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June 18, 2024
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2023 Statute

Section Number

72-2215 - Definitions.
72-2216 - Contracts bind both teachers and board of education; suspension of license, when; insufficient budget, effect.
72-2217 - Supplemental contracts of employment authorized.
72-2218 - Definitions.
72-2219 - Professional employees' rights; representation of employees and school boards; negotiations.
72-2220 - Exclusive representation of negotiating units; any employee or group may present its position or proposal.
72-2221 - Recognition of employees' organization as representative; exceptions to required recognition.
72-2222 - Same; determination by secretary of human resources upon petition.
72-2223 - Same; election; summary dismissal of petition, when.
72-2224 - Same; conduct of election for determination; conditions; run-off election.
72-2225 - Criteria for determining appropriate unit of employees' organization.
72-2226 - Agreements; ratification; election; absentee ballots.
72-2227 - Savings clause for existing agreements.
72-2228 - Rights and duties of boards of education reserved; recognition and negotiation required; terms and conditions subject to negotiation; applicability of open meetings law, exceptions; strikes not authorized; adoption of agreements by reference.
72-2229 - Agreements may provide for arbitration of disputes; enforcement of arbitration agreements.
72-2230 - Severability.
72-2231 - Impasse during negotiation; determination of existence; statutory declaration date, joint notice; negotiation during impasse resolution proceedings.
72-2232 - Mediation; request for appointment of fact-finding board; time limitations; memorandum describing issues and final position of parties; confidentiality.
72-2233 - Fact finding; report of findings and recommendations of board; meeting required after report; report to be made public, exceptions; final action by board of education.
72-2234 - Costs for mediation and fact-finding.
72-2235 - Prohibited practices; evidence of bad faith.
72-2236 - Prohibited practices, determination of existence; procedure; hearing.
72-2237 - Secretary of labor; rules and regulations; subpoena power.
72-2238 - Unilateral contracts prohibited prior to completion of negotiation.
72-2239 - Savings clause for existing agreements; administrative employees exempted.
72-2240 - Equal access act.
72-2241 - Deductions; authorization thereof; continuation of authorization; conditions; limitations.
72-2242 - Same; disbursement of funds deducted.
72-2243 - Retirement accounts; contracts with community colleges or school boards; procedures; contributions by employer.
72-2244 - Employment incentive or retention bonuses for teachers.
72-2251 - Notice of termination or nonrenewal of certain teacher contracts; change of terms.
72-2252 - Due process hearing procedures for certain postsecondary teachers; definitions.
72-2253 - Due process hearing procedures for certain postsecondary teachers; notice of nonrenewal or termination, contents; request for hearing; hearing officers, list, selection, qualifications, eligibility.
72-2254 - Same; commencement of hearing, when; procedural requirements.
72-2255 - Witnesses, fees and mileage; hearing officer, compensation and expenses; testimony, recording and transcription; attorney fees; costs.
72-2256 - Testimony by affidavit or deposition; interrogatories; time, extension.
72-2257 - Powers of hearing officer; rules of evidence not binding; burden of proof; admissibility of evidence.
72-2258 - Opinion of hearing officer; findings of fact and determination of issues; decision final; appeal to district court.
72-2259 - Contractual rights; limitation on creation; not impaired.
72-2260 - Same; application of act; years of employment requirements, waiver.
72-2261 - Severability.
72-2262 - Abridgment of constitutional right; procedure for determination.
72-2281 - Definitions; superintendents excepted.
72-2282 - Notice of nonrenewal or rejection of administrator's contract; change of terms.
72-2283 - Meeting with board; request; time limitations; executive session; reasons for nonrenewal; reconsideration; final decision.
72-2284 - Contractual rights; limitation on creation; not impaired.
72-2285 - Application of act; two years of employment required; waiver, when.
72-2291 - Early retirement incentive programs; establishment authorized; purposes; payment limitations; program report required.
72-2292 - Same; budget authorization.
72-2293 - Same; rights creation, limitation.
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