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2016 Statute


50-709.Conditions of disclosure to consumers. (a) A consumer reporting agency shall make the disclosures required under K.S.A. 50-708 during normal business hours and on reasonable notice.

(b) The disclosures required under K.S.A. 50-708 shall be made to the consumer

(1) in person if the consumer appears in person and furnishes proper identification; or

(2) by telephone if the consumer has made a written request, with proper identification, for telephone disclosure and the toll charge, if any, for the telephone call is prepaid by or charged directly to the consumer.

(c) Any consumer reporting agency shall provide trained personnel to explain to the consumer any information furnished to him or her pursuant to K.S.A. 50-708.

(d) The consumer shall be permitted to be accompanied by one other person of his or her choosing, who shall furnish reasonable identification. A consumer reporting agency may require the consumer to furnish a written statement granting permission to the consumer reporting agency to discuss the consumer's file in such person's presence.

(e) Except as provided in K.S.A. 50-715 and 50-716, no consumer may bring any action or proceeding in the nature of defamation, invasion of privacy, or negligence with respect to the reporting of information against any consumer reporting agency, any user of information, or any person who furnishes information to a consumer reporting agency, based on information disclosed pursuant to K.S.A. 50-708, 50-709 or 50-714, except as to false information furnished with malice or willful intent to injure such consumer.

History: L. 1973, ch. 85, § 144; Jan. 1, 1974.