711

Commander in chief of militia, 48-203

Powers and duties, 48-203

Commissions, 75-403

Commutation of sentence, 22-3705, 22-3722

Compensation and salaries, 75-135, 75-3101, 75-3111a, 75-3719

Agriculture, secretary of, 75-3149

Alcoholic beverage control, director, 75-5117

Assistant private secretary, 75-3102

Bank commissioner, 75-3135

Children and families, secretary for, 75-5301

Community services and programs, commissioner of, 75-5308e

Corrections, secretary of, 75-5203

Executive clerk, 75-3102

Health and environment, department of,

Division of environment, director of, 75-5605

Division of public health, director of, 75-5603

Secretary of health and environment, 75-5601

Human rights commission, director, 44-1003

Labor, secretary of, 75-5701, 75-5734

Pardon attorney, 75-3102

Private secretary, 75-3102

Revenue, secretary of, 75-5101

Sentencing commission staff, approval, 74-9103

State long-term care ombudsman, 75-7304

Taxation, director of, 75-5102

Transition in office, 75-135, 75-3719

Travel expenses, exemption, 75-3216

Unclassified service, civil service, 75-2935b

Vehicles, director of, revenue department, 75-5110

Computer services director, appeals from, determination, 75-3711

Constitutional provisions. Constitution of Kansas, generally, this index

Constitutionality of laws, direction to attorney general, 75-702


Personal papers, 75-104

Record, 75-105

Criminal justice coordinating council, 74-9501

Criminal offenders, transfer under treaty, 22-3723

Criminals, rewards, 75-113, 75-113a

Directives, publication, 75-430

Disability, 75-126, Kan. Const. Art. 1, § 11

Emergency interim succession act, 48-1204

Disability concerns, commission on, generally, this index

Drought, declaration of, 48-924

Guidelines and advice, 74-2608

Drug screening program, safety sensitive positions, 75-4362

Early childhood developmental services, coordinating council on, 74-7801 et seq.

Economic opportunity office, state, 74-6901 et seq.

Education commission of the states, membership, compensation, 72-8262, 72-8264

Election, 25-101, 25-101a; Kan. Const. Art. 1, § 1

See, also, Elections, generally, this index

Application of election laws, 25-4002

Ballots, 25-617, 25-4004

Validity, 25-3002

Campaign Finance Act. Elections, this index

Candidates, qualifications, 25-101a

Declaration of intention to become candidate, 25-4004, 25-4006

Fee, 25-4004, 25-4006

Inauguration contributions, 25-4186, 25-4187

Joint nomination and election with lieutenant governor, 25-4003, Kan. Const. Art. 1, § 1

Nomination petitions or papers, 25-4004, 25-4005

Party nominations, 25-301

Tie votes, legislative determination, 25-3209

Transition in office, post

Vacancy in party candidacy, filling, 25-3905, 25-3906

Secretary of state, notification, 25-3908

State party delegate convention, 25-3905, 25-3906

Write-in candidates, 25-612, 25-617

Affidavit, 25-305, 25-305b

Electronic signature, proclamations, warrants, requisitions, 75-106

Emergency interim successor, 48-1204

Emergency location of state government, 48-1501 et seq.

Emergency management, powers and duties, 48-924, 48-925

Limitations, business or commercial activity, 48-925a

School closures, 48-925c

Ethics, State Governmental, generally, this index

Executive chief information technology officer. Administration, Department of, this index

Executive clerk, 75-3102

Executive head, driver license compact, 8-1215

Executive reorganization orders, Kan. Const. Art. 1, § 6

Children and families, Kansas department for, 75-5301 et seq.

Department of human resources, 75-5701 et seq.

Education, board of regents, functions of state education commission transferred to, 74-3230 et seq.

Health and environment, department of, 75-5601 et seq.

Labor, department of, 75-5701 et seq.

Podiatry board of examiners, 74-2805 et seq.

Expenditures of state agencies, allocations from appropriations, 75-3711

Extradition, generally, this index

Federal aid,

Approval of programs by governor and finance council, 75-3711a

Federal business transactions, 75-107

Finance council, 75-3708

Agenda, 75-3710

Division of powers between governor and council, 75-3711

Executive functions, 75-3711c

Exercise of powers, duties and functions, 75-3711

Flag Day, proclamation, 73-705

Fort Leavenworth military reservation school district,

Inquiry into agreement between state and federal government, 72-1213

Gifts and favors, Ethics, State Governmental, generally, this index

Governors of Kansas hometown heritage act, 75-5071, 75-5072

Great seal of state, custody and use, 75-203

Highway patrol, superintendent of, duty on appeal, 66-1302

Hispanic and Latino American affairs commission, 74-6501 et seq.

Home, official, 75-128 et seq.

Impeachments, 37-101 et seq.; Kan. Const. Art. 2, § 28

Inauguration contributions, 25-4186, 25-4187

Incoming governor, transition in office, 75-132 et seq.

Interstate Civil Defense and Disaster Compact, 48-3202

Interstate cooperation commission, membership, 46-404

Interstate cooperation committee, 46-403 et seq.

John Brown memorial park, lease, 76-2002a

Judges and justices,

Modifying election laws, authority restricted, 25-125

Legislative post audit committee, audit on request, 46-1109

Legislative studies, request to coordinating council, 46-1206


Messages to, 75-102, 75-3720, 75-3721, Kan. Const. Art. 1, § 5

Record of, 75-105

Session of,

Adjournment, Kans. Const. Art. 1, § 5

Change of location, emergency, 48-1308

Special sessions, 46-1401 et seq., Kan. Const. Art. 1, § 5

Lieutenant Governor, generally, this index

MacLennan Park, 75-121 et seq.

Mansion, 75-121 et seq.

Alcoholic liquor, consumption, 41-719

Midwestern higher education commission, membership, 74-32,265

Military Forces, this index

Militia, commander in chief of. See, Military Forces, this index

Modifying election laws, authority restricted, 25-125

Mother's Day, proclamation, 35-202

Motor vehicle reciprocity contracts, approval, 74-4302

National bio agro-defense facility steering committee, 74-99b34

National Guard Mutual Assistance Compact. Military Forces, this index

Nomination. Election, ante

Oath of office, 75-101

Office space, 75-3765a

Oil and Gas Conservation Compact, 55-801 et seq.

Amendments, 55-864

Orders and directives, publication in Kansas register, 75-430

Pardon attorney, 75-3102

Pardons, Kan. Const., Art. 1, § 7

Release. Criminal Procedure, this index

Report of, 22-3703

Printing and binding by division of printing, 75-1005

Private secretary, 75-3102


Appropriation of property within harbor lines, drainage districts, 24-472

Arbor Day, 35-204

Cities of first class, 13-101

Cities of second class, 14-101

City of third class changing to city of second class, 14-1103

Drainage districts, organization in valley of natural watercourse, 24-504

Emergency interim successors, termination, 48-1313

Emergency temporary location of government, 48-1501

Energy resources emergencies, 74-619

Flag Day, 73-705

General Pulaski's Memorial Day, 35-203

Legal publications, official state paper, 64-103

Mother's Day, 35-202

Native American Legislative Day at the Capitol, 35-205

Publication, 64-103

Quarantine, animal diseases, 47-611

Safety Day, 39-1104

Signature, 75-106, 75-403

U.S. house of representatives, election to fill vacancy, 25-3501 et seq.

White Cane Safety Day, 39-1104

Prosecution in civil or criminal action, defense, 75-4360

Public lands, proceeds of sales, 75-109

Questions of law, legal opinions by attorney general, 75-704

Radioactive wastes, site acquisition, 65-3449

Reciprocal agreements, colleges and universities, 74-3221

Records, 75-103, 75-104, 75-105

Special attorneys and investigators, 75-116


Corporation commission member, 74-605

Highway patrol superintendent, 74-2114

Impeachment, Kan. Const., Art. 2, § 28; 37-101 et seq.

Mortuary arts board members, 74-1701a

Optometry examiners, 74-1501

Turnpike authority members, 68-2003

Reports, 75-3044 et seq.

Aging and disability, secretary for,

Long-term care services, 75-5945, 75-5954

Agricultural production loan deposit program, 75-4268

Angel investor tax credit act, 74-8135

Budget director, administration, state department of, 75-3715

Compensation commission, legislature, 46-3101

Division of services to children and youth, 75-5326

Dust storms and soil erosion, 2-2003, 2-2005

Employment security fund solvency, 44-710a

Form or manner of reporting, alternatives,

Publishing on internet, 75-3048

Submission on CD-ROM, electronically readable media, 75-3048

Governor's budget report, 75-3720

Health care data, 65-6807

Health programs for pregnant women and children, consolidation, 65-1,159

Hospital and medical facilities survey and construction, 65-413

Insurance commissioner, 40-108

KAN-ED act, annual report, 75-7226

Kansas development finance authority act, 74-8913

Kansas guardianship program, 74-9603

Legislature, reports to, 75-3720, 75-3721

Plant or weed blowing, 2-2003 et seq.

Property valuation director, 79-1404

Tax levy statement, 79-1806

Qualified industrial manufacturer act, 74-50,121

Regents, state board of, 74-3202c

Secretary of health and environment, 75-5620

Seed capital, local pools, 74-8405

Senior services trust fund, 75-4267

Small Business Procurement Act, 75-6011

State agencies, program, activities, 75-3046, 75-3048

State children's institutions, health and sanitation, 65-176

State financial condition, 75-3735

State officers, transmitting to legislature, 75-102

Turnpikes, 68-2015

University of Kansas hospital authority, 76-3311

Republican River Compact, 82a-518

Requisitions, signature, 75-106


Advisory commission, 75-129 et seq.

Designation, 75-128

Gifts, 75-131, 75-131a

Rewards, criminals, crimes, 75-113, 75-113a

Salaries. Compensation and salaries, ante

School lands, approval of sale without survey or appraisement, 72-1541

School retirement, budget, 74-4939

Seal of state, custody and use, 75-203

Secretary of state,

Judicial agreements, authority to enter into, when, 25-125

Shotgun, gift to state, title transfer, 75-139

Signature, proclamations, warrants, requisitions, 75-106

Staff officers, oath of office, 48-248

State board of canvassers, member, 25-3201

State board of indigents' defense services, 22-4519

State children's institutions, health and sanitation, recommendations, 65-176

State water plan, submission to governor by water resources board, 82a-906

Successors to office, Kan. Const. Art. 1, §§ 12, 13; 48-1204

Term of office, 25-4001, Kan. Const., Art. 1, § 2

Transition in office, 75-132 et seq., 75-3719


Political or personal business, reimbursement of state, 74-2105

Security, 74-2105

Transportation, state department of, advisory boards or committees, 75-5018

Travel expenses,

Budget hearings, incoming governor, 75-3719

Designated employees, 75-3216

Nonofficial travel, state-owned vehicle or aircraft, fees, 74-2105, 75-3226

Out-of-state, 75-3216

Trusts for benefit of state or political subdivisions,

Acceptance of beneficial interest, 58-2431

Termination, 58-2438

Turnpike facilities, policing, 68-2025

Vacancy in office, 75-125, Kan. Const., Art. 1, § 11

Successors to office of governor, 48-1204, 75-125, Kan. Const., Art. 1,§ 11

Veto of bills, 45-304, 45-307, Kan. Const., Art. 2, § 14

Item of appropriation of money, 45-307, Kan. Const., Art. 2, § 14

Message to secretary of state, 45-307

Message to legislature, 45-304, Kan. Const., Art. 2, § 14

Passage over veto, 45-304

Certificate, 45-308

Pocket veto prohibited, 45-305

Reconsideration by legislature, 45-304, 45-308, Kan. Const., Art. 2,§ 14

Warrants, signature, 75-106

Water Plan Act, this index

Winter veterans hospital, acquisition by state approval, 76-17d01


Boundaries, 18-133


Agricultural grain marketing, compact on, 2-3101

Agricultural Products, generally, this index

Grain Commodity Commissions Act, generally, this index

Property tax exemption, 79-201n

Wheat, this index


Warehouses and Warehousemen, this index


Grain Inspection Department, generally, this index


Generally, 2-3001 et seq.

Assessments, 2-3007, 2-3008

Commissions, 2-3002, 2-3003

Accounts, 2-3008

Districts, 2-3002

Election, 2-3002

Lobbying prohibited, 2-3005

Meetings, 2-3004

Organization, 2-3004

Powers and duties, 2-3005

Transfer, 2-3002a

Definitions, 2-3001

Funds, 74-578

Credits to state general fund, limits, 75-3170a


Foreclosure, 2-3009

Priority, 2-3007, 2-3012

National checkoff program for soybeans, 2-3012

Penalties, 2-3010

Promotion entity, soybean, 2-3011

Records, assessment and refund, 2-3007

Refunds of assessments, 2-3007, 2-3013

Secretary of agriculture, powers and duties, 2-3006

Soybean promotion entity, 2-3011

Unlawful acts, 2-3010


Warehouses and Warehousemen, generally, this index


See, also, Agricultural Products, generally, this index; Warehouses and Warehousemen, generally, this index

Abolishment of department, 34-128

Adulterated grain, 21-5837

Inspection of grain, governed by United States department of agriculture, 34-128

Transfers to the department of agriculture,

Appropriations, 34-134, 34-135

Conflicts, resolution by governor, 34-132

Grain inspection fee fund, 34-135

Legal proceedings, 34-133

Officers and employees, 34-130, 34-131

Orders, directives, 34-129

Powers, duties and functions, 34-128, 34-129

Property, 34-129, 34-135

Records, 34-133

References in contracts, statutes, 34-129

Rules and regulations, 34-129

Sale of property, 34-135

Title, real estate, 34-129


Armories, use for meetings and functions, 48-301

Construction of building on lands in Ellsworth county, reversion of title to state, 76-2003

Monuments and memorials for veterans, 73-425 et seq.

Railroads, reduced rates to members, 66-152


Generally, 22-3001 et seq.

Criminal Procedure, this index


Children and Minors, this index


Boundaries, 18-134

County buildings,

Financing of, sales tax, 12-187, 12-189

Law enforcement agency, 19-4468 et seq.

State land, conveyance to city of Ulysses, public recreational purposes, 74-3319b


Community-based teenage pregnancy reduction program, 65-1,158

Deeds and Conveyances, generally, this index

Federal aid, generally, this index

Pregnancy maintenance initiative program, 65-1,159a

Pregnancy reduction program for teenagers, 65-1,158

Public television. See Television and Radio, generally, this index

Rivers and streams, channels, 82a-202 et seq.

State emergency fund, municipalities, 75-3713a

Teenage pregnancy reduction program, 65-1,158


Sand and Gravel, generally, this index


Cemeteries and Cemetery Companies, generally, this index

Unmarked burial sites preservation act, 75-2741 et seq.

State Historical Society, generally, this index


Boundaries, 18-135, 18-135a


Boundaries, 18-136

Conveyances, irrigation purposes, 42-610

Form of government, change of, 12-365

Unification of governmental units,

Annexation, 12-366

Definitions, 12-360

Hearings, 12-361

Unification, costs of, 12-367

Unification commission, members, 12-361

Unification plan, 12-361, 12-362

Required provisions, 12-363

Unified government, powers of, 12-365

Urban area,

Designation, 12-364


Boundaries, 18-137

Parimutuel Racing, generally, this index


Professional negotiation. See Schools and School Districts, this index

Public employment, 75-4321 et seq.


Generally, 12-1,101 et seq.

Cancellation when tax is less than five dollars, 12-1,106

Crimes and penalties,

Disclosure of information, 12-1,108

Failure to file return, 12-1,105

Definitions, 12-1,102

Director of taxation, duties, 12-1,104

Eliminating tax, procedure, 12-1,101

Revenue loss, offset of, 12-1,101

Exemptions, 12-1,109

Imposing or reimposing tax, procedure, 12-1,101

Levy and collection, 12-1,106

Proceeds, disposition, 12-1,107


Confidentiality, 12-1,108

Failure to file, penalty, 12-1,105

Filing requirements, when, 12-1,104

Rules and regulations, 12-1,110

Situs, 12-1,103a


Franchise grantee, reports, 12-2001


Alcoholic beverages, 79-4101

Musical composition agreements, 57-208


Waters and Watercourses, this index


Waters and Watercourses, this index


Documents of title, indorser, 84-7-505

Loans, 17-5001

Powers of guaranty companies, 40-1102


Answer, for minor or incapacitated person, 60-212

Appointment, 39-1116, 59-2205, 60-217

Bonds, waiver of, probate proceedings, 59-1104


Notice of, 59-2209

Waiver of notice, probate proceedings, 59-2208, 59-2223

Homestead, incapacitated spouse, execution of mortgages and leases, 59-2317

Incapacitated person, homestead, execution of mortgages and leases, 59-2317

Notice, probate proceedings, 59-2208, 59-2223

Trusts, representation of unborn or unascertained beneficiaries, accounting proceedings, 59-2254

Waiver of notice, probate proceedings, 59-2208, 59-2223


Abstracts of title, sale of real estate, 59-2313

Accounting, 59-3083, 59-3084

Accounts and accounting, 59-1703

Resignation of guardian, 59-1709

Act for obtaining a guardian or conservator, 59-3050 et seq.

Action or defense by, 60-217

Actions, 59-2207, 60-217

Nonresident guardians, 59-1708

Address confidentiality program, 75-451 et seq.

Adjudged impaired in another state, 59-3061

Adult with an impairment, 59-3058

Agent for service of process, nonresident guardians, 59-1706

Allowance to minor children, probate proceedings, 59-403

Annual report, 59-3083, 59-3084

Answer, for minor or incapacitated person, 60-212

Appeal and review, 59-2401, 59-2401a

District magistrate judges, appeals from, 59-2408

Determination of appeal, remanding case, 59-2409

Trial on appeal, 59-2408

Evidence, appeals from district magistrate judges, 59-2408

Failure to defend or appear, 59-2404

Matters transferred to district judge, 59-2402, 59-2402a, 59-2402b

Venue, 59-2403

Appearance, failure to appear, appeals, 59-2404

Appointment of guardian, 59-3067

Adult with an impairment, 59-3058

Children and minors, 59-3054

Conserving property prior to appointment, 59-2204

Corporations, 59-1701, 59-1702, 59-3070

Duties and powers, 59-3075

Hearings, post

Impairment, adult with, 59-3058

Letters of guardianship, 59-3069

Notice, 59-3066

Petition, 59-2204, 59-3058, 59-3059, 59-3060, 59-3061, 59-3062, 59-3063

Voluntary petition, 59-3056, 59-3057

Priority of nomination, 59-3068

Qualifications, 59-3068

Standby basis, 59-3074

Successor appointed, 59-3088

Temporary guardian, 59-3073

Voluntary petition, 59-3056, 59-3057

Attorney, appointment of, 59-3063, 59-3065

Attorneys, attorney-client privilege, 60-426

Auctions, sale of real estate, 59-2308

Authentication of documents, adjudged impaired in another state, 59-3061

Bond of guardian, 59-1101, 59-2306

Action on, 59-1102

Approval, 59-1102

Cancellation, 59-1106, 59-1109

Increase or reduction of amount, 59-1106

Joint or separate bonds, two or more guardians, 59-1103

New bond, discharge of surety, 59-1107

Waiver of, probate proceedings, 59-1104

Care and treatment of mentally ill persons. Mentally Ill Persons, this index

Children and minors,

Estates, natural guardian's powers, 59-3053

Natural guardian, powers and duties, 59-3053

Transfers to, 38-1701 et seq.

Civil commitment, 59-3077

Co-guardian, change in authority, 59-3087

Compensation of guardian, 59-1717

Compromise, indebtedness due ward, 59-1714

Computation of time, 59-3052

Confidentiality of records and reports, 59-3093

Conserving ward's property, pending guardian appointment, 59-2204

Corporations, officers, acting as guardian, 59-810, 59-1701, 59-1702

Costs, 59-104, 59-3094

Taxation and security therefor, 59-2214

Court review of accounting, report and plan, 59-3084

Death benefits. Military Forces, this index

Death of ward, termination of guardianship, 59-3092

Deeds and conveyances,

Auctions, 59-2308

Real estate commission, 59-2312

Validation of certain deeds, 58-2255, 58-2255a

Default judgment, 60-255

Representation of ward, 60-255

Defense, failure to defend, appeals, 59-2404

Definitions, 59-3051

Evidence, 60-401

Digital assets, revised uniform fiduciary access to digital assets act, 58-4801 et seq.

Discharge of guardian, 59-1718

Disclosure proceedings, 59-2216


Failure to fulfill, 59-3089

Estates of minors, natural guardian's powers, 59-3053


Adult with an impairment, 59-3058, 59-3063, 59-3065

Minor with an impairment, 59-3060, 59-3063, 59-3065

Failure to fulfill duties, 59-3089

Family allowances, probate proceedings, 59-403

Fees. Costs, ante

Fiduciary security transfers, Uniform Act, 17-4903 et seq.

Final discharge, 59-3091

Final report, 59-3083

Guardianship plan, 59-3076

Habeas corpus, prosecuting writ, 60-1501


Appointment of guardian,

Venue, transfer of, 59-3072

Notice of, 59-2209, 59-2210

Waiver of notice, probate proceedings, 59-2208, 59-2223

Husband and wife, marital privilege, 60-428


Adjudged in another state, 59-3061, 59-3063, 59-3065

Adult with, 59-3058

Minor with, 59-3060

Indigent persons, costs, 59-2214

Instructional program, 59-3069

Insurance, consent, ward's contracts, 40-237

Investments, 17-5001 et seq.

Joinder, beneficiaries in actions by necessity, 60-217

Jurisdiction, 59-2203

Juror trial, 59-3067

Kansas Guardianship Program, generally, this index

Leases, additional bond of guardian, 59-2306

Letters of guardianship, 59-3069

Revocation of, 59-3089

Liability of guardian, effect of resignation, 59-1710

Mail and mailing, notice of hearing, 59-2209

Marital privilege, claiming, 60-428

Marriage of ward,

Consent, underage applicants, 23-2505

Medical records, confidentiality of, 59-3093

Mental treatment, 59-3077

Mentally Ill Persons, generally, this index

Minor, temporary custody of, 59-3065

Minor with an impairment, 59-3060

Minors. Children and minors ante

Missing persons, reports to law enforcement agencies, 75-712f

Mortgages, additional bond of guardian, 59-2306

Natural guardians,

Nomination of guardian or conservator, 59-3054

Powers and duties, 59-3053

Nomination, 58-654, 59-3054

Nonresident guardians,

Appointment of agent for service of process, 59-1706

Powers, 59-1707

Notice, 59-2210, 59-3063, 59-3066

Nonresident guardians, service, 59-1706

Probate proceedings, 59-2208, 59-2210, 59-2223

Proof of service, 59-2211

Oath and bond, 59-3069


Appeal and review, ante

Appointment of guardian. See, Hearings, ante

Full faith and credit, 59-3097

Order of temporary custody, application for guardian, 59-3065

Orders of court,

Discretionary preliminary orders, 59-3065

Patients, physician-patient privilege, 60-427

Plan, guardianship, 59-3076

Adjudged impaired in another state, 59-3061

Adult with an impairment, 59-3058

Court review, 59-3084

Minor, 59-3059

Minor with an impairment, 59-3060

Poverty affidavit, costs, 59-2214

Power of Attorney, generally, this index

Powers, 59-3075

Mental treatment, commitment, 59-3077

Natural guardian, 59-3053

Nonresident guardians, 59-1707

Process, 59-2207

Nonresident guardians, 59-1706

Service of process, post

Pupils, diseases, 65-122

Real estate. Deeds and conveyances, ante

Removal of guardian, 59-3088


Annual and final, 59-3083

Special, 59-3083

Resident agent, 59-3069

Resignation of guardian, 59-1710, 59-3088

Accounting, 59-1709

Restoration to capacity, 59-3090

Review. Appeal and review, ante

School pupils, diseases, 65-122

Service of process, 59-2207, 59-3066, 60-304

Nonresident guardians, 59-1706

Publication, 60-307

Unknown guardian, 60-307

Small estates, 59-3055

Special report, 59-3083

Successor appointed, 59-3088

Supervision. Court supervision, ante

Support, generally, this index

Supreme court, rules of court, 59-2501

Temporary custody of minor, 59-3065

Termination of guardianship, 59-3083, 59-3091, 59-3092

Authority, 59-1713

Title insurance, sale of real estate, 59-2313

Traffic regulations, permitting violation, 8-1586

Treatment facility, commitment to, 59-3077

Trial, 59-3063, 59-3067

Referral for, 59-3071

Trusts, establishment thereof, 59-3080

Uniform Act for Simplification of Fiduciary Security Transfers, 17-4903 et seq.


Actions against guardians, 59-2207

Appeals, 59-2403

Appointment of guardian, 59-2203

Transfer after appointment of guardian, 59-3072

Voluntary petition, 59-3056, 59-3057

Waiver of notice, probate proceedings, 59-2208, 59-2223

Ward, restoration to capacity, 59-3090

Witnesses, claiming marital privilege, 60-428

Workers compensation,

Incapacitated persons, exercise of rights, 44-509

Minors, payment of compensation, 44-513a


Exemption from food license, 65-689


Generally, 12-1692 et seq., 12-1696 et seq.



Prohibitions concerning use, 75-6705

Schools, weapon-free, 72-6131 et seq.

Weapons, generally, this index


See, also, Streets and Alleys, generally, this index

Generally, 12-601 et seq.

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