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2016 Statute


65-1810. Barber schools and colleges; approval by board; requirements; students, application, fees, license; unlawful acts. (a) No barber school or barber college shall be approved by the board unless:

(1) The school or college requires, as a prerequisite to graduation, a course of instruction of not less than 1,200 hours and not more than 1,500 hours, as prescribed in rules and regulations by the board, to be completed within 18 months of not more than eight hours in any one working day;

(2) the course of instruction required by the school or college includes scientific fundamentals of barbering; hygiene; histology of the hair and skin; structure of the head, face and neck; elementary chemistry relating to sterilization and antiseptics; massages and manipulations of the muscles of the scalp, skin and neck; cutting, shaving, arranging, perming, waving, curling, coloring, bleaching, tinting and dyeing the hair; and barbering practices for all major ethnic groups residing in the state;

(3) all instructors of the school or college have been licensed practicing barbers and hold instructors licenses; and

(4) no practice or policy of discrimination is in effect against applicants for admission to the school or college by reason of race, religion, color, national origin or ancestry.

(b) An instructor's license shall be granted by the board only after the applicant has passed a two-part examination, prescribed by the board for such purpose, with a grade of not less than 75% on each part of the examination, and has paid the prescribed fee for such examination.

(c) Every barber school and every barber college shall designate to the public that it is a barber school or barber college by posting a sign on the front window or entrance with letters not less than six inches in height.

(d) No barber school or barber college shall enroll or admit any student unless such student shall make and file in duplicate an application upon a form prescribed and furnished by the board. One copy of such application shall be retained by the school or college, and the school or college shall file the other with the board. Upon enrollment, a student shall pay to the board the fee prescribed for a student learning license. Such license shall be used by the student while enrolled in the school or college and shall be placed next to or near the working area of the student.

(e) Barber schools or barber colleges may design courses of study for barbers who have not renewed their licenses for a period of at least three years, for students who have failed at least two examinations conducted by the board to determine fitness to practice barbering or for other purposes as prescribed by the board, including courses of study for professionals in related industries.

(f) It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to operate a barber school or barber college without first obtaining a license from the board, fully complying with the provisions of this act and paying an annual fee for operation.

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