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July 18, 2024
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2023 Statute

Section Number

8-113 - Identity of vehicles; unlawful acts; penalty.
8-113a - Reporting stored, unclaimed vehicles to department, when; penalty for failure.
8-116 - Vehicle identification number offenses; possession or sale of vehicle without original VIN; removing or altering VIN; penalties; vehicle seizure and disposition; application to repairs and restorations of antique vehicles.
8-116a - Vehicle identification number; check of vehicles by highway patrol; original Kansas certificates of title on out-of-state vehicles; check by designee or employee of new vehicle dealer, when; fees and disposition thereof.
8-119 - Penalty for violating K.S.A. 8-113 and 8-116.
8-120 - Validity of K.S.A. 8-113, 8-116 and 8-119.
8-126 - Registration of vehicles; definitions.
8-126a - Number plates or tags; definitions.
8-127 - Registration of vehicles operated in this state; exceptions; temporary operation of certain vehicles without registration, when.
8-127a - Registration prohibited for vehicle subject to federal use tax, when; proof of payment of tax.
8-128 - Same; exceptions.
8-129 - Application for registration; certificate of title; administration of motor vehicle functions.
8-130 - Register of applications to be kept by division of vehicles.
8-131 - Registration receipts.
8-131b - Invalidity of part.
8-132 - License plates or decals to be furnished; time for new license plates; personalized license plates, display and cost; rules and regulations.
8-133 - Display of license plate.
8-134 - Renewal of registration of certain vehicles; registration and reregistration of passenger vehicles; monthly system; park and recreation motor vehicle permits; decals for license plates; rules and regulations.
8-134a - Registration and reregistration of pickup trucks, motorcycles, motorized bicycles and recreational vehicles; rules and regulations.
8-135 - Transfer of ownership of vehicles; registration; fees and penalties; certificate of title, form, fee; assignment and reassignment; liens, statement of, release of, liability for failure to comply, notice of security interest, execution; purchase and sale of vehicle, requirements; written consent by lienholder; transfer-on-death; reaffirmation of sale; assignment of title form; electronic certificate of title; reassignment forms; export title; rebuilt salvage vehicle.
8-135a - Adding names of family members to titles and registrations.
8-135c - Nonrepairable vehicle certificate; definitions; requirements; application; penalties.
8-135d - Electronic certificates of title.
8-136 - Dealer license plates; manufacturers' and dealers' use and limitations on use; display; proof of payment of personal property tax before issuance; transportation of certain trailers.
8-138a - Nonresident owners licensed in state of residence; reciprocal privileges.
8-139 - Lost license plates, certificate of title, registration decal or registration receipts; fees for duplicates; exception.
8-140 - Division to suspend registration upon notice of theft or embezzlement.
8-141 - When registration shall be refused; suspension of registration for failure to pay fees.
8-141a - Classification change within registration year; limitations; minimum fees.
8-142 - Unlawful acts.
8-143 - Annual registration or license fees, motor vehicles, trailers, semitrailers, motorized bicycles and travel trailers; gross weight defined; local trucks and truck tractors, rules and regulations, refunds, exemptions; penalties; temporary registration; registration after nonoperation or nonuse; travel trailers; multiyear registration of trailers.
8-143a - Quarterly payment of annual registration fee by resident owner of truck or truck tractor; default fees and penalties; enforcement; tax warrants; collection; exchange of vehicle; application of lien; enforcement provisions.
8-143b - Temporary intrastate registration or license for truck or truck tractor registered in another state; fee in lieu of annual license fee; application; ambulances, rescue vehicles and utility vehicles exempt from fee in certain cases.
8-143c - Temporary registration for foreign truck or truck tractor for interstate commerce operation; fee; rules and regulations; exception.
8-143d - Licensing agents under K.S.A. 8-143b, 8-143c.
8-143e - Registration receipts for truck or truck tractor; copies.
8-143f - Distinctive plates for farm and local trucks.
8-143g - Trip permits authorizing certain dealers to demonstrate trucks and truck tractors; fees; application; limitations; plate display; laws applicable; act supplemental; disposition of fees.
8-143h - Temporary intrastate licensing of certain farm trucks; fee.
8-143i - Temporary permit for licensed truck or truck tractor authorizing use on highways beyond local radius; fee; disposition; limitations on use; identification.
8-143j - Annual registration for trucks or truck tractors engaged in farm custom harvesting operations.
8-143k - Temporary harvest permit for trucks or truck tractors engaged in farm custom harvesting operations.
8-143l - Auction; 72-hour transport permits; conditions; fees.
8-143m - Annual commercial vehicle fee; issuance of commercial license plates; distribution of amounts collected.
8-145 - Collection of fees; disposition of moneys; compensation of county treasurers; highway patrol motor vehicle fund; VIPS/CAMA technology hardware fund; commercial vehicle administrative fund; division of vehicles modernization fund; Kansas highway patrol staffing and training fund; law enforcement training center fund; fleet rental vehicle administration fund.
8-145a - Collection of insufficient or no-fund payment instrument or rejected or reversed credit card payment given for vehicle registration; notice; recovery of plates; return of check, when; criminal prosecution.
8-145b - Same; duties of treasurer and sheriff; criminal prosecution not excluded.
8-145c - Same; completion of registration by owner after plates recovered; penalty; disposition of fees.
8-145d - Service fee in addition to registration fee; additional registration fee; deposit, use and appropriation thereof.
8-145f - Commercial vehicle registration service fee; commercial vehicle administrative system fund; purpose.
8-145g - Repossessed certificates of title fee fund; abolished.
8-146 - Deposit of fees.
8-147 - Manufacture of license plates and decals for registered vehicles; KCC identification tags.
8-147a - Inapplicability of K.S.A. 75-5277 to manufacture of number plates, decals, prorate plates, corporation commission identification tags, highway signs and markers.
8-148 - Issuance and record of license plates; records open to public.
8-149 - Violation of act; penalty.
8-151 - Constitutionality.
8-152 - Effect of noncompliance.
8-153 - Proof of payment of sales tax required.
8-156 - Manufacture of highway markers and signs; powers and duties of secretary of transportation and secretary of corrections.
8-159 - Purchase of materials for manufacture; approval of secretary of transportation.
8-160 - Free license plates for disabled veterans; definition.
8-161 - Disabled veterans registration and license plates; free; international symbol of access, printing restrictions; parking privileges; penalties.
8-161a - Free license plates for disabled citizens organizations; definition.
8-161b - Same; application; issuance; nontransferable; proof of eligibility.
8-162 - License plates with amateur radio call letters; fee.
8-163 - License plates with amateur radio call letters; rules and regulations.
8-165 - Same; act supplemental.
8-166 - Registration of antique vehicles; antique military vehicles; definitions.
8-167 - Registration of antique vehicles; registration for operation on highway; registration for the purpose of taxation, registration fee.
8-168 - Same; how application made.
8-169 - Same; issuance of receipt.
8-170 - Registration of antique vehicles; fee for transfer of ownership; fee and form for certificate of title.
8-171 - Same; lost license plate, certificate of title or registration receipt; fee for duplicate.
8-172 - Antique vehicles; license plates, design, fees; model year license plates; city issued license plates; decals; requirements.
8-173 - Registration of vehicles; proof of payment of personal property taxes or assessment and financial security required; verification of insurance by insurance company; proof of insurance by electronic means, restrictions; satisfaction of unpaid tolls, moneys to county treasurer.
8-174 - Same; duty of county clerk; receipt by county treasurer.
8-175 - Registration of vehicles; application to appraiser for appraisal; preparation of tax bill.
8-176 - Rules and regulations; forms.
8-177 - Same; false affidavit; penalty.
8-177a - License plates for members or retired members of Kansas national guard; application; issuance; nontransferability; design of plate.
8-177c - Prisoner of war license plates; surviving spouse; no fee or charge; rules and regulations.
8-177d - Gold star mother license plates; procedures; requirements.
8-194 - Special interest vehicles; military surplus vehicles; definitions.
8-195 - Special interest vehicles; military surplus vehicles; registration; fees; collector's identification number.
8-196 - Same; processing fee.
8-197 - Definitions.
8-198 - Nonhighway and salvage vehicles exempt from registration; nonhighway certificates of title and salvage titles; permit for temporary operation; rebuilt or restored salvage vehicle; rebuilt salvage title; notice attached to rebuilt vehicle; penalties; all-terrain vehicles; work-site utility vehicles; travel trailers; no-fault insurance law inapplicable, exception.
8-199 - Unlawful acts; violations classified; sales tax act unaffected.
8-199a - Unlawful to remove notice required to be attached to rebuilt vehicles; penalty.
8-1,100 - Apportioned registration of fleet vehicles engaged in interstate commerce; definitions.
8-1,101 - Same; application; exemption from further registration; agreements of director of vehicles to forward fee to other jurisdictions; international registration plan clearing fund.
8-1,102 - Same; renewal, when; fees; penalty; operation without registration not authorized; director may change registration date, when.
8-1,103 - Same; fees, computation.
8-1,104 - Same; underpayment of fees, notice, penalty; unpaid fees and penalties constitute lien on property of owner; notice, filing, enforcement; hearing; overpayment of fees, refund.
8-1,105 - Same; license plates or identification devices; fees; display of base plate or cab card.
8-1,106 - Same; benefits of apportioned fleet registration subject to proper registration in other jurisdictions; redetermination of fees by director.
8-1,107 - Same; initial application, requirements; mileage calculation, applications and fees.
8-1,108 - Same; addition of vehicles to fleet; determination of fees.
8-1,109 - Same; sale, repossession, foreclosure or transfer of title of fleet vehicles; notice to division; surrender of identification devices; replacement of vehicles; fees; conditions and limitations.
8-1,110 - Same; preservation and availability of records; agreements with other jurisdictions for joint audits; penalty for amounts due, when; failure to make records available; assessment of liability.
8-1,111 - Same; negotiable title required; no Kansas title required, when.
8-1,113 - Same; temporary authorization for operation of additional or replacement vehicle; fee; authorization by letter or electronic communication device; authorization to be carried in vehicle; failure to register additional or replacement vehicle, suspension of fleet registration.
8-1,114 - Same; lost, misplaced or mutilated base plate or cab card, replacement; information required; fees.
8-1,115 - Same; apportioned registration fee payable in quarterly installments; conditions; delinquent payments, unlawful to operate; penalty, when; lien; collection of delinquent payment, procedure; seizure and sale of property.
8-1,116 - Same; sale of fleet vehicle not to affect liability for fee payment; addition of vehicle, transfer of registration; fees; loss of vehicle not being replaced, refund; conditions of refund.
8-1,117 - Same; fraudulent registration; penalty.
8-1,118 - Same; insufficient or no fund check; penalty; collection of debt; suspension and reinstatement of registration.
8-1,119 - Same; utility trailers, permanent registration; annual statement; identification devices; addition of trailers to fleet; cancellation of registration, when.
8-1,120 - Same; enforcement of act; requests to law enforcement agencies for aid; remedies for enforcement and collection not exclusive.
8-1,121 - Same; rules and regulations.
8-1,122 - Same; prior reciprocal contracts or agreements not affected.
8-1,123 - Same; act supplemental to registration laws.
8-1,123a - Converter gear, registration, fee.
8-1,123b - Intrastate motor carriers; enforcement actions against.
8-1,124 - Accessible parking, definition.
8-1,125 - License plates, placards, wheelchair emblem decals and individual identification cards for persons with disability; penalty.
8-1,126 - Parking privileges for persons with disability.
8-1,127 - Acceptable identification from other jurisdictions for persons with a disability.
8-1,128 - Accessible parking spaces; marking.
8-1,129 - Unlawful parking in accessible parking; blocking access ramp or aisle; penalties.
8-1,130 - Falsely obtaining accessible parking identification; penalties.
8-1,130a - Unlawfully utilizing accessible parking identification device; penalties.
8-1,130b - Reissuance, suspension or revocation of accessible parking privileges; rules and regulations.
8-1,131 - Rules and regulations; handicapped accessible parking.
8-1,132 - Act supplemental to K.S.A. 8-126 et seq.
8-1,133 - Dispensing of motor-vehicle fuels for persons with a disability.
8-1,134 - Permanent registration of city, county, township, water district school district, community college or technical college vehicles; utility vehicles five-year registration.
8-1,135 - Waiver of penalty and interest on registration, when.
8-1,137 - Vehicles sold for salvage, no certificate of title may be issued, exception; major component parts, selling.
8-1,138 - Registration of vehicles; residency; exceptions.
8-1,139 - License plates for survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor; application; issuance.
8-1,140 - License plates for recipients of the purple heart medal.
8-1,141 - Distinctive and personalized license plates; procedure for issuance; requirements; fees; exceptions; discontinuance of certain plates; collection by county treasurer or benefitting entity; remittance to state treasurer; royalty fund, payments.
8-1,142 - Educational institution license plate; procedure; requirements.
8-1,143 - Hunter permit; requirements; application; fee.
8-1,144 - Donated motor vehicles for charitable auctions.
8-1,145 - License plates for recipients of the congressional medal of honor.
8-1,146 - License plates for United States military; military veterans; military branch decal.
8-1,147 - Distinctive license plates, right to possession; limitations.
8-1,148 - Children's trust fund license plates; procedures; requirements.
8-1,150 - Kansas foundation for agriculture in the classroom license plates; procedures; requirements.
8-1,151 - Shriners license plates; procedures; requirements.
8-1,152 - Fleet motor vehicles; permanent registration; conditions.
8-1,153 - Helping schools license plate; procedure; requirements.
8-1,154 - Same; helping schools license plate program fund.
8-1,155 - Firefighter license plates; procedures; requirements; firefighters training fund established; remittances and expenditures.
8-1,156 - Decals for certain military medals or badges; fee; requirements.
8-1,157 - Satisfaction of lien on vehicle; requirements for release; penalties; rules and regulations.
8-1,158 - Breast cancer research and outreach license plate; application and logo use royalty payment; application for registration, issuance, renewal.
8-1,159 - Emergency medical services license plates; procedure; requirements.
8-1,160 - In God We Trust license plate; procedure; requirements.
8-1,161 - Support Kansas arts license plate; procedure; requirements.
8-1,162 - Boy Scouts of America license plate; requirements.
8-1,163 - Vietnam war license plate; requirements.
8-1,164 - I'm pet friendly license plate; requirements.
8-1,165 - Permanent registration for certain trailers; fee; cab card; rules and regulations.
8-1,166 - Families of the fallen license plate; requirements.
8-1,167 - Ducks unlimited license plate; procedure; requirements.
8-1,168 - Masonic lodge license plate; procedure; requirements.
8-1,169 - Eisenhower foundation license plate; procedure; requirements.
8-1,170 - Distinctive license plates; transferability of plates.
8-1,171 - Donate life license plate; procedure; requirements.
8-1,172 - Rotary international license plate; procedure; requirements.
8-1,173 - Kansas horse council license plate; procedure; requirements.
8-1,174 - Omega psi phi license plate; procedure; requirements.
8-1,175 - Alzheimer's disease awareness license plates; procedure; requirements.
8-1,176 - Kansas highway patrol staffing and training surcharge.
8-1,177 - Law enforcement training center surcharge.
8-1,178 - Autism awareness license plate; procedure; requirements.
8-1,179 - Kansas 4-H foundation license plate; procedure; requirements.
8-1,180 - Decals, placards and individual identification cards for persons needing assistance with cognition; penalty.
8-1,181 - Seat belt safety fund; creation.
8-1,182 - Special olympics Kansas license plate; requirements.
8-1,183 - Choose life license plate; requirements.
8-1,184 - City of Wichita license plate; requirements.
8-1,185 - Korean war veteran license plate; requirements.
8-1,186 - Operation desert storm veteran license plate; requirements.
8-1,187 - Operation Iraqi freedom veteran license plate; requirements.
8-1,188 - Operation enduring freedom veteran license plate; requirements.
8-1,189 - Fleet rental motor vehicles; registration; conditions.
8-1,190 - Fleet rental vehicle administration fund; creation.
8-1,191 - Braden's hope for childhood cancer license plate; requirements.
8-1,192 - Proud educator license plate; requirements.
8-1,193 - Alpha kappa alpha license plate; requirements.
8-1,194 - United States army license plate; requirements; retired member designation.
8-1,195 - United States navy license plate; requirements; retired member designation.
8-1,196 - United States marine corps license plate; requirements; retired member designation.
8-1,197 - United States air force license plate; requirements; retired member designation.
8-1,198 - United States coast guard license plate; requirements; retired member designation.
8-1,199 - United States space force license plate; requirements; retired member designation.
8-1,200 - Gadsden flag license plate; requirements.
8-1,201 - Love, Chloe foundation license plate; requirements.
8-1,202 - Delta sigma theta license plate; requirements.
8-1,203 - Distinctive license plate fee collection; report to legislature.
8-1,204 - Silver star medal license plate; requirements.
8-1,205 - Bronze star medal license plate; requirements.
8-1,206 - Kansas department of wildlife and parks license plate; requirements.
8-1,207 - City of Hutchinson license plate; requirements.
8-1,208 - Daughters of the American revolution license plate; requirements.
8-1,209 - Kansas down syndrome awareness license plate; requirements.
8-1,210 - Buffalo soldier license plate; requirements.
8-1,211 - Back the blue license plate; requirements.
8-1,212 - City of Topeka license plate; requirements.
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