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2019 Statute

Section Number

17-7201 - Laws applicable to close corporations.
17-7202 - Close corporation defined; contents of articles of incorporation; effect of joint held stock.
17-7203 - Formation of close corporation.
17-7204 - Election of existing corporation to become close corporation.
17-7205 - Limitations on continuation of close corporation status.
17-7206 - Voluntary termination of status as close corporation; amendment of articles of incorporation; vote required.
17-7207 - Issuance or transfer of stock of close corporation in breach of restrictions or conditions thereon; effect; conclusive presumptions; transfer defined; applicability and effect of section.
17-7208 - Breach of condition necessary to status as close corporation; proceeding to prevent loss of status; jurisdiction and powers of district court.
17-7209 - Invalid transfer of close corporation's security; corporate option.
17-7210 - Agreement of stockholders to restrict discretion or powers of board of directors of close corporation.
17-7211 - Management of close corporation by stockholders.
17-7212 - Appointment of custodian for close corporation, when.
17-7213 - Appointment of provisional director for close corporation, when; qualifications, rights and powers of provisional director.
17-7214 - Operation of close corporation as partnership.
17-7215 - Dissolution of close corporation at option of stockholders or upon event or contingency specified in articles of incorporation; disclosure of provision on stock certificates.
17-7216 - Effect of close corporation provisions on other laws.