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July 19, 2024
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2023 Statute

Section Number


Definition, 84-2-319

Overseas shipments, bill of lading required, 84-2-323


See, also, Telefacsimile Communications, this index

Animal brand, 47-417

Brands of animals, publication, 47-424

Signatures, generally, this index


Defined, labor and industry, 44-637

Labor, department of, 75-5701 et seq.

See, also, Labor, State Department of, generally, this index

Manufacturers and Manufacturing, generally, this index


Credit, this index


Generally, 8-601 et seq.

Monopolies and Unfair Trade, generally, this index


Generally, 2-125 et seq., 2-301 et seq.

Amusement rides,

Amusement ride safety fund, 44-1617

Compliance audits, 44-1602

Construction standards, 44-1604

Contracting requirements, 44-1608

Definitions, 44-1601

Enforcement actions, 44-1619

Injunction, 44-1611

Injuries, reporting of, 44-1618

Inspections, 44-1602

Insurance act, 40-4801 et seq.

Insurance requirements, 40-4802

Local regulations, 44-1612

Operator training, 44-1605

Patron responsibilities, 44-1607

Penalties, 44-1610

Permits, 44-1616

Permits for certain rides, 44-1620

Records, 44-1603

Rules and regulations, 44-1614

Safety instructions, posting, 44-1606

Suspension of ride operation, 44-1609, 44-1618

Testing, 44-1604

Boards, 19-1561c

Buildings and grounds, 2-127

County free fair, 2-132, 2-133

County tax levies, 2-145a, 19-1561 et seq.

Funds, 2-129

No-fund warrants, 2-131e

State fair, post

Tax levies, 2-131a et seq.

Cities, second or third class, tax levy, 2-142, 2-143

Cloud county fair board, 19-2699

Committees, 2-128

County aid, 2-129, 19-1561 et seq.

Adjoining counties without fair, 2-132b

Annual tax levies, 2-129, 2-129c, 2-129e, 2-129g, 2-129i, 2-131a

Election, when, 2-129d, 2-129f, 2-129i

Counties over 50,000, 2-301 et seq.

No-fund warrants, 2-131e

Payment, 2-131, 2-131c, 2-131d

Poultry show association, 2-145

Withholding, 2-139

County clerk, tax levy estimate, 2-130

County fair association,

Official recognition, revocation by county commissioners, 2-163

County free fair, 2-132 et seq.

Appropriations by county, 2-142, 2-143

Cities of second or third class, tax levy, 2-142, 2-143

Expenses, 2-142, 2-143

Official fair association, designation as, 2-144d

Tax exemption, 79-201a

County property, rental or lease of buildings or grounds, 2-129b

County warrants,

No-fund warrants, 19-1561e, 19-1561g

Poultry show association, 2-145

Courthouses, exchange for fairgrounds, 19-1544 et seq.

Crimes, punishments and penalties, trespassing, 2-140

Definitions, 2-125


County free fair, 2-133

Elections, 2-128

Term of office, 2-128

Domestic animal activity, assumption of risk, 60-4001 et seq.


County free fair, 2-132

Directors and officers, 2-128

Notice and publication, 2-128

Tax levies, 2-131b, 19-1561

Ellis county, acquisition of land, 2-131f

Eminent domain, 2-135, 19-1561

Expenses, county free fair, 2-132, 2-142, 2-143


Benefits and recognition, 2-137

County free fair recognition, 2-132

Fraud, 2-138

Free fair, 2-132 et seq.


Premiums, 2-137

Special fairs, 2-130

Gambling device, operations, 2-139

General fund,

Balances, tax levy funds, 2-304

County aid payments, 2-130

Premium payments, adjoining counties, 2-132b

State fair, county exhibits, 2-203

Gifts, 19-1561a

County free fair, 2-132

Incorporation, 2-126, 2-127

Intoxicating liquor, sale, 2-139

Lakes, lease from townships, 80-933


Counties over 50,000, 2-301

Courthouse property exchanged for fairgrounds, 19-1546

Fairground, county free fairground, 2-132

Township lakes and parks, 80-933

Livestock association,

Counties over 50,000, 2-301

Official recognition, revocation by county commissioners, 2-163

Tax levy, 2-131c

Livestock show association, county aid, 2-129

Managing officers, 2-128

County free fair board, 2-144

Tax levy estimate, 2-130

Montgomery county, tax levies, 2-129g

Mortgages, 2-136

No-fund warrants, 19-1561e, 19-1561g


County free fair board, 2-144

Elections, 2-128

Organization of associations, 2-126, 2-127

Parks, lease from townships, 80-933

Premiums and rewards, 19-1561b

Adjoining counties without fair, 2-132b

Certification of statement, 2-131

Counties over 50,000, 2-301

County aid, 2-129 et seq.

County free fair, 2-132

Poultry show association, 2-145

Speed premiums, 2-303

Racing. Parimutuel Racing, generally, this index

Railroads, reduced rates, 66-152

Real estate, 2-127

County free fair, 2-132, 2-133

Tax levy for purchase, 2-131a et seq.

Rent or lease of fairgrounds or buildings by county commissioners, 2-129b


Counties over 50,000, 2-305

County aid, 2-129 et seq.

Director of accounts and reports, 2-205

Sales tax, rate of tax, 79-3603

Shawnee county fair association, 2-158 et seq.

State fair, 2-201 et seq.

Abolition of prior board, 74-524b

Admission charges, 2-216

Advertisements, 2-205b

Unlawful to advertise as, 2-201

Alcoholic liquor, consumption, 41-308a, 41-719

Bank deposits, appropriations and fee fund, 2-205

Board, 2-201 et seq., 74-520a et seq.

Abolition of prior board, 74-524b

Powers and duties transferred, 74-524c

Committees, 74-521

Compensation and expenses, 74-521

Composition, 74-520a

Conveyance of property, 2-227

Employees, 74-521

Rights, retention of, 74-524d

Establishment, 74-520a

Expenses, 74-522

Meetings, 74-521

Name change, 74-524a

Nonprofit corporation authorized,

Fundraising for state fair, 74-520a

Officers, 74-521

Powers and duties, 2-221, 2-222, 74-521

Transfer from prior board, 74-524c

Quorum, 74-524

Seal, 74-521

Bond issuance, 2-223, 2-226

Buildings and grounds,

Automobile display building, 2-213

Contracts and leases, use for other purposes, 2-202, 2-219

Fire stations, 2-214

Office buildings, 2-214

Razing, repairs, maintenance or remodeling, 2-202b

Tax assessment, stored property, 2-202a

Wheat, commemorative building, 2-217

Capital improvements, 2-221, 2-226

Fund, 2-223

Self-insurance, 75-3713d

Change fund, establishment and use, 2-220

Change funds, 2-205

Committees, 74-521

Compensation and salaries, 2-205

Control and regulation, 74-521

Depository, 2-205

Easements, public utilities, sewers, and streets, 2-215, 2-222

Employees, 74-521

Rights, retention of, 74-524d

Fee fund, 2-205

Feed and bedding for livestock, 2-205b

General manager, 74-521

Grandstand, self-insurance fund, 75-3713d

Hutchinson, city of, 2-201, 2-215, 2-219

Hutchinson community foundation, 2-225

Insurance, 2-224

Labor and employment, 2-205, 2-213

Moneys collected and expended, 2-205

Parimutuel racing agreements, 2-221

Premiums, 74-521

Printing, 74-521

Prizes and awards, 2-205

Reno county,

Authority of commissioners, 2-206

Tract conveyed to state, 2-202

Rules and regulations, 74-523

Secretary, 74-521

Shows and attractions, 2-205b

State fair debt service special revenue fund, 2-226

Supplies and services, 2-205a

Unlawful to conduct or advertise other fairs as, 2-201

Vouchers, 2-205, 2-205a, 2-205b

Workers' compensation insurance, 2-224a

State fairgrounds, nonfair days activities fee fund,

Abolished, 2-205

Taxation, 19-1561 et seq.

Buildings and grounds, 2-131a et seq.

Certain counties, 2-145a

Counties over 50,000, 2-301 et seq.

County aid, 19-1561 et seq.

County free fair, 2-132, 2-142, 2-143

County levies, 2-129, 2-129c, 2-129e, 2-129g, 2-131a

Election, when, 2-129d, 2-129f, 2-129i

Free fair, 19-1547

Time, 2-201

Urban area counties, 2-129i

Theaters and shows, public morals, 2-139

Township buildings, admission price, 80-104

Trespassing, 2-140

War, discontinuance of state fair, 2-137


No-fund warrants, 19-1561e, 19-1561g

Poultry show association, 2-145

Wheat show, 2-301


Crimes and Punishments, this index


Attorney general, powers and duties, 75-7504

Civil action, 75-7503

Burden of proof, 75-7505

Damages, civil penalties, costs, attorney fees, 75-7503

False claims against state, political subdivision, 75-7503

Private cause of action, 75-7504, 75-7506

Recovered proceeds, disposition, 75-7508

Definitions, 75-7502

Employment retaliation claims, 75-7506

False claims litigation revolving fund, 75-7508

Administration, 75-7508

Authorized expenditures, 75-7508

Joint and several liability, 75-7509

Remedies, act not exclusive, 75-7507

Statute of limitations,75-7505

Venue, civil action, 75-7510


Crimes and Punishments, this index


Statute of limitations, 60-514


Crimes and Punishments, this index


Children and Minors, generally, this index

Corporation for Change, this index

Crime Victims, this index

Husband and Wife, generally, this index

Marriage, generally, this index

Marriage and Family Therapists, generally, this index

Relatives, generally, this index


Drugs and medicines, keeping and supplying, 65-1648

Establishment and maintenance, 75-5674, 75-5675

Duties of state and local agencies, 75-5675


Generally, 76-366 et seq.

Affiliates, 76-367 et seq.

Reimbursement of costs, 76-370

Curriculum, 76-369

Definitions, 76-367

Establishment of health education centers not limitation on, 76-372

Policy, 76-366

Program, 76-367, 76-369

Reimbursement to affiliates, 76-370


Agricultural Machinery and Equipment, generally, this index


Agricultural Products, generally, this index


Agriculture, generally, this index


United States Agencies, generally, this index


Monopolies and unfair trade, defenses, acts done under federal act, 50-157


Acceptance of grants, 75-3711a, 75-3711b

Advertising control act of 1972, 68-2241

Agriculture, secretary of, 74-550

Airports and Landing Fields, this index

Bridges. Roads and Highways, this index

Budget limitations in applicable,

School districts, 12-1663

Bureau of investigation, Kansas, acceptance of grants, 75-712

Challenging conditions under federal personal responsibility and work opportunity act of 1996, 75-751

Cities, 12-1662 et seq., 68-437 et seq.

Cities of first class, military memorial building, 73-444

Cities of second class, public libraries, 12-1251

Cities of third class, streets and alleys, 15-718, 15-719

Colleges and Universities, this index

Commitments, limitations on, 75-3711a

Community-based teenage pregnancy reduction program, 65-1,158

Conservation, 32-824 et seq., 32-827

Correctional institutions, Interstate Corrections Compact, 76-3002

Corrections, secretary of, receipt, expenditure, 75-5205

Counties, 12-1662 et seq.

Building for social welfare purposes, 19-1596

Public libraries, 12-1251

Road and street funds, 68-402b

Social welfare building, 19-1596

State share payment, 68-434 et seq.

County parks and recreation centers, 19-2839

County sewer systems, 27-102

Criminal justice information system, Kansas, 74-5701 et seq.

Definitions, 12-1662

Deposit and disbursement, 75-3734

Disabled persons, developmental disabilities, 74-5505

Drainage districts, 24-491

Dust storms, 2-2009

Education, board of regents, 74-32,304

Emergency management, 48-916

Energy conservation, corporation commission, 74-616 et seq.


Approval of finance council, 75-3711a

Budget limitations inapplicable, 12-1663

Reimbursed expense, 12-1663

Extension councils, 2-608, 2-609

Firefighters, training, university of Kansas, 76-327

Fish restoration, 32-829

Food service programs, 72-17,138, 72-17,143

Governor, approval, 75-3711a

Health and environment, state department of, receipt authorized, 65-103a

Health and sanitation, 65-103a

Highway, road and street funds, municipalities, 68-402b

Highway patrol, obtaining benefits of federal legislation, 74-2117

Historic preservation program, 75-2722

Homes for the aged, 19-2111

Counties between 30,000 and 40,000, 19-2118

Hospitals, this index

Housing, municipalities, 17-2357

Housing authorities, bonds secured by federal aid pledge, investments, 17-2336

Improvement districts, 19-2765

Interest earned on, payment, 75-3083

Job training partnership act, participation, 74-32,412

Kansas medical facilities survey and construction act, 65-410

Kansas technical institute, deposit of funds, 76-901

Labor, department of, 75-5733

Libraries, 12-1225

Acceptance by counties and cities, 12-1251

Library districts, acceptance of grants, 12-1248

Metropolitan transit authority, 12-2811

Military equipment, governor distributing, 75-110

Military reservations, schools, 72-1208

Mined-land conservation and reclamation act, 49-417, 49-428

Municipal buildings and grounds, 12-1737

Municipalities, 12-1662 et seq., 68-437 et seq.

Natural resources, development of, 32-827

New hires information, state directory, 75-5742

Plant or weed blowing, 2-2009

Pregnancy reduction program for teenagers, 65-1,158

Public television and radio services, 75-4924

Rail transportation plan, state, 75-5026

Railroads, generally, this index

Regional system of cooperating libraries, 75-2551

Research projects, state education institutions, certain cost reimbursements, 76-739, 76-740

Revenue, state department of, receipt authorized, 75-5135

Roads and Highways, this index

Rural water districts, 82a-619

School children with intellectual disability, 72-5539

Schools and school districts, 12-1662 et seq., 72-5537 et seq.

Sewer systems, 12-3104, 80-2008

Soil conservation districts, 2-1908, 2-1915

State agencies, 75-3711a, 75-3711b

Applications and agreements, 75-3049, 75-3050, 75-3051

Biological survey, university of Kansas, 76-338

Board of health, 65-103a

Buildings or property, insurance, 74-4703

Colleges and universities, 76-723

Conservation commission, acceptance of, 2-1904

General budget summary, 75-3721

Historic preservation program, 75-2721

Homeland security budget estimates, 75-3717, 75-3721

Library, 75-2542

Streets and Alleys, this index

Taxing districts, 12-1662 et seq.

Teenage pregnancy reduction program, 65-1,158

Temporary finance,

Limitations, 12-1664

No-fund warrants, 12-1664, 12-1665, 12-1666

Refunding, tax levies, 12-1665, 12-1666, 12-1667

Temporary notes, 12-1664, 12-1665, 12-1668

Refunding, tax levies, 12-1665, 12-1667

Townships, 12-1662 et seq.

Sewer systems, 80-2008

Townships authorized to administer, urban renewal, 17-4762

Transit Systems, generally, this index

Transportation, state department of, 75-5023

Urban renewal, 17-4747, 17-4748, 17-4751

Townships authorized to administer, 17-4762

Vocational education, 74-32,405 et seq.

Wastewater management plans, 65-3310

Application of act, 65-3313

Water office, Kansas, 74-2609

Wildlife restoration, 32-828, 32-829


United States Courts, generally, this index


Generally, 9-1301 et seq.

Banks and Banking, this index

Trust Companies, this index


Bureau of investigation, 75-711

Criminal justice coordinating council, 74-9501

Early childhood developmental services, coordinating council on, 74-7801 et seq.

Education, board of regents, 74-32,304

Federal cash management fund, interest payments, 75-3082, 75-3083

Grants-in-aid to libraries, 75-2562

Independent application for and receipt of, 75-2562

Job training partnership act, participation, 74-32,412

Labor, department of, 75-5733

Older Americans Act moneys, reception and disbursal by department on aging, 75-5903

Transit Systems, generally, this index


United States, generally, this index


Insurance, this index

Savings and Loan Associations, this index


Banks and Banking, this index

Trust Companies, this index


Fees for inspection and supervision, 66-1,153 et seq.

Rules in conformance, corporation commission, 66-1,150


Banks and Banking, this index


Waters and Watercourses, this index


Revenue Sharing, this index


Fees for filing and recordation, 28-115

Tax Liens, this index


Relocation assistance, compliance, 58-3501


Secretary of health and environment,

Orders, refuse storage or disposal, water pollution, 65-171d et seq.


State Depositories, this index


Funds, generally, this index


Generally, 2-1004

Commercial Feeds, generally, this index

Liens for feeding livestock, 58-241 et seq.


Generally, 47-1501 et seq.

Animals, this index


See specific subjects


Crimes and Punishments, generally, this index

Criminal Procedure, generally, this index


Generally, 29-101 et seq.

Action for damages, 29-404

Barbed wire fences, 29-105

Cemeteries, 14-1007

Construction, 29-102, 29-103

Crimes, punishments and penalties,

Fence viewers, neglect of duty, 29-202

Interfering with fences or gates, 29-107

Cruelty to animals, 29-409

Electric fences, 29-109

Eminent domain, 26-513

Gates, 29-106

Roads and highways, 68-126, 68-127, 68-128a

Height, 29-102, 29-405

Irrigation works, 42-348

Landowners, agreements, 29-306

Legal and sufficient fence, 29-104

Legal enclosures, 29-101 et seq.


Domestic animals, enclosure required, 29-101Running at large, unlawful, 47-122

Running at large,

Unlawfully running at large, 47-122

Trespass, damages for, 29-108

Partition fences, 29-301 et seq., 29-401

Railroads, 66-308 et seq.

Removal, fence built by mistake, 29-406, 29-407

Removal by counties, highways and grade crossings, 19-2612

Roads and Highways, this index

Trespass, animals breaking fences, 29-402 et seq.

Taking possession of animals, 29-408

Viewers, 29-201 et seq.

Assessing damages, 29-402, 29-403

Assignment, 29-306, 29-314

Compensation, 29-203

Duties, 29-304

Expenses, 29-405


Missouri River, railroads maintaining, 66-523


See, also, Agricultural Liming Materials, this index

Generally, 2-1201 et seq.

Advertisements, false or misleading statement, 2-1208

Affidavits, failure or neglect to file, 2-1208

Agriculture, state department of, 2-1201 et seq.

Ammonium nitrate,

Dealers, 2-1201c

Definitions, 2-1201

Anhydrous ammonia, 2-1212

Defects in equipment, 2-1217

Energy resource, conservation, 74-616 et seq.

Inspection of facilities and equipment, 2-1216, 2-1217

Municipal regulation of, 2-1215

Penalties, 2-1219

Safety standards, 2-1212

Unlawful acts, 2-1218

Anhydrous ammonia owners, immunity from civil action, 60-4601

Animal waste, motor carrier exemption, 66-1,109

Bonds, release after seizure, 2-1208

Brands, marks and labels,

Containers or packages, 2-1204

Destruction and removal, 2-1208

Misbranding, mutilation and obliteration, 2-1208

Misleading or deceptive, 2-1210

Registration, post

Tags, 2-1204

Bulk and commercial, 2-1226 et seq.

Construction or alteration of facilities, transferable, 2-1228

Injunctions, 2-1231

Penalties, 2-1231

Rules and regulations, 2-1227

Secretary duties, 2-1228, 2-1229

Stop sale order, 2-1227, 2-1230, 2-1232

Unlawful acts, 2-1230

Bulk lots,

Labels, 2-1204

Samples, 2-1207

Certification, sample analysis, 2-1206

Coal or coke gasification nitrogen fertilizer plant property, tax exemptions, 79-228

Crimes, punishments and penalties, 2-1201b, 2-1205

Constitute debts, 2-1205

Evidence, 2-1206, 2-1207, 2-1208

False reports, 2-1205

Second and subsequent offenses, 2-1208

Criminal prosecutions, 2-1208a

Custom blended fertilizers,

Label or delivery slip, warnings, 2-1201a

Licenses and permits, 2-1201a, 2-1201b

Definitions, 2-1201, 2-1226

District courts,

Criminal prosecutions, 2-1208a

Jurisdiction, 2-1208


Fertilizer fee fund, 2-1205

Fertilizer research fund, 2-1205, 2-1221

Inspection, 2-1205

Failure or neglect to pay, 2-1208

Penalty, 2-1205

Pesticide use survey, 2-1206

State water plan fund, 2-1205

Guaranteed analysis, 2-1202, 2-1204, 2-1210

Publication, 2-1209

Hearing of violations, 2-1201b, 2-1208a

Indebtedness, 2-1205

Injunctions, 2-1208, 2-1231

Inspection and inspectors, 2-1206

Judgments, basis, 2-1205

Manufacturers and manufacturing, 2-1201 et seq.

Records of sales, 2-1205

Tonnage reports, 2-1202, 2-1205, 2-1208, 74-505c

Nuisance lawsuits, immunity from, 2-3201 et seq.

Publications, registered fertilizers, sample analysis reports, 2-1209

Records and recordation, shipments and sales, 2-1205

Registration, 2-1202, 74-139

Cancellation and revocation, 2-1202, 2-1205, 2-1208a

Failure of, stop sale orders, 2-1206

Grades, 2-1201a

Mistake, 2-1208a

Publication, 2-1209

Trademarks, misleading or deceptive, 2-1210

Violations, 2-1208

Rules and regulations,

Commercial and bulk fertilizers, 2-1226

Prescribing and enforcing, 2-1210

Violations, 2-1208

Sales tax, ingredient or component part of plants, 79-3602


Analysis, 2-1206, 2-1207

Examination, 2-1208a

Solid waste, 65-3409. See, also, Waste, this index

Specialty fertilizer, 2-1204

Stop sale order, 2-1222


Anhydrous ammonia, 2-1212

Bulk and commercial, 2-1226 et seq.

Liquid fertilizer, 2-1234

Tags, 2-1204

Tonnage reports, 2-1202, 2-1205, 2-1208, 74-505c

Trademarks, and trade names, misleading or deceptive, 2-1210

Transportation, anhydrous ammonia, 2-1212

Uniformity of law,

State jurisdiction, exclusivity, 2-1235

Weights, label or delivery slip, 2-1201a, 2-1204


Abortion, minors, 65-67a09

Applicability, when not, 65-67a03

Construction of act, 65-67a02

Definitions, 65-67a01

DNA testing, 65-67a09

Inapplicability of act, 65-67a03

Penalties, 65-67a04, 65-67a05, 65-67a06, 65-67a07, 65-67a09

Prohibited acts, 65-67a04, 65-67a05, 65-67a06, 65-67a07

Severability, 65-67a08

Transfer of tissue,

Donor, consent of, 65-67a07

Reports to secretary of health and environment, 65-67a05


Action or defense by, 60-217

Bank, officers and employees, acting as,

Dealings with companies having control of bank or trust company, 9-1611

Records, 9-1130

Special permit, 9-1601

Bonds (Officers and Fiduciaries), generally, this index

Bribery. Crimes and Punishments, this index

Commercial bribery, criminal code, 21-6506

Conservators and Conservatorships, generally, this index

Corporations or officers, acting as, 59-1701

Custodians, generally, this index

Defined, uniform act for simplification of fiduciary security transfers, 17-4903

Digital assets, revised uniform fiduciary access to digital assets act, 58-4801 et seq.

Executors and administrators. Probate Proceedings, this index

Fiduciary security transfers, uniform act, 17-4903 et seq.

Guardian and Ward, generally, this index

Investments, 17-5001 et seq.

Express highway and freeway bonds, 68-2310

Urban renewal bonds, 17-4752

Loans, 17-5001 et seq.

Minors, transfers to, 38-1701 et seq.

Probate Proceedings, generally, this index

Receivers and Receivership, generally, this index

Removal and penalties, 59-1711

Trust Companies, generally this index

Trusts and Trustees, generally, this index

Unclaimed property, 58-3934 et seq.


Generally, 58-4801 et seq.

Application, 58-4803

Court orders, 58-4816


Compliance with requests, 58-4816

Immunity, good faith compliance, 58-4816

Procedure for disclosing digital assets, 58-4806

Termination of user's account, 58-4815

Terms-of-service agreement, effect, 58-4805

Definitions, 58-4802

Disclosure of digital assets,

Conservator, 58-4814

Deceased user, personal representative,

Content of electronic communications, 58-4807

Digital assets other than content of electronic communications, 58-4808

Guardian, 58-4814

Power of attorney, agent,

Content of electronic communications, 58-4809

Digital assets other than content of electronic communications, 58-4810

Procedure, 58-4806

Trust, trustee,

Content of electronic communications, 58-4812

Digital assets other than content of electronic communications, 58-4813

Original user, 58-4811

User direction, 58-4804

Electronic signatures in global and national commerce act, 58-4818

Fiduciary duty and authority, 58-4815

Interpretation, uniformity, 58-4817

Liability, limitations, 58-4816

Severability, 58-4819

Termination of user's account, 58-4815

Terms-of-service agreement, effect, 58-4805


Appointment, 74-9201

Composition, 74-9201

Establishment, 74-9201

Meetings, 74-9201

Membership, 74-9201

Appointments, 74-9201

Ex officio, 74-9201

Terms, 74-9201

Vacancies, 74-9201

Officers, 74-9201

Quorum, 74-9201

Terms, 74-9201

Vacancies, 74-9201


Drugs and medicine, 65-668

Food, adulteration, 65-664

Health nuisances, 65-159, 65-160

Roads and highways, depositing along, erection of signs, 68-422a


Consumer Credit Code, this index


Cities of first class, 13-1708

Cities of third class, 15-1407


Insurance Premium Finance Companies, this index

Investment Companies, generally, this index

Loans, generally, this index

Truth-in-Lending, generally, this index


Agenda of meetings, 75-3710

Allotment system review, 75-3722

Building project defects, investigation, 75-3713c

Certificate of indebtedness, duties, 75-3725a

Certificate of participation financing arrangements, 75-37,101

Chairperson, 75-3708

Claims against the state, approval of, 75-6106, 75-6116, 75-6117

Compensation, meetings, 75-3212, 75-3213, 75-3710

Compensation of state officers, approval,

Bank commissioner, 75-3135

Director of transportation administration, 75-5006

Economic development, department of,

Governor in lieu of finance council, 75-3711

Housing, food service and other maintenance, 75-2961a

Construction defects recovery fund, 75-3785

Contracts between certain state agencies, approval, 75-3711a, 75-3711b

Copies filed with legislative research department, 75-3711b

Creation, 75-3708

Emergency fund, state, 75-3712 et seq.

Employment security fund, special, 44-716a

Expenses, 75-3710

Out-of-state applicants for employment, approval, 75-3218 et seq.

Federal grants-in-aid, approval, 75-3711a, 75-3711b

Governor, powers and duties, 75-3711, 75-3711b, 75-3711c

Health preservation expenditures, 75-3713

Items of appropriation, transfer, 75-3726a

Legislative delegations, 75-3711, 75-3711c, 75-3713b, 75-3713c, 75-5046

Approval of federal aid, 75-3711c

Expenditure limitations on special revenue funds, increase, 75-3711c

Major disasters,

Federal disaster reliefs, state share, 75-3713

Limitations on use of funds, 75-3713

Meetings, 75-3710, 75-3711, 75-3714

Members, 75-3708

National guard entitlements, approval, 75-3713b

National guard mutual assistance compact expenses, approval, 75-3713b

Powers and duties, 75-3711, 75-3711c

Exercise by governor, when, 75-3711

Reduction in general fund expenditures and transfers, 75-6704

Quorum, 75-3711

Real estate in Reno county, lease or exchange, approval, 76-183

Sale of surplus state real estate, disposition of certain proceeds, 75-6609

Santa Fe office building, acquisition,

Revenue bonds, approval, 75-3653

Terms of loan, approval, 75-3649

Terms of sale agreement, 500 block of Kansas properties, 75-3652

Secretary, 75-3708

State educational institution contracts, certain,

Approval, 75-3711b

Filing with legislative research department, 75-3711b

State emergency fund, use, 75-3713, 75-3713c

Loans or grants to municipalities, when, 75-3713a

Transfer of items of appropriation,

Attorney general, authority, 75-3726b

State agencies, approval, 75-3726a

Travel expenses, 75-3212, 75-3213, 75-3710

Vacancies in office, 75-3709

Voting, unanimous vote requirement, absentee voting procedure, 75-3711


See, also, specific bold subject headings

Banks and Banking, generally, this index

Export Finance Act, Kansas, generally, this index

Loan Brokers, generally, this index

Savings and Loan Associations, generally, this index

Technology-enabled fiduciary financial institutions, genrally, this index

Trust Companies, generally, this index


Sales, this index


Secured Transactions, this index


See, also, Crimes and Punishments, generally, this index

Abstracters, 58-2809, 58-2810

Animal diseases, shipping violations, 47-607c

Animal slaughtering, state institutions, operating in vicinity, 76-142, 76-143

Animals, this index

Arbitration and award, process, disobedience 5-205

Artesian wells, 42-399

Auctioneers, 58-1022

Barbers, 65-1822

Schools and shops, sanitary provisions, 65-173

Bathrooms, sanitary supervision, 65-173

Blacklisting former employee, 44-118

Bonded warehouseman, 82-170

Bread and flour enrichment, 65-2306


Moving on highways, 17-1920

Removed from mortgaged property, 58-2317

Business trusts, 17-2036

Caustic or corrosive substances, 65-647, 65-648

Cemeteries and cemetery companies,

Cities of second class, 14-1009

Cities of third class, 15-1003, 15-1009

Forfeiture of cemetery corporation, 17-1312d

Child support proceedings, contempt, licensing sanctions, 74-146, 74-147

Children in need of care records, 38-2209

Comfort stations and restrooms, sanitary supervision, 65-173

Contractors, nonresident contractors, tax collection, 79-1015

Corporations, this index

Cosmetologists, 65-1909

Counties, this index

County Officers and Employees, generally, this index

County park districts, 19-2894

County parks and recreation centers, 19-2803a

County seats, election offenses, 19-1609, 19-1614, 19-1618, 19-1620, 19-1626

County Treasurers, this index

Dairies and Dairy Products, this index

Deeds and Conveyances, this index

Dentists and dental hygienists, 65-1431, 65-1460

Discrimination, employment or public accommodations, 44-1013

Diseases, 65-127, 65-129

Driver training schools, 8-281

Drugs and Medicines, this index

Eggs, inspection fee payments, 2-2507

Election Offenses, generally, this index

Electric transmission lines, 17-1907, 17-1908

Electrologists, 65-1909

Elevator or warehouse certificates or receipts, 82-207

Embalming without permission, 65-1707

Emergency planning and community right-to-know, 65-5708

Employment agencies, 44-410

Employment Security, this index

Environment, liability for damages to, 65-171u

Ethics, State Governmental, generally, this index

Feeds, livestock and poultry, 2-1011


Gates, leaving open, 29-107

Viewers, neglect of duty, 29-202

Fish and Game, this index

Flags, improper use, 73-710

Flour and bread enrichment, 65-2306

Funeral directors and embalmers, grounds for, 65-1751

See, also, Funeral Directors and Embalmers, this index

Garnishment, discharge of employee for, 60-2311

Gas stove connections, 36-516

Gates, roads and highways, 68-127

Habeas corpus, correction of criminal sentence, 60-1507

Harvesting lien, disposing of grain, 58-206

Hawkers and peddlers, county licenses, 19-2202, 19-2207

Hazardous household articles, 65-2704

Healing Arts, this index

Health care database information, 65-6804

Health nuisance, 65-159

Health officers, failure or neglect of duties, 65-202

Hearing aids, registration act, 74-5824

Historical property,

Damaging, 76-2029

House of representatives, removal of property from hall, 75-2207, 75-2208

Household articles, hazardous, 65-2704

Impeachment proceedings, 37-107

Improvement district directors, 19-2779

Income tax,

Withholding and declaration of estimated tax, 79-32,107

Failure to furnish statement, 79-3299

Insurance, this index

Insurance holding companies, 40-3311, 40-3311a

Insurance Premium Finance Company Act, 40-2604, 40-2606


Default penalty, 16-205

Exceeding limitation on contract rate, 16-207

Jackson county park district, 19-2873

Junkyard and Salvage Control Act, 68-2205, 68-2215

Labor disputes, 44-618, 44-619

Labor investigations, refusal to testify, 44-635

Labor organizations, 44-619, 44-814


Approval to perform certain tests, 65-1,108

Certification to perform environmental analyses, 65-1,109a

Leaving scene of motor vehicle accident, 8-1602

Libraries, 12-1228

Licensing bodies, child support proceedings, contempt, sanctions, 74-146, 74-147

Liquefied petroleum gas containers, 55-1105

Mandamus, disobedience, 60-803

Map or plat, 12-405

Masters' proceedings, failure to appear, 60-253

Meat and poultry inspection act, 65-6a56

Medical care facilities, license violations, 65-439

Medical school, dead bodies, use, 65-901 et seq.

Military Forces, this index

Mined-Land Conservation and Reclamation Act, 49-404, 49-405c, 49-421a

Mobile homes, construction standards, 75-1223

Monopolies and restraint of trade, 50-101 et seq.

Motor vehicle dealers, 8-2411

Motor Vehicles, this index

Municipal accountants, licenses and permits, 75-1128

Municipal accounting, 75-1130

Municipal Bonds, this index

Municipal courts, 12-4509 et seq.

Schedule of fines, 12-4305

Naturopathic doctor licensure act, 65-7208

News services, discriminating in sale of news, 50-206

Notaries public, 53-106

Nuclear Energy Development and Radiation Control Act, 48-1612, 48-1613

Nuisance, health nuisance, 65-159

Nursing homes, 39-943

Oaths and affirmations, falsifying, 54-105

Occupational therapists, 65-5410

Odometer fraud, 21-5835

Civil penalty, 50-651, 50-653a

Oil and gas properties, taxation, false statements, 79-333

Open meeting laws, 75-4320

Optometrists, 65-1513, 65-1526

Ordinances, penal provisions, 12-3011

Parimutuel Racing, generally, this index

Parking lots, county violation of regulation, 19-27,151

Perjury, 72-2644

Personal care homes, 39-943

Personal property taxation, annual statement, late filings, 79-1422

Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, 65-2914, 65-2916

Pipelines, rules in conformance with Federal Safety Act, 66-1,151

Podiatrists, 65-2007, 65-2015

Pollutant discharge, recovery of cleanup costs, 65-171v

Pooling agreements, agricultural products, 50-136 et seq.

Prairie dog extermination, 80-1208

Property taxation, public utility, annual statement, late filing, 79-5a14

Public employees retirement system, 74-4924

Public Utilities, this index

Public water supply system, permits, 65-163

Environment, liability for damages to, 65-171u

Railroads, this index

Recreational vehicles, construction standards, 75-1223

Remission, 13-515, 14-310, 15-309

Respiratory therapists, 65-5510

Retail liquor sales enforcement tax, 79-4107

Roads and Highways, this index

Safety glass, 8-1743

Safety glazing materials, use, 65-3804

Salvage, 70-104

Sand and gravel, 70a-108

Sanitary codes, counties, 19-3707

School buses, failure of purchaser to modify used, 72-6497

Schoolbooks, rental plan fund, 72-3349

Sewage disposal into waters of state, 65-167

Shipper, agricultural products, fraud, 50-131

Sidewalks, removal or injury, 68-134

State depositories, board of treasury examiners, neglect, 75-4229

State parks,

Damaging property, 76-2029

Statehouse parking violations, 75-4510a

Street railways, tunnels or viaducts, 12-1633, 12-1634

Taxation, this index

Taxpayer interrogatories, 79-1408

Telegraphs and Telephones, this index

Toilets, sanitary supervision, 65-173

Townships, this index

Trading stamps, 21-2804

Traffic hazards, private property, failure to remove, 8-2011

Traffic Rules and Regulations, this index

Trust companies, 9-1805

Tuberculosis, 65-116g

Unclaimed Property Act, failure to comply, 58-3967

Unfair trade practices, 50-101 et seq.

Vehicle dealers and manufacturers, 8-2411

Veterans' preference, 73-202, 73-204

Vital statistics, 65-2434

Wages, payment of, 44-323

Warrants for payment of public funds, 10-810

Washrooms, sanitary supervision, 65-173

Water mains and pipelines, 19-2622

Water permits, 65-163

Environment, liability for damages to, 65-171u

Water pollution, 65-167, 65-170c, 65-170d, 65-171f

Water supply and distribution districts, fraudulent claims against, 19-3519

Watercourse, obstructing, 24-206, 24-307

Waterworks, flowage rights, 12-854

Weights and Measures, this index

Wire services, discriminating in sale of news, 50-206

Women's employment, 44-648


Bureau of investigation, Kansas, background investigations, 75-712,  75-712i, 75-712j

Criminal identification, 21-2501 et seq.

 Licensure, certification and permits,

Healing arts, state board of, 65-28,129

Physical therapist, 65-2924

Revenue, deparment of, 75-5133c


Boundaries, 18-128

Garfield township, 18-128a

Drainage districts,

Annexation, 24-138

Directors, terms, 24-139a

Easement, Arkansas river, 82a-218

Highway construction, financing of, sales tax, 12-187, 12-189

Interlocal cooperation agreement, financing of, sales tax, 12-187, 12-189

Sewer districts, 19-27,170 et seq.

State land, conveyance to Garden City, water supply purposes, 74-3321

Water districts, 19-3536 et seq.


Communication system access and equipment, leasing, 75-5073 et seq.

See subhead Communication System Equipment under Transportation, State Department of, this index

Firefighters, generally, this index


See, also, Fire Protection, generally, this index; Firefighters, generally, this index

Generally, 19-3601 et seq., 31-301 et seq., 80-1512 et seq.

Accounts and accounting. Municipal Accounting, generally, this index

Ambulance service, emergency medical services, 65-6101 et seq.

Annexation of territory, 19-270, 19-3604

Districts in more than one county, 19-3629

Territory outside county, 19-3630

Audits, 19-3638

Benefit districts, 31-301 et seq.

Bids and Bidding, generally, this index

Board, school districts, unification, 31-302

Board of directors, 31-302

Board of trustees, 19-3612a

Townships over 17,500, 80-1525

Bonded indebtedness,

Liability after detachment of territory, 19-3631

Urban area counties, 80-1548


Counties, organizations, 19-3601b

Detached territory, liability for bonded debt, 19-3631

Districts in more than one county, 19-3625

Land, buildings, trucks and equipment, 80-1543

Land, buildings and equipment, 31-305

Townships, 80-1513 et seq.

Boundaries, 31-302, 80-1513

Alteration of, 19-270, 19-3602a, 19-3604, 19-3613a, 19-3629, 19-3624a, 19-3630

Improvement and industrial districts, inclusion, 80-1512a, 80-1524a, 80-1540a, 80-1547a, 80-2002a

Townships, 80-1512

Townships over 17,500, 80-1524

Budget, 19-3606

Adoption, 31-303

Districts in more than one county, 19-3626

Townships over 17,500, 80-1532


Reserve fund, 19-3612c


Annexation by, 12-520, 12-520a, 12-521a

Inclusion within districts, 19-3605

Claims, payment, 12-105a, 12-105b

Communication system access and equipment, leasing, 75-5073 et seq.

See subhead Communication System Equipment under Transportation, State Department of, this index

Compensation and salaries, 19-3612d

Reno county, 19-3612e

Sedgwick county, 19-3612e

Townships, post

Volunteers, 19-3612e, 19-3616


Consolidation of operations, generally, 12-3901 et seq.

Districts and departments, 12-3910 et seq.

Desoto and Johnson County fire district No. 3 governing body, 12-3914

Districts or departments in adjoining counties, 12-3912

Election, 12-3913

Firefighters benefits, 12-3918

Governing body,

Appointment, 12-3914

Powers and duties, 12-3915, 12-3919

Initiation of procedure, 12-3911

Resolution, 12-3913

Tax levy, 12-3913, 12-3917

Transfer of assets and liabilities, 12-3916, 12-3917

Urban area counties, 80-1547 et seq.

Bonds, 80-1548

County clerks, duties, 80-1551

Election, 80-1547 et seq.

Funds of districts at time of, 80-1550

Governing body, powers, 80-1548

Powers and duties of consolidated district, 80-1553

Retirement or relief associates programs not affected, 80-1552

Tax levies, 80-1551, 80-1553

Transfer of records and property, 80-1549


Buildings, joint construction with cities, 19-3609

Cities or townships, 19-3608

Districts in more than one county, 19-3625

Existing contracts, 19-3612

Townships, 80-1514a

Purchase of equipment, 80-1555

Contracts for service, 31-302

Municipalities, tax levies, 19-3610


Governing body, 19-3601, 19-3601a, 19-3601b

Powers and duties, 19-3601a, 19-3601b, 19-3610

Organization, 19-270, 19-3601

Tax levy, 19-3610

County commissioners,

Appeal from district establishment, 80-1513

Appointment of board members, 80-1514

Damages, townships, contracts for fire protection, 80-1517

Detachment of territory,

Bonded debts, liability after detachment, 19-3631

Certification of new boundaries, 19-3631

Districts in more than one county, 19-3631

Disorganization, 19-3604

Districts in more than one county, 19-3624 et seq.

Board of trustees, 19-3631a

Bonds and no-fund warrants, 19-3625

Boundaries, limitation, 19-3624a

Contracts, 19-3625

Educational benefits, dependents of deceased, injured or disabled public safety officers, 75-4364


Fund for replacement of, 19-3612c

Purchase, contract with township, 80-1555

Establishment, board of directors, 31-302

Expenditures by board of directors, 31-304

Governing body, township, 80-1514, 80-1542

Insurance, 80-1516

Townships over 17,500, volunteer firemen, 80-1531

Interlocal cooperation, 12-2901 et seq.

Johnson county, 19-3613 et seq.

Annexation of land by city, 19-3623f

Budget, 19-3622

Consolidation of districts, 19-3619

Creation, 19-3613

Detachment of land from district, 19-3623a, 19-3623c, 19-3623f

Equipment, 19-3623e

Fund, 19-3623c

Fire department, operation of, 19-3620

Governing body, 19-3614, 19-3614a

Budget, 19-3622

Contracts for service, 19-3617, 19-3621

Officers, 19-3615

Powers, 19-3616, 19-3617, 19-3620, 19-3622, 19-3623e

Removal, 19-3614

Inclusion of new land by district, 19-3623

Bonded indebtedness, effect on, 19-3623d

Limitation, 19-3613a

Reserve fund, 19-3623

Tax levy, 19-3622


Reserve fund, 19-3612c

Loans, firefighters relief act, 40-1707

Lyon county, board of directors, 31-302

Machinery, fund for replacement of, 19-3612c

Officers and employees, 19-3612b

Organization, 19-3602, 19-3603

Abandonment or alteration of plan, 19-3602

Time, 19-3606

Osage county, board of directors, 31-302

Petitions, 80-1540

Inclusion of cities within district, 19-3605

Organization, 19-3603

Reserve fund, 19-3612c

Resolutions, creation of district, 80-1512

Salaries. Compensation and salaries, ante

State firefighters museum, 73-2701

Supervisors, 19-3612b

Tax levies, 19-3610, 31-303

Urban area counties, 80-1520, 80-1548

Use of proceeds, 19-3610

Taxation, 19-3606

Attachment of territory outside county, 19-3630

Districts in more than one county, 19-3626

Attachment of territory, 19-3629

Townships, post

Townships over 17,500, 80-1524, 80-1533

Transmittal of tax moneys, 19-3627, 31-304

Townships, 80-1512 et seq.

Annexation of district territory by municipality, 80-1513

Appeals, 80-1513, 80-1541

Areas in existing districts, 80-1541

Auditing board, duties of, 80-1544

Bonds, 80-1513 et seq., 80-1541

Indemnity bond, contracts for fire protection, 80-1517

Land, buildings, trucks and equipment, 80-1543

Buildings, 80-1513

Bonds issued, 80-1541

Purchase from township, 80-1543

Tax levy in certain, 80-1918a

Compensation and salaries,

Board members, 80-1514

Employees and volunteers, 80-1516, 80-1544

Governing body, 80-1544

Townships over 17,500, 80-1531

Contracts, 19-3608

Fire protection, 80-1517

Other municipalities, 80-1545

Purchase of equipment, 80-1555

County commissioners, approval, 19-270, 80-1541

Creation, procedure, 80-1512, 80-1540 et seq.

Townships over 17,500, 80-1526, 80-1529

Detachment, 19-3604

Dissolution of district, 80-1514

Division of township into two or more, 80-1554

Emergency medical service, 80-1557, 80-1903

Definitions, 80-1557

Eminent domain, 80-1514a, 80-1541

Employees, quarters, 80-1544

Exemptions, contracts for fire protection, 80-1517

Expenses, 80-1514

Tax levy, 80-1520

Fire district reserve fund, 80-1558, 80-1559

Fire hydrants, installation and maintenance, 80-1514a, 80-1904, 80-1917, 80-1921

Governing body, 80-1514, 80-1542

Compensation, 80-1544

Lands in more than one township, 80-1542

Powers and duties, 80-1514a, 80-1521, 80-1544

Inclusion of new lands, 80-1541

Indemnity bond, contracts for fire protection, 80-1517

Insurance on employees and volunteers, 80-1516

Liabilities, 80-1545

Machinery and equipment, 80-1513

Bond issues, 80-1541

Purchase from townships, 80-1543

Notice and hearing, 80-1540

Officers and employees, 80-1516

Operating and maintenance expenses, tax levy, 80-1520

Powers of district, 80-1541

Privileges, immunities and exemptions, 80-1517, 80-1545

Rescue service, 80-1546, 80-1557, 80-1903

Resolution by board, 80-1540

Roads and highways, right-of-way, 80-1518

Sirens on vehicles, 80-1518

Taxation, 80-1514b, 80-1520, 80-1546

Buildings and facilities, certain, 80-1918a

Limitation, 80-1546

Counties of 150,000 to 180,000, 80-1546

Urban areas,

Approval of budgets, tax levies and improvements, 12-1669, 12-1670

Bonds, 80-1548

Consolidation of districts, 80-1547 et seq.

Governing body, powers, 80-1548

Tax levies, 80-1520, 80-1548

Vehicles, 80-1518

Volunteer members, 80-1516, 80-1544

Townships over 17,500, 80-1531

Townships over 17,500, 80-1524 et seq.

Accounts and accounting, 80-1530

Bonds, 80-1530

Budget, 80-1528, 80-1532

Compensation and salaries, 80-1531

Creation of districts, 80-1524, 80-1526, 80-1529

Emergencies, 80-1534

Expenses, 80-1524, 80-1530

Lease of special equipment, 80-1534

Management of district, 80-1530

No-fund warrants, 80-1534

Officers and employees, 80-1530, 80-1531

Petition, creation of district, 80-1526

Hearings, 80-1528, 80-1529

Records, 80-1530

Retirement and pensions, 80-1531

Taxation, 80-1524, 80-1533

Volunteer firemen, 80-1531

Urban area counties,

Consolidation, ante

Insurance on employees, 19-3637

Tax levies, 80-1520

Warrants, no-fund warrants, 19-3601b, 31-305


Generally, 40-901

Insurance, this index


State Fire Marshal, generally, this index


See, also, Fire Districts, generally, this index; Firefighters, generally, this index; Smoke Detectors, generally, this index

Generally, 31-132 et seq., 80-1501 et seq.

Apartment houses, 31-132a, 31-133

Arson Reporting-Immunity Act. Arson, this index

Bottle rockets. Fireworks, this index

Building code, compliance, 31-134a

Child care facilities, 65-508

Communication system access and equipment, leasing, 75-5073 et seq.

See subhead Communication System Equipment under Transportation, State Department of, this index

Crimes, punishments and penalties, 31-150a, 31-159

Definitions, 31-132, 31-144


Blocking highways, 31-145

Color of vehicles, 80-1518, 80-1906

Following prohibited, 8-1581

Interfering with, third persons, 31-145

Joint operation of department, 80-1501

Housing and operations of apparatus, 80-1523

Purchase of apparatus, 80-1522

Purchase and repair,

Cities, 12-110b

Emergency, cities, counties and townships, 12-110a

Right-of-way on highways, 80-1518

Siren on vehicles, 80-1518


Counties over 150,000, 80-1917

Red vehicles, 80-1906

Sirens, 80-1906

Trucks, registration, exemption from, 8-128

Fire department, members, powers and duties, 31-145

Fire drills, schools, 31-133

Fire escapes, 31-133

State institutions, 76-125

Working conditions, investigations, 44-636

Fire exits, 31-133

Fire extinguishers, 31-133

Commercial cooking equipment, 31-133a

Inspection, installation, servicing, 31-133a

Certification, 31-133a

Rules and regulations, 31-133a

Fire hydrants,

Joint fire departments, 80-1501

Stopping or parking vehicles, 8-1571

Township tax for bond costs, determination, 13-1278

Townships, 80-1605

Fire prevention code, 31-134

Fire protection personnel standards and education commission, abolition, 74-131 et seq., 74-137, 74-138

Fire stations,

State fairgrounds, 2-214

Stopping or parking vehicles, 8-1571

Great plains interstate fire compact, 31-801

Industrial districts, 19-3808

Injunctions, 31-150a

Interlocal cooperation, 12-2904

Maternity centers, 65-508

Police powers, firefighters, 31-145, 31-157

Pyrotechnics, prohibited in certain buildings, 31-170

Roofing materials,

Wooden shingles, limitations on, 31-171

Rules and regulations, 31-133 et seq.

School Buildings and Grounds, generally, this index

State agencies, licensing requirements, 31-159

State fire marshal, powers and duties, 31-133 et seq.

State institutions, 76-125

Tax exemption, 79-201a

Toll free number, 31-165

Townships, 80-1501 et seq.

Tax levy, 13-1278

Townships and cities of third class, certain counties,

Fire truck and equipment, garage, 80-1537

Tax levies, 80-1537

Townships in counties of 22,500 to 23,500, contracts with fire district, 80-1556

Violations of code, 31-150a, 31-159


Schools, weapon-free, 72-6131 et seq.

Weapons, this index


See, also, Fire Districts, generally, this index; Fire Protection, this index

Chief of fire department, 31-137, 31-139

Reports, 31-137

Cities of first class, townships adjacent to, township fire department, 80-1901 et seq.

Cities of second class, appointment of chief, 14-1501

Cities of third class,

Appointment of chief, 15-1601

Joint operation of fire department with townships, 80-1535 et seq.

Clothing, minimum standards, 31-158

Communication system access and equipment, leasing, 75-5073 et seq.

See subhead Communication System Equipment under Transportation, State Department of, this index

Compensation and salaries,

Fighting fires outside city limits, 80-1504

Joint operation of department, 80-1501

Municipal contracts for fire fighting services, 80-1502

Townships, post


Benefit districts, fire fighting services, 80-1507, 80-1508

Townships, post


Joint operation of department, 80-1501

Municipality furnishing fire-fighting service, 80-1502


Joint operation of fire department, 80-1503

Municipality providing firefighting services, 80-1503

Crimes, punishments and penalties,

Clothing and equipment, standards, 31-158

Violation of firefighter's order, 31-145

Disability benefits,

Cities of first class, 13-14a08, 13-14a09

Prior benefits, continuation, 13-14a03

Cities of second class, 14-10a08, 14-10a09

Prior benefits, continuation, 14-10a03

Educational benefits, dependents of deceased, injured or disabled public safety officers, 75-4364

Emergencies, fire fighting beyond territorial limits, 12-111


Fire Protection, this index

Minimum standards, 31-158

Fire lines, forming, 31-145

Fire safety standard and firefighter protection act, generally, 31-601 et seq.

Cigarette fire safety standard and firefighter protection act fund, 31-609

Cigarette package inspection, 31-605

Cigarette package markings, 31-605

Cigarette testing standards, 31-603

City and county preemption, 31-612

Definitions, 31-602

Federal preemption, 31-613

Fire safety standard and firefighter protection act enforcement fund, 31-604

Inspection by the director of taxation, 31-607

Manufacturer written certification of compliance, 31-604

Penalties for selling non-certified cigarettes, 31-606

Sales outside the U.S. exempt, 31-610

Firefighters Relief Association, 40-1701 et seq.

Health insurance, continuation of, 40-1709

Hydrants, townships, 80-1605

Interference with, unlawful, 21-6325, 31-145

Investigations, 31-137

Joint operation of department, 80-1501, 80-1522, 80-1523

Kansas firefighters memorial, 75-36,102, 75-36,103

Metropolitan transit authority, free transportation, 12-2826

Museum, 73-2701

Personal injuries. Townships, post

Police powers, 31-145, 31-157

Privileges and immunities, 12-111

Qualifications, height restriction, 44-1110

Retirement and pensions, 74-4951 et seq.

Age, 13-14a08, 14-10a08

Cities of first class, 13-14a01 et seq.

Cities of second class, 14-10a01 et seq.

Disability, 13-14a08, 14-10a08

Employer's contribution, 12-5003

Exemption from taxation, attachment or garnishment, 12-111a, 12-5005, 14-10a10

Exception, domestic relations orders, 12-111a

Fighting fires outside city limits, 80-1504

Local plans, funding, 12-5001 et seq.

Police and firemen's retirement system. Retirement and Pensions, this index

Municipal Officers and Employees, this index

Roads and highways, right of way, 80-1518, 80-1906

Rural volunteer organizations, contracts to furnish fire-fighting service, 80-1925

State firefighter training coordinator, 75-3137

State firefighters museum, 73-2701

State firemen's association, 12-1617a


Benefit districts adjacent to or near cities, 80-1509

Joint operation of fire department, 80-1503

Municipality providing fire-fighting services to townships and county, 80-1503

Townships, post

Township fire departments in certain counties, 80-1919 et seq.

Townships, 80-1501 et seq., 80-1901 et seq.

Benefit districts adjacent to or near cities, 80-1507, 80-1508, 80-1509

Cities of third class, joint operation of fire department, 80-1535 et seq.

Compensation and salaries, 80-1904

Counties between 75,000 and 155,000, fire protection services, 80-1539

Counties over 150,000, 80-1917

Fire department, 80-1913


Cities and other townships, 80-1905

Joint operation of fire department, 80-1501

Cities of third class, 80-1536

Municipality furnishing fire-fighting service, 80-1502

Prior contract, transfer of fund balances after expiration, 80-1908

Township furnishing fire protection services to other townships, 80-1539

Volunteer fire departments, fire-fighting services, 80-1511a

Counties between 75,000 and 150,000, 80-1538, 80-1539

Counties over 150,000, 80-1914 et seq.

Creation and operation of department, counties over 150,000, 80-1916

Elections, bond issues, 80-1522

Elk township, Osage county, 80-1912, 80-1913

Equipment, counties over 150,000, 80-1916


Contracts for fire protection, 80-1539

Insurance, 80-1904

Counties between 75,000 and 155,000, fire protection services, 80-1539

Counties over 150,000, 80-1917

Municipality furnishing fire-fighting service, 80-1502

Joint operation of department, 80-1501

Cities of third class, 80-1535 et seq.

Taxation, 80-1503

Management of department, counties over 150,000, 80-1917

Municipality furnishing fire-fighting service, 80-1502, 80-1503

Personal injuries,

Counties over 150,000, 80-1917

Municipality furnishing fire-fighting service, 80-1502

Quarters, 80-1904

Counties over 150,000, 80-1917

Sirens on vehicles, 80-1518, 80-1906

Tax levies, Elk township, Osage county, 80-1912

Taxation, 80-1513, 80-1520, 80-1903

Benefit districts, 80-1509

Counties between 75,000 and 155,000, fire protection services, 80-1539

Counties over 150,000, 80-1916

Elk township, Osage county, 80-1913

Joint operation of department, 80-1503

City of third class, 80-1535, 80-1537

Municipality providing fire-fighting services under contract, 80-1503

Townships in counties with cities of 60,000 to 200,000, 80-1902 et seq.

Use of fire station land within municipality, 80-1911a

Volunteer firemen, 80-1904

Counties between 14,000 and 16,500, contributions, 80-1511a

Counties over 150,000, 80-1917

Fighting outside city limits, 80-1504

Townships over 17,500, 80-1531

Water supply for fire fighting purposes, 80-1605

Wearing apparel, 80-1516

Counties over 150,000, 80-1917

Special clothing, 80-1904

Traffic regulations, 8-1506

Training, University of Kansas, 76-327 et seq.

Fire service training commission, 76-327a

Duties, 76-327d

Fund, 76-327c

Training coordinator, state, 75-3137

Trespass, police power to prohibit, 31-145

Volunteer firefighters,

Compensation, 80-1501, 80-1514a

Discharge of employee, 44-131

Educational benefits, dependents of deceased, injured or disabled volunteer firefighters, 75-4364

Fighting fires outside city limits, 80-1504

Joint operation of department, 80-1501

Townships, ante

Wearing apparel. Townships, ante

Workers compensation, exemption election, 44-505d


Generally, 40-1701 et seq.

Distribution and use of moneys 40-1706, 40-1707

Fighting fires outside city limits, 80-1504

Insurance companies,

Tax assessments, 40-1703

Investment of moneys, 40-1706

Joint operation of department by municipality and township, 80-1501

Plat of service area, filing, 40-1702

Reports, business entity information,

Commissioner of insurance, report to, 40-1706

Corporation, report of, exemption, 17-7512

Treasurer, bond, 40-1706

Workers compensation, exemption election, 44-505d


Rural volunteer organizations, contracts for fire-fighting services, 80-1925

Tax exemption, 79-201a


Bridges, repairs for fire damage, 68-1413, 68-1414

Fire Prevention Code, 31-134

Fire protection, generally, 31-132 et seq.

Investigation, 31-137 et seq.

Railroad engines, city regulation, 12-1633, 12-1634

Railroads, liability for fire damage, 66-232, 66-233

Records, 75-1505

Roofing materials,

Wooden shingles, limitation on, 31-171

State buildings or equipment, state finance council, authorization of expenditures, 75-3713


Bottle rockets,

Registration of manufacturers and wholesalers, 31-508

Sale or use prohibited, 31-507

Explosives regulatory and training fund, 31-512

Fireworks act, Kansas, 31-501 et seq.

Administration of, 31-501 et seq.

Bottle rockets, sale or use, 31-507, 31-508

Definitions, 31-502

Judicial review, 31-511

Licenses, 31-503

Penalties, 31-510

Permits, 31-503, 31-504

Rules and regulations, 31-506

Seisure of fireworks, 31-509

Municipal regulations, sale, handling, use and storage, 31-134

Regulations of fire marshal, 31-133


Nursing assistance, 65-1124


Banks, municipal bonds, 10-606

Co-paying agent, payment of bonds, 10-501, 10-503, 10-505, 10-625

Destruction of municipal bonds, 10-111

Municipal Bonds, this index

Redemption of bonds, 10-607

Registration of bonds, 10-606


Legislative bills and resolutions, 75-3715a, 75-3715b


Beginning, 75-3002

Cosmetology board, 74-2705

Municipal universities, 13-13a18

Public utilities, 66-129

School districts, 72-1161


Boats and Boating, generally, this index

Parks, generally, this index

Wildlife, generally, this index

Wildlife and Parks, Department of, generally, this index

Wildlife art series, 74-7901 et seq.


Wildlife and Parks, Department of, generally, this index


Secured Transactions, this index

Taxable property, 79-102


Roads and highways, repairs or improvements, 68-2104


Generally, 73-701 et seq.

Arbor day, 35-204

Banner, 73-703

Crimes and penalties, 73-710

Description, 73-702

Banner, 73-704

Election day, display, 73-708

Flag day, 73-705

General Pulaski's Memorial day display, 35-205

Mother's day, 35-202

Parochial school, display of state flag, 73-712

Seal of state, 73-702

Secretary of state, purchase and sale, 75-419, 75-420

United States flag, 73-705 et seq.


Agricultural products, transportation, 66-1,129b

Defined, traffic regulations, 8-1421

Rules, regulations, storage, sale, transportation, 31-133, 31-146


Motor carriers, 8-1744, 8-1745


Transient Merchants, this index


Levees and Flood Control, generally, this index


Alteration of stream channel, acquisition of new channel, 82a-201

Reconstruction and repair of damaged property, 13-10,141 et seq.

State buildings or equipment, state finance council, authorization of expenditures, 75-3713


Defined, enrichment of flour and bread, 65-2301

Enrichment of flour and bread, 65-2301 et seq.

Laws and regulations, notice and hearings, 65-2305


State flower, 73-1801


See, also, Food Service and Lodging Establishments, this index

Generally, 65-655 et seq.

Abstracted constituent, 65-664

Access, inspection purposes, 65-674

Additives, food or color, 65-664

Adulteration, 65-657, 65-664

Advertisement, false, 65-657, 65-672

Aged person, 39-711a

Alcoholic confectionery, 65-664

Bonds, adulterated or misbranded food, correcting, 65-660

Brands, marks and labels, misbranded, 65-665

Bread enrichment, 65-2301 et seq.

Canned food, limitation on liability for donations, 65-687

Chemical preservatives, 65-665

Chewing gum, adulteration 65-664

Coloring, 65-664, 65-665

Common name, 65-665

Condemnation, 65-660 et seq.

Confectionery, adulteration, 65-664

Confidential information, 65-657

Consumer protection, 65-675

Container, misleading, 65-665

Contamination, 65-664

Cooperation, federal food and drug administration, 65-678

Costs, condemnation proceedings, 65-660

Counterfeiting, labels, 65-657

Crimes and penalties, 65-657

Deceptive competition, 65-665

Decomposed substance, 65-664


Sports authority, 19-28,105

Deleterious substances, 65-664

Dietary uses, label, 65-665

Dietitians, generally, this index

Diseased substance, 65-664

Donations, limitation on liability of donor, 65-687

Economic opportunity office, 74-6901 et seq.

Eggs. Poultry and Poultry Products, this index

Embargo, 65-657 et seq.

Endangering the food supply, 21-6317

Aggravated endangering the food supply, 21-6317

Entry on property,

Inspection purposes, 65-674

Establishments, 65-656

Closure of, temporary, 65-690

Dogs permitted, 65-693

Conditions specified, 65-693

Inspection of, 65-674, 65-688 et seq.

Fees, 65-688

Fire marshall, 65-692

Municipalities, 65-692

Licenses, 65-688 et seq.

Exemptions, 65-689

Expiration of, 65-691

Fees, 65-688

Renewal of, 65-691

Suspension of, 65-690, 65-691

Factories, access for inspection, 65-674

Fair dealing, 65-663

False undertaking, 65-657

Federal food and drug administration, cooperation, 65-678

Fees, condemnation proceedings, 65-660

Fill of container,65-663

Filthy substance, 65-664

Flavoring, 65-664, 65-665

Flea markets, restrictions, 19-2243

Flour, generally, this index

Food processing plant,

Agriculture, department of, regulation by, 74-581 et seq.

Inspection fees, 65-688, 65-689


Temporary suspension of, 65-690

License fees, 65-688, 65-689

Exception to, 65-689

Food safety. Agriculture, State Department of, this index

Forgery, labels, 65-657

Guaranty, false, 65-657

Honesty in dealings, 65-663

Identity standard, 65-663

Imitation, misbranding, 65-665

Information disseminated to public, 65-675

Injunction, 65-658

Inspection, 65-674

Access, 65-674

Refusal to permit, 65-657

Judgments and decrees, 65-675

Labels, 65-657

False, 65-657, 65-665

Optional ingredients, 65-663

Measure, quantity of contents, 65-665

Meat analogs, misbranding, 65-665

Meat and poultry inspection act, 65-6a18 et seq.

Meats, generally, this index

Mineral properties, 65-665

Minor law violations, 65-662

Misbranded, 65-665

Mutilation, label, 65-657

Natural gum, 65-664


Minor law violations, 65-662

Nuisance, 65-660

Numerical count, contents, 65-665

Obesity, immunity from liability for claims arising out of, 60-4801

Omitted constituent, 65-664

Optional ingredients, 65-663

Package contents, 65-665

Pectin, 65-664

Perishable food,

Condemnation proceedings, 65-660 et seq.

Donation of, limitation on liability, 65-687

Pesticide chemicals, 65-664

Poisonous or deleterious substances, 65-664

Processing plants, 65-656

Closure of, temporary, 65-690

Inspection of, 65-674, 65-688 et seq.

Fees, 65-688

Fire marshall, 65-692

Municipalities, 65-692

Licenses, 65-688 et seq.

Exemptions, 65-689

Expiration of, 65-691

Fees, 65-688

Renewal of, 65-691

Suspension of, 65-690, 65-691

Processing plants, inspection and license fees, 65-688, 65-689

Publication, judgments, decrees and orders of court, 65-675

Putrid substance, 65-664

Quality standard, 65-663

Resinous glaze, 65-664

Restaurants, generally, this index

Retail food store,

Agriculture, department of, regulation by, 74-581 et seq.

Inspection fees, 65-688, 65-689

License, temporary suspension of, 65-690

License fees, 65-688, 65-689

Sale, deceptive practices, 50-901 et seq.

Sales Tax, this index


Adulterated or misbranded, 65-660, 65-674

Inspection purposes, 65-674

Refusal to permit taking, 65-657

Sanitary rules and regulations,

Counties, 19-3701 et seq.

Schools, food service programs. Schools and School Districts, this index

Special dietary uses, labeling, 65-665

Specimens, inspection purposes, 65-674

Spices, 65-665

Stamp programs,

Duties of secretary of Kansas department for children and families, 39-708c

Social welfare assistance, 39-702

Standards, identity, 65-663

State supervision, 44-603

Strength, adulteration to reduce, 65-664

Trade secrets, disclosure, 65-657

Undertaking, false, 65-657

Unfair competition, 65-665

Usual name, 65-665

Vending machines, 65-656

Vitamin properties, label, 65-665

Warehouse, inspection, 65-674

Warnings, minor law violations, 65-662

Warranty sales, 84-2-314

Weights and measures,

Adulteration to increase, 65-664

Quantity of contents, 65-665


Rate of tax, 79-3603d


Generally, 65-655 et seq.


Abolished, 75-5626 et seq.

Powers, duties and functions transferred to secretary of health and environment, 75-5626


Generally, 36-501 et seq.

Advisory committee on food service and lodging standards,

Abolition, 74-131, 74-132, 74-137, 74-138

Agriculture, department of, regulation by, 74-581 et seq.

Alcoholic beverages. Intoxicating Liquors, this index

Civil penalties, 36-515b

Contracts for enforcement, 36-510

Inspection fee disallowed, 36-510

Inspection reimbursement fund, 36-512

Credit agreements, 36-208

Crimes, punishments and penalties, 36-515

Civil penalties, 36-515b

Definitions, 36-501

Discrimination, generally, this index


Accompanying disabled persons, 39-1108

Accompanying hard of hearing persons, 39-1107

Physical therapy dogs, qualified handler, rights, 39-1110


Disposition, 36-512, 36-520

Inspection by municipality, 36-510

Reimbursement fund, 36-512

Licenses, 74-139

Lodging establishments, 36-502

Lodging fee fund, 36-520

Renewal, 36-505

Fire marshal, contract for enforcement, 36-510

Fire protection, 31-132 et seq.

Food service inspection reimbursement fund, 36-512

Gas stove connections, requirements, 36-132

Misdemeanor violation, 36-134

Hard of hearing persons,

Dogs accompanying persons, 39-1107

Smoke detectors, 36-517


Civil penalty, 36-515b

Temporary suspension of license, 36-515a

Violations, 36-519

Injunctions, 36-515


Lodging establishments, 36-518

Reimbursement fund, 36-512

Intoxicating Liquors, this index

Licenses, 74-139

Denial, 36-502

Hearing, temporary suspension of license, 36-515a

Lodging establishments, 36-502

Renewal, 36-505

Revocation, 36-510, 36-515

Suspension, 36-510, 36-515, 36-515a

Temporary suspension without notice or hearing, 36-515a

Lodging Establishments, this index

Municipalities, contract for enforcement, 36-510

Fee disallowed, 36-510

Inspection reimbursement fund, 36-512

Notice, 36-518, 36-519

Civil penalty, 36-515b

Temporary suspension of license, 36-515a

Rules and regulations, 36-506

Secretary of health and environment,

Powers, duties and functions of secretary of food service and lodging board transferred to, 75-5626

Smoke detectors, hard of hearing persons, 36-517


Enforcement, 36-510

Violation, 36-515, 36-515b, 36-519

Transfer of powers and duties, 74-5,104 et seq.


Civil Procedure for Limited Actions, this index

Statute of limitations, 60-506


Boundaries, 18-129

Conveyances, irrigation purposes, 42-614

Dodge City forestry station, Kansas state university, reversion of title to land to county, 76-433

Electric public utilities, 58-2334

Highway construction, financing of, sales tax, 12-187, 12-189


See, also, Judicial Sales, generally, this index

Agisters' liens, 58-220

Liens and Encumbrances, this index

Mechanics' liens,

Limitation of actions, 60-1105

Stay, 60-1107

Mortgages, this index

School lands, purchase under contract of sale, 72-1539, 72-1540

Security interest, 84-9-501

Civil procedure, 60-1006 et seq.

Tax Foreclosure, generally, this index

Veterans' curators, bid by curator, 73-522


Corporations, this index


See, also, subhead Foreign States and Nations under Constitution of the United States, this index

Ambassadors and Consuls, generally, this index

Commercial code, uniform, application of, 84-1-301

Dead bodies, transportation, 65-2428a

Export Finance Act, Kansas, generally, this index

Federal food and drug administration, cooperation, 65-678

Hague convention, documents, 53-401

International meat and livestock program, 76-478, 76-479

Limitation of actions, 60-516

Notarial acts, revised uniform law, 53-5a01 et seq.

Political parties, affiliations, 25-116

Probate proceedings, interest of citizens in estate, notice, 59-1705

Public documents, Hague convention, certification, 53-401

Records, authentication of copies, 60-465

State library, documents, 75-2538

Statutes, judicial notice, 60-409

Tax systems, investigation, 79-1404

Trade Show Promotion, generally, this index

Transportation of dead bodies, permit, 65-2427

Trusts, devises or bequests to foreign countries or subdivisions thereof, 59-602

Wills, this index


Collecting bank, chargeback or refund, 84-4-214


Application under state law, 60-5104, 60-5105

Choice of law, 60-5104

Jurisdiction, 60-5105

Religious organizations, 60-5107

Right to contract, 60-5101, 60-5104

Unenforceability of, 60-5103, 60-5104


Accrual of cause of action under laws of, 60-217

Actions originating therein, limitations, 60-516

Acts deposited in state library, 75-406

Airports and landing fields, cooperation with municipalities, 3-801 et seq.

Colleges, training teachers, accreditation, 72-2153

Commercial code, uniform, application of, 84-1-301

Compacts, generally, this index

Compensating tax, retailer collecting, 79-3705d

Correctional institutions of state, sale of prison-made goods to, 75-5273 et seq.

Dead bodies, transportation, 65-2428a

Deeds and conveyances, 58-2228

Domestic violence protection orders act, uniform interstate enforcement of, 60-31b01 et seq.

Federal food and drug administration, cooperation, 65-678

Interstate enforcement of domestic violence protection orders act, 60-31b01 et seq.

Limitation of actions, 60-516

Liquefied petroleum motor fuel tax information, 79-34,105

Liquid fuels, motor carriers, transportation, 55-506 et seq.

Long Arm Law, 60-308

Mentally ill veterans, ordering to veterans' administration, 73-515b

Military forces, foreign forces entering into state, 48-203, 48-506

Motor carriers, transporting liquid fuels from foreign states, 55-506 et seq.

Motor fuel tax,

Liquefied petroleum motor fuel tax information, 79-34,105

Motor Vehicles, this index

Notarial acts, revised uniform law, 53-5a01 et seq.

Parties, accrual of cause of action under laws, 60-217

Protection orders act, domestic violence, uniform interstate enforcement of, 60-31b01 et seq.

Reciprocity, generally, this index


Authentication of copies, 60-465

Criminal identification, bureau of investigations, attorney general division, exchange, 75-712

State guard, service in, 48-505

State library, documents, etc., 75-2538

Support of persons, reciprocity, 23-3601

Tax information, 74-2424

Tax systems, investigation, 79-1404

Teacher training, accreditation of educational institutions, 72-2153

Telegraph companies, leases, 17-1905

Traffic offenses, record of conviction, 8-251

Transportation of dead bodies, permit, 65-2427

Uniform interstate enforcement of domestic violence protection orders act, 60-31b01 et seq.

Workers compensation,

Injuries sustained in, 44-506


Bi-state compact members, establishment, 12-825h

Cities, establishment, 12-825h

Corporations, establishment, 12-825h

Counties, establishment, 12-825h

Federal grants, 12-825h

Nonprofit corporations, establishment, 12-825h

Surplus property authority, establishment, 12-825h


Wildlife and Parks, Department of, generally, this index


See, also, Wildlife and Parks, Department of, this index

Conservation easements. Easements, this index

Deeds and conveyances,

City of Oberlin, recreational purposes, conveyance by city, proceeds, 74-3319a

Decatur county, city of Oberlin, 74-3322

Finney county wildlife management area, water supply purposes, 74-3321

Grant county, public recreational purposes, 74-3319b

Forest resources development,

Definitions, 76-425a

Purpose of act, 76-425b

Kansas forest service,

Administration and supervision, 76-425f

Assistants, personnel, 76-425c

Cooperation, 76-425e, 76-425f

Creation, 76-425c

Definitions, 76-425a

Location, 76-425c

Powers and duties, 76-425d, 76-425f

Rules and regulations, 76-425f

State forester, 76-425c

Lands of state, conveyance to city of Oberlin, 74-3319a

Reforestation, 2-1902 et seq.

County parks, joint parks, 19-2842

Playgrounds and Recreation Centers, this index


See, also, Forfeitures, generally, this index

Generally, 60-1205

County Officers and Employees, this index

Municipal Officers and Employees, this index

Quo warranto, 60-1202, 60-1205

State Officers and Employees, this index

Tax officials, 79-1426

Veterans' preference violations, 73-202


Aliens, conveyance to citizens, 58-2238

Appearance bonds, traffic, court costs, 8-2107

Arbitration and award, process, disobedience, 5-205

Asset seizure and forfeiture act, Kansas standard, 60-4101 et seq.

Allocation of forfeited property, 60-4117

Application of act, uniform, 60-4124

Asset seizure and forfeiture repository, 60-4127

Citation of act, 60-4101

Civil procedure, code of, 60-4126

Claims, 60-4111

Collateral actions, 60-4122

Commencement of proceeding, 60-4109

Conduct covered by act, 60-4104

Controlled substances,

Summary proceedings, 60-4121

Definitions, 60-4102

Enforcement personnel, power, 60-4118


Production order, 60-4119

Rules of, applicability, 60-4126

Exempt property, 60-4106

Recognition of exemption petition, 60-4110

Fees and court costs, 60-4107, 60-4109

Firearms, 60-4117

Forfeited property, allocation, 60-4117

Funds, state agency, 60-4117

Immunity, 60-4119

Judicial disposition of property, 60-4116

Jurisdiction, 60-4103

Limitation of actions, 60-4120

Offenses covered by act, 60-4104

Ownership claims, 60-4111

Power of enforcement personnel, 60-4118


Commencement, 60-4109

Controlled substances, summary, 60-4121

In personam, 60-4114

In rem, 60-4113

Provisions relating thereto, 60-4112

Property subject to forfeiture, 60-4105

Exempt, 60-4106

Recognition of exemption petition, 60-4110

Forfeited property, 60-4117

Judicial disposition, 60-4116

Seizure, 60-4107

Substituted property, 60-4115

Remedy, substituted property, 60-4115

Reporting requirements, 60-4127

Sale of property, 60-4117

Seizure of property, 60-4107

Management and preservation, 60-4108

Statute of limitations, 60-4120

Statutory construction, 60-4123

Substituted property as remedy, 60-4115

Summary proceedings, controlled substances, 60-4121

Uniform application of act, 60-4124

Venue, 60-4103

Bonds (Officers and Fiduciaries), this index

Cities of second class, remitting, 14-310

Cities of third class, mayor remitting, 15-309

Contraband, 22-2512

Controlled substances. Drugs and Medicines, this index

Corporations, this index

County Attorneys, this index

County Officers and Employees, this index

Crimes, seized property, 22-2512

Criminal procedure, bail, extradition proceedings, 22-2718

Ditch, obstructing, 24-206

Drains, obstructing, 24-206

Drug Paraphernalia this index

Drugs and Medicines, this index

Ethics, State Governmental, generally, this index

Fairs and Expositions, this index

Fire safety standard and firefighter protection act,

Inspection/seizure by the director of taxation, 31-607

Non-complying cigarettes contraband, destroyed, 31-606

Guaranteed arrest bond certificate, traffic, 8-2107

Insurance, this index

Intoxicating Liquors, this index

Militia, refusing to obey call, 13-514

Mineral leases, 55-201 et seq.

Oil and gas leases, 55-201 et seq.

Railroads, this index

Remission, 13-515, 14-310, 15-309

Rural water districts, director, 82a-617

School employees' retirement fund, cities of first class between 120,000 and 200,000, 72-2678

School lands, 72-1517

Simulated drugs. Drugs and Medicines, this index

Statute of limitations, 60-514

Teachers' retirement system, cities of first class between 120,000 and 200,000, 72-2678

Traffic violations, bond, 8-2107

Watercourses, obstructing, 24-206

Wildlife violations, 32-1005, 32-1047


Crimes and Punishments, this index

Food, drugs and cosmetics, 65-657

Healing arts, 65-2859

Lottery, State, generally, this index

Unauthorized signature, definition, 84-1-201


See specific subjects


Generally, 27-103

Bids, oil, gas or mineral leases, 76-515

Damages, oil, gas or mineral lessee, 76-516

Jurisdiction, 27-103

Kansas frontier-historical park, 76-2007

Park, Kansas frontier-historical park, 76-2006

Public park, 76-512

Lease of land, city of Hays, 76-2007d et seq.


Colleges and Universities, this index


Barber course, disciplinary barracks, 65-1812

Highways bordering, acceptance of retrocession, certain highways, United States, 68-151p

Off-campus instruction, community colleges, 71-205

Unified school district No. 207, application of laws, 72-1210


Generally, 72-1209 et seq.

Inquiry into agreement between state and federal government, 72-1213

Renewal of agreement, 72-1213


Generally, 27-105

Civil actions, venue, 60-613

County and city revenue sharing fund, allocation, 79-2966

County boundaries,

Geary county, 18-131

Riley county, 18-181

Countywide retailers' sales tax, Geary county, 12-192

Flood waters, dams, 68-404b

Local ad valorem tax reduction fund, allocation, 79-2961

Special city and county highway fund, allocation, 79-3425c


Fort Scott/Bourbon county riverfront authority act, 12-5701 et seq.

Definitions, 12-5702

Fort Scott/Bourbon county riverfront authority,

Acquisition of property, 12-5706

Agreements, 12-5707

Creation of, 12-5703


Damage reserve fund, 12-5716

Investment of, 12-5709

Monetary transactions, 12-5712

Special funds, creation of, 12-5712

Governing board, 12-5711

Powers, 12-5714

Grants, 12-5708

Insurance, 12-5710

Leases, 12-5707


General manager, 12-5713

Secretary, 12-5712

Treasurer, 12-5712

Planning and design, 12-5705

Power to sue, 12-5704

Reports, 12-5715

Tort claims act, applicability of, 12-5718


Liens, 58-208 et seq.


Commercial hunting without landowner's authorization, 21-5811


Homes for children. Children and Minors, this index


Community foundations,

Transfer of moneys from school districts, 72-1174

Corporations, defined by internal revenue code,

Acts prohibited, 79-4601

Application of act, 79-4603

Authority of courts and attorney general, 79-4604

Distributions required, 79-4602


Charitable or split interest as defined by internal revenue code,

Acts prohibited, 79-4605

Application of act, 79-4607

Authority of courts and attorney general, 79-4608

Distributions required, 79-4606


Board of regents, camp fund, 74-3206

Buildings and equipment, 19-1561 et seq.

Extension councils,

Member representing 4-H, 2-611

Programs, 2-608, 2-611, 2-616

Leases, township lakes and parks, 80-933


Imposition, 79-5401


Generally, 12-2001 et seq.

Airports and landing fields, 3-128

Authority to grant, 12-2001

Cable television, 12-2006 et seq.

Delinquent fee, 12-2008


Municipal franchise, 66-133

Transfer, 66-136

Contracts, 12-2001

Definitions, 12-2001

Electricity, 12-824, 12-2002

Fees for use of right-of-way,

Annexed area, 12-2016

Interurban railroad, 12-824

Jurisdiction, corporation commission, 12-2002

Metropolitan transit authority, 12-2805

Monopolies and unfair trade, forfeiture of corporate franchise, 50-103

Oil and gas, 66-120, 66-121

Ordinance granting, 12-3001

Public Utilities, this index

Railroads, this index

Restrictions, 12-2001

Sewer service charges, 12-2003, 12-2004


Election, 12-2001

Fees, 12-2001

Local exchange service provider, 12-2001

Notice, 12-2001

Telecommunications providers, restrictions, 12-2015

Television, cable, 12-2006 et seq.

Video competition act, 12-2021 et seq.

Application, 12-2023

Corporation commission, powers and duties, 12-2026

Definitions, 12-2022

Video service provider,

Agreement, 12-2024

Fees, 12-2024

Notice, 12-2024

Wireless infrastructure provider, limitations, 12-2001

Wireless services provider, limitations, 12-2001


Boundaries, 18-130

County codes and resolutions, enforcement of, 19-101d

Debt limitation,

Higher limit, 10-306

Flint Hills advisory council, 32-847

Recreational facilities,

Financing of, sales tax, 12-187, 12-189

Township fire departments, 80-1919

Water districts, 19-3502 et seq.

Board, 19-3505

Elections, 19-3507 et seq.

Enlargement, 19-3504

Powers, 19-3502


Generally, 17-1701 et seq.

Benevolent Organizations and Societies, generally, this index

Boxing and wrestling license, 74-2902

Discrimination law, application, 44-1002

False membership claim. Crimes and Punishments, this index

Hazing, criminal code, 21-5418

Reserve or emergency funds, tax exemption, 79-201


Agricultural Products, this index

Animals, public livestock markets, 47-1005

Arbitration and award, 5-211

Attachments, 60-701

Fraudulent conveyances, 60-713

Auctions, 58-1014, 58-1018


False reports, 9-2002

Intent to defraud bank, 9-2012

Barbers, 65-1820a

Commercial Code, supplementary, 84-1-103

Compensating tax, 79-3706

Cosmetics, dissemination of information, 65-675

Cosmetologists, 65-1908

Creditors, intent to hinder or delay, service of process by publication, 60-307

Deceptive commercial practices, Criminal Code, 21-6503

Documents of title, title and rights, 84-7-502

Druggists, licenses, 65-1627

Drugs and medicine, dissemination of information, 65-675

Eggs, label, advertise or invoice, 2-2503

Election campaign finance reporting, 25-4168

Election Offenses, this index

Employment Security Law, 44-719

Disqualification, 44-706

Equity skimming, 21-6504

Fairs and expositions, 2-138

False claim, Criminal Code, 21-6004

False Claims Act, Kansas, this index

Feeds, livestock and poultry,

Labels, 2-1011

Reports, 2-1011


Labels, 2-1208, 2-1208a

Tonnage report, 2-1205

Fires, defrauding insurance company, 31-137


Dissemination of information, 65-675

Drugs and cosmetics, labels, 65-657

Fraudulent transfer act, 33-201 et seq.

Grain trade, 34-102

Harvesting lien, disposing of grain, 58-206

Healing arts, 65-2837, 65-2860

Identity fraud, 21-6107

Identity theft, 21-6107

Income tax returns, 79-3228

Limitation of actions, 79-3230

Insurance, this index

Insurance premium finance company, license, obtaining, 40-2606

Investment Securities, this index

Irrigation districts, withdrawing name from petition, 42-703, 42-725

Joinder of claims and remedies, 60-218

Limitation of actions, 60-513

Income tax returns, 79-3230

Lottery, State, generally, this index

Medicaid fraud control act, 21-5925 et seq.

Motor Carriers, this index

Motor Vehicles, this index

Nurses, 65-1120

Occupational diseases,

Modification of award, 44-5a19

Obtaining employment, 44-5a03

Occupational therapists, 65-5410

Physical therapists or physical therapist assistants, 65-2912

Pleadings, 60-209

Podiatrists, 65-2006

Possessing or using scanning device or reencoder, 21-6108

Public employees retirement system, 74-4909, 74-4924

Public livestock markets, 47-1005

Real estate, purchases, 21-6504

Respiratory therapists, 65-5510

Resulting trust, 58-2407

Sales Act, 84-2-721

Retention by seller, rights of seller's creditors, 84-2-402

Secured debts, refund statement, 79-3125

Securities, this index

Shipper, agricultural products, 50-131

Social welfare, obtaining assistance, 39-720

Soldiers' home, gaining admission by fraud, 76-1908

Statute of Frauds, generally, this index

Surety bond application, 78-102

Survival of actions, 60-1801

Trust, resulting trust, 58-2407

Unemployment compensation, 44-719

Uniform fraudulent transfer act, 33-201 et seq.

Vehicle dealers, 8-2411

Warehouse Receipts, this index

Warehouses and Warehousemen, this index

Weights and Measures, this index

Welfare abuse, 39-760


Credibility, 60-421

Privilege waiver, 60-437

Workers Compensation, generally, this index

Written instruments,

Destroying, Criminal Code, 21-5826

False information, criminal code, 21-5824


Generally, 33-201 et seq.

Attachments, 60-713

Cause of action, 33-209

Citation, 33-212

Creditors, present and future, 33-204, 33-205

Defenses, 33-208

Definitions, 33-201

Execution, 33-207

Insolvency, 33-202

Joinder of remedies, 60-218

Judgment, 33-207, 33-208

Liability of transferee, 33-208

Obligation incurred, when, 33-206

Probate proceedings, 59-1411

Remedies, 33-207

Statute of limitations, 33-209

Transfer made, when, 33-206

Value, 33-203

Voidable transfer, 33-208


Information Network of Kansas, generally, this index

Open public records, 45-215 et seq.


Taxation of goods in transit, 79-201f


Roads and Highways, this index


C.I.F. and C.& F., definitions, 84-2-320

Railroads, generally, this index


See, also, Carriers, generally, this index

Bonds, 66-125 et seq.

Reports, 66-122, 66-123


Environmental assurance fee, 65-34,117

Motor Vehicle Fuel, generally, this indexFUNDS

Oil and Gas, generally, this index

Transportation of oil and liquid fuels, 55-501 et seq.


Extradition, generally, this index

Inquisitions, criminal procedure, 22-3101 et seq.


Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act, 60-3001 et seq.


Professional, 17-1759 et seq.

Solicitation, generally, this index


See, also Municipal Funds, generally, this index; County Funds, generally, this index

911 federal grant fund, 12-5365

911 operations fund, 12-5368

911 state grant fund, 12-5368

911 state maintenance fund, 12-5366

911 state fund, 12-5368

988 suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline fund, 75-5968

Abandoned mined-land fund, 49-428, 49-433

Abandoned oil and gas well fund, 55-192

Abstracters' fee fund, 74-3903

Access to justice fund, 20-166

Accountancy board, fee fund, 1-204, 75-1119b

Accounting services recovery fund, 40-2305, 44-716a, 75-3728b, 75-5533, 75-6210

Ad Astra sculpture fund, 75-2256

Advanced practice registered nurse service scholarship program fund, 74-32,138

Adjutant general death gratuity payment facilitation fund, 48-283

Affordable airfare fund, state, 74-50,150

Agricultural chemical fee fund, 2-2212

Agricultural liming materials fee fund, 2-2911

Agricultural seed fee fund, 2-1421a

Agriculture in the classroom royalty fund, 8-1,150

Airports and landing fields, sale, deposits, 3-144o

Alcoholic beverage control modernization fund, 41-213

Alcoholic liquor control enforcement fund, apportionment and distribution, 19-2694

Alcoholic liquor tax refund fund, 41-507

Alcoholism and intoxication programs fund, community, 41-501, 41-1126

All faiths chapel building fund,

Lansing correctional facility, 76-2473

Security of time deposits under, 75-4218a

Alternative-fuels government fleet loan fund, 75-37,118

Amusement ride safety fund, 44-1617

Animal dealers fee fund, 47-1721

Animal disease control fund, 47-1011, 47-1218, 47-1503, 47-1805, 47-1831

Animal research facility debt fund, 76-831, 76-832

Animal research facility project fund, 76-829

Antitrust special revenue fund, 75-715, 75-716

Transfer of assets from antitrust revolving fund, 75-717

Aquaculture fund, 47-1905

Architectural services recovery fund, 75-1269

Arkansas river gaging fund, 74-5,133

Arkansas river water conservation projects fund, 82a-1801, 82a-1803, 82a-1805

Armories and units general fees fund, 48-273

Asbestos remediation fund, 65-5316

Asset forfeiture funds, 60-4117

Asset seizure and forfeiture fund, 60-4117

Association assistance plan fund, 75-7433

Atchison juvenile correctional facility fee fund, 76-2101a

Athlete agent registration fee fund, 44-1533

Athletic commission fee fund, 74-2902a

Athletic fee fund, 74-50,188

Attorney general's antitrust special revenue fund, 75-715, 75-716

Attorney general's open government fund, 75-760

Attorney general's state medicaid fraud forfeiture fund, 60-4117

Attracting professional sports to Kansas fund, 74-8793

Attracting powerful economic expansion Kansas residency incentive fund, 74-50,323

Attracting powerful economic expansion new employee training and education fund, 74-50,318

Attracting powerful economic expansion payroll incentive fund, 74-50,316

Audit services fund, 46-1118

Bail enforcement agents fee fund, 75-7e09

Bank commissioner fee fund, 9-1703, 16a-2-302, 75-1308, 75-1313, 75-1318

Bank investigation fund, 9-1111b

Banks and financial institutions, privilege tax refund fund, 79-1112

Barbering fee fund, board of, 65-1817a

Behavioral sciences regulatory board fee fund, 74-7506

Benefit funds, 75-3728e

Kansas neurological institute patient benefit fund, 75-3365

Parsons state hospital patient benefit fund, 75-3365

Bioscience development fund, 74-8963

Board of nursing fee fund, 74-1106, 74-1108

Boating fee fund, 74-7336

Boating safety financial assistance fund, 32-1174

Boiler inspection fee fund, 44-926

Bond retirement fund,

Sale of school buildings, 72-1433, 72-1435

School Bonds, this index

Waterworks, 13-2406

Bond services fee fund, 10-108, 10-506, 10-603

Bond transcript review fee fund, 75-750

BOTA filing fee fund, 74-2438a

Boy Scouts of America royalty fund, 8-1,162

Breast cancer research royalty fund, 8-1,158

Broadband infrastructure construction grant fund, 75-5094

Budget by taxing subdivisions, 79-2925

Balances carried forward, 79-2934

Diversion of moneys prohibited, 79-2934

Budget stabilization fund, 75-6706

Building fund, counties, 19-1561 et seq.

Buildings operating fund, 75-3765

Business machinery and equipment tax reduction assistance fund, 79-2978

Cafeteria benefits fund, 75-6506a, 75-6513

Cancer research and public information trust fund, 76-841

Canteen funds, 75-3728e

Capital outlay fund,

Community colleges, 71-501 et seq.

Conservation districts, 2-1920

County health, 65-204

School districts, 72-53,115

Career technical workforce grant discontinued attendance fund, 74-32,427

Cemeteries and Cemetery Companies, this index

Cemetery and funeral audit fee fund, 75-441

Cemetery districts, 17-1338, 17-1339

Cemetery maintenance and merchandise, 16-336

Center of innovation for biomaterials in orthopaedic research - Wichita state university fund, 74-99b34

Change funds, 75-3078

Charitable gaming refund fund, 75-5183

Charitable organizations fee fund, 17-1777

Chemical control fund, 65-7012

Chemigation fee fund, 2-3315

Child care center fund, 12-4802

Child care criminal background and fingerprinting fund, 65-516

Child exchange and visitation centers fund, 75-720

Children's advocacy center fund, 8-1345, 20-370, 74-7336

Children's health care programs fund abolished, 38-2102

Children's initiatives accountability fund, 38-2103

Children's initiatives fund, 38-2102, 38-2103

Cigarette and tobacco products regulation fund, 79-3391

Cigarette fire safety standard and firefighter protection act fund, 31-609

Cigarette tax refund fund, 79-3379

Cities. Municipal Funds, generally, this index

City and county highway fund, 79-3425

City bond finance fund, 79-3620

Distribution of moneys credited, 79-3620b

Civil registration and health statistics fee fund, 65-2418, 65-2418e

Closure health insurance fund, 75-4372

Closure term life insurance fund, 75-4373

Clubhouse model program fund, 75-5963

Colleges and Universities, this index

Commerce, state department of

Applied research and development fund, 74-8106

Applied research matching grant fund, 74-8107

Basic research fund, 74-8106

Seed-capital fund, 74-8109

Technology transfer fund, 74-8106

Commercial driver education fund, 8-280

Commercial driver's license drive test fee fund, 8-2,154, 8-2,155

Commercial vehicle administrative system fund, 8-145f

Communication revolving fund, 75-5073 et seq.

Communication system revolving fund, 75-5075

Community alcoholism and intoxication programs fund, 8-241, 8-1567, 41-501, 41-1126, 74-7336

Community colleges, capital outlay fund, 71-501 et seq.

Community corrections supervision fund, 75-52,113

Community crisis stabilization centers fund, 75-5963

Community mental health center improvement fund, 39-2018

Compensating tax refund fund, 79-3710

Compressed air energy storage fund, 66-1279

Computerized information search services fee fund, 72-272

Conservation fee fund, 55-143, 55-168, 55-180

Construction defects recovery fund, 75-3785

Consumer credit fee fund, 16a-2-302

Coordinated public transportation assistance fund, 75-5035

Correctional industries fund, 75-5282, 75-5289, 75-52,136

Correctional Institutions, this index

Correctional institutions building fund, 76-6b09, 79-4803

Correctional services special revenue fund, 75-52,150

Cosmetology fee fund, 74-2704

Counties. County Funds, generally, this index

County equalization and adjustment fund, 79-3425c

Creative industries fund, 74-5208

Credit union fee fund, 17-2236

Crime victims assistance fund, 74-7334, 74-7336, 74-7337

Crime victims compensation fund, 74-7317, 74-7336, 75-5211

Criminal appeals cost fund, 22-3612

Criminal background and fingerprinting fund, 74-1112

Criminal history and fingerprinting fund, 65-1505

Criminal justice information system line fund, 74-5707, 74-7336

Dairy fee fund, 65-782

Deaf and hard of hearing registration fee fund, 75-5393d

Debt service reserve fund, 12-3721

Security of time deposits, 75-4218a

Defined, budgets of taxing bodies, 79-2925

Department of administration audit services fund, 75-37,159

Department of corrections - general fees fund, 75-52,139

Department of corrections alcohol and drug abuse treatment fund, 8-1567, 74-7336

Department of corrections forensic psychologist fund, 12-4117, 75-52,151

Department of corrections victim assistance fund, 75-5211, 75-52,139

Department of labor special projects fund, 75-5733

Department of transportation, federal funds, 75-5023

Deposit of public moneys, 9-1401 et seq.

Deposits and Depositories, generally, this index

Disability concerns, commission on, fee fund, 74-6708, 75-144

Dispute resolution fund, 5-517

District coroners fund, 22a-245, 65-2418

District magistrate judge supplemental compensation fund, 75-3120k

Diversion of moneys prohibited, 79-2934

Division of vehicles modernization fund, 8-145, 75-5159, 75-5160

DNA database fee fund, 75-724

Domestic violence special programs fund, 20-369

Donor intent protection act, 58-3621 et seq.

Endowment fund, 58-3623

Drainage Districts, this index

Driving under the influence fund, 8-241, 75-5660

Drycleaning facility release trust fund, 65-34,146

Ducks unlimited royalty fund, 8-1,167

DUI-IID designation fund, 8-241

Dwight D. Eisenhower statue fund, 75-2257

Economic development fund, 74-5005

Economic development initiatives fund, state, 79-4804

Education building fund, 76-6b01 et seq.

Education conference fund, board of nursing, 74-1109

Educational building fund, Kansas, 76-6b01 et seq.

Educational institutions, housing systems, operating funds, 76-762

Educational institutions emblem royalty fund, 8-1,142

Egg fee fund, 2-2507

Electronic databases fee fund,

Establishment, 74-2022

Sources, 74-2012, 74-2022

Electronic filing and management fund, 20-1a20

Electronic funds transfers. Funds Transfers, this index

Emergency fund, state. State emergency fund, post

Emergency medical services board operating fund, 75-1514

Emergency medical services operating fund, 65-6129, 65-6151

Employee benefits contribution fund, 12-16,102

Employee use funds, 75-3080

Employment security administration fund, created, 44-716

Employment security fund, created, 44-712

Employment security interest assessment fund, 44-710a

EMS revolving fund, 65-6157, 74-7336

Endowment fund for youth, Kansas, 38-2101, 38-2102, 38-2103

Energy conservation improvement fund, 75-37,113

Energy grants management fund, 74-617

Engineering graduate incentive fund, 74-50,236

Abolishment of, when, 74-50,237

Enterprise facilitation fund, 74-50,154, 74-50,155

Entomology fee fund, 2-2128

Environmental response fund, 65-3454a

Environmental use control fund, 65-1,231

Escheat proceeds suspense fund, 59-901, 59-902

Ethnic minority fellowship program fund, 74-32,119

Ethnic minority scholarship discontinued attendance fund, 74-3289

Excess monies in funds, 79-2958

Executive mansion gifts fund, 75-131a

Expanded lottery act revenues fund, 74-8768

Expanded lottery receipts fund, 74-8766

Explosives regulatory and training fund, 31-512

Export loan guarantee fund, Kansas, 74-5074

Faculty of distinction matching fund, 76-774, 76-775

Faculty of distinction program fund, 76-775

Fairs and Expositions, this index

False claims litigation revolving fund, 75-7508

Family and children investment fund, 38-1808, 65-2418

Family and children trust account, 8-1,148, 38-1808

Permanent families account, 38-1808

Family services and community intervention fund, 38-2281

Federal cash management fund, 75-3082

Federal funds, receipt by state agency, 75-3734

Federal indirect cost offset fund, 44-716a

Federal registry clearing fund, 58-4107

Federal revenue sharing fund, abolished, 75-4261

Fee funds,

Cemetery maintenance and merchandise fee fund, 16-336

Deposit of gift moneys and sale proceeds, state institutions, 75-3316

Ten percent credit to state agencies, purpose, 75-3170a

Feed the hungry fund, 32-995

Feeding stuffs fee fund, 2-1012

Fertilizer and pesticide compliance and administration fund, 2-1205

Fertilizer fee fund, 2-1205

Fertilizer research fund, 2-1205, 2-1221

Fire department, retirement and pensions, 13-14a02

Fire marshal fee fund, 75-1514

Fire marshal's gratuities fund, 75-1513

Fire safety standard and firefighter protection act enforcement fund, 31-604

Fire service training program fund, 75-1514, 76-327c

Firefighters relief fund, state, 40-1706

Firefighters training fund, 8-1,155

Firemen's pension fund, cities of second class, 14-10a02 et seq.

Flag and banner fund, 75-420

Fleet rental vehicle administration fund, 8-145, 8-190

Food safety fee fund, 65-688

Food service fund, school districts, 72-17,139

Food service inspection reimbursement fund, 36-512

Forensic laboratory and materials fee fund, 8-241, 28-176

Fraud and abuse criminal prosecution fund, 75-765

Gaming revenues fund, state, 79-4801

Garbage and trash fund, townships, 80-2201

Gas pipeline inspection fee fund, 66-1,155

General fund, state. See subhead General fund, under State, this index

Geological survey fund, 76-326b

Governmental ethics commission fee fund, 25-4119e

Graduate medical education administration reserve fund, 40-3403

Greyhound promotion and development fund, 74-8842

Greyhound tourism fund, 74-8831

Group-funded pools fee fund, 12-2623

Group-funded pools refund fund, 12-2631

Group-funded workers compensation pools fee fund, 44-587

Gubernatorial inauguration expense fund, 25-4187

Handgun licensure fund, 75-7c13

Hazardous waste, 65-3430

Collection fund, 65-3460

Hazardous waste management fund, 65-3431, 65-3491

Hazmat fee fund, 8-267

HCBS programs fund, 75-4265

Healing arts fee fund, 65-2011, 65-2855, 65-2911, 65-4968, 65-5413, 65-5513, 65-6910, 65-7309, 65-7210

Health and environment publication fee fund, 75-5662

Health care access improvement fund, 65-6207, 65-6217

Health care database fee fund, 65-6809

Health care stabilization fund, 40-3403 et seq.

Health committee insurance fund, 40-4702

Health funds, 65-204

Health insurance, uninsurable plan fund, 40-2125, 40-2126

Health occupations credentialing fee fund, 39-979

Hearing aid board fee fund, 74-5805

Helping schools license plate program fund, 8-1,154

Heritage trust fund, 75-2729

High performance incentive fund, 74-50,133

Highway funds,

City and county highway fund, 79-3425, 79-34,104

County equalization and adjustment fund, 79-3425

Distribution, 79-3425, 79-34,104

Freeway fund, 79-3425, 79-34,104

Highway special permit fund, 75-5039

Kansas qualified agricultural ethyl alcohol producer incentive fund, 79-3425

State highway fund, 8-241, 68-416, 79-3425, 79-34,104

Highway patrol federal fund, 74-2117

Highway patrol motor vehicle fund, 8-145, 74-2136

Highway patrol training center fund, 74-2012, 74-2134

Historic properties fee fund, 75-2701

Historical society facilities fund, state, 76-2056

Home and community based services savings fund, 39-7,162

Homes for aged funds, 19-2106b

Horse fair racing benefit fund, 74-8838

Hospital revenue fund, 76-3,101

Hospitals, special improvements, 13-14b12

Housing system funds, state educational institutions, 76-761 et seq.

Human trafficking victim assistance fund, 75-758

Idle funds, investment, 12-1675 et seq.

Definitions, 12-1675a

Limitation, 12-1676

Municipal investment pool fund, 12-1675, 12-1677a

IMPACT program repayment fund, 74-50,109

IMPACT program services fund, 74-50,108

Imprest funds,

Cancellation of checks, 75-3076

Change funds, 75-3078

Decreases, approval, 75-3072, 75-3075

Disbursements, 75-3076

Establishment by state agency, 75-3075

Increases, approval, 75-3072, 75-3075

Limitations on use, 75-3072

Losses, reimbursement of, 75-3073

Moneys, deposits in local banks, 75-3076

Payroll errors, correction, 75-3072

Reconciliation statement, 75-3073

Replenishing, 75-3073

Reports, 75-3072

Restoration of, 75-3073

Revolving funds abolished, 75-3077

Transfer of balances from revolving funds to, 75-3077

Transfers to attain balances specified, 75-3077

Travel advances, 75-3072

Use, 75-3072

Improvement districts, investments, 19-2765c

Improvement fund, special, 13-10,140

Inaugural expense fund, 25-4187

Incidental fund, secretary of labor, 44-635

Income tax refund fund, 79-32,105

Indigents' defense services fund, 22-4526, 22-4529, 28-172b

Individual assistance support trust fund, state, 39-7,123

Industrial development, municipalities, 12-1617h

Industrial funds, municipalities, 12-1617i

Information and services fee fund, 45-107, 64-103, 75-436, 75-438

Information network of Kansas fund, 74-9308

Information technology fund, 75-4714, 75-4715

Information technology reserve fund, 75-4704a, 75-4716

Infrastructure maintenance fund, 76-7,104

Institutions building fund, state, 76-6b05

Insurance collection replacement/reimbursement fund, 75-2728

Insurance company annual statement examination fund, 40-223a

Insurance company examination fund, 40-223

Insurance company examiner training fund, 40-223e

Insurance department service regulation fund, 40-112

Transfers to fraud and abuse criminal prosecution fund, 75-765

Intergovernmental transfer administration fund, 75-4265

Intergovernmental transfer fund, 75-4265

Interlocal agreements, public agencies, 12-2907

Intermodal transportation revolving fund, 75-5081 et seq.

Interstate water litigation fund, 82a-1801, 82a-1802, 82a-1804

Intoxicating liquors, local alcoholic liquor fund, 79-41a03, 79-41a04

Intragovernmental printing service depreciation reserve funds, 75-1001f, 75-1004b

Transfers to, 75-1004b

Intragovernmental printing service fund, 75-1001f

Creation, 75-1022

Transfer to intragovernmental service depreciation reserve fund, 75-1004b


Bond retirement funds, waterworks, 13-2406

Counties, 12-1675 et seq.

Firemen's relief association, 12-1675 et seq.

Library building fund, cities between 120,000 and 150,000, 12-1255

Quasi-municipalities, 12-1675 et seq.

Savings and loan associations, 12-1675 et seq.

Schools, 12-1675 et seq.

State moneys. State Depositories, generally, this index

Townships, 12-1675 et seq.

Investor education and protection fund, 17-12a601

Irrigation and irrigation districts, 42-707

Job creation program fund, 74-50,224

Judicial branch education fund, 20-1a11

Judicial branch nonjudicial salary adjustment fund, 20-1a15

Judicial branch nonjudicial salary initiative fund, 20-1a14

Judicial branch docket fee fund, 20-362, 20-1a04, 28-177

Judicial nominating commissions fund, 20-138

Judicial survey and study, 20-154

Judiciary technology fund, 20-1a12

Juvenile correctional complex, Kansas, fee fund, 76-2101a

Juvenile alternatives to detention fund, 8-241, 79-4803

KAN-ED fund, 75-7225

Kan-grow engineering funds, 76-7,141

Kansas adult learner grant program fund, 74-32,288

Kansas agricultural remediation fund, 2-3711

Kansas attorney general batterer intervention program certification fund, 75-7d12

Kansas bureau of investigation state forfeiture fund, 60-4117

Kansas charitable institutions and mental hospitals building fund,

Transfer to state institutions building fund, 76-6b07

Kansas conservation reserve enhancement program fund, 2-1933

Kansas creative arts industries commission checkoff fund, 79-3221m

Kansas commission on peace officers' standards and training fund, 74-5617

Kansas comprehensive grant funds, 74-32,123

Kansas department for aging and disability services temporary deposit fund, 39-784

Kansas department for children and families enterprise fund, 75-5397a

Kansas department for children and families temporary deposit fund, 39-784

Kansas department of corrections state forfeiture fund, 60-4117

Kansas distinguished scholarship fund, 74-3281

Kansas economic opportunity initiatives fund, 74-50,151

Kansas educational building fund, 76-6b01, 76-6b02

Kansas educator registered apprenticeship grant program fund, 74-50,234

Kansas endowment for youth fund, 38-2101, 38-2102, 38-2103

Kansas ethnic minority scholarship discontinued attendance fund, 74-3289

Kansas export loan guarantee fund, 74-5074

Kansas fights addiction fund, 75-777

Kansas firefighters memorial fund, 75-36,102

Kansas gold star families memorial fund, 75-2270

Kansas greyhound breeding development fund, 74-8831

Kansas highway patrol motor vehicle fund, 8-145, 74-2124, 74-2136

Kansas highway patrol staffing and training fund, 8-145, 74-2139

Kansas highway patrol state forfeiture fund, 60-4117

Kansas hometown heroes fund, 79-3221k

Kansas horse breeding development fund, 74-8829

Kansas insurance coverage for children fund, 38-2009

Kansas intelligence fusion center, 48-3707

Kansas intermodal transportation revolving fund, 75-5084, 75-5087

Kansas juvenile correctional complex fee fund, 76-3205

Kansas juvenile delinquency prevention trust fund, 75-7021

Kansas medical center private practice foundation reserve fund, 40-3403

Kansas national guard counter drug state forfeiture fund, 60-4117

Kansas national guard educational assistance program repayment fund, 74-32,150

Kansas neurological institute fee fund, 76-17c01a

Kansas nonprofit apprenticeship grant program fund, 74-50,232

Kansas partnership fund, 74-5055

Kansas pesticide waste disposal fund, 2-3716

Kansas postsecondary education savings expense fund, 75-648

Kansas postsecondary education savings program trust fund, 75-648

Kansas promise scholarship fund, 74-32,277

Kansas public employees retirement fund, 74-4921

Kansas retail dealer incentive fund, 79-34,171

Kansas sports hall of fame surcharge fund, 74-2916

Kansas transportation revolving fund, 75-5066

Kansas water pollution control revolving fund, 65-3322

Kansas water quality buffer initiative fund, 2-1915

Laboratory equipment fund, 74-554

Laboratory testing services fee fund, 74-5,134

Laetrile enforcement fee fund, 65-6b10

Land reclamation fund, 49-624

Land survey fee fund, 58-2011

Larned state hospital fee fund, 76-1302a

Law enforcement memorial fund, 75-2250, 75-2251

Law enforcement training center fund, 8-145, 74-5619

Law enforcement training reimbursement fund, local, 74-5620

Lead-based paint hazard fee fund, 65-1,206

Legislative special revenue fund, 46-1207a

Legislature employment security fund, 75-5745

Library, buildings, cities between 120,000 and 150,000, 12-1254, 12-1255

Lights and lighting, streets, special lighting fund, 14-535

Live greyhound racing purse supplement fund, 74-8767

Live horse racing purse supplement fund, 74-8767

Livestock brand fee fund, 47-417a

Transfers from livestock emergency revolving fund and county option brand fee fund, 47-449

Livestock market brand inspection fee fund, 47-1011a

Local ad valorem tax reduction fund, 79-2959 et seq.

Distribution, 79-2961

Payments to county treasurers, 79-2962

Apportionment and distribution, 19-2694

Local air quality control authority regulation services fund, 65-3008

Local alcoholic liquor fund, 79-41a03, 79-41a04

Lodging fee fund, 36-520

Long-term care loan and grant fund, 75-4265

Lottery, State, this index

Lottery gaming facility manager fund, 74-8733

Lottery operating fund, 74-8711

Lower smoky hill water supply access fund, 82a-2303, 82a-2310

Market division fee fund, secretary of agriculture, 74-534

Masonic lodge royalty fund, 8-1,168

Maternity centers and child care licensing fee fund, 65-505

Meat and poultry inspection fee fund, 65-6a45

Medicaid fraud forfeiture fund, 60-4117

Medicaid fraud prosecution revolving fund, 21-5933

Medicaid fraud reimbursement fund, 21-5933

Medicaid match fund—department on aging, 75-4265

Medicaid match fund—SRS, 75-4265

Medical assistance fee fund, 40-3236

Medical loan repayment fund, 76-385

Medical record maintenance trust fund, 65-28,132

Mental health and developmental disabilities special projects fund, 76-12a08

Midwest stem cell therapy center fund, 76-837

Migratory waterfowl propagation and protection fund, 32-993

Military fees fund, 48-272

Military honors funeral fund, 73-309

Military service scholarship program fund, 74-32,232

Mined-land conservation and reclamation fee fund, 49-420, 49-433

Mined-land reclamation fund, 49-420

Mineral production education fund, 72-5130

Mineral production tax refund fund, 79-4227

Mobile home and recreational vehicle standards fund, abolished, 75-1222

Mortuary arts fee fund, 65-1718

Motor carrier license fees fund, 66-1,142, 66-1a01

Motor carrier tax refund fund, 79-6a09

Motor fuel tax refund fund, 79-3425

Motor pool service depreciation reserve fund, 75-4614

Motor pool service fund, 75-4611, 75-4614

Transfer of moneys to state highway fund, 75-4611

Motorcycle safety fund, 8-267

Municipal Funds, generally, this index

Municipal investment pool fund, 12-1677a

Municipal universities, bond payment, 13-13a23

Municipalities fight addiction fund, 75-777

Municipalities. Municipal Funds, generally, this index

National bio agro-defense facility fund, 74-99b34

National direct student loan audit dispute fund, 76-744

National direct student loan funds, 76-743

National wildlife refuge system, use, 19-506a

Native American veterans' income tax refund fund, 79-32,272

Natural gas underground storage fee fund, 55-1,116

Natural resources damages trust fund, 65-171v, 75-5672

Newborn screening fund, 65-180

New correctional facility and mental health facility or facilities construction fund, 75-52,130

900 Jackson street acquisition fund, 75-3649

900 Jackson street bond and interest sinking fund, 75-3653

900 Jackson street bond proceeds fund, 75-3653

Non-fuel flammable or combustible liquid aboveground storage tank system fund, 65-34,136

Nongame wildlife improvement fund, 79-3221e

Federal moneys, use of, 79-3221h

Norton state hospital fee fund, 76-1502b

Noxious weed capital outlay fund, 2-1318

Noxious weed eradication fund, 2-1318

Nurse educator service scholarship program fund, 74-32,226

Nursing, board of,

Criminal background and fingerprinting fund, 74-1112

Education conference fund, 74-1109

Fee fund, 74-1106, 74-1108

Grants and gifts fund, 74-1106

Nursing service scholarship repayment fund, 74-32,226

OBGYN medical loan repayment fund, 76-385

OBGYN medical residency bridging fund, 76-387

Office of laboratory services operating fund, 65-157, 65-1,109a, 75-5608, 75-5608a

Oil and gas conservation funds, 55-865

Oil and gas lease revenues, 55-211a

Oil and gas resources fund, 55-1633

Oil and gas valuation depletion trust fund, 79-4227

Abolishment of fund on July 1, 2016, 79-4232

Optometry education repayment fund, 74-3272a

Optometry fee fund, 74-1503

Optometry litigation fund, 74-1503

Osawatomie state hospital fee fund, 76-1201c

Osteopathic medical service scholarship repayment fund, 74-3267a

Other state fees fund, Kansas department for aging and disability services, 41-1126, 41-2622

Oz theme park fund, created 1999 Omnibus Appro Bill for HB 2166

Park resources general fees fund, security of time deposits under, 75-4218a

Parking facilities, off-street, revolving operating fund, 13-1379

Parking fee and fine fund, state institutions, 76-12a15

Parks fee fund, 32-991

Parsons state hospital fee fund, 76-1409a

Passenger rail service revolving fund, 75-5089

Patient benefit funds. See Benefit funds, generally, ante

Permanent university fund, 76-308

Persian Gulf War veterans health initiative fund, 73-1231

Pesticide fee fund, 2-2464a

Pesticide use fee fund, 2-2464a

Petroleum inspection fee fund, 55-427

Petroleum storage tank release trust fund,

Aboveground tanks, 65-34,129

Underground tanks, 65-34,114

Petty cash funds,

Cities, 12-171

State agencies, 75-3052 et seq.

Pharmacy benefits manager licensure fee fund, 40-3827

Pharmacy fee fund, 74-1609

Photo fee fund, 8-299

Plant and animal disease and pest control fund, 79-3221h

Plant pest emergency response fund, 2-2129

Police department, retirement and pensions, 13-14a02

Policemen's pension fund, cities of second class, 14-10a02 et seq.

Pollutant discharge cleanup fund, 65-171v

Pooled money investment portfolio fee fund, 75-4235

Prairie dog extermination, 80-1205, 80-1206

Prepaid services fund (of secretary of state), 75-439

Prescription monitoring program act fund, 65-1694a

Primary care safety net clinic loan guarantee fund, 65-7406

Printing depreciation reserve fund, transfer to intragovernmental printing service depreciation reserve fund, 75-1001f

Printing division, department of administration, transfers, 75-1004b

Private and out-of-state postsecondary educational institution fee fund, 74-32,182

Private detective fee fund, 75-7b23

Privilege tax refund fund, banks and financial institutions, 79-1112

Problem gambling and addictions grant fund, 39-1907, 79-4805

Proceeds from sale of new channel, disposition, 82a-204, 82a-209

Property contingency fund, 75-3652

Protection from abuse fund, 74-7325

Psychiatry medical loan repayment fund, 76-385

Public employees retirement fund, 74-4921

Public moneys, deposit, 9-1401 et seq.

Public service regulation fund, 66-1a01

Public use general aviation airport development fund, 75-5061

Public water supply loan fund, 65-163e, 74-8203

Publications fee fund,

Judicial council, 20-2207

Revenue, department of, 75-5132

Quality based community assessment fund, 75-7436

Quality care fund, 75-7435

Quasi-municipal corporations, investments, 12-1675 et seq.

Racing applicant deposit fund, 74-8828

Racing investigative expense fund, 74-8835

Racing reimbursable expense fund, 74-8827

Radiation control operations fee fund, 48-1625

Rail service assistance program loan guarantee fund, 75-5047

Rail service improvement fund, 75-5048, 75-5049

Railroad rehabilitation loan guarantee fund, 75-5029, 75-5030

Rainbow mental health facility fee fund, 76-17a11

Real estate fee fund, 58-3074

Real estate recovery revolving fund, 58-3061, 58-3066

Recovery fund for enforcement actions and attorney fees, 75-5162

Refund funds,

Alcoholic liquor tax, 41-507

Cigarette tax, 79-3379

Compensating use tax, 79-3710

Income tax, 79-32,105

Liquor enforcement tax, 41-507

Mineral production tax, 79-4227

Privilege tax, 79-1112

Sales tax, 79-3620

Tobacco products tax, 79-3379

Refuse disposal fund, county, 19-2661

Renal disease fund, 65-1,215

Republican river water conservation projects - Colorado moneys fund, 82a-1801, 82a-1804, 82a-1805

Republican river water conservation projects - Nebraska moneys fund, 82a-1801,82a-1804, 82a-1805

Retirement and pensions,

Cities of first class,

Fire department, 13-14a02

Police department, 13-14a02

Revolving funds,

Transportation, department of, 75-5063, 75-5073, 75-5081, 75-5089

Revolving funds of certain state agencies,

Abolished, 75-3077

Imprest Funds, generally, this index

Roads and Highways, this index

Roofing contractor registration fund, 50-6,128

ROTC service scholarships,

Program fund, 74-3256, 74-3260a

Repayment fund, 74-3260a

Rural hospital innovation grant fund, 65-491

Sales tax refund fund, 79-3620

Salt solution mining well plugging fund, 55-1,121

Sand royalty fund, 70a-105

Santa Fe office building renovation fund, 75-3679

Savings and loan fee fund, abolished, 75-1313

School bus safety fund, 72-64,103

School district capital improvements fund, 72-5462

School district capital outlay state aid fund, 72-53,126

School district extraordinary declining enrollment fund, 72-5177

School dormitory fund, transfer of moneys to Kansas educational building fund, 76-6b08

School Funds, generally, this index

Scrap metal data repository fund, 50-6,109a

Scrap metal theft reduction fee fund, 50-6,109a

Seatbelt safety fund, 8-1,181, 74-7336

Secretary of aging, 75-5908

Secretary of state fee refund fund, 76-2613

Securities act fee fund, 17-12a601

Transfers to fraud and abuse criminal prosecution fund, 75-765

Self-insurance reserve fund, 12-3722

Investments, 12-3724

Security of time deposits, 75-4218a

Sewage disposal facilities, 12-3722

Self-sufficiency trust fund, 75-5343

Senior services fund, 75-4265

Senior services trust fund, 75-4265, 75-4266

Service assessment, cities in urban areas, 12-1674

Service clearing fund, state educational institutions, 76-754, 76-755

Severance tax,

Mineral production education fund, 72-5130

Oil and gas valuation depletion trust fund, 79-4227

Abolishment of fund on July 1, 2016, 79-4232

Special county mineral production tax fund, 79-4227

Sewage disposal facilities,

Revenue bonds, state board of health,

Debt service reserve fund, 12-3721

Self-insurance reserve fund, transfers to debt service reserve fund, 12-3721

Sewage disposal treatment fund, state, 12-3711

Sexually violent predator expense fund, 59-29a04, 59-29a04a

Short line rail improvement fund, 75-5095

Shriner's royalty fund, 8-1,151

Sinking Funds, this index

Social welfare fund, 39-710, 75-3320

Self-sufficiency trust fund, 75-5343

Special bequest fund, children with special health care needs, 75-5344

Special fund for developmentally disabled, 75-5344

Soil amendment fee fund, 2-2814

Soil-drifting fund, 2-2007

Soldiers' home fee fund, 76-1906

Solid waste management fund, 65-3415a

Southeast Kansas tuberculosis hospital fee fund, 76-1521a

Special bequest fund, children with special health care needs, 75-5344

Special city and county highway fund, 79-3425, 79-34,104

Payments, Kansas intermodal transportation revolving fund, 75-5087

Special county mineral production tax fund, 79-4227, 794231

Special employment security fund, 44-716a

Special fund for the developmentally disabled, 75-5344

Special highway improvement fund, 68-589, 68-590

Special qualified industrial manufacturer fund, 74-50,122

Special qualified manufacturer fund, 19-4108

Special services fund, cities, urban areas, 12-1674

Specialty court resources fund, 20-173

Sponsored research overhead fund, state educational institutions, 76-753

Sport fish restoration fund, 32-997

Sports wagering receipts fund, 74-8791

SRS enterprise fund, 75-5397a

SRS temporary deposit fund, 39-784


Active accounts, see State Depositories, this index

General fund, see State, this index

Inactive accounts, see State Depositories, this index

State affordable airfare fund, 74-50,150

State agency unemployment claims audit fund, 75-3798

State agricultural production fund, 32-809

State agricultural university fund, 76-410a

State board of health, 65-103a

State buildings depreciation fund, 75-3655

State buildings operating fund, 75-3654, 75-3765

State capitol dome sculpture fund, 75-2249

State charitable gaming regulation fund, 75-5182

State economic development initiatives fund, 79-4804

Kansas capital formation account, 79-4804

Kansas economic development endowment account, 79-4804

Kansas economic development research and development account, 79-4804

State emergency fund,

National guard and state guard, 48-261

Payment of claims under National Guard Mutual Assistance Compact, 48-1702

Rewards, 75-113a

State facilities gift fund, 75-2265, 75-3683, 75-3684

State fair,

Capital improvements fund, 2-223, 79-4108, 79-41a03

Change funds, 2-205

Fee fund, 2-205

Special cash fund, 2-220

State fire marshal liquefied petroleum gas fee fund, 55-1813

State firefighters relief fund, 40-1706

State freeway construction fund, 68-2304. See, also, subhead Express highways and freeways under Roads and Highways, this index

State freeway fund,

Investments, security of time deposits under, 75-4218a

Liquefied petroleum motor fuel tax proceeds, 79-34,104

Motor fuel tax proceeds, 79-3425

State gaming revenues fund, 79-4801

State general fund. State, this index

State highway fund, 68-416

Liquefied petroleum motor fuel tax proceeds, 79-34,104

Transfers from freeway fund, 79-3425

Transfers from motor pools service fund, 75-4611

Transfers to coordinated public transportation assistance fund, 75-5035

Transfers to Kansas transportation revolving fund, 75-5065

Transfers to public use general aviation airport development fund, 75-5061

State highway patrol federal fund, 74-2117

State historical society facilities fund, 76-2056

State housing trust fund, 74-8959

Kansas rural home loan guarantee act, 12-5262

State institutions,

Building fund, 76-6b05

Trust funds, 76-172 et seq., 76-175, 76-175a

State leave payment reserve fund, 75-5542

State library fund, 75-2534, 75-2540, 75-2562, 75-2563, 75-2588

State licensure fee fund, 39-930

State moneys. State Depositories, generally, this index

State normal school fund, 76-604

State office buildings and grounds,

See, also, State Office Buildings and Grounds, this index

Bond proceeds fund, and bond and interest sinking fund, 900 Jackson street, 75-3653

Construction defects recovery fund, 75-3785

Depreciation fund, 75-3655

Operating fund, 75-3654

Property contingency fund, 75-3652

Rental charges from assignment of space, 75-3651, 75-3765, 75-3768

State printer's operating fund, transfer to intragovernmental printing service fund, 75-1001f

State printing plant construction fund, 75-3676

State racing fund, 74-8826

State register fee fund, 75-433

State safety fund, 8-267

Distribution, 8-272

State scholarship discontinued attendance fund, 74-32,236

State school dormitory fund, 76-6b08

State tourism fund, 32-1412

State water plan fund, 2-1205, 2-2204, 82a-951

Transfers to water projects grant fund, 82a-955

Transfers to water technical assistance fund, 82a-955

State water pollution control account, 65-3302

State workers compensation self-insurance fund, 44-575

Storage tank release trust fund,

Aboveground tanks, 65-34,129

Underground tanks, 65-34,114

Stormont medical library, funds abolished, 75-2525

Student loan guarantee act, 74-32,247

Student loans, institutions under board of regents, 76-728

Subsurface hydrocarbon storage fund, 55-1,118

Sunflower army ammunition plant remediation trust fund, 75-5671

Support trust fund, state individual assistance, 39-7,123

Surplus bond money, transfer, 10-117a

Surplus real estate special revenue funds, 75-6609

Surplus tax transfers, certain, 79-2958

Tax increment financing revenue replacement fund, 12-1775a

Taxpayer notification costs fund, 79-2989

Taylor grazing fund, distribution, 27-119

Teacher service scholarships,

Program fund, 74-32,107

Repayment fund, 74-32,107

Technical professions fee fund, 74-7009

Technology communication fee fund, 75-444

Technology-enabled fiduciary financial insititutions development and expansion fund, 9-2324

Telecommunications and railroad machinery and equipment tax reduction assistance fund, 79-2979

Tobacco products refund fund, 79-3379

Topeka state hospital cemetery memorial gift fund, 75-37,124

Topeka state hospital fee fund, 76-1201b

Tort claims fund, 75-6117

Tourism and convention promotion fund, transient guest tax, 12-1694

Tourism fund, 32-1412

Tourist attraction matching grant development fund, 32-1422

Township road funds, county system, 68-593, 68-595

Townships, this index

Traffic records enhancement fund, 74-7336, 75-5080

Transfers. Funds Transfers, this index

Transient guest tax refund fund, 12-1694a, 12-16,100

Transportation revolving fund, Kansas, 75-5063 et seq.

Transportation technology development fund, 75-5093

Trauma fund, 12-4117, 74-7336, 75-5670

Tribal gaming fund, 74-9808

Truck driver training fund, 8-267, 8-272

Trust funds,

See, also, Kansas Prudent Investor Act, Uniform, this index

Self-sufficiency trust fund, 75-5343

Special bequest fund, children with special health needs, 75-5344

Special fund for developmentally disabled, 75-5344

State individual assistance support, 39-7,123

Unclaimed mineral proceeds trust fund, 58-3977

Trusts for benefit of state or political subdivisions, 58-2433

Tuition waiver gifts, grants and reimbursements fund, 74-32,161

Unclaimed mineral proceeds trust fund, 58-3977

Unclaimed property claims fund, 58-3978

Unclaimed property expense fund, 58-3978

Undistributed assets of defunct credit unions fund, 17-2206a

Undistributed assets of defunct institutions fund, 9-1917

Unexpended tax monies, 79-2958

Unified carrier registration clearing fund, 66-1,139a

Uniform commercial code fee fund, 75-448

Uniform prudent management of institutional funds act, 58-3611 et seq.

Application of act, 58-3618

Appropriation for expenditure or accumulation of endowment fund, 58-3614

Compliance with act, 58-3617

Definitions, 58-3612

Delegation of management and investment functions, 58-3615

Relation to electronic signatures in global and national commerce act, 58-3619

Release or modification of restrictions institutional fund, 58-3616

Standard of conduct in managing and investing institutional fund, 58-3613

Uniformity, construction, 58-3620

Uninsurable health insurance plan fund, 40-2125, 40-2126

University of Kansas medical center private practice foundation reserve fund, 40-3403

Utilities, municipal, revenue, 10-1204

Vehicle dealers and manufacturers fee fund, 8-2425

Vehicle identification number fee fund, 8-116a

Vending facilities account, department for children and families, 75-3339a

Veterans memorial fund, 75-2253, 75-2254

Veterans memorials fund, Kansas, 73-1233

Veterans' home fee fund, 76-1953

Veterinary examiners' fee fund, 47-820

Veterinary inspection fee fund, 47-1008

Vietnam war era veterans' recognition award fund, 73-1243

VIPS/CAMA technology hardware fund, 8-145

Creation, 74-2021

Sources, 74-2021

Vocational rehabilitation, 76-12c03, 76-12c06, 76-12c08

Voluntary cleanup fund, 65-34,165

Wage claims assignment fee fund, 44-324

Wards' trust fund, 75-3354

Warehouse fee fund, 34-101

Waste tire management fund, 65-3424g

Water appropriation certification fund, 82a-731

Water litigation fund, interstate, 82a-1802

Water marketing fund, 82a-1315c

Water office cost fund, 82a-773

Water plan fund, state, 2-1205, 2-2204, 82a-951

Transfers to water projects grant fund, 82a-955

Transfers to water technical assistance fund, 82a-955

Water pollution control revolving fund, Kansas, 65-3322

Water program management fund, 65-167

Water projects grant fund, 82a-957

Water resources cost fund, 82a-772

Water structures fund, 82a-328

Water supply fee fund, 65-163, 65-163c, 65-163d

Water supply storage acquisition financing fund, 82a-1370

Water supply storage assurance fund, 82a-1349

Water technical assistance fund, 82a-956

Water transfer hearing fund, 82a-1503

Water well contractors' licensing fund, 82a-1206

Waterworks, bond retirement fund, 13-2406

Weights and measures fee fund, 83-214

Well plugging assurance fund, 55-192

White collar crime fund, 74-8792

Wildlife and parks nonrestricted fund, 32-998

Wildlife art fund, 74-7905

Wildlife conservation fund, 32-992

Wildlife fee fund, 32-990

Federal moneys, 32-997

Wildlife restoration fund - federal, 32-996

Winfield state hospital fee fund, 76-1614a

Work therapy funds, 75-3728e

Workers compensation fund, 44-566a

Workforce development loan fund, 74-32,152, 74-32,155

Workmen's compensation fee fund, 74-715


Generally, 84-4a-101 et seq.

Accounting entries, order of, 84-4a-504

Application of law, 84-4a-102

Supersession by federal law and rule, 84-4a-107, 84-4a-108

Choice of law rules, 84-4a-507

Citation, 84-4a-101

Creditor process, 84-4a-502

Definitions, 84-4a-103, 84-4a-104, 84-4a-105, 84-4a-201, 84-4a-301, 84-4a-401, 84-4a-501, 84-4a-502

Injunction, 84-4a-503


Failure to accept payment order, 84-4a-212

Failure to execute payment order, 84-4a-305

Late or improper execution of payment order, 84-4a-305

Refusal to pay beneficiary, 84-4a-404


Acceptance of payment order, 84-4a-404

Erroneous execution, 84-4a-304

Erroneous payment order, 84-4a-205

Objection to payment by customer, 84-4a-505

Rejection of payment order, 84-4a-210

Unauthorized payment order, 84-4a-204

Payment, 84-4a-401 et seq.

Beneficiary's bank,

Obligations of, 84-4a-404

Payment to beneficiary, 84-4a-405

Date, 84-4a-401

Objections to by customer, 84-4a-505

Originator to beneficiary, discharge of obligation, 84-4a-406

Sender's obligations, 84-4a-402

When payment occurs, 84-4a-403

Payment order,

Acceptance, 84-4a-209

Erroneous order, 84-4a-205

Liability for failure to accept, 84-4a-212

Unauthorized order, 84-4a-203

Refund, 84-4a-204

Amendment, 84-4a-211

Authenticity, verification, 84-4a-202

Cancellation, 84-4a-211

Definition, 84-4a-103

Execution, 84-4a-301

Date, 84-4a-301

Erroneous executions, 84-4a-303

Notification by sender, 84-4a-304

Failure to execute, 84-4a-210, 84-4a-305

Late or improper execution, 84-4a-305

Obligations of receiving bank, 84-4a-302


Beneficiary, 84-4a-207

Beneficiary's bank, 84-4a-208

Intermediary bank, 84-4a-208

Receipt, time of, 84-4a-106

Rejection, 84-4a-210

Security procedures, 84-4a-201, 84-4a-202

Time of receipt, 84-4a-106

Transmittal, system agent for sender, 84-4a-206

Verification, 84-4a-202

Process, creditors, 84-4a-502

Rate of interest, 84-4a-506

Refunds, 84-4a-402

Unauthorized payment orders, 84-4a-204

Restraining orders, 84-4a-503

Rights and obligations of parties, governance, 84-4a-501

Security procedures, 84-4a-201

Commercial reasonableness, 84-4a-202

Settlement of item, 84-4-213

Transmittal system, agent for sender, 84-4a-206


Generally, 65-1701a et seq.

Actions, enjoin unlawful practice, 74-1706

Actual embalming, definition, 65-1703


Fraudulent or deceptive, 65-1751

Offenses, 65-1705

Alcoholism, 65-1751

Apprentice, 65-1701a

Apprentice embalmers, 65-1703

Assistants, 65-1717

Authorizing agent, cremation authorization, 65-1762, 65-1764

Barber Law, exemptions, 65-1816

Board. Mortuary Arts, Board, post

Branch establishments, 65-1713a, 65-1723, 65-1727, 65-1729, 65-1731

Cleanliness, 65-1723

Continuing education, licensed embalmers, 65-1702


Permission to embalm, 65-1707

Permit to cremate, 65-1762

Suspicious death, notice, 22a-231, 22a-242

Coroner's inquest, disposition of bodies, 22a-215

Cremated remains, disposal of unclaimed, 65-1732

Cremating dead human bodies,

Hazardous implants, 65-1763, 65-1765

Procedures, 65-1763


Disciplinary action against, grounds, 65-1751

Inspections, 65-1723

Liability, 65-1763, 65-1764, 65-1765

Licenses, 65-1761, 65-1762, 65-1766, 65-1768

Rules and regulations, 65-1766

Crimes, punishments and penalties, 65-1703, 65-1705, 65-1706, 65-1707, 65-1712, 65-1726, 65-1729, 65-1731, 65-1751, 65-1766

Injunctions or quo warranto, unlawful practice, 74-1706

Dead human body,

Cremation, 65-1762

Disposal of unclaimed cremated remains, 65-1732

Disposition, determination of, 65-1734

Removal and delivery, 65-1753

Violations relating to, 65-1751


Certificates, 65-2412

Coroners, notice when, 22a-231, 22a-242

Infectious or contagious diseases, restrictions, 65-123

Definitions, 65-1713, 65-1713a, 65-1760

Depositions, 74-1704

Disciplinary action by another jurisdiction, 65-1751

Disease prevention, 65-1751

Dishonorable conduct, 65-1751

Drug addiction, 65-1751

Education, 65-1701a, 65-1702

Embalming, defined, 65-1703

Embalming dead bodies, rules and regulations, 65-1712

Embalming schools, use of bodies, 65-1706

Employees, 65-1717

Ethics, 65-1723

Examination fee, 65-1702

Eye enucleation, 65-1728


Examination, 65-1702, 65-1715

Failure to pay, penalties, 65-1731

Fixing annual fees, 65-1727

Licenses and permits, 65-1715, 65-1716, 65-1727, 65-1768

Reciprocal license, 65-1701b

Mortuary arts fee fund, 65-1718

Renewal of registration, 65-1702

Fines. Crimes, punishments and penalties, ante

Fines, licensees, 65-1751

Fraud, 65-1751

Fund, mortuary arts fee fund, 65-1718

Funeral establishment, 65-1713a

Fees, 65-1729

Failure to pay, penalties, 65-1731

Inspections, 65-1723

Liability, disposition of body, 65-1734

License, 65-1729

Payment of KPERS lump-sum death benefit, 74-4989

Rules and regulations, 65-1730

Hazardous implants, cremation, 65-1763, 65-1765

Hearings, 74-1704

Impaired licensee, 65-1751

Incompetency, 65-1751

Injunctions, 74-1706

Inspection of establishments, 65-1723

Inspectors, 74-1704

Insurance, funeral or burial and prearranged funerals, 74-1707

Interment, 65-1713b

Law officers, interference with duties, 65-1704

Liability, disposition of body, 65-1734, 65-1764

Licenses and permits, 65-1701 et seq., 65-1760 et seq., 74-139

Application, 65-1701, 65-1714

Assistants, 65-1717

Branch establishments, 65-1729

Censure, grounds for, 65-1751

Condition on, grounds for, 65-1751

Continuing education required, 65-1702

Crematories, 65-1761, 65-1762, 65-1766, 65-1768

Crematory operators, 65-1762

Disciplinary actions, grounds for, 65-1751

Display, 65-1714

Examination, 65-1701a, 65-1710, 65-1714

Expiration date, 65-1702, 65-1717

Fees, 65-1701b, 65-1702, 65-1715, 65-1716, 65-1727

Fines, grounds for, 65-1751

Funeral establishments, 65-1729

Limitation of, grounds for, 65-1751

Reciprocity, 65-1701b

Record, 65-1711, 65-1719

Relicensure, 65-1702, 65-1716

Renewal, 65-1702, 65-1716, 65-1717, 65-1766, 65-1768

Special permits, 65-1714

Suspension or revocation, 65-1702, 65-1751, 65-1766

Temporary embalming permits, 65-1702a

Mentally impaired licensee, 65-1751

Mortuary Arts, Board, 74-1701a

Attorneys, employment by board, 74-1704

Compensation and expenses, 74-1704, 74-1705

Contracts, 74-1704

Disposition of moneys, 65-1718

Expenses, 65-1723

Fees, 65-1723, 65-1727

Inspection of establishments, 65-1723

Investigations, 74-1711

Investigator-inspector, employment by board, 74-1704

Meetings, 74-1703, 74-1704


Office, 74-1702

Power to administer, 74-1704

Officers and employees, 74-1704

Powers, 65-1723

Qualifications, 74-1701a

Quorum, 74-1703

Records, 65-1719

Removal of member, 74-1701a

Rules and regulations, post

Schools and colleges, approval, 65-1701a

Seal, 74-1704

Secretary, 74-1704

Subpoenas, 74-1711

Term of office, 74-1701a

Transfer of powers, duties, functions and certain employees, 74-1709, 74-1710

Vacancies, 74-1701a

Mortuary arts fee fund, 65-1718

Oath, power of board to administer, 74-1704

Officers and employees, administration of law, 74-1704

Penalties. Crimes, punishments and penalties, ante

Prearranged funeral contracts, 16-301, 74-1707

Prearranged funeral agreements, 65-1713a

Preparation room, 65-1713a

Processions, distance between vehicles, 8-1523

Qualifications, 65-1701, 65-1701a

Reciprocity, 65-1721

Quo warranto, unlawful practice, 74-1706

Reciprocity, 65-1721, 65-1727

Application fee, 65-1727

Rules and regulations, 65-1701b, 65-1723

Records, 65-1711, 65-1719, 74-1704

Remains. Dead human body, generally, ante

Reports, 65-1751

Research, 74-1705

Rules and regulations, 65-1701a, 65-1702, 65-1712, 65-1717, 65-1723, 65-1727, 65-1729, 65-1730, 65-1732, 65-1751, 65-1766, 74-1704, 74-1707

Schools and colleges, approval, 65-1701a

Solicitation, prohibitions, 65-1751, 65-1752

Specialty court resources fund, 20-173

Student embalmers, 65-1703

Subpoenas, 74-1704

Supervision, defined, 65-1703

Tax assessments, funeral home or mortuary, 79-207

Transportation of bodies, 65-1703

Infectious or contagious disease, 65-2438

Rules and regulations, 65-1712

Travel expenses,

Board members, 74-1705

Unlicensed person, aided to practice, 65-1751

Unprofessional conduct, 65-1751

Witnesses, 74-1704, 74-1711


Chapels, township cemeteries, 80-917

Contracts and plans, 16-301 et seq.

Administration of funds, 16-308

Audit and examination, 16-310, 75-442

Cancellation of contract, 16-303

Cemetery merchandise contracts, 16-320 et seq.

Crimes, punishments and penalties, 16-305

Deposit of funds in certain financial institutions, 16-301, 16-302

Doing business in state, defined, 16-309

Injunctions, 16-306, 16-310

Insurance, group credit life, purchase, 16-303

Nonresidents, service of process, 16-309

Payments, 16-304

Prearranged funeral agreements, public policy, 16-301, 74-1707

Trust funds, 16-308, 16-310

Dead bodies, unclaimed, 22a-215, 65-901 et seq.

Death from infectious or contagious diseases, 65-123

Funeral processions,

City or county conflicts, 8-1352

Definitions, 8-1349

Right-of-way, 8-1350

Conditions and exceptions, 8-1350

Use of headlights, 8-1351

Vehicle spacing, 8-1351

Indigent persons, 39-713d

Insurance, supplemental coverages or endorsements, 40-1110

Medical assistance,

Recoupment from decedent's estate, 16-304

Notice requirement, 16-304

Liability, limitation, 16-311

Military funerals, ammunition for salutes, 48-217

Motor carrier law, 66-1,109

Liability insurance, 66-1,109, 66-1314

Prearranged funeral agreements, 16-312, 16-313

Definition, 16-314

Duty to inform Kansas department for children and families, 16-311

Requirements, 16-312

Privacy, criminal code, 21-6106

Receiver, appointment, 16-310

Retirants, certain retirement systems, 74-4989

Assignment of benefits, 74-4923

Social welfare, recipients of assistance, 39-713d

Recoupment from decedent's estate, 16-304

Veterans, 73-301 et seq.

Workers compensation, 44-510b


Commingling, effect, 84-7-207

Implied warranties, 84-2-314

Merchantability, 84-2-314

Sales, this index

Undivided shares, identification, 84-2-105


Fur dealers. Wildlife, this index

Furharvesting. Wildlife, this index


Definition, sales act, 84-2-105

Insurable interest, time of acquisition, 84-2-501


Board of trade, 2-1602

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