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June 18, 2024
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2023 Statute

Section Number

72-3403 - Citation of act.
72-3404 - Definitions.
72-3405 - Administration by state board; rules and regulations; state plan; participation in pilot programs.
72-3406 - Dispute resolution procedures; hearing officers and mediators, education and training, list.
72-3407 - Education advocates, appointment and qualification; training programs.
72-3408 - State advisory council for special education; composition; duties; expenses; meetings.
72-3409 - State and federal funds; distribution and allocation; payments; grants and contributions; early intervening services; unencumbered balance in fund.
72-3410 - Duties of boards of education in meeting requirements of law; responsibilities of state board of education and other state agencies; interagency agreements; dispute resolution.
72-3411 - Methods of compliance with requirements of act; powers and duties of boards of education.
72-3412 - Cooperative agreements; requirements and conditions; duration; partial or complete termination; change or modification.
72-3413 - State institutions required to provide special education and related services; standards and criteria; contracts authorized; correctional institutions, certain exemptions.
72-3414 - Reports by state board; furnishing of data by districts and state agencies.
72-3415 - Due process hearing, initiation of; complaint notice; response to notice.
72-3416 - Due process meeting; due process requirements; time limitations; access to records; hearing officers.
72-3417 - Same; list and appointment of hearing officers; procedure.
72-3418 - Appeal and review; procedure; review officers, appointment and duties; federal court actions.
72-3419 - Administration of oaths; issuance of subpoenas; extension of time; costs; hearing for additional evidence.
72-3420 - Requirements for education of children with disabilities in regular classes, exception; admission to state institutions.
72-3421 - Compulsory attendance of exceptional children at school for receipt of services; provision of services privately; nonapplicability to gifted children.
72-3422 - Special education state aid; computation of amounts; apportionment; limitations; special education fund.
72-3423 - Manner of payments determined by state board; disposition; overpayments; underpayments; forms; reports.
72-3424 - Technical advice and assistance by state department; recommendations.
72-3425 - Catastrophic state aid; computation of amounts; apportionment; limitations.
72-3426 - Performance goals and indicators for children with disabilities; reports to U.S. department of education; state improvement plan.
72-3427 - Assessment programs; participation by children with disabilities; reports to public.
72-3428 - Initial evaluation of children prior to provision of services; parental consent; reevaluation; notice; procedure; duties of IEP team; child no longer eligible for services, duties.
72-3429 - Individualized education program or family service plan; contents; development; duties of IEP team; IEP meetings; postsecondary goals; transfer of child during school year.
72-3430 - Parental rights.
72-3431 - Rights of child with disability upon reaching 18 years of age.
72-3432 - Notice of parental rights; contents.
72-3433 - Change in placement of child with disability to alternative setting as disciplinary action for certain behavior; duties of IEP team and hearing officer; behavioral assessment and intervention plan; determination and review procedure.
72-3434 - Same; parental disagreement with determination; due process hearing and review.
72-3435 - Same; placement of child during pendency of due process proceedings.
72-3436 - School district knowledge that child is child with disability prior to determination, when deemed; subjection of child to disciplinary action, when; evaluation and placement of child.
72-3437 - Crimes committed by child with disability, reports to law enforcement and judicial authorities; transmittal of special education and disciplinary records.
72-3438 - Dispute resolution through mediation; procedures; list of mediators; costs; time and location; agreements; confidentiality.
72-3439 - Transfer of records of an exceptional child when child changes school.
72-3440 - Medicaid replacement state aid; computation of amount; limitation.
72-3441 - Special education funding task force; membership; duties.
72-3442 - Special education and related services funding task force; membership; duties.
72-3461 - Special education services for exceptional children enrolled in private schools; definitions.
72-3462 - Same; conditions for provision; location; transportation.
72-3463 - Same; provision in connection with religious activity prohibited.
72-3471 - Instruction in Braille; definitions.
72-3472 - Same; providing instruction to all students.
72-3473 - Same; individualized education plan.
72-3474 - Same; certification of teachers; assessment procedures.
72-3481 - Program for education of deaf-blind or otherwise severely handicapped children by state department; expenditures; definitions.
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